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Jun 7, 2012, 06:28 AM
A gem who was principal
By Our Reporter
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-The late Mrs. Okwulehie

They were from different background, culture and faith. But as the principal of the Federal Government College, Abuja, the late Mrs. Maria Okwulehie, who died in Sunday's Dana Air plane crash, brought out the best of the girls. She took them as her children. No wonder, the tributes have not stopped pouring in.

She worked well with the Parents Teachers' Association (PTA) and got the association to build a block of classrooms for the school.

Minister of State for Education Ezenwo Wike, during the inauguration of the Wisdom Classroom Complex built by the PTA, poured encomiums on the principal for promoting science and technical education.

He said: "I am impressed by the technical and vocational workshops of this college and the determined efforts to ensure that more girls learn these trades. The fact that enrolment for technical and vocational subjects among the students of this school has increased is an encouraging development because it will lead to self reliance among the students after their studies."

Wike expressed satisfaction that the PTA could build 12 classrooms, two staff rooms, borehole and lavatories for the school.

All these would have been impossible without the late Mrs. Okwulehie, who also got the PTA to employ teaching and non- teaching staff, now being considered for full employment by the Federal Government.


Jun 7, 2012, 10:05 AM
RIP. you were a victim of Nigerian government negligence and corruptio. for those of us still alive, how longer can we remain 'faithful, loyal and honest' to a country that does not care?