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  1. Rescued, Hoodwinked Then Marooned
  2. Eulogy To The East
  3. The Victory of Evil?
  4. The lost evidence (episode i)
  5. Sunset At Noon
  6. Deep River
  8. Our America
  9. I Am The River Niger
  10. [News] BAGA AS THE LATEST BOKO HARAM THEATRE OF WAR: Understanding the Jamā'a Ahl al-sunnah li-da'wa wa al-jihād insurgency
  11. [The InkPot (Poems, Stories, Creative Writing)] If I Could Marry Sharen J. Turney
  12. [The InkPot (Poems, Stories, Creative Writing)] Two Ears Chopped Off
  13. [The InkPot (Poems, Stories, Creative Writing)] It Is Popular To Die In The Open
  14. [The InkPot (Poems, Stories, Creative Writing)] The Break Through
  15. [Article] MABEL SEGUN 1930 TO THE PRESENT
  16. Body Magic
  17. The Pentecostals and the Rascals
  18. [The InkPot (Poems, Stories, Creative Writing)] The Subsidy Video
  19. The Pentecostal Butt-Dance
  20. Belly Dancing In Lagos
  21. Generational Walkers With God
  23. The many faces of love 3
  24. Goodbyes Are Not Forever....Part 1
  25. "The Season Of Shots" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  26. Talisman
  27. Odumegwu Ojukwu: Ka Chi Foo!
  28. "Mmanwu" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  29. "Garlands From Gangsters" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  30. "Bend Down Market" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  31. "Presido State Dey Tight" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  32. Salivation
  33. "Keep Ya Yeye Award!" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  34. "Chinyere" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  35. "Occupy Jam Occupy" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  36. Stubborn Love
  37. "The Mansion Of Monrovia" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  38. Prosaic Journeys.
  39. Bundle Of Joy
  40. "Di Mother Of Subsidy" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  41. "Saro Dey Laugh Dem" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  42. "Corruption Na Who Sef?" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  43. "Occupy Na Grammar" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  44. "God Save The Sovereigns!" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  45. "We No Dey Broke" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  46. Goggles
  47. "Iyi Oma" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  48. Excerpt Of "twilight At Terracotta Indigo" By Umari Ayim
  49. "The gods Grieve" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  50. "NATO Dey Nak Us" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  51. Exalted Senses Of The Mad
  52. "2020 Na Di Year" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  53. "EFCC Gragara" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  54. "Security Shakara For Lagos" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  55. "Dis Subsidy Sef" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  56. "The Holocaust" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  57. Look At This Yam
  58. "The Hangman" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  59. Keep Doing It
  60. "Cocky Cocks Crow Veto" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  61. My Prayer For Goodluck
  62. Nigeria @ 51: Elegy To A Confounding Country
  63. "His Majesty's Bosomy Bodyguards" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  64. "Gangland" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  65. "Am I Not A god?" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  66. "The Moon Is Miserable" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  67. "Motor Park Monologue2" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  68. "Motor Park Monologue1" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  69. Motor Park Monologue(Excerpt)
  70. "We Will Become Men Tonight" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  71. "The Truths We Speak" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  72. "Beatification Of The Beast" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  73. "No Eulogy From The Clergy" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  74. "The Raft Of Refuge" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  75. "Altars Of Alien deities" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  76. "Refugees Of Rancour" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  77. "Epitaph" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  78. The confessional
  79. "Scalps Of Surrogate gods" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  80. "Chamber Of Charades2" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  81. "Chamber Of Charades" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  82. "The Ballads Of Chukwu" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  83. "Guard gods Of Muse Gate" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  84. "Mary Magdalene's Mug" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  85. "Politicians, Patricians And Pulpit Pranksters" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  86. "Woe Betide The gods If." By Chidi Anthony Opara
  87. The Long Road: Part 3
  88. "Degenerates Pound Our Polity Polluted" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  89. New Book: "Mundane Musing And Other Poems"
  90. "They Solemnly Swear" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  91. "They Are Munching With Presido" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  92. "Money Lender And Daughter Of Borrower" By chidi Anthony Opara
  93. "Where Wasps Whistle Warnings Of War" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  94. "Twenty-Ninth Day Of The Fifth Moon" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  95. "Bloodied Caps Of Corpers" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  96. Gleaming Violet (Copyright Oluwato 2011)
  97. My past, my present, my future
  98. "Dialogue With Elite Friend" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  99. "We Tip-toe On Thumb Of Thuggery" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  100. "With Blood We Blight Sanctum Of Our Sovereignty" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  101. "Requiem For Revolution" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  102. "Wobbling On Waters Of The Niger" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  103. [Article] After The Elections, What Next, Democracy Or Despotism?
  104. "Empires Renewed" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  105. An Evening With My Brother
  107. A Love Rekindled - 1
  108. Enough is Enough!
  109. Alu Part 3
  110. Bassey Ikpi- Nigerian Poet
  111. [Article] PDP Government Versus The People Of Nigeria - Game Goes!
  112. Iyiomo
  113. Alu Part 2
  114. Collapsing Cenotaph Of Soldiers Unknown By Chidi Anthony Opara
  115. The Bicycle Guy
  116. Insignia With Inscription "Anthony Enahoro" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  117. Alu Part 1 (Short Story)
  118. African Sun - Copyright Oluwato 2010
  119. A Toast To The Bride And Groom
  120. Dungeon Diary(Poem)
  121. Am Convinced 2
  122. Ordinary People
  123. Am Convinced
  124. The Price
  125. [Article] FELABRATION Fela Lives On!
  126. Kamikaze "Powerbiking" in Nigeria
  127. Her name will be Providence
  128. Like Expectant Nobelists(Poem)
  129. Rapprochements With Roaches(Poem)
  130. Birdsong
  131. Molue Rush
  132. Efuseewo
  134. A Discourse on Poetry
  135. Meetings With Extraordinary Ordinary People - Part 1
  136. ~ clouds ~
  137. Are You An Agbepo? (Nightsoilman)
  138. [Article] YOU KNOW GOD AND YOU GET GUN?
  139. The band played
  140. [Article] The Beauty of Etiquette
  141. Is "Telephone" Now For The Poor?
  142. Lagos Fashion Over The Years
  143. Football Wars : New Beginnings - Part 2
  144. My Swansong (Poem)
  145. What Chiagozie did to Me!
  146. Seven With One Blow!
  147. Cinema fun yesterday and today
  148. Announcing: Naija Stories
  149. Date My Hairstylist? Successful Black Women Finding Black Men - keeping it real.
  150. Telephone Conversation
  151. Election reflections IV (Poetry)
  152. Election Reflections III (Poetry)
  153. Election Reflections 2003 II (Poetry)
  154. Her Majesty, Natives And Phantoms
  155. My Senatorial Ambition Part II
  156. My Senatorial Ambition I
  157. Anguished Cries Of Baby Brides(Poem)
  158. Election Reflections 2003 (i)
  159. When Death first Called My Testimony
  160. Grip Of The Muse (Poem)
  161. Messages Of Ikoro(Poem)
  162. Why I Do Not Care For Football
  163. My Beggar Girl - A short story
  164. Thrilling morning rides
  165. Prisoners Of Agenda(Poem)
  166. "Thus Saith The Lord"
  167. God Must Be An Artist To Have Created Black People.
  168. Haze of Jubilee(Poem)
  169. The Diplomat in Banking
  170. Papal Cant(Poem)
  171. IBB's Spectacular Two-Step Dance
  172. Cudgels of Jos(Poem)
  173. Did President Shagari Wear a Bulletproof Vest on Oct 1st 1983?
  174. Buhari and Idiagbon Smiled
  175. We Will Cooperate!
  176. Flute Fellowship
  177. Not On My Watch...
  178. The pain of a woman
  179. My Last Song (Poem)
  180. And Now A Quake (Poem)
  181. Goodbyes Are Too Hard...
  182. Christmas(Poem)
  183. Season of Poems(Poem)
  184. New Year Comes(Poem)
  185. Suicide Bombers, My Cousins(Poem)
  186. Imaginary Virgins, Imaginary Paradise (Poem)
  187. The valley betwen hills
  188. Messages From Saudi(Poem)
  189. [Article] Saving The Children Of Africa
  190. Call Them Nigeria (Poem)
  191. Canaries From Arabia (Poem)
  192. Old Priesthood Quakes
  193. I Almost Died Climbing Aso Rock
  194. War (Poem)
  195. Flight
  196. [Article] Whose Son Art Thou - Really?
  197. Moonlight Monologue2(Poem)
  198. Dialogue With Elite Friend
  199. Tales from the hills; shadow of the hill
  200. Sunny morning at the hill's foot (revisited)
  201. Halls Of Sorrow (Poem)
  202. Jollof Rice For Honourables 1981 Street Theatre protest by Pyrates
  203. Epilogue Of Warfare(Poem)
  204. Another Day Another Dollar!
  205. Alika's dilemma
  206. Picture Of Apocalyse(Poem)
  207. Moonlight Monologue1(Poem)
  208. I Shall Sing (Poem)
  209. I Shall Sing (Poem)
  210. Boko Is Now Haram (Poem)
  211. So I Up and Left...............!
  212. Scorn Of Folks(Poem)
  213. Pyrates as Peacekeepers
  214. We Utter Blasphemy(Poem)
  215. Alli Must Go
  216. Running with the Foxes and Hunting with the Hounds
  217. He Died, I Laughed(Poem)
  218. Gani Fawehimi(Poem)
  219. Season Of Silence(Poem)
  220. Music And Me
  221. The Ketubah - 1 of ? (Copyright Oluwato 2009)
  222. Nne, What is Wrong With My Flowers?
  223. Re-introducing InkPots
  224. Ozuko Is The Name Of Her Game
  225. Why dsp igba regretted slapping me
  226. Lightning struck our house twice
  227. The worst adolescent trauma possible
  228. End of the Road (Part 2)
  229. The Luck of the Raffle Draw
  230. Is any woman really worth it?
  231. The Cripple Andthe Blind
  232. Unawares l'o Ba Mi! (I Was Caught Unawares)
  233. The Storm Is Over : Fiction
  234. Leave my Daughter Alone!
  235. Why I had to learn Tae Kwon Do!
  236. I was Once an Assistant Boyfriend
  237. End of the Road - Comments
  238. End of the Road (A Novel)
  239. What Would You Do If Armed Robbers Raped Your Fiance/Wife?
  240. My Best Friend, Rokun - A True Story
  241. [Article] Apes Obey !
  242. [Article] The Black History Month And The Nigerian Called Ejiro
  243. [Article] Igbobi College 77th Anniversary Celebrations - Pa Talabi Esubiyi (Baba)
  244. [Article] Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr And The Dreamweavers
  245. [Article] Letters To President Clinton
  246. God Save The Queen
  247. I remember before coloured tv
  248. How big is your mojo
  249. THE TALE OF MRS O' A true story
  250. My night with Chant...the preacher.