View Full Version : Sleeplessness kills,ask mike jackson!

Jul 17, 2009, 08:52 AM
Do you know that there is nothing like a good night s sleep to retune the human body for the next day s activities?do you know that the average man requires seven hours sleep every night?do you know that we sleep 106 days in every 365days of a year? do you know that in a lifetime,you would sleep for 23 years?why do people lose sleep?do you know that worrying,happiness,sadness,agitation could cause sleeplessness?do you know that if you rely on drugs like valium,etc to go to sleep,you could become addicted and end up with other problems?rich people get tortured by their wealth when they can not hit their bed and snooze off to slumberland.one of the problems that compounded michael jackson s health issues was lack of sleep!do you know that a relaxed mind,a good night s sex with your partner could do the magic of giving you a sound sleep?do yourself a favour,try to get a goon night s sleep always.y a w n!!!!!goodnight!:rose::hail: