<p>Baring few like Fashola of Lagos State, most returnee-governors really wangled and rigged their way back to office. We are all seeing how their colleagues that could not make it back are being hunted by the ‘selective-prosecutor' EFCC. This could explain why those that came back succeeded with their do-or-die affair; they want to continue hiding under the obnoxious Immunity clause. It will be recalled that the Governors Forum before the campaigns, deceitfully put up advertisements in the media pledging to provide level playing grounds for all contestants; a promise they did not live up to.</p>
<p>Governor Babangida Aliyu of Niger State was one of such governors who did not approve campaign venues for the opposition. Governors Suwsan of Benue State and Timipre Sylva of Bayelsa State were also involved in such antic. But the overwhelming was the Akwa Ibom Governor Akpabio who went further to decree that no political party other than PDP should be allowed to campaign in a particular area, specifically the incumbent governor's native senatorial district. He made it a non-legislated law and that gave rise to what came to be known today as "March 22 Uyo Mayhem" (a pre-election violence), during which suspected PDP hoodlums allegedly hijack the situation to waste the common wealth (the new cars and tricycles parked at the State's secretariat compound) and few other private wealth. Unfortunately, ironically and in bizarre manner, the government heaped the bad situation on the opposition in order to cut them to size. In Delta, Governor Uduaghan seriously waged war against Edwin Clark who was bent on ensuring that the governor did not return to seat for the second term. Uduaghan, using the power of incumbency, ensured that some Ijaw areas that supported Edwin Clark were disenfranchised during the voting exercise. Uduaghan's case was that he may have also fought against keeping early date with the London Metropolitan Police for his alleged role in aiding his cousin's (James Ibori's) money laundering. Probably for another four years, Uduaghan would be covered by the Immunity clause.</p>
<p>All the governors who signed the deceitful pledge to allow level playing grounds during the campaign for election may have done so in order to water the grounds (build-up-confidence) for the type of sophiscated rigging that took place in most States; using incumbent factor as a cover up. Though nemesis awaits some of them at the courts and tribunals; others would after 2015 when they must have succeeded in planting their own stooges, experience what it costs and looks like to be a godfather; just the way they were by/and it was for their predecessors.</p>
<p><strong>Alhaji Musa Salem, Plot 2156 Aguiyi Ironsi, ABUJA </strong></p>
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