Was just reminiscing about end of year songs

Odun nlo sopin ooh baba mimo
fisho re sho wa ooh tomotomo
oun ti o pami lekun ooh todun tuntun
ma ma je ko shele si mi ooh baba rere

Ma jen kawo lori sukun, ma jen fasho ofo bora
Ogun roju je roju mu,
Ma ma je ko je titemi,
Alafia pipe ni mo fe...fi ta mi lore
Jen ri na, jen ri lo
Baba wase mi logo
Dabo olorun mi dabo...

The year is coming to end, O Lord
Please take care of me including my children
Anything that will cause tears in the new year
Please don't let it happen dear lord

Please do not let me die or have major problems
Problems to find food or drink
Please don't let it be my portion
Good heath and well being is what I desire
Enough money to spend
Make me shine
Please Lord, Please Lord

I tried my best with the translation. Feel free to add your songs as well
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