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  1. [General] Samoa travellers to leap into the future by 24 hours
  2. [Exhale] Dimaanu Dimaanu Dimaanu
  3. [People & Celebs] The worst Nigerian singer
  4. [Exhale] Little Girl Rails @ Gender Stereotypes!
  5. [General] Pupil bags n3000 fine for smashing actress s car windshield
  6. [General] Michelle Obama wants to be a dog
  7. [General] Dr Sign fireman "get money" anointing
  8. [General] Naija Sistas Debuts in the Social Circles
  9. [General] Was Jesus Christ really Born on December 25?
  10. [Crime & Punishment] "eh...i go die if i no see doc now o!"....south african drug courier at lagos airport
  11. [Jokes & Odds] Fuel subsidy must go...today,today...!
  12. [General] In celebration of probably the greatest musician that ever lived - Baba Augustine himself
  13. [General] Lagos assembly ammends bigamy law...married man/woman may now take "runningmates"!
  14. [General] Calling Anioma 7*7
  15. [General] Brazilian woman delivers baby with two heads!
  16. [General] Congressman apologizes for dissing Michelle's posterior
  17. [Greetings] Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year Everyone
  18. [General] She Needs Your Prayer Too
  19. [General] Fury of a nigerian woman driver - scary!!!!!!
  20. [General] OMG! I am truly scared of technology
  21. [General] Lagos state to train street sweepers in the UK
  22. [People & Celebs] Wow!!! Well Done Girl ; Riri Blasts Mag Over Use Of Racial Slur
  23. [General] Housewife killed during abortion,cops arrest 4 while trying to get rid of her body
  24. [General] All I need for Christmas is you baby :)
  25. [General] Watch Prophet. T. B. Joshua: Hiv / Aids Patient Healed
  26. [Jokes & Odds] Dog meat pepper soup,any one?!
  27. [General] Man gives acid bath to four family members,accusing them of aborting his girlfriend s foetus!
  28. [People & Celebs] After fuel subsidy removal,should our president and governors still enjoy free meals?
  29. [General] Pregnant woman receives xmas gift from god...delivers 5 babies in one day!
  30. [General] Man set to marry his LASU lover's corpse
  31. [General] Conservative Mayor Comes Out Gay
  32. [General] Driving while squeezing her melon
  33. [General] The cheating heart
  34. [General] Nigerian man goes on Dragons Den, wants money to start a church.
  35. [People & Celebs] Top police chief dies "on active service" in a lagos hotel room!
  36. [General] Kobe Bryant's wife files for divorce
  37. [General] Groups, Albums, Pictures No Longer Available on NVS
  38. [General] ARTICLE OF FAITH: Jesus is not the saviour of all men
  39. [Exhale] Asking the presidency questions is a waste of time
  40. [General] Announcing "THE CIRCLES"
  41. [Jokes & Odds] Body language on leadership
  42. [General] Sara Baartman: England's '1st Black Woman'
  43. [Man Talk] Vote :The most handsome men in Nigeria
  44. [Jokes & Odds] The Blackmailing House Boy
  45. [General] Failure At The Occult Drove Me To God "" Akintunde
  46. [People & Celebs] Chris aire open new drop-dead jeweller s shop in abuja!
  47. [General] Gory Pics Be Warned; Man Kills Fiancee For Accepting Male Friends On Facebook
  48. [General] Deported From Dubai... For Working Without The Permission Of Her Husband
  49. [General] Talk of being Igbotic in America
  50. [General] Cleric warns women against bananas and cucumbers
  51. [General] The question and answer thread
  52. [General] My Wife Is A Thief, Imam Tells Court
  53. [General] Man rapes 12-yr old orphan
  54. [General] Father Murdered His Two Children To Spite Estranged Wife
  55. [General] Only Child syndrome - Don't Pity Us, Life's So Much Better As An Only Child
  56. [General] London Based "MOG" impregnates 3 members,chops more
  57. [General] The Health Risks Of Being Left-Handed
  58. [General] Nigerian women ranked the most unfaithful in the world
  59. [General] Wife Apologised To Husband Over Son's Paternity - Witness
  60. [General] Meaning of Igbo in urban dictionary
  61. [Greetings] Nigerian Man Caught With Fake Passport/Documents At Uk Airport.
  62. [General] Lagos Deputy Governor's Husband Impregnates Lover ...I can't control His Manhood -Deputy Governor
  63. [General] Man jailed for obtaining sex under false pretences!
  64. [Exhale] An anniversary to remember
  65. [General] Boyfriend beat-down
  66. [Jokes & Odds] Life can be so complex!
  67. [General] I Got 15 Kids & 3 Babydaddys-SOMEONE'S GONNA PAY FOR ME & MY KIDS!!!
  68. [General] International Univ of sex opens in Vienna
  69. [Woman To Woman] How To Talk To Little Girls
  70. [Jokes & Odds] Marital life s ups and downs!
  71. [General] Wedding Exclusive
  72. [General] Eddie Long's Wife Files for Divorce
  73. [General] Proud of Being Yoruba
  74. [General] Patience Jonathan again
  75. [Food] Life frog in your sandwich
  76. [People & Celebs] Iyabo obj s ex-husband takes a brand new wife!
  77. [Jokes & Odds] Passenger in fly-chop-and- die palaver!
  78. [People & Celebs] Elmo and The Puppeteer Kevin Clash
  79. [General] African leader beats Kim Kardashian on the shortest marriage record this year !
  80. [Jokes & Odds] Afro Baby...
  81. [General] Is Nigeria a Rich Country?
  82. [People & Celebs] Pint sized "Aki" weds
  83. [General] They Said She Stole a BlackBerry!
  84. [General] Doctor clubbed to death over church donation palaver!
  85. [General] Two Canadian Old Papa fight over 50 year feud!!!!
  86. [General] Nigerian Governor Apologizes to Citizen?
  87. [Exhale] Eddie Long's spiritual son "Brian Tamaki" makes 700 'sons' take an oath?!
  88. [General] British Woman Complaining About Too Many Immigrants In Britain
  89. [General] Life of African-American Atheists
  90. [People & Celebs] Dim ojukwu was a ladies man
  91. [General] Yemi Solade In Sex Mess ...Sends Nude Pictures To U.S Based Lady On Facebook, Blackberry
  92. [Exhale] Na Wa For Wawa Autonomous Community O...Chei
  93. [Jokes & Odds] Beauty pageants and our damsels aspiring to be dames!
  94. [Man Talk] Two Words Men Must Avoid with Women
  95. [General] She Killed & Cooked Her Husband
  96. [Jokes & Odds] The undecided trader
  97. [General] "mr na- me- born-am,giam- belle" jailed in lagos
  98. [Jokes & Odds] Kola and Drink for the Elders from a JJc
  99. [Man Talk] Wife Puts Husband Up For Sale On Craigslist
  100. [Jokes & Odds] Brave grandma arrests robber thru his balls!
  101. [General] The woman who has the world's biggest lips
  102. [General] "MY WIFE SLAPS ME AT THE SLIGHTEST PROVOCATION!"...Varsity Lecturer
  103. [General] Is this the meaning or a bad, heavy or solid rrse?
  104. [General] My Declaration
  105. [General] Welcome: The Onitsha Sex Market
  106. [General] Learning a New Language.
  107. [General] Man,34 butchers mum,dumps her pieces into deep well in the compound
  108. [General] English Language In 24 Accents
  109. [General] For Rent @ $15K/Mo: Oprah's Chicago Apartment
  110. [General] Which NVS Villager do you want to meet??
  111. [General] Are we truly willing to live with them? (GAY)
  112. [General] Demi and Ashton Divorce
  113. [General] To marry or not to...Discuss
  114. [General] The Latest.......
  115. [Jokes & Odds] She was killed in a road crash and resurrected 48 hours later in the mortuary!
  116. [General] Habits That Sabotage Relationships.
  117. [People & Celebs] Ndlea nearly killed me in detention...baba suwe
  118. [General] Naval Officer Murders Fiancee Over Infidelity
  119. [People & Celebs] Chris Brown Implodes
  120. [General] One ( fool) born every minute.. discuss.
  121. [General] Ex-Porn Star Reads to School Kids
  122. [General] Widowed Millionairess Abandoned By Gambian Husband Of Two Years...And Now He Wants Her Fortune
  123. [General] Gay marriage between a Nigerian and German man run into problem after only 2 years.
  124. [General] Cheating with a married woman is safer
  125. [General] UK Nurse respnsible for daughter's death sent to jail
  126. [General] Couple makes lagos under-bridge their permanent abode
  127. [General] 11-11-11
  128. [Woman To Woman] How much is your bra worth?
  129. [Exhale] Learning To Walk Again
  130. [Food] IFOKORE (Water-yam pottage)
  131. [People & Celebs] R.I.P Heavy D
  132. [People & Celebs] On the Edge of Joy - Powerful Documentary on Nigeria
  133. [People & Celebs] Where the Water meets the Sky - Powerful Documentary on Zambia
  134. [Jokes & Odds] Don't mess with Antoine!
  135. [General] Whom did God ask Abraham (PBUH) to sacrifice.
  136. [People & Celebs] Pierre Cardin the last of the Fashion Titans at 89
  137. [General] Barka da sallah to all.
  138. [General] 5 Things You Should Never Say To Your Male Partner
  139. [Jokes & Odds] For ALL YOU drinkers.....
  140. [General] Nurse Fired For Calling Jesus
  141. [General] Return of the HP sauce.
  142. [General] Jungle justice in Ondo
  143. [General] Sincere condolences to our friend and family
  144. [People & Celebs] Nollywood actress arraigned for attempted murder!
  145. [General] The Nigerian Critic in Power.
  146. [General] Ojukwu set to celebrate 78th birthday
  147. [People & Celebs] KIm Kardashian files for divorce
  148. [Exhale] That"™s it folks"¦the weekend from hell.
  149. [Man Talk] This is a man's world!
  150. [Jokes & Odds] The boy is a genius
  151. [General] The Repentance of a Former Skinhead
  152. [General] In nija,some judges are so greedy they accept pants and bra as egunje(bribe)for their wives!
  153. [General] Growing Up in Nigeria Series- Getting into trouble
  154. [General] Growing Up in Nigeria Series- Pets
  155. [General] Growing Up in Nigeria Series- Saturday Morning
  156. [General] South Africa's 'Corrective' Rape
  157. [General] How To Be Saved And Be Sure Of Heaven
  158. [General] Naija man impregnates 13 yr old niece in his care
  159. [General] Halloween: The Christian Debate
  160. [General] Did she take pink Viagra?
  161. [General] Ace Your Dinner Date!
  162. [Woman To Woman] Bad News For Dads: Babies 'Should Share Mother's Bed Until Age 3
  163. [People & Celebs] Mr Money-maker Of Hollywood: Samuel L. Jackson Named Highest-grossing Actor Of All Time, Raking In $7.42billion
  164. [General] Why Does Sex Sell?
  165. [General] The Immigrant
  166. [Man Talk] 5 Things You Should Never Say To Your Wife
  167. [General] Mr. Nigeria 2011: Meet, Rate and Comment
  168. [General] White Men Better Husband?!
  169. [General] Gotta Know: Chaz
  170. [Jokes & Odds] Slapping Lie Detector
  171. [General] An Email to Lighten a Your Day
  172. [Jokes & Odds] Rape case dismissed!
  173. [General] Man Stabs Wife In The Eye
  174. [Woman To Woman] Do We Really Need Pink Viagra?
  175. [General] UK Tax Wahala
  176. [People & Celebs] "my sister in law no carry belle for me o"!--gov chime
  177. [General] How to console an atheist/agnostic
  178. [General] Is the world going to end today?
  179. [General] Questions needing an answer
  180. [Greetings] Happy Birthday Adeola-USA
  181. [General] Which would you prefer: Gaddafi or Jonathan?
  182. [General] Successful Marriage Secret: Flirting?
  183. [Exhale] The day Jennifer told me she"™s a police officer
  184. [Exhale] Aherm!
  185. [Exhale] Can I sue for plagiarism?
  186. [General] See how Obugi's traditionalists persecute a christian for refusing to swear in a shrine.
  187. [General] I am having an affair with Siri
  188. [People & Celebs] Your Cheating Heart: iPhone App Finds Wife With Another Man
  189. [General] Outrage in china after 2-yr old girl who got runover in traffic was ignored!
  190. [General] Woman ages overnight,pics
  191. [People & Celebs] Rita Isoken Igbinedion of Koko Mansion is Getting Married
  192. [General] Do you remember the time?
  193. [General] pandemonium as lovers are found "glued" after sex
  194. [General] Royal - role model sugar Mama to miss out on royal tour due to concerns for exhaustion
  195. [General] Amnesia after extreme chopping
  196. [General] Denker causes commotion in a beer parlour
  197. [General] Frsc...where are the new number plates and why now?
  198. [People & Celebs] Achebe tops Forbes list of most powerful African celebs
  199. [Woman To Woman] Funmi Akingbade's books on Sexual Intimacy in Marriage
  200. [General] Why is Losers spelt Loosers on the main NVS website?
  201. [General] Man, 70 arrested for defiling girl, 8
  202. [General] Beyonce's fake baby bump
  203. [General] Blackberry Outage
  204. [General] It is only in Nigeria...
  205. [General] Nigeria records 10,000 breast cancer cases yearly!
  206. [General] A lady from the past came to say ‘Hello Jimi'
  207. [General] Cleric with fake message from Allah
  208. [General] Man punches wife for failing to "like" his FB status
  209. [General] Who really is Ndi Okereke-Onyuike? - By Innocent Badmus.
  210. [Greetings] Happy Thanksgiving fellow Canucks!
  211. [General] King Sunny Ade take am easy o
  212. [Man Talk] Prostitutes selling sperm to ritualists
  213. [General] 2013 Visa Lottery
  214. [General] Gboko man turns into brand new Okada
  215. [People & Celebs] Pregnant...worried,read this before you abort your jobs
  216. [General] Rant worth listening too
  217. [Exhale] Where's the Button Aaaaargh!
  218. [Woman To Woman] My husband starved me of sex for 2 yrs, Sisi Eko must comment!
  219. [General] Widow from hell---"i hired my husband s killers"!
  220. [General] October 1 shocker:husband sets pregnant wife and two kids ablaze
  221. [General] Incredible...nigerian woman who died twice!
  222. [Exhale] Na waa for Xtian Jodeci O!
  223. [General] Reminiscences of an october 1 bomb victim
  224. [General] African Names
  225. [Woman To Woman] How to get money from a man
  226. [Exhale] Chioma is either slipping away or she has slipped
  227. [General] Spaghetti House Siege, 28 September 1975 led by a Nigerian... 36 years today
  228. [Exhale] Cravings and Things
  229. [General] Something to rile you!
  230. [General] What he's looking for in a woman
  231. [People & Celebs] Women Do Sexually Harass Men Too
  232. [General] Would you borrow money on behalf of your darling husband?
  233. [Exhale] That Sisi Eko Avatar
  234. [People & Celebs] Wanda Sykes' Double Mastectomy
  235. [General] "he flogs me everytime he needs sex from me!"---divorce-seeking wife
  236. [Jokes & Odds] "i shall take him,him and him"!
  237. [Jokes & Odds] Accident Report
  238. [General] Man dies while testing bullet proof charm
  239. [General] Man beats German based wife to pulp
  240. [General] University Of Life
  241. [General] When a relationship is not sustainable; it's better to depart
  242. [People & Celebs] Would you name your baby after ibb/obj?
  243. [General] 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Ban On Gays In US Military Ends
  244. [General] Desperate Situation Calls For Desperate Measures; Parents Turn To Law To Evict Adult Son
  245. [Exhale] Super Eagles Chidi Odiah dumps wife, baby
  246. [General] Does Opposites Attract When It Comes To Picking Partner Or Is It Better To Marry Someone Similar?
  247. [Exhale] Friggin' Borin' Gatherin'
  248. [General] Naija housewife plots to kill husband
  249. [General] Gov Chime gives sister inlaw Belle
  250. [General] New baby set ablaze in ibadan!