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May 13, 2008, 03:48 PM
Sr. Manager of Customer Retention (CRM) and Loyalty, Sunnyvale, CA
About Us
We are the new GPS kid in town - our name is Dash Navigation and our
goal is to revolutionize in-car navigation (www.dash.net). In our
recent product release (March 2008) we made some rather remarkable
impact on the industry with the launch of our and the world's first
full-time internet connected GPS device, the Dash Express.

We feel that it is only a start of something that is going to be big,
very big! We take GPS from a "Get me from here to there" paradigm,
or from "Where am I"?, "You are in your car"..., to a paradigm in
which GPS is integrated into one's daily life and becomes a dynamic
tool to access relevant information and make all sorts of travel and
non-travel related decisions.

The challenge is thrilling. The rewards are potentially big. Our
Company has been funded by BOTH Sequoia and Kleiner and if you have
been around Silicon Valley, then you probably KNOW (or should Google)
what it means when BOTH of them join forces together...
For now it also means that we offer full array of benefits, including
health insurance, 401K etc.

About the Work
We are looking for that exotic skill of someone who knows how to
increase customer satisfaction, increase loyalty and reduce customer
churn through marketing programs. Your primary goal will be to
increase customer satisfaction, increase loyalty and reduce customer
churn by informing, educating, enticing and all the secret voodoo,
charm and magic that only you know how to weave.

You will be expected to both create and launch a variety of programs,
as well as monitor, track and report on the results. You will also
build the department from scratch. This will be your baby and you'll
take ownership for customers and serve as the single point of contact
to the customer. You will be working extensively with cross-
functional teams in order to obtain program buy-off as well as to
launch and measure the program results.

About You
You are a passionate person that has lots of experience in retention
and loyalty programs, particularly in service oriented products. And
by lots we mean at least a couple of years. You are also smart enough
to know, that if you do not have this experience you don't need to
answer this ad. You are a churn czar or czarina. You're ready to
work elbow deep with some the brightest people in consumer
electronics and have a reputation for speaking plainly, for taking
risks, for being creative, and for being secure enough in your
intelligence to some times admit ignorance. You are a pillar of
reliability and crave success.


Email resume to kbretz AT Dash DOT net .

No phone calls, please. (recruiters, this means YOU!).