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Mar 7, 2009, 09:11 AM
Rapists On Rampage----Rapists On Rampage
By Isioma Madike Head, Covers & Investigation:source (http://www.independentngonline.com/extr/senq/article01)

The ugly incidence of child rape across the country is taking a dimension that gives concern to many. This unbelievable romance of immorality is, sometimes incidentally, perpetrated by close relations

Ezinne, a 16-year-old, is a Junior Secondary School (JSS 3) student of Satellite Secondary School, Satellite Town, Lagos. She is the last born in a family of five. She lives with her elder sister, Ann, who is married to Julius, pastor and founder of one of the new generation churches around Second Pako bus stop, Old Ojo Road, Agboju, Amuwo-Odofin in Lagos. They all live at Ijeun-Egba, Satellite Town and hail from Abia State.

Ezinne, who has lived with her sister for three years, was besmirched by the pastor two weeks after she was brought from the village to stay with the newly married couple. She was 13 years then, and was still seeking admission to secondary school.

Ezinne narrates her sorry story to Saturday Enquirer shortly before she was 'deported' to her village in Abia State: "Daddy just told me the first day that he would be coming home by 12.30 p.m. and that I should make sure I was inside the house alone. That was how it all started.

"When he came that day, he instructed that I locked the main door because he wouldn't entertain any distraction as he was coming to have a deserved rest at home. I didn't suspect anything until he called me to join him in his private room. When I got there, he was naked and I attempted running back after I apologised but he urged me in.

"I resisted but he stood his ground and dragged me almost immediately on the bed and told me to suck his penis, threatening to report me to my sister if I refused to cooperate. It was so painful that first time and there was little blood from my private part. He cleaned it up and asked me to feign sickness in order to keep my sister out of the shameful act," Ezinne sobbed in shame.

Ezinne afterwards became the unofficial second wife to her brother-in-law whom she called daddy for three years. When she summoned courage to tell her elder sister after four days of the unholy tangle, Ann barked at her, promising to send her back to the village before she breaks her matrimonial home with such "stupid lies."

"That was how I accepted my fate because I didn't know what next to do. And he continually feasted on me with impunity."

However, three years of constant rape has now left Ezinne with an acute syphilis and a damaged womb from postinor contraceptive the pastor made her to swallow daily to prevent unwanted pregnancy. She is currently battling also with scanty and an irregular menstruation.

Yet, if you think Ezinne's case is pathetic, then little Promise's, is simply horrifying.

Promise's parents live off Demurin Street in Ketu, Lagos.

Kola, who is the childhood friend to Promise's father, was free with Promise as much as he was with her parents that her mother allowed him custody of her little angel anytime she was busy with house chores.

It became a usual practice and gradually the monster in Kola took over and the animal in him lost its sense.

"I noticed that anytime Promise was crying and Kola picked her to his apartment, she would just keep quiet. We thought because she enjoyed his company and always called on him to help calm her at such times. How would somebody have suspected foul play? Promise was a little over eight months old then. We didn't know Kola was just a monster lucking around. That was how we lost Promise to the beast," Titilayo, Promise's mother recounted the unimaginable torment her daughter went through to Saturday Enquirer in tears.

Kola's penis became, as it were, Promise's feeding bottle as she sucked it always to the delight of her 39-year-old paedophile. "He wickedly releases to her mouth, which damaged the poor baby's lungs and kidneys. Before we realised what was happening, it was too late. And the wicked ***** fled and could not be located ever since," Titilayo said.

She, nonetheless, warned mothers by way of prevention, to be diligent in caring for their daughters and be particularly wary of leaving them alone in the company of men, even if they are known male relatives.

"Mothers should discourage their daughters and wards from accepting gifts from strangers and especially from accepting invitations to buy sweets or biscuits. Parents should also teach their daughters to be acquainted with indecent moves by men, as well as how to escape when assaulted," she further advised.

Unfortunately, Ezinne and Promise are not isolated cases. In many homes, including those of the elite across the nation, the sad tales are replicated as the girl children often undergo debasement and de-humanisation as victims of sexual abuse by their mistresses' husbands or children. Even those who hawk wares on city streets also run the risk of being prey to those the late Afro beat legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, once referred to as animals in human skin.

The girl child devourers prey on the ignorance, self-worth and vulnerability as well as the innocence of victims who, often end up nursing their sorrow in solitude, for fear of being 'deported' to their abject poverty-stricken village homes.

Stories abound of old men raping two-year-olds and five-year-olds; husbands raping house maids, their wife's relations and the daughters of neighbours while teachers feast on their female students, who, in normal societies are supposed to be under their care.

There was also a story about a man who raped his mother-in-law. The matter had to be hushed up to protect the family from public disgrace.

Indeed, rape cases, which are daily reported in Nigerian cities involve mostly minors and that makes it more horrifying. Girls as little as a year old are daily being defiled by men who have lost all sense of decency.

The police in Lagos State even confirmed through its image maker, Frank Mba, a superintendent of police (SP) that it recorded two well-celebrated cases of rape recently. The two, according to Mba, took place in Bariga, a suburb of Lagos.

In one of the cases, according to him, two young girls, aged 18 and less were raped. Somebody, the police informed, actually lured a young girl of about 12 or 13 years into the house in the last incident, also in Bariga, "kept her overnight and raped her all night."

"The terrain in Bariga is that, it is a densely populated area. Majority of the inhabitants are people from the middle to the very low-income earners; same thing with areas like Makoko, Okokomaiko, Ajegunle, Agege, Mushin and the rest. The possibilities of these crimes occurring in these areas are higher. The reasons are obvious. The nature of the buildings in those areas make it easier for people to intermingle and experience has shown that most of the perpetrators are people who know the victims. They are usually people they see around. They are people who ordinarily are known to the young girls. So, there is this confidence that the girls have when the perpetrator says come," Mba further said.

Another case involving a four-year-old girl in Pandogari Village of Niger State was celebrated even as it typifies a new trend of child rape, which is gradually assuming an endemic status.

The little girl, who was said to be visiting her father from another town where she lived with her divorced mother, was lured into the act by one Haruna Ibrahim. Ibrahim was said to have offered the little soul some biscuits before embarking on his devilish enterprise.

Also, a two-year-old girl in Karu town, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja was reportedly raped by a tenant in the house where her father was a security guard. Like Ibrahim, the tenant allegedly defiled the toddler after the offer of buying her sweets.

Kano State, which was noted for its famous groundnut pyramid, had two of its young men bagging a life sentence for raping a three-year-old to death some few years back. It was the city where a grandfather and his three male relatives allegedly subjected his 10-year-old granddaughter to incestuous rape also. The four had claimed that the girl lured them with sexual offers in exchange for money.

As if in competition, another Kano father raped his two teenage daughters in conceit until relatives intervened and reported him to the police. The intervention, however, came too late as the older of the two girls was already pregnant. When she eventually had the baby, it was ironically named after her grandmother, the estranged wife of the incestuous rapist. This disgusting dimension only added to the already bad situation.

This, perhaps, could be the reason Suleiman Abba of the Nigerian Police Force warned of a "widespread and alarming" increase in rapes of under-aged girls in Kano city. He graphically explained to perplexed citizens how Kano was itching towards the Guinness Book of Records with 54 reported child rape cases handled by the police and 60 related arrests in the last six months of 2007.

"This is a radical increase compared to 36 cases we recorded in the first six months of 2007. In some cases the victims are gang-raped," Abba said.

According to the police chief, the victims are mostly little girls whose ages range between three (3) to 11 years, while the suspects are usually between the ages of 45 and 70.

"We have cases of young men raping minors, but the number pales into insignificance compared to the number of cases involving older men," said Abba, adding "many cases go unreported because parents want to save the honour of their daughters and protect their family from embarrassment."

The spokesperson for the Societal Reorientation Directorate (SRD), a group tasked with improving morals in Kano, Ibrahim Abdullahi, said some rapists take to the act because they erroneously think they can cure themselves of the dreaded Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) by having sex with virgins. There are others, according to Abdullahi, who also believe that child rape is a ritual that can lead to instant wealth.

Gombe State recorded its name in the habitual incidence of incestuous rape when a man reportedly had carnal knowledge of his two daughters. The two young women later escaped and reported their plight to the outside.

What could have made a father so easily defile his daughter when he is expected to be the custodian of her virtues, and her protector against other men?

The story of one Pauline, who was eight months when her parents separated, is also pitiable. Her father likes women and constantly changed his partners living Pauline under the care of different pseudo mothers. At the age of nine, she concluded her primary school education, joyfully awaiting her admission to secondary school.

However, Pauline woke up one morning to the sound of a knock on the door; it was her father's friend, uncle Segun. Her father had instructed him to take care of her while he went to work. Segun also said Pauline's father had told him if she was stubborn she should be dealt with properly. Naturally, Segun promised to ensure Pauline was provided with adequate care. The following days witnessed Segun's tender care as he showered Pauline with gifts.

But, there was a hidden agenda that was not disclosed to Pauline. On that fateful day, Segun decided to pull a fast one on the child as he prepared to travel out of the country, luring her into his room where he raped her. Pauline, out of grief and fear, only confided in her aunt two weeks after what she described as a horrifying experience. And there was pandemonium. Annoyingly, her father broke down in tears, took the blame saying he was, indeed, sorry for not always being there for her.

But, the big scandal is that the police are not interested in prosecuting rapists because the police station, according to those who had experienced the stench of such places, itself is allegedly a rape centre.

There was a story of one girl living with an uncle, who was detained overnight by the police. She was allegedly gang-raped all through the night by those who were paid to protect her. But, the one that touched many hearts was that of Queen Okoye from Enugu State.

The 21-year-old Queen had gone to a police station in Maryland, Lagos to ask for the support of law enforcement officers. She had complained that her boyfriend had conspired with three others to rob her of her N30, 000. Those, Queen met at the station agreed to help, but asked her to wait till 10 p.m. so they could spring a surprise on the boyfriend. She claimed she was drugged, and that when she woke up at 2.30 a.m., she discovered that she had been raped, and she was bleeding.

Thereafter, Queen proceeded to Area G police command in Ogba, Lagos to protest the rape by three policemen at Maryland, and that she was pregnant. She removed her clothes and was clad only in her underwear. Queen wanted justice, but the police authorities would not listen to her. The police insisted that she is a mad woman.

"Nigerian men are obsessed with sex. But I have promised them hell. All those people that raped me will surely pay with their blood. They must die," Okoye cursed as she retold her story to Saturday Enquirer.

The police, however, admitted that preventing rape crime could be very difficult because "they are crimes that start with a concealed intention. An intention to rape is not an overt intention. It cannot be seen from the face. They are not things that police can just look at a man walking on the street and say, oh this man has an intention to rape today, let's take him into protective custody. These crimes take place in the closet. If they are reported, we might not know. They take place in the rooms, in bedrooms, uncompleted buildings and in corners."

*Additional report by Ifeoma Meze

Mar 7, 2009, 03:32 PM
Rapists and other criminals in Nigeria do not have many reasons to desist from their criminal enterprise, because there aren't credible deterrents.

The police force is populated largely by career criminals. The courts are riddled with corrupt, non functional, baba-go slow type officers. The legislators are visionless, stomach led parasites.

The people have no recourse, no one to turn to, no functioning institutions for their protection. We should not be surprised that rapists are having a field day. The Nigerian female may need to be placed on the lists of endangered species soon.

Bill Carson
Mar 7, 2009, 04:35 PM
The biggest Rapist In Nigeria are College/University Lecturers that pray on Innocent and not so Innocent Girls……

The problem Is not helped by the corrupt/Immoral Politicians that are led by Yaardua the Godfather of Child brides. The sexual abuse of the less powerful Is the biggest social malice facing Nigeria.

The solution to this problem will only come about when we jettison that backward attitude of women as second class but view them as equals with emotion and freedom of expression.