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  1. [General] The Village Headmaster - Coco Yam Leaf Affair
  2. Yoruba criminals now using Igbo names to commit crime
  3. [People & Celebs] Hairstylist Or Massage Therapist- Take Your Choice (TYC)
  4. [People & Celebs] SHOCKER: Kanye West Finally Dumps Kim Kardashian
  5. [General] Security man hangs himself in Mr Biggs
  6. [General] Tales From Acronymia
  7. [General] " I won't miss you these 10 days" as angry husband attaches ikwokirikwo history
  8. [General] 9 Year Old Boy Remarries His 62-Year-Old Wife
  9. 'To a northerner, marriage to one's cousin is no taboo'
  10. [General] US Widow Wins $23.6bn Tobacco Payout
  11. [General] Oby Ezekwesili At The APC National Summit.
  12. Say something nice about one another
  13. [Man Talk] Silvio Berlusconi sex conviction overturned
  14. [General] Wole Soyinka at 80
  15. [General] Bend Down Boutique
  16. [Crime & Punishment] US criminal fight UK deportation for being too old, sick, no medicare, has depressed girlfriend .
  17. [Jokes & Odds] How Ali Baba made millions 'cracking ribs' with jokes
  18. [Jokes & Odds] Smelling fart is good for you!
  19. [General] Girl threw new baby in trash can for looking like her ex-boyfie!
  20. [General] The Day My Husband Stop Beating Me, Is The Day I Know He Is Cheating O n Me
  21. [General] Man puts his sister in the family way!
  22. [General] Haters bash defense minister obanikoro for sharing this loving picture
  23. [Crime & Punishment] UNILAG Student Shot In The Head On Campus
  24. [General] Queen Orders Prince Charles To Divorce Camilla
  25. Bank manager commits suicide
  26. [General] Man killed in Benin while testing charms' efficacy
  27. [General] Feed a Child : Provocative or Racist?
  28. Horror In Redemption Camp: Son Kills Senior Advocate Of Nigeria Father
  29. [General] 35 Most Badass Elite Fighting Units From Around The World
  30. [Jokes & Odds] Narrow escape
  31. [Crime & Punishment] NOT AGAIN: Dino Melaye's new wife calls relationship quits over alleged domestic abuse
  32. [General] What Happens When A Prep School's Black Student President Mocks Her White Male Classmates
  33. [General] Wise sayings
  34. [General] Nostalgia
  35. [Exhale] Fact or fiction: Woman delivers after being pregnant for 14 years!
  36. [People & Celebs] "Nigerian men are control freaks" - Yeni Kuti regrets ever getting married
  37. [Greetings] Where is Mikky Jaga?
  38. Mr President
  39. [General] Woman buried alive after paying N9m for abortive pregnancy!
  40. [General] A must-read interview on cervical cancer
  41. [Man Talk] Commercial sex worker stabs soldier to death over unpaid service
  42. [Exhale] I have nailed it!!!
  43. [Food] Regular Suya, Nkwobi consumption raises breast cancer risk!
  44. [General] Man and his mom die trying to save wife's phone from toilet!
  45. [General] I cannot afford to go back to my country, says Nigerian gay in UK
  46. [General] Kenyan women are after Nigerian men too
  47. Nigerian Men are Built Like Horses-University of Witswaterrand
  48. [General] Women now sell private parts
  49. [General] Nigerian couple wins $50 million Canadian lottery
  50. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Divorces His Wife Anita?
  51. [People & Celebs] Looks can be decieving. For those who God have blessed nobody should mock them!
  52. [Woman To Woman] Do you know Kanyan Mata/Maza?
  53. [People & Celebs] Maya Angelou, poet, author and activist, dead at 86
  54. [General] Bride Price
  55. [General] The Immigrant Advantage
  56. [General] Sex-For-Job-Video: My Story, By Female Banker
  57. [General] WOMAN SELLS BABY FOR N430k
  58. Newly Crowned Chief Arrested While Vandalizing Car In Lagos
  59. [General] "Blackbird crashlands...turns to a witch", he he he!
  60. [People & Celebs] Karma is a bitch as they say, in this case it is a bullet to the head for the conniving bitch !
  61. [General] Former Nigerian Minister marriage dissolved. Court orders return of N120 Bride Price
  62. [General] Russian Football Baron's Ex-wife Wins $4.48bn In World's 'Most Expensive Divorce Payout
  63. [People & Celebs] Gifted Nigerian Girl scores straight As in Dillard University
  64. [General] Traditional ruler's wife dies on "active service"
  65. [Crime & Punishment] Nigerian murders Ethiopian girlfriend and kills self in Atlanta
  66. [Jokes & Odds] Aba Just Another Ugly City?
  67. [Jokes & Odds] Thou shall not mock the Dame
  68. [People & Celebs] Trouble In Jay Z & Bey's Marital Paradise? Watch Solange Beyonce's Sister's Attack On Jay Z
  69. [Jokes & Odds] This is funny, honestly!
  70. [People & Celebs] Late Christy Essien-Igbokwe's Hubby Opens Up On His New Marriage
  71. [Exhale] Presentation does matter
  72. [Crime & Punishment] Celebrity PR Guru Max Clifford Jailed Eight Years For Strings Of Past Sex Assaults Against Girls
  73. [Greetings] Happy Birthday, Perkins
  74. [General] Malawian Akpos gave hyena his balls for wealth!
  75. [Man Talk] Student Auctioning Her Virginity Online For $550,000
  76. [People & Celebs] Amaka Igwe Passes On After Asthma Attack
  77. We know you! You are a husband killer!
  78. [General] U.S Race relation: Who is more of a jerk Donald Sterling or girlfriend
  79. Widow tackles cop who allegedly embezzled her n670,000 exhibit
  80. [People & Celebs] Happy Birthday To a very Unique Villager..Exxcuzme
  81. Pastor's girl who joined Islam weds on Friday
  82. [Man Talk] Have you "mistakenly" been lured into relationship with your female boss?
  83. [Jokes & Odds] Jamb wahala!!!
  84. [Jokes & Odds] B-R-E-A-K-I-N-G News!!! APC Signs Atiku Abubakar On Loan
  85. [General] Are You Too Nice? Ways To Gain Appreciation & Respect
  86. [Man Talk] Man hacks neighbour to death for sleeping with his wife
  87. [Jokes & Odds] Comedy - Real fun- Enjoy
  88. Diary Iye's Hair Journey..
  89. [General] The sober romantic- marry your own kind
  90. [General] Nigerian NGO that turned a sick child and their mother into street beggars and raping the woman.
  91. [General] Ending the baby factory menace
  92. Lupita Nyong'o of Kenya named world's most beautiful person
  93. [General] 1.6 million Americans don't have indoor plumbing.
  94. [General] Nigeria's unholy brides
  95. [General] Take A Glimpse At The Mr Nigeria 2014 Contestants
  96. [People & Celebs] The buzz about P square splitting
  97. [General] Happy Birthday to Double caramel
  98. [General] A bayelsa couple kept their 16-year old girl in cage for having bouts of convulsion
  99. [General] Woman,police and court in kidnap roforofo scandal
  100. [General] Baby born with four hands, four feet...in China
  101. London:Trainee surgeon bungles surgery while Nigerian consultant ate
  102. All my Children were in oversea when my Husband died, and my church members drink Garri to pay Tithe
  103. [General] B' Haram is spiritual warfare against Nigeria, says Nebo
  104. [Crime & Punishment] Did Megan have and killed seven secret babies?!
  105. [General] Linda Ikeji, Africa's Richest Blogger - Making A Cool $1 Million A Year?
  106. [Crime & Punishment] Gay banker sent to life jail for wife's murder
  107. [Man Talk] Japan Manhood Festival
  108. [Crime & Punishment] Mother in trouble for child neglect receives heavy donation for help
  109. [Crime & Punishment] Pastor Sam Impregnates 45-year-old Woman And Her 14-year-old Daughter
  110. [Man Talk] Kaduna Drag Race
  111. [Crime & Punishment] Mother of six girls nabbed for buying a "baby boy"!
  112. [People & Celebs] God Can Still Give Me Another Wife -Ebenezer Obey
  113. [General] A man,30 kids from 11 women, now has child-support issues
  114. [Crime & Punishment] Guy Hit His Grandmother With Sledge Hammer And Tried To rape Her
  115. [People & Celebs] More trouble for Nigella Lawson: stopped from flight to USA
  116. [General] African American Student Accepted At All 8 Ivy League Schools
  117. [People & Celebs] Mick Jagger Inherits $9 million
  118. [Man Talk] Pathetic Story of Ex-Delta Footballer Who Begs, Eat and Sleep in Akure Bus-Stop
  119. [Woman To Woman] What a place to hide stolen watch
  120. [General] Laptop users beware
  121. [General] Just who is Galeocerdo Cuvier
  122. [General] It's not only Nigerian Government that can be wicked
  123. [Man Talk] Real women make you wait.
  124. [General] Monster Rat terrorizes family
  125. [General] TB Joshua delivers women from lesbianism spirit
  126. [General] "My hubby(84) has too high libido"! says Mama (69)
  127. [Jokes & Odds] Cluelessness incorporated
  128. [General] Was It Fatal for You, Darling?
  129. [General] Are Nigerians "Education Snobs" - can we marry non-Graduates
  130. [People & Celebs] One woman's epic journey to travel the world. Achieving goals and making dreams come true!!!
  131. [Woman To Woman] Women over 40
  132. [Crime & Punishment] Court Remands Pastor In Kirikiri Prison Over N52.3m Fraud
  133. [Crime & Punishment] Man Arrested For Talking Too Long
  134. [Crime & Punishment] 2 brothers kill elder brother for inheritance
  135. [People & Celebs] Singer Chris Brown Remanded In Prison Without Bail.
  136. [Exhale] Leave Him Alone!
  137. [General] American pastor drops dead in church after confessing infidelity
  138. [Woman To Woman] Rare female-to-female HIV recorded in America
  139. [General] Man Wakes Up In Body Bag At Funeral Home
  140. Hausa intermarriage and peaceful co-existence in Igboland
  141. [General] Hope is all that matters
  142. [Crime & Punishment] Glen Ford, La. Death Row Inmate, Wrongfully Accused, Released After 30 Years.
  143. [General] Nigeria bottoms out in world's love making statistics
  144. [General] Pregnant wife murdered 11 days after wedding
  145. 18 yr Old Sues Parents for Financial Support....
  146. [Exhale] Reflections & Realities
  147. [Jokes & Odds] Quotes for the day
  148. [Jokes & Odds] Gambler sues casino because he lost 500,000 dollars!
  149. [Jokes & Odds] Obugi Must See This - Very Funny
  150. [Jokes & Odds] Nigerian Police Don Upgrade o
  151. [People & Celebs] Jim Iyke used and dumped me after six years-ex fiancée opens up
  152. [Crime & Punishment] Pastor Arrested For Conducting Virginity Test On Member With Finger
  153. Police nab Obesere for rape!
  154. A real man solves a practical problem - sanitary pads in India.
  155. [General] Mixed Reactions Trail Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's Response On Abortion On Facebook
  156. [General] Nigerian sex workers demand recognition..."asawo na-job"!
  157. Diary My weight loss journey,join me
  158. [People & Celebs] Move Back To Nigeria: Bankole Cardoso
  159. [General] What would you do?
  160. Black Women & Abortion - Shocking New Census Stats
  161. Microwave Bomb Killer executed in the US
  162. [General] Sex is good for pleasure and is a medicine!
  163. [General] Policeman slashes wife with cutlass over missing N70,000
  164. [General] Camilla giving Kate Middleton advice on her image???
  165. [General] Janet Jackson vows to hammer from divorce to Arab billionaire
  166. [General] Mallam arrested for having consensual sex with his goat
  167. [Woman To Woman] Confession - How A Married Man I Met On BBM Almost Killed Me With sex And Drugs.
  168. [General] Off-campus murder: Cultists kill female undergraduate for refusing their overtures
  169. Pranking my african dad
  170. [General] Award Season: Chiwetel Ejiofor Bags Bafta Best Actor Award For "12 Years A Slave"
  171. [People & Celebs] Battle of the First Ladies: Eleanor Roosevelt is the best !
  172. [General] What will you do to that MIL
  173. [General] The many ads we encounter on NVS
  174. [Crime & Punishment] Randy Cop To Pay N10m To Two-year-old Rape Victim
  175. [General] What would you do if your man buys a car for his gf?
  176. [General] "My pastor poured anointing oil on me...and raped me"!
  177. [General] Pic: One of the leaders of cherubim and seraphim caught pants down with member
  178. [General] Church where members are encouraged to cast off their garments
  179. [General] Beggar with swagger:"I dont collect less than N200 each!"
  180. [Man Talk] No lady is cheap
  181. [People & Celebs] A Peculiar Mess? How Jemilat Ololade's New Groom Dumped his Dublin Based Fiance
  182. [General] Meet the woman with the world's strongest kini kan
  183. Diary My life in 3D
  184. [Games] Would you slap your mother for $1million
  185. [General] Single women storm Enugu winners chapel in wedding gowns
  186. [General] Wife Logs On To Facebook To Discover Her Bigamist Husband Had Married A Gambian Teenager
  187. [Exhale] Welcoming back our troopers
  188. [General] Pray the fat away!- Authentic prayer for weightloss
  189. [General] Driver's wife delivers quadruplets
  190. [General] Woman flushes day-old baby down the toilet
  191. [General] Woman unknowingly married Father
  192. [General] Woody Allen vs. Mia Farrow
  193. [General] Igbo community to fine female trouser wearers 50K
  194. [General] Temptations for a brother
  195. [Crime & Punishment] Irate Youths Kill IGBO Pastor, Burn Church In Katsina
  196. [General] Edo state pensioner threatens suicide on valentine's day
  197. [Man Talk] Too much vodka is killing russian men!
  198. [Jokes & Odds] Uche 'Onise', Well done o [Funny Etisalat Call]
  199. [General] Female Millionaire Working As Street Cleaner
  200. [General] Smart bra that only Unhooks for true love invented
  201. [General] Mother of three dies after smoking Indian hemp!
  202. [General] Desperate man offers his seven kids for sale
  203. [General] Armed Robber Arrested By The Holy Spirit
  204. Naija prostitutes storm Dubai
  205. [Food] I don warn you o!
  206. [General] Muslims MUST believe in Jesus 2nd Coming - Imam
  207. [General] Nigerian Lady - Bimbo needs help!
  208. [People & Celebs] In Memory of Komla Dumor
  209. [Crime & Punishment] SCAM: 66-year-Old Woman Looking For Love Scammed $300,000 By Fake Nigerian Lover
  210. [Man Talk] Nun gives birth in Italy, names baby Francis
  211. [General] Woman sets self and hubby on fire to prevent him taking another wife
  212. [People & Celebs] French First Lady in Hospital following the "alleged affair" of the President with another woman.
  213. [General] How cute pics of father tending to his daughters caused uproar online
  214. [General] South African pastor makes members eat grass
  215. [Crime & Punishment] Pastor In Prison Over Fake Prophecy
  216. [Woman To Woman] I Get Séxual Feelings Whenever My Son Sucks By Bréast
  217. [People & Celebs] Morgan Tsvangirai newly wed wife leaves him because of "sensitive medical issue"
  218. [Exhale] Mentally-ill woman delivers baby at a Lagos rubbish dump
  219. [Exhale] Will you, should you?
  220. [Exhale] MUST READ: My Encounter At Pastor Chris Okotie's Church In Lagos
  221. [General] Happy Birthday Big K and Smilie
  222. [General] Woman dies during testimony time!
  223. [Woman To Woman] OMG: 'My Buttocks Is 7ft Wide & I'm Proud Of It'
  224. [Crime & Punishment] Why I Cut My Husband's Penis - Female Banker Opens Up
  225. [Food] Food budget slashed by N494m at the Villa
  226. [People & Celebs] Husband of the Ontario former deputy Premier dies... depression, gay, family matters, suicide ???
  227. [Woman To Woman] Would you handover your monthly pay cheques to him?
  228. [General] Ex-con sets wife, kid on fire
  229. [General] What Does The Bible Say About Tattoos?
  230. [General] Woman's attempt to dump day-old baby foiled
  231. [General] Jobs Vacancies in Nigeria daily http://nigeriajobs-today.blogspot.com/
  232. [Woman To Woman] The Top 10 Biggest Breast Implants in the World
  233. SHAME:Wole Soyinka's Daughter Pregnant For Governor Amaechi?
  234. [Man Talk] Kollington Ayinla sells property to treat strange illness
  235. [General] Yoruba Lessons Needed
  236. [Crime & Punishment] Toronto Police officers lands in serious lawsuit for racial bias.
  237. [Woman To Woman] Woman Lost Both Arms And Legs While Taking Injection For Bigger Bottom
  238. [Crime & Punishment] Pastor Stabs Wife Over Refusal To Go To Church
  239. [Crime & Punishment] Affluenza
  240. [Crime & Punishment] Murder...police nab wife and pastor
  241. [General] Wife's love for shoes made her man jump to his death
  242. [General] German company to compensate 300,000 women over defective breast implants
  243. [Woman To Woman] 9 Signs a Guy Has Never Had a Girlfriend
  244. [Crime & Punishment] 'I Come To Lagos To Buy Babies'
  245. Nigerian Magnate Kola Aluko Nabs Another $24m Property
  246. Aderoju Bammeke and girlfriend jailed for 419
  247. [General] Ojukwu is happy over the struggle to restore Biafra
  248. [People & Celebs] PLANE CRASH: Four Women Show Up Claiming To Be Late MIC Undertaker​S, Tunji Okusanya' Wives
  249. [People & Celebs] Obasanjo's Son Bisoye Marries His Hearthrob Chigozie
  250. [Exhale] Repair Vs Replace