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  1. [People & Celebs] Enstranged wife wins jackpot in divorce case
  2. [General] Ghana top socialite and big girl nabbed in UK for drug trafficking.
  3. [General] Bigger Than Immigration
  4. [General] O' My God, Not Again, Pastor kisses female members Asses!
  5. [General] Why I Had To Turn Down Band Aid - Fuse ODG
  6. [Woman To Woman] If You Must Hire a Nanny...
  7. [General] This rapist sought external aid to over-power his victim!
  8. Emmanuel Adebayor flees from family juju fashioned against him
  9. [Man Talk] Carvalho crowned Miss BumBum 2014
  10. Its World toilet day: More people have access to mobile phones than toilets!
  11. [General] Small Penis Pride
  12. [General] Woman suffers 180 orgasms in two hours...Chai!
  13. [Exhale] My husband refuses to divorce me.
  14. Barbara Bowman Cosby Accuser Sounds like a kept lady
  15. [People & Celebs] Kim Kardashian bares it all
  16. Why Many Nigerian men are amateurs in bed
  17. [General] Pregnant woman dies during 'sexcapade' with her 'journeyman'!
  18. [People & Celebs] CONFESSION! 'I Wish I had All My Kids from One Woman' - Tuface
  19. [General] Pastor rapes, impregnates 11-year old girl
  20. [General] Survival Of The Sexes
  21. [General] The tale of two pebbles
  22. [General] Woman killed by hubby over N2000
  23. [Food] Jamie Oliver's Jollof Rice Recipe
  24. [Crime & Punishment] Two Nigerians convicted for trafficking women to prostitution in the UK
  25. [Crime & Punishment] Oyedepo's 'witchcraft' church in bid to open Kent school - BBC
  26. [People & Celebs] Chai chai chai....Ayiri Emami and Asba
  27. Quote Of The Day - Prof. Innocent Odenigbo
  28. [Jokes & Odds] Church offers free booze to attract worshippers!
  29. Peter Okoye prays for 'money-loving' Igbos
  30. A Youth Corper's experience in rural Ohaozara
  31. [General] Beware The Threat Of Love Jihad
  32. [General] Ayo Fayose is blessed with 5 handsome sons
  33. [General] Abuja beancake fryer goes bonkers...climbs church rooftop
  34. Ghana's internet 'loverboy' cheats European women of 800,000 pounds!
  35. [People & Celebs] Toronto police investigating Jian Ghomeshi allegations
  36. [People & Celebs] Toronto police investigating Jian Ghomeshi allegations
  37. [Crime & Punishment] Robbery With Milky Boobs
  38. [General] Butt augmentation claims the life of another young Nigerian
  39. [Crime & Punishment] Woman kills alleged rapist in Lagos
  40. [General] Good secondary school information needed in Lagos
  41. Sleeping with multiple women decrease your chance of prostate cancer
  42. [Jokes & Odds] Maid wants a pay raise
  43. [Man Talk] Man Arrested For Defiling His 3 Daughters
  44. [General] Mob burns lecturer to death for running over five pupils
  45. [General] Nigerian Churches no go killi persin--get ready to laugh
  46. Catholic priests fight dirty
  47. [General] Man abandons children in boarding school for eight years
  48. [General] Discussing the Mortality of loved ones, views solicited.
  49. [General] 'god directed me to impregnate married women and their daughters'!...pastor
  50. [Woman To Woman] Revolutionary Message For Bill Carson
  51. [General] Nigerian male nurse,proud to be a Nigerian
  52. [General] Man(78) dies having a quickee! "we only had a round!"...woman
  53. [General] He only settles me after sex, now he wants a divorce!...wife
  54. [General] The Feminist Who Could Change Nigeria?
  55. [Crime & Punishment] Nollywood Actor killed over Land Dispute
  56. [General] Near stampede as Senator sprays dollars at sister's funeral
  57. [Crime & Punishment] Medical quackery in god's own country.
  58. [General] Pastor who made congregation eat grass now makes them drink petrol
  59. [General] Son Allegedly Stabs Mother To Death
  60. [People & Celebs] Dimeji Bankole loses daughter to sickle cell
  61. [Crime & Punishment] Christ Embassy pastor to marry dead girlfriend who secretly had a baby for him
  62. Father Impregnates His Daughter In Oyo
  63. Patience Jonathan speaks
  64. [General] The Journey....forward
  65. [People & Celebs] Becoming a real human-being - Charley Boy
  66. [General] Man, 44 impregnates 12-year old girl
  67. [General] Funny divorce cases in Nigerian courts
  68. [People & Celebs] Ini Edo's Marriage crashes
  69. [People & Celebs] Walmart blames Tracy Morgan for the fatal accident that nearly killed him.
  70. [General] Full documentary on nigeria - an alternative perspective
  71. [General] British man raped at Oktoberfest beer festival
  72. [General] Obugi: I want a suger boy —Cossy Orjiakor
  73. [People & Celebs] Aso Rock's steward with a difference
  74. [General] "How I contracted HIV in the church!"__movie star
  75. [Jokes & Odds] Odd aint so?
  76. [General] Anointing Of The Breast
  77. [People & Celebs] 'I'm the only International Asewo with NAFDAC number'
  78. [Crime & Punishment] 'I built 2 houses from robbery proceeds'
  79. [General] Mother bakes "vagina cakes" for second graders
  80. [General] IRE-EKITI: Town where Ogun, Yoruba god of iron, 'disappeared'
  81. [General] Grandma, 2 others nabbed for making 'boy-peppersoup' and eating it
  82. [General] Ugandan lawmakers plead with condom manufacturers for larger sizes
  83. [General] A Journalist Impregnated Me Under Fela's Roof
  84. [People & Celebs] Django Actress : Daniele Watts Arrested For Prostitution
  85. [General] Man with four wives, 26 kids now preaches birth control
  86. [Man Talk] Man dies attempting to rape housewife
  87. [General] To whoop or Not to whoop?
  88. [People & Celebs] Beyonce's Dad Fathers A Second Secret Love Child With Former Lingerie Model DNA Test Reveals.
  89. [General] Please help vote for Ernestine's Women's Shelter
  90. [General] Chinenye Ogwumike Nigerian-American, selected as first overall Pick
  91. [General] Man alleges wrongful deportation from U.S. to Nigeria
  92. [General] IGBO are claiming Success for EBOLA in Nigeria
  94. Horrific: The nurse trafficked from Nigeria
  95. [Jokes & Odds] Which of these books will you buy?
  96. [People & Celebs] Breaking News...Rob Ford Hospitalized..Working Diagnosis is Tumour
  97. [Jokes & Odds] These children cracked me up, walahi!
  98. [Jokes & Odds] Denker, Lalakokofefe and Gobe
  99. [Crime & Punishment] Central Park Five: Men Wrongly Convicted For 1989 Rape Awarded $41 Million In Damages
  100. [General] Bride and groom shot dead on wedding eve
  101. [General] The Working Poor in America: hardworking New Jersey woman dies...working hard.
  102. [Man Talk] Ex-Governor McDonnell and Wife Convicted After Corruption Trial
  103. [Crime & Punishment] Iheanyi, a 73 year old man goes to American jail over unpaid bills.
  104. [General] Ibadan court hears case of man who likes having sex in front of his children with their mother.
  105. Ogun residents mistake seminarians for boko haram ,drag them to police
  106. Woman pours feces into a food vendor's pot of soup
  107. [People & Celebs] Brad And Angelina Finally Weds
  108. [Food] Would you eat dog meat 'to cure malaria'?!!
  109. [People & Celebs] Comedian Joan Rivers Passes On. Family Considers Lawsuit Over Botched Procedure
  110. [Jokes & Odds] Patrick Obahiagbon delivers Speech at UN International Youths Day
  111. [General] Attempt to terminate affair lands lover in jail
  112. [General] Woman delivers five kids...one died and the rest got scholarships
  113. [People & Celebs] Pastor Oyakhilome's wife sues for divorce in UK
  114. [General] (Single) Men Needed!
  115. [Jokes & Odds] What is the difference? For geniuses only!
  116. [People & Celebs] I say I no do again, abi na by force?
  117. [Jokes & Odds] Playing with acronyms
  118. [Woman To Woman] Throw your bra away to live longer
  119. [People & Celebs] Trouble In Paradise As Nick Cannon Walks Out On Marriage To Mariah Carey
  120. [People & Celebs] Gold digger: Anna Nicole Smith lawsuit over inheritance claim from husband's estate come to a end!
  121. [General] Don't joke with Ebola
  122. [Crime & Punishment] Teenager jailed for raping grandma aged 90
  123. [People & Celebs] Queen Latifah Steps Out, Share Smooches With Girlfriend
  124. [General] Want To Be Cared For In Old Age? You'd Better Hope You Have Daughters:
  125. Graduate Holds Up Sign Advertising Himself During Morning Rush Hour & Get An Interview
  126. [Crime & Punishment] Daring raid: Bold broad daylight highway armed robbery attack in Paris on Saudi convoy
  127. [General] Panic as Monkey holds Ado Ekiti residents hostage
  128. [General] A young man's life with dogs
  129. [General] Racism: Canada dimension
  130. [General] GO's baby-dealer wife now on the run!
  131. Oyedepo banned from the UK?
  132. [Crime & Punishment] Mai-guard rapes 9-year old girl to death!
  133. [General] Do the Swiss have a racist problem
  134. [People & Celebs] Breaking news! Actor and comedian Robin Williams dies of an apparent suicide
  135. Nigerian "prince" jailed in the UK over massive immigration fraud and large scale criminal empire.
  136. [General] Dbanj on American TV
  137. [General] Finally someone passes my message across to GEJ
  138. [Crime & Punishment] Force Vs. Force: How two military officers died...just because of girlfriend
  139. [Crime & Punishment] Kidnapper-Pastor's Church & other buildings demolished
  140. [General] Booming "Half-caste" baby business in Ghana
  141. [General] Married man kills mistress over Infidelity!
  142. [General] Universal Hot/Crazy Matrix
  143. [General] The Village Headmaster - Coco Yam Leaf Affair
  144. [General] Yoruba criminals now using Igbo names to commit crime
  145. [People & Celebs] Hairstylist Or Massage Therapist- Take Your Choice (TYC)
  146. [People & Celebs] SHOCKER: Kanye West Finally Dumps Kim Kardashian
  147. [General] Security man hangs himself in Mr Biggs
  148. [General] Tales From Acronymia
  149. [General] " I won't miss you these 10 days" as angry husband attaches ikwokirikwo history
  150. [General] 9 Year Old Boy Remarries His 62-Year-Old Wife
  151. [General] 'To a northerner, marriage to one's cousin is no taboo'
  152. [General] US Widow Wins $23.6bn Tobacco Payout
  153. [General] Oby Ezekwesili At The APC National Summit.
  154. [General] Say something nice about one another
  155. [Man Talk] Silvio Berlusconi sex conviction overturned
  156. [General] Wole Soyinka at 80
  157. [General] Bend Down Boutique
  158. [Crime & Punishment] US criminal fight UK deportation for being too old, sick, no medicare, has depressed girlfriend .
  159. [Jokes & Odds] How Ali Baba made millions 'cracking ribs' with jokes
  160. [Jokes & Odds] Smelling fart is good for you!
  161. [General] Girl threw new baby in trash can for looking like her ex-boyfie!
  162. [General] The Day My Husband Stop Beating Me, Is The Day I Know He Is Cheating O n Me
  163. [General] Man puts his sister in the family way!
  164. [General] Haters bash defense minister obanikoro for sharing this loving picture
  165. [Crime & Punishment] UNILAG Student Shot In The Head On Campus
  166. [General] Queen Orders Prince Charles To Divorce Camilla
  167. [General] Bank manager commits suicide
  168. [General] Man killed in Benin while testing charms' efficacy
  169. [General] Feed a Child : Provocative or Racist?
  170. [General] Horror In Redemption Camp: Son Kills Senior Advocate Of Nigeria Father
  171. [General] 35 Most Badass Elite Fighting Units From Around The World
  172. [Jokes & Odds] Narrow escape
  173. [Crime & Punishment] NOT AGAIN: Dino Melaye's new wife calls relationship quits over alleged domestic abuse
  174. [General] What Happens When A Prep School's Black Student President Mocks Her White Male Classmates
  175. [General] Wise sayings
  176. [General] Nostalgia
  177. [Exhale] Fact or fiction: Woman delivers after being pregnant for 14 years!
  178. [People & Celebs] "Nigerian men are control freaks" - Yeni Kuti regrets ever getting married
  179. [Greetings] Where is Mikky Jaga?
  180. [General] Mr President
  181. [General] Woman buried alive after paying N9m for abortive pregnancy!
  182. [General] A must-read interview on cervical cancer
  183. [Man Talk] Commercial sex worker stabs soldier to death over unpaid service
  184. [Exhale] I have nailed it!!!
  185. [Food] Regular Suya, Nkwobi consumption raises breast cancer risk!
  186. [General] Man and his mom die trying to save wife's phone from toilet!
  187. [General] I cannot afford to go back to my country, says Nigerian gay in UK
  188. [General] Kenyan women are after Nigerian men too
  189. [General] Nigerian Men are Built Like Horses-University of Witswaterrand
  190. [General] Women now sell private parts
  191. [General] Nigerian couple wins $50 million Canadian lottery
  192. [General] Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Divorces His Wife Anita?
  193. [People & Celebs] Looks can be decieving. For those who God have blessed nobody should mock them!
  194. [Woman To Woman] Do you know Kanyan Mata/Maza?
  195. [People & Celebs] Maya Angelou, poet, author and activist, dead at 86
  196. [General] Bride Price
  197. [General] The Immigrant Advantage
  198. [General] Sex-For-Job-Video: My Story, By Female Banker
  199. [General] WOMAN SELLS BABY FOR N430k
  200. [General] Newly Crowned Chief Arrested While Vandalizing Car In Lagos
  201. [General] "Blackbird crashlands...turns to a witch", he he he!
  202. [People & Celebs] Karma is a bitch as they say, in this case it is a bullet to the head for the conniving bitch !
  203. [General] Former Nigerian Minister marriage dissolved. Court orders return of N120 Bride Price
  204. [General] Russian Football Baron's Ex-wife Wins $4.48bn In World's 'Most Expensive Divorce Payout
  205. [People & Celebs] Gifted Nigerian Girl scores straight As in Dillard University
  206. [General] Traditional ruler's wife dies on "active service"
  207. [Crime & Punishment] Nigerian murders Ethiopian girlfriend and kills self in Atlanta
  208. [Jokes & Odds] Aba Just Another Ugly City?
  209. [Jokes & Odds] Thou shall not mock the Dame
  210. [People & Celebs] Trouble In Jay Z & Bey's Marital Paradise? Watch Solange Beyonce's Sister's Attack On Jay Z
  211. [Jokes & Odds] This is funny, honestly!
  212. [People & Celebs] Late Christy Essien-Igbokwe's Hubby Opens Up On His New Marriage
  213. [Exhale] Presentation does matter
  214. [Crime & Punishment] Celebrity PR Guru Max Clifford Jailed Eight Years For Strings Of Past Sex Assaults Against Girls
  215. [Greetings] Happy Birthday, Perkins
  216. [General] Malawian Akpos gave hyena his balls for wealth!
  217. [Man Talk] Student Auctioning Her Virginity Online For $550,000
  218. [People & Celebs] Amaka Igwe Passes On After Asthma Attack
  219. [General] We know you! You are a husband killer!
  220. [General] U.S Race relation: Who is more of a jerk Donald Sterling or girlfriend
  221. [General] Widow tackles cop who allegedly embezzled her n670,000 exhibit
  222. [People & Celebs] Happy Birthday To a very Unique Villager..Exxcuzme
  223. [General] Pastor's girl who joined Islam weds on Friday
  224. [Man Talk] Have you "mistakenly" been lured into relationship with your female boss?
  225. [Jokes & Odds] Jamb wahala!!!
  226. [Jokes & Odds] B-R-E-A-K-I-N-G News!!! APC Signs Atiku Abubakar On Loan
  227. [General] Are You Too Nice? Ways To Gain Appreciation & Respect
  228. [Man Talk] Man hacks neighbour to death for sleeping with his wife
  229. [Jokes & Odds] Comedy - Real fun- Enjoy
  230. Diary Iye's Hair Journey..
  231. [General] The sober romantic- marry your own kind
  232. [General] Nigerian NGO that turned a sick child and their mother into street beggars and raping the woman.
  233. [General] Ending the baby factory menace
  234. [General] Lupita Nyong'o of Kenya named world's most beautiful person
  235. [General] 1.6 million Americans don't have indoor plumbing.
  236. [General] Nigeria's unholy brides
  237. [General] Take A Glimpse At The Mr Nigeria 2014 Contestants
  238. [People & Celebs] The buzz about P square splitting
  239. [General] Happy Birthday to Double caramel
  240. [General] A bayelsa couple kept their 16-year old girl in cage for having bouts of convulsion
  241. [General] Woman,police and court in kidnap roforofo scandal
  242. [General] Baby born with four hands, four feet...in China
  243. [General] London:Trainee surgeon bungles surgery while Nigerian consultant ate
  244. [General] All my Children were in oversea when my Husband died, and my church members drink Garri to pay Tithe
  245. [General] B' Haram is spiritual warfare against Nigeria, says Nebo
  246. [Crime & Punishment] Did Megan have and killed seven secret babies?!
  247. [General] Linda Ikeji, Africa's Richest Blogger - Making A Cool $1 Million A Year?
  248. [Crime & Punishment] Gay banker sent to life jail for wife's murder
  249. [Man Talk] Japan Manhood Festival
  250. [Crime & Punishment] Mother in trouble for child neglect receives heavy donation for help