View Full Version : Hooooo Yooooo Weeeeely Mizzzzzin' Today?

Apr 15, 2011, 03:23 AM
Tee hee hee hee hee hee

I miss SuperEgo
I miss Gwobe
I miss Taiwo Olokun

In dedication to these 3 Villagers of all Villagers. . . .Mwaaaaaaaah just to let you guys know, you have done me proud. No need to return the favor. Not that you should care. But, just to let you know today. . . that you are on my mind.

Wherever you are. . . may you ALWAYS be highly favored.:kiss:

Glad you didn't have to put up with either the "bull" or the "sh*t" !:biggrin:

Please enjoy this. . . Mizzz ya highly intellectual contributions. Never mind. . . I still come back to read them.

God loves you! As he has blessed me tremendously over the past years. . . I am reaching out to you guys where ever you are to remain blessed.

The devil can only try. . .

Live from Delta State Nigeria. . . my favorite state that izzzzz. . . WELLU WELLU! :hail:

Too bad none of you boyzzz hails from that part. . . :wink:


Gosh, I love 'em Delta hunks! :cool: