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Mar 17, 2009, 02:46 AM
A group of well meaning Nigerians have formed the Nigerian Reunion Organization in order to foster unity and to perform various functions such as shedding light on Nigeria's problems, fighting against hunger and poverty through food drives and donations.

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Shed light on Nigeria's most prominent problems.
Nigeria has enormous problems just like every other young nation but the biggest problem with Nigeria is the ability to hide our problems from the world. This arises simply because our leaders do not want to shed light on our problems because very critical questions will be asked; especially what we do with our money.
Nigeria is the sixth largest exporter of crude oil in the world yet our citizens languish in poverty, curable diseases ravaged our population, security and technology is amiss while we are constantly in a state of economic hullabaloo.
The UN's Human Development Index places Nigeria among the world's poorest countries. Millions of Nigerians in the world's 154th poorest country face a life of poverty, unemployment, hunger, and early death. About 50% are illiterate and some 40 million go hungry or are living a hand-to-mouth existence. Nearly one-third of the population will not live beyond the age of 45.
The Nigerian reunion organization is an organization which will shed the light on Nigeria's most prominent problems. Hunger, poverty, security, power, corruption and most of all we are the organization that seeks to bring Nigerians together in a reunion like no other to find solutions to these problems.

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