First of all, I wanna apologize for not updating for sooo long; it has been due to the extra writing I have had to do and some other coming to New York and planning Grandma's surprise party (which I will invite bloggers to later when I have all the details straightened out). But that's another story.

Kitu Kizuri is a new quarterly African Women's magazine, which is currently in print, and will be available in April for the public. I'm pretty sure there are lots of other African magazines out there...maybe not, but Kitu Kizuri is very different. Think of it as the Essence of African women, xcept, it is by us, for us, and about us.

Personally, I have never read any African women's magazine that really touches home with me; in fact, I doubt if I have ever read any African women's magazine at all. They might claim to be African, but after reading one page, you quickly realize that they are geared towards one country only or towards only one part of Africa (ex: West Africa), so it's Kitu Kizuri to the rescue. Kitu Kizuri features the whole of Africa, and it is absolutely brilliant because we as Africans need to stop segregating ourselves and come together as one Africa. We may have different languages and be located in different countries, but we are still one and the same Africa. Deep down, we have the same belief in the core of our being. Trust and love has brought us thus far, and it will continue to. That is what Kitu Kizuri is all about.

If you care to know, Kitu Kizuri means something beautiful/good in Swahili. Please, visit for more details. And subscribe! I did not type this whole sermon out of boredom; I typed it for you to be knowledgeable of the beautiful something around us and subscribe to it....ASAP.


Due to the obvious (but surprising) lack of time that I have, I would not be able to blog as often as I used to. I have decided to dedicate myself to update once a week (or more than once if I have some interesting news to share). But I will still be doing my blog rolls every chance I get o! I was gonna pick either monday or tuesday as my 'update day', but seeing as it is already Wednesday and no update was made on said Monday & Tuesday, I have decided to make Wednesday my 'update day'. I will still reply any comments you leave at any time o...but I need to concentrate on my books if I intend to have them published.


I'm currently in NY. I got here yesterday with my mom, grandma, aunt, and nephew. It was an unplanned trip. My Uncle who moved to the States in June got called to Bar (i.e. he passed his Bar & has been officially sworn in as an American Lawyer). I'm really, really proud of him; he just came here in June of last year, and he has accomplished what many have not been able to. He didn't go to Law school here, and did not attend any classes for Law when he got here. He just read, prayed and passed. Na so God dey work wonder. So it goes without saying that people in my family are smart...hehehehe.

Needless to say, sitting in that car for 3.5 hours with my family (on the way to NY) was not as joyous as you'd expect. Mom was driving and I was sitting in the front, giving her directions. Grandma was constantly saying, "Vera, we just passed another sign board o! I hope you're looking because I don't wanna get lost". And every time my mother hit the brake, my Grandma screamed, "Jesus!"

We leave here tomorrow at 5am. I can't wait to go back home, although I do dread having to sit thru another Grandma drama, but I miss my laptop. I saw all the comments on my previous post, but I did not wanna reply cause I didn't wanna open my blog on uncle's desktop. You never know what kinda incriminating evidence one can find about me on my blog. I will reply them soon as I get home.

So that is it for now, my wonderful ladies and gents. We go yarn next wednesday.

Have a wonderful week.