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May 14, 2009, 11:15 AM
Stealth War by Jeff Rovin. ISBN 0-515-12724-8.

Promoted on the cover as 'the military thriller of the year; a novel of America's stealth warriors.' The story is spurn around a warmongering group going back to World War II - The Huntsmen - that wanted the US to lead the world by force and soon began using assassinations to influence US foreign policy. They were supposed to be responsible for Kennedy's assassination, seeing him as too peace-oriented. Their latest plot called for the assassination of the current president and his vice. It is left to a small group testing out a high-secret gadget (uniforms that made the wearer virtually invisible) to fight them and abort their operations. The stealth field uniforms or SFUs were the product of DARPA, the originator of the Internet. The small group were also aided by another new gadget, the stealth chopper, that could fly undetected by radar.

This is a fast-paced thriller, though the author takes time out to explain the theory behind some strategies and issues, like the modus operandi of professional assassins. There are quite a lot of military and other acronyms being decifered too: PITA, CODE PA, BBU, being just a few, meaning Pains In The Ass; COmmand DEcision, Personal Authorization; Body Bag Unit. It is a story of America's home-grown terrorists. And it is a story of a commander's belief in God and the need to do what was right. After all the killings and fighting betwen the good guys and the bad, there is a happy ending when the good guys come out victorious, without losing a single person.

But how did The Huntsmen plan to top off the US President this time around? Unlike the Kennedy assassination, it wasn't with a gun. They wired a little bomb inside a laptop, to be activated by the CD-ROM drive. Their man was in a meeting with the President, and faked some excuse to leave the room seconds before the explosion. Evans, the commander of the stealth group, who was watching this mole was quick to suspect the laptop and moved fast enough to push it away from the President before it exploded.