View Full Version : Imaginary Virgins, Imaginary Paradise (Poem)

Jan 7, 2010, 09:50 AM
They are marooned on Hate Island
Unreachable by owls
And eagles of civilization.
They are busy
With syringes and napalm,
Balls of death
In rapid runs
Roll out of their hate mills.
Muja brothers,
Misled warriors of "holiness"
In haste to put right perceived wrongs
Push humanity to cliff edge.
They sew balls of death
On diapers of babies
Snatched from mother's breasts.
When the blast echo,
They chant
"God is great"
And conjure imaginary virgins
To usher the misguided
Into imaginary paradise.

By Chidi Anthony Opara
(From author's facebook page)