View Full Version : Amodu makes case for himself, blasts critics

Mikky jaga
Jan 30, 2010, 11:45 AM
Super Eagles’ Chief Coach, Shaibu Amodu, has sensationally revealed why he requested for former skipper of the team, Stephen Keshi, to assist him during the World Cup campaign in South Africa.

Amodu said with Keshi, he would be well equipped to face the challenges of the competition instead of getting a foreign coach, which the Nigeria Football Federation has been deliberating upon to takeover the team.

Amodu, however, said he's not in the frame of mind to promise anything to Nigerians. "I am not in a psychological state of mind to make any promise. If anything at all, it should have been better for me to walk away after Monday’s game and say to hell with the system, they should go and bring their white man. "If to beef up the technical crew is what they want to do, I am also in support of that because there’s no man, who has the monopoly of knowledge.

"We cannot say that we don’t have good coaches in Nigeria. The coach of Mali (Stephen Keshi) worked with me before, and together we qualified Nigeria for the World Cup in 2001. He did it again in Togo, but we are not singing his praises. "Keshi has coached Mali, he may not have gone far in this tournament (Angola 2010), but he has the experience. He has worked for this team (Super Eagles), he played for the team and even captained it. We are not talking about him to come and join me.

"We have Austin Eguavoen out there, but nobody is talking about him; nobody is making a case for these top hierarchy of people, but are calling for foreign coaches. We have Samson Siasia. But why are they dodging? What is wrong with having a black man as a coach of the national team? Can’t we ask ourselves the question; is there anything wrong with a black man as a coach of the national team?

"I don’t see a good coach from the point of race or colour. Rather, you should rate a coach based on his knowledge and results. So, if you want the coach of Mozambique to take over from me, you should ask me what are his qualities as compared to mine, what are his achievements in terms of results?" Amodu continued.

"If you say Claude Le Roy should come and handle Eagles, Le Roy from where? These are the people they are suggesting to bring on board. If you say Jo Bonfrere, yeah, a good coach indeed. He did well in the country before and left, but you should have first looked inwards and search for good indigenous coaches and when you fail to get any, then you can begin to look outside.

"I think the politics in place has made the psyche of Nigerians to flows better with white men, and once they see a white man on the Nigerian bench, they feel happy and believe that we can win the World Cup. It is all politics. But I am a professional and cannot flow in that line.

"I think I should present these issues the way they are now… because I have gone through a lot of stress. I think some of my players are aware of what I am going through. We are not helping maters.

"The PTF (Presidential Task Force) has not helped the situation either, and I think it has succeeded in boxing the NFF (Nigeria Football Federation) to a corner to submit to its clandestine moves, which for me is devilish and selfish. "You may wish to know that so many people in that committee (PTF) have their personal agenda because of the NFF elections coming up in August. Many of them are pursuing one ambition or the other. There is nothing wrong in one having an ambition, but I advise that one should not destroy the house one intends to live in."

Amodu praised the NFF for doing a good job so far in managing the team in Angola. "The NFF has done well. People, who like Nigerian football should check what the NFF has done and give it the needed support. It is not until you come on board that you would want to say that you love football. Every stakeholder in the football industry should know that he has a role to play from wherever he is.

"I hope that together we can succeed in moving Nigerian football forward," Amodu concluded.

[B][COLOR="Orange"]By Mark Ogagan reportting from Angola
Friday, January 29, 2010