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May 29, 2006, 01:39 PM
When shall it end? Do we have to castrate some of this men to serve as a lesson to others?

A monumental scandal is presently rocking the privately owned Igbinedion University, Okadaland with the female students poised for a showdown with the school authorities over incessant sexual and financial harassment by some lecturers of the institution.

Some of the female victims, unable to cope with the unending sexual harassment by the sex-crazy lecturers, had sent an SOS message to Sunday Sun to come to their aid, and for three days, our reporter went undercover in the privately funded university owned by Benin billionaire, Sir Gabriel Igbinedion, the Esama of Benin Kingdom. And what was uncovered is mind boggling!

Investigations revealed that so far, two senior lecturers, a certain Prof. Odutuga, the ex- Dean of Basic Medicine and one Metuonu, a lecturer in the psychology department have been disciplined by the university authorities for awarding marks for sex.

While trying to downplay the scourge, the institution's Public Relations Officer (PRO), Victor Ini-Omoregie, reluctantly confirmed the incident when confronted with the facts by this reporter.

Ini-Osagie, who initially feigned ignorance, however, disclosed that one of the erring lecturers was indicted by a panel and subsequently suspended by the school authorities.

He revealed further that the indicted professor later resigned his appointment after serving his suspension.

"I don't know why the students could have called you people (Sunday Sun) into this matter. The institution has a special department specifically set up to deal with complaints of such occasional incidents headed by a revered man of God.

If not for pure mischief, why didn't they table their grievances to the person in charge or go to the student affairs department to complain about the sexual harassments that you claim they are complaining of? The authorities have decisively handled the case of Odutuga. He was suspended after investigation. He later resigned voluntarily and we closed the case accordingly."

Victor was however too shocked to give any clear-cut reason for Metuonu's sack by the authorities.

That gap was however filled by another victim of the sexual harassment

Speaking on condition of anonymity, Metuonu, according to her, was sacked after he was caught pants down having carnal knowledge of a female student believed to be his girlfriend in his private quarters.

"Ask any lady in the school and she will tell you how bad she felt with his sack. They set him up out of pure jealousy. He was not like the other lecherous old lecturers. Metuonu is a 'fine boy no pimple'. He doesn't harass students. It was the other way round. All he needed to do was ask for it (sex) and babes would have killed him with it, honest."

According to yet another student who spoke to Sunday Sun under condition of anonymity, she also gave out the details of what led to Odutuga's disgrace and shameful resignation.

"My brother, these lecturers have virtually turned us into sex slaves. Can you imagine a situation whereby some of these shameless old men, some old enough to be my father are trying to go to bed with me or fail me in their courses? After the Easter break, one of them, a professor and Dean of Basic Medicine was suspended after he forcefully slept with a female 200 level (now in 300 level) student of medicine. He had promised the young lady that she would pass his course if she capitulated and after he had "shined her congo", can you imagine he went ahead to fail her in his course?"

Narrating further, the source squealed that after it dawned on the gullible lady that she had been sexually 419ed, the hapless undergraduate reported the matter to her mother.

The enraged mum, according to the source went straight to the police and a detachment of Mobile Policemen was dispatched to escort her to the institution and effect the arrest of the sex-crazy professor who could not stick to a simple bargain.

According to the well informed source, "We later discovered that he failed the lady because only one part of the bargain was fulfilled. He had demanded for both sex and an undisclosed amount of money but she thought giving in to his advances was enough. He wanted to teach her a lesson but thank God the whole thing backfired. That is how God would expose them one by one until we are free to face our studies in peace."


Jun 15, 2006, 02:52 PM
hmm no where is safe in Nigeria, people exploiting, over powering, and using each other as slaves how ever they can.
Yet we blame we cry slavery, slavery...when young girls are being used and abused by people in power...

hmm a conutry where people can abuse those below them and no one will dare to speak...Arons beard.

Jun 15, 2006, 07:30 PM
he had "shined her congo",

Boy, so this phrase still exists?

Jun 16, 2006, 12:13 AM
The irony of this is that these shameless lecturers sometimes collide together to fail a student just becase she wouldn't allow one of them to bed her. I witnessed a particular case while I was at Uniben where a diploma student in Data Processing(just do not want to mention name) was failed on six courses because she wouldn't allow a lecturer in the social sciences(I think Economics dept) to bed her. Luckily or unluckily she had an uncle who was one of the managers(non academic) staff of the university who mediated on her behalf and the best she got was to carry over the six courses with the promise that they wont fail her subsequently. She finally had to complete her computer science degree at present day Ambrose Ali University; Personally I think the student union body and maybe the parents should take some kind of militant actions when issues like this happen and all the university could do is to ask the poor girl to carry over six courses. One can hire some area boys to beat the living crap out of this so called lecturers who indulge in this; and let the case escalate from there; infact that is what I plan to do if it happens to one of my own. They got to realise that bedding students is not one of the fringe benefits of being a lecturer; surprise why none of our universities are in the top fifty list in Africa?