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  1. [General] Ikebe na moni
  2. [Greetings] Happy Birthday Dr Bunch!!
  3. Why Should Women Trouble Themselves Looking for Men Instead of Looking for Employment?
  4. [Exhale] Sex and a Daughter
  5. [General] The last 6 topics here read thusly in order:
  6. [Jokes & Odds] Fascism, Communism, Capitalism
  7. [Food] Youg mum killed over garlic bread
  8. [Jokes & Odds] Tap Tap
  9. [Man Talk] To the men from a beloved sis
  10. [Exhale] Just Exhaling
  11. [General] Shake me up, or you pay me up. Worrying times for "slackers" in France.
  12. [General] Another Nollywood death
  13. [General] Will past rulers who looted escape justice?
  14. [General] Man arrested for biting snake
  15. [Jokes & Odds] Whats the full meaning of obama?
  16. Diary Musings of a Naija returnee
  17. [General] Woman takes hot knife to sister s throat over money palava
  18. [People & Celebs] $750,000 only,for Mel Gibson's ex
  19. [General] Pastor rapes 12-year-old girl
  20. [General] My 40,000 twitter followers
  21. [General] Interesting Documentary
  22. [People & Celebs] Miss Bukola, a Nigerian gets booted off Dutch land asylum game show back to flooded Ibadan
  23. German city of Bonn taxes prostitutes with meter -Great and Creative Mind
  24. [General] Obama's uncle arrested on suspicion of DUI; White House not commenting
  25. [General] Affirmative action for ugly people?
  26. [Exhale] Why do relationships change?
  27. [Jokes & Odds] Marriage License
  28. [General] Maid abuse in ghaddafi s home in libya!
  29. [Woman To Woman] Some tips for mothers of young children
  30. [Exhale] What Does A Nigerian Woman Really Want?
  31. [Exhale] Unfair Moderating
  32. [People & Celebs] Rebels Discover Gadhafi's Photo Album Dedicated to Condi Rice...
  33. [Jokes & Odds] Hillary Farts During Live Debate
  34. [Jokes & Odds] Unclejimi on the way to see Linda!
  35. [Jokes & Odds] Proof that men make better friends
  36. [Exhale] Have lots of work to do today, lovely day. Even it's raining
  37. [Exhale] Jeez
  38. [General] Second-Largest U.S. Indian Tribe Expels Slave Descendants
  39. [General] Marriage: Nigerian Pastors As Slave Drivers
  40. [General] Father kidnaps Son For N200,000
  41. Will Smith And Jada Pinkett-Smith 'Separate Sfter 13 Years Of Marriage'
  42. [General] Don Lemon's Marriage Dilemma
  43. [General] The lady who got killed in auto accident and rose 48 hours after!
  44. [General] FUTA student commits suicide in Ibadan
  45. [Exhale] Nothing has ever felt like this
  46. US pastor charged with raping 3 women (at gun point!)
  47. [Jokes & Odds] Drunk Cop Administers Sobriety Test
  48. [General] Fake lady surgeon removes fibroid,kills her patient!
  49. [Exhale] Just Becos - Cases of Man's inhumanity to man
  50. [Exhale] I have found the last love letter I wrote to Linda
  51. [Exhale] My first time at mixed race dating.
  52. [General] Unilag Students in Twitter War over Aristos
  53. [General] Nigerian accent is ranked fifth sexiest in the world
  54. [General] Do Northerners give chieftaincy titles?
  55. [General] RIP Pastor Zachery Tims
  56. [General] Ghanaian Immigrant Wins Case Against NYU
  57. Bauchi: Man bags 6-month imprisonment for having sex with goat
  58. Ma child calls police to arrest me simply bcos i asked him to do his housework, ma people, am finished!
  59. [General] OMG, In a hospital waiting room ??
  60. [General] Woman delivers weird baby in Ekiti
  61. [Exhale] My 7 hours journey to visit Phumlele - my babes from Swaziland
  62. [General] OBJ and daughter Funke,give me a one liner!
  63. [Exhale] "Adams Apples" Series and our Side Conversation
  64. Woman Who Commited adultery, go mad at Aji village square Enugu
  65. [General] Naija Engineering student stole in the UK riots
  66. mystery baby caused a stir in Ogbomoso
  67. [People & Celebs] Wealthy duchess gives fortune away to marry
  68. [General] Lagos doctor beaten to a pulp at his woman's wedding
  69. [General] 98-year old grandma becomes 1st woman ever to earn judo s highest-degree black belt
  70. [General] Federal Governments sets aside $50 million to mark Obama's 50th Birthday
  71. [General] Man in get rich quick venture loses n5m
  72. [People & Celebs] Baby sitter busted for having sex with 14 year old under her care!!!
  73. [General] 3-year old boy survives arrow attack which pierced his head!
  74. [General] 9-year old boy dives into anopen well!
  75. [General] Ghanaians yab us in a new song
  76. [People & Celebs] Mercy Johnson stole my husband, wife cries
  77. [Jokes & Odds] Jokes with a message..er..one of them anyway -- ENJOY
  78. [People & Celebs] Where is our dame?
  79. [General] "the last supper":how six family members died after eating eba!
  80. [General] Lets share gsm phone experiences
  81. [General] How child trafficking network operates
  82. [Woman To Woman] Today is world breast feeding day!
  83. [General] Adultery:daughter catches mom in the act and invites daddy to witness it
  84. [People & Celebs] Naija girl set to win "big brother africa" on sunday
  85. [General] One year out from 2012 Olympics, London's rich history is beckoning
  86. [People & Celebs] The Glamorous Screening of "Mr. & Mrs."
  87. [General] God Polls 52% Approval Rating
  88. [General] 60-year-old Sues Army For N500m
  89. [General] 20-year old graduate breaks covenant university s academic records
  90. [General] How do you console a man whose wife was kidnapped
  91. [General] A corpse awakes in a morgue
  92. [General] Bedtime story
  93. [General] First Black ( Comedian ) man in Space
  94. BREAKING NEWS: Amy Winehouse, 27, found dead at her London flat
  95. [General] Boy Impaled With Large Bamboo Pole -- And Survives (GRAPHIC PHOTO, VIDEO)
  96. [General] (Picture) Nigerian ashawo association up in arms over foreign competitors
  97. [General] New mom abandons baby to die inside house ceiling
  98. [General] Boko Haram to the Rescue!!! [NSFW]
  99. [General] From Frying akara to millionaire
  100. Mum Killed By Learner Driver Daughter
  101. [General] Girl took friend home for Gang Rape
  102. [General] Female tenant stabs landlady to death
  103. [Woman To Woman] Sex 'Primes Woman For Sperm'
  104. [Man Talk] World's Most Jealous Men Are...
  105. [General] Online love scam
  106. [General] Jilted lady ex-banker commits suicide in lagos
  107. [General] The woman with a nipple on her foot
  108. [General] Man accused of handing out semen-tainted yogurt in New Mexico
  109. [Exhale] What does ikwokirikwo mean?
  110. [General] How Many People is God really Talking To?
  111. [Woman To Woman] Stinker e-mail from future MIL goes viral
  112. [General] Sagging Pants Airplane Issue
  113. [General] Texas mom gives birth to a 16.1lb (7.3kg) baby
  114. [Woman To Woman] The Female Orgasm That Lasts FOUR Months
  115. [General] After Ttrue Love? Don't Go Out Of Your League
  116. [Jokes & Odds] Rain,rain go away....!
  117. [General] Taxi driver rapes pregnant passenger/steals her cash too!
  118. [Greetings] Happy Birthday emj ! Another 365 days. Nagode Jesu!
  119. [General] Dancing your way to Heaven or NOT as the case maybe
  120. [People & Celebs] Divorced: J. Lo & Marc Anthony
  121. [General] Man accused in baby raccoon attack set for court
  122. [General] Robber Fed Viagra and kept as Sex slave by Blonde Russian Woman
  123. [General] Woman flushes husband's koboko down the garbage disposal
  124. [General] African Store in Delaware
  125. [General] The Boko Haram Wisdom
  126. [General] Former NFL Star Shot Dead By Police
  127. [Woman To Woman] It's official! Women Drivers Are More Dangerous Behind The Wheel
  128. [General] Traveler flies high with 10 million miles
  129. Fulani herdsmen terrorize Nigerians
  130. [General] Hold On; Don't Give Up Yet
  131. [Man Talk] A Naija radio personality Oluomo would like to meet
  132. [General] Watchout!!! Oluomo, Mikky Jagga, Bill Carson & Co - New Strain of Gono
  133. [General] Beckhams welcome baby girl
  134. [Jokes & Odds] Ape With AK-47
  135. [Jokes & Odds] Malam Sule & Armed Robbers
  136. [General] What will you do if you will be dead in 48 hours
  137. [General] Deported Nigerian Man with 131 Aliases Crept Back Into Britain To Carry Out £1m Fraud
  138. [General] A wife fights back
  139. [General] Yet Another One.....Jilted Man Batters Wife
  140. [Woman To Woman] To what extent can a loving woman go ?
  141. [General] Notice for (Lobola ) Bride Price Payment, after the Royal Wedding in Monaco.
  142. [General] Casey Anthony Verdict
  143. [General] Confessions: 8 Reasons Why Guys Cheat
  144. [General] Confessions: 7 Reasons Why Women Cheat
  145. [General] Are you a car aircon freak...? This is a must read
  146. [General] Are Women Obligated to Say Yes To Public Marriage Proposals?
  147. [General] Is Tthat Why She Was Tearful? Prince Albert's Bride 'Tried To Run Away THREE Times'
  148. [General] Igboamaeze it's all your fault,childhood nostalgia
  149. [General] Kirk Franklin is Gay ?
  150. [General] Happy 4th of July
  151. [General] "to live long,marry only one wife"...says 101-year old man
  152. [General] Chinese Workers In Africa Who Marry Locals Face Puzzled Reception At Home
  153. [General] Nigerian Weddings, Money & Babies
  154. [General] Pictures please
  155. [General] It was an accident!
  156. [General] Nigerian woman flew into Britain and had quins(5) on the NHS..And now wants to stay
  157. 2 Nigerians arrested with $80M counterfeit money
  158. [General] Dirty side of lagos -
  159. [General] Mystery African Woman Lives 20 yrs With Stolen ID Of White Housewife
  160. [General] Would You Rather Be Rich In A Poor Country Or Poor In A Rich Country?
  161. [General] Happy Canada Day
  162. [General] FBI: Nigerian stowaway slips onto U.S. flight
  163. [Crime & Punishment] Man stabs wife to death,cuts her into pieces
  164. [General] Cartoon Of Mickey Mouse With A Beard & Minnie Wearing The Niqab Causes Outcry In Egypt
  165. [General] Bayelsa women abandon homes/their beds to go queue for kerosene!
  166. Diaries of a fat black woman
  167. [General] Twins Seven-Seven's Ddeath ‘A Great Loss'
  168. [General] Video: Comedian Chris Tucker visits Nigeria
  169. [General] Michael Jackson's Thriller Jacket Sells fFr £1.1million At Auction
  170. [General] Nigerian family sitcom taking over the internet- progress!!!
  171. [General] Columbo Actor Peter Falk Dies
  172. [General] Pastor with a handful of women batters mistress!
  173. [General] Stop the Missonaries of Polyphobia! Stop discrimination against Polygamy
  174. [General] Nigerian lawyer arrested for beating his child
  175. [General] Man kills friend over a game of ludo
  176. [General] Heiress files for bankruptcy
  177. [General] Documentary: 'Missionaries of Hate
  178. [General] Disneyland...Tiger Bust a Move....LMAO
  179. [General] Pageant Contestants-Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2011
  180. [General] Diaspora Affairs:
  181. [General] The Price Behind the Anointing
  182. [General] "Obama" at the GOP convention
  183. [General] 'Give Back Fortune' Pleads Lord Glenconner Widow After He Left Fortune To West Indian Manservant
  184. [Woman To Woman] Keeping her last name after marriage
  185. [Exhale] Is it just me?
  186. [General] Saudi women protest to take the driver s seat!
  187. [General] Lagos Rains 2011
  188. [General] Reign of terror.....riots fire and destruction
  189. [General] I Wanna Be A Nigerian So Freakin' Bad
  190. [General] Prayer Is the Transaction and Faith Is the Currency
  191. [Greetings] Happy Birthday To A "Wonder Woman" Olori Vor
  192. [General] Is The Fashion Industry Racist? Yes - And It Goes Right To Its Core
  193. [General] Why Women Shouldn't Pick Attractive Husbands
  194. [General] 2011 Turkey Parliamentary Election Results
  195. DNA shocker! Precious Donatus-Ogbonna, not the mother of 7 ‘miracle babies'
  196. [Food] Let me whet your appetite a little
  197. [General] 'I'd Kill My Son If He Acted Gay': 30 Rock Star Tracy Morgan Sparks Outrage With On-Stage Homophobic Rant
  198. [General] The world's most pierced woman ties the knot
  199. [General] Good samaritan returns $17k found on pavement!
  200. [General] "our landlord nacked me 11 times...gave me belle"!...deaf and dumb 12-year old girl
  201. [General] Queen's Husband Famously Known for Putting his Foot in his Mouth
  202. [General] Four mistresses with love children invade pastor's funeral
  203. [General] Truly Amazing : Woman Shows Incredible Mercy As Her Son's Killer Moves Next Door
  204. [General] Meet the frustrated guy who cut off his "joystick" and still survived!
  205. [Man Talk] Half Of A Chap's Wardrobe Has Been Bought By His Other Half
  206. [Woman To Woman] Has Equality Destroyed Your Sex Life?
  207. [Woman To Woman] Women Have Called The Shots At Home For Millions Of Years, Scientists Claim
  208. [Jokes & Odds] Naija Babes
  209. [General] Not So Sweet 16: Birthday Girl Goes Into Hiding After 15,000 Facebook Users Turn Up For Her Party
  210. [General] Mike Tyson: My Abusive Relationships With Women
  211. [General] Nigerian "Monee-Missroad" 419nd by Virgin Atlantic Cabin Crew
  212. [Woman To Woman] Why women find it difficult to leave abusive relationships
  213. [General] "my wife beats me regularly",75-year old man tells court! Wife says:"yes ooo!"
  214. [General] Getting a Visa to Nigeria
  215. [General] Plane returns after fistfight between passengers
  216. [Greetings] Happy Birthday, Amy
  217. [General] Best insults- Growing up in Nigeria series
  218. [General] Boarding School- Growing up in Nigeria series
  219. [General] BAD WIFE: In-Law Murders In-Law
  220. [General] Has Anybody Seen My Good Friend First Lady?
  221. [General] Woman Takes Attacker's Penis To Police
  222. [General] Thou shall not be caught cheating...or just shut up!
  223. [General] In Egypt: Protesting Women Subjected to Virginity "Test".
  224. [Jokes & Odds] Naija Conversation: Question for Question
  225. [General] Muslim Girl, 19, 'Stoned To Death After Taking Part In Beauty Contest'
  226. [Exhale] Who is afraid of holypagan?
  227. [General] Kids First, Marry Later
  228. [General] Gil Scot-Heron: The Revolution Is Finally Dead!
  229. [General] Witches deploy 500 members to Abuja for Jonathan's inauguration
  230. [General] Lapdancer turned Nun angers pope Benedict
  231. [General] If you want a hearty laugh
  232. [General] Robbery Suspect becomes paralysed after attack by victims, seeks prosecution of victims
  233. [General] While our naija ladies are busy doing yanga, see Kenya ladies tripping anyhow.
  234. [General] Women Really DO Find The Silent, Brooding Type Sexier & Happy Men Are 'Significantly Less Attractive?'
  235. [Exhale] I am unable to edit my page...can't post avatar
  236. [General] Kola Boof fires on Wale...
  237. [Exhale] The Visitor Has Arrived
  238. [General] When did he Cheat?
  239. [General] Man faces trial for impregnating mad woman!
  240. [General] Handling Energy Vampires
  241. [General] The Queen humiliates Obama.
  242. [General] In Hot Water Again, Dove? Soap Giant Accused Of Racism Over Body Wash Advert
  243. [General] Obama UK Visit; Dinner for 171! The Queen Treats The Obamas To A State Banquet.
  244. [General] Rapture: Rescheduled
  245. [General] How to beat atm and other card frauds
  246. [General] Big Indian Weddings, Inc.
  247. [General] London Based husband rejects body of murdered wife
  248. [General] Texas Teacher Allegedly Had Sex With 5 Students In Her Home
  249. [General] Your scariest moment
  250. [General] Ex convict rapes 5-year old/mutilates her genitals!