View Full Version : God Must Be An Artist To Have Created Black People.

Apr 15, 2010, 12:52 PM
As I logged in to my face book account, I began scrolling up and down in search of nothing. It's quite fun sometimes to get to read other people's thoughts. Some are funny, some are harsh, some are articulate, some are just being silly while some seek advises on their personal lives. Amongst all these, I noticed many shared photos. These were photos of models, or perhaps photos of people the poster must have deemed beautiful to his eyes. I didn't really care much until I saw one. One so beautiful that I wondered who was more beautiful, the photograph or the model herself. There was nothing very specific about that photo except for the fact that it explained what African beauty is all about. All I said was that God must have been an artist to have created black people in general. It detailed every aspect of what an African woman is meant to look like; short or nappy hair, the full lips, chocolate and smooth skin. I call this beauty in all aspect.

I thought of how people might feel when they see someone walking down the street with such a super look, they feel it's only models that can look so exceptionally beautiful, or timid villagers. How come we don't look at ourselves from the eyes of a model agent who sees beauty from the least. Our new generation women are known to be ''artificial'', so therefore, if you do not appear with the ''fakes'', you are not in glam. To my eyes alone, I see Alek Wek (super model) as one of the most beautiful African woman I've ever seen. It's too unfortunate that most of our men are in the same idea of creating an ''artificial woman'' as the perfect woman.

Beauty they say, is in the eyes of the beholder, but who wouldn't agree with me that a perfect woman is that which embraces her beauty attributed to her culture.
Perfection to me is not when everything is done right, but when the right things are done at the right time.

Photo from Cee Why Henry Omorodion.

Article from my blogsite http://precyreuben.blogspot.com/