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  1. [General] Why do women expose there Boobs in Public.
  2. [Exhale] Tired of being single
  3. [General] Is Happiness Better than Knowledge?
  4. [General] As we communicate here on NVS...
  5. [General] A Special Tribute to all Fathers
  6. [Greetings] Happy Birthday, Olori VOR!
  7. [Woman To Woman] The Way to a Woman's Heart
  8. [General] Japanese Waists
  9. [Exhale] Curious about uncircumcised men
  10. [General] Friday the 13th
  11. [General] New Database for Blacklisted Staff.
  12. [General] "People only cheat when they are missing something in the relationship."
  13. [General] Losing my virginity
  14. [General] "It takes courage to stand up to your enemies ... but it takes greater courage to sta
  15. [Exhale] I'm Going to Wound Someone....
  16. [General] "There's no such thing as love at first sight
  17. [General] FOR SALE Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK3....$500
  18. [General] Prayer Points.
  19. [General] Charismatic churches and their delusional mentality
  20. [General] Things to do in D.C
  21. [General] Who is Amina Ibrahim?
  22. [Jokes & Odds] Goodbye Daddy!!
  23. [General] Ibadan....
  24. [Woman To Woman] THE WIFE'S BILL OF RIGHTS By Jill Adler
  25. [Exhale] Teachers Strike in Nigeria
  26. [Greetings] Happy Birthday to LizMoses
  27. [General] Allah or the Lord Jesus Christ?
  28. [General] I am Angry!! Very Angry.
  29. [General] "People only cheat when they are missing something in the relationship."
  30. [General] HWYD? The Case of the 'Unfair' Elections
  31. [Woman To Woman] Her goal was simple
  32. [General] Food for Thought: AIDS only threatens heterosexuals in Africa - well, not quite....
  33. [Woman To Woman] Cook Sumeting
  34. [General] Dirty habits
  35. [General] NVS Online Chess Tournament
  36. [General] Riddle...Logic
  37. [Jokes & Odds] City Lights around the World...
  38. [General] securing our property
  39. [Woman To Woman] Djister and woman to woman section
  40. [Exhale] Looking For Table-tennis Lovers And Players In West London
  41. [Woman To Woman] The highest glass ceiling for women?
  42. [General] Taking your laptop into the US?
  43. [General] Indisputable Argument for Obama
  44. [Exhale] Will I become like her?
  45. [Woman To Woman] Who owns the breast, hubby or baby? -Soul Sista, dat's the Question!
  46. [Woman To Woman] Interesting Real Life Encounters
  47. [Woman To Woman] 7 Mistakes a Fashionable Woman Never Makes
  48. [Exhale] WaleAkin
  49. [Exhale] Don't wanna be a fool no more.
  50. [Woman To Woman] Would You Tell?
  51. [General] GAME: answer a question with a question
  52. [General] Just Came Back From My Dad's Burial
  53. [Woman To Woman] Rape in our society
  54. [Jokes & Odds] Grandpa
  55. [Woman To Woman] Alarm over Assam sex trade
  56. [General] Use of Contrasting Words.
  57. [Woman To Woman] Ladies Do you sincerely want the Men out of this forum?
  58. [Woman To Woman] "Never take back someone who left you when you needed them."
  59. [Woman To Woman] 6 Reasons Why Men Cheat
  60. [Woman To Woman] 6 Reasons Why Women Cheat
  61. [General] Sayings wise and otherwise.
  62. [General] Orikis Please
  63. [Woman To Woman] Is it Woman to woman forum? Really?
  64. [Jokes & Odds] Always nice to think before U speak.
  65. [General] Vote For Change
  66. [General] Rose, Ekiti Beckons...!
  67. [Exhale] This is sickening!!
  68. [General] Of Friend And Frienship
  69. [General] Who am I?
  70. [Games] Three Words Game!
  71. [General] Only in Nigeria!
  72. [General] what's on a man's mind
  73. [Woman To Woman] In a relationship is 100% faithfulness guaranteed by both partners
  74. [General] If Women Ruled The World
  75. [General] Have you been Challenged by a kid?
  76. [General] Another Stabbed Teenager in London
  77. [General] Church Bans Autistic Child
  78. [Woman To Woman] "A man on a date wonders if he'll get lucky. The woman already knows."
  79. [General] Muritala Mohammed's Sister
  80. [General] Racism and Police Brutality in the US: From King to Diallo to Bell
  81. [General] Tragedy
  82. [Exhale] moving forward
  83. [General] British Airways and the rest of us.
  84. [General] Divorce Not an Option - Will Smith
  85. [Woman To Woman] Sex and the City
  86. [General] Japan man discovers woman living in his closet
  87. [Woman To Woman] Marriage Annuled over False Virginity Claim
  88. [Woman To Woman] Most of online relationships face a dead end sooner or later."
  89. [General] Again, NVS Addiction
  90. [Woman To Woman] "Guys gossip more than girls, but they always deny it."
  91. [Woman To Woman] Women Over 40 Do Get Happily Married
  92. [General] Nelly Uchendu mp3s online
  93. [General] No be by force to marry o
  94. [General] Woman Lived In A Man's Closet For A Year
  95. [Exhale] Honest Question
  96. [General] Pictures of Uncontacted Tribe in Amazon
  97. [General] Do You Believe in Ghosts?
  98. [Woman To Woman] Help, Somebodi Tiff my ISL
  99. [Exhale] Am hurting!!
  100. [General] Suicide
  101. [General] Stuff White People Like
  102. [Exhale] He Was Born On Democracy Day, May 29th
  103. [Woman To Woman] "When someone you love betrays you, everything else in your life seems wrong and usel
  104. [General] Eja's Corner of Wonders
  105. [Woman To Woman] Women can be "just friends" with men, but men can't be "just friends" with women.
  106. [General] Catarrh Can Lead To Cancer - Expert
  107. [General] A Hurtful Past...
  108. [Woman To Woman] Have u touched your boobs lately?
  109. [General] Man Arrested Over M1 Road Rage Murder
  110. [General] FishinPortwaterside Pikin - O! Happy Day...
  111. [Woman To Woman] Between Husbands and Wives
  112. [Woman To Woman] Relationships"tips On Keeping Afloat" Part 2
  113. [Woman To Woman] Relationships "tips To Keep Afloat" Part 1
  114. [General] Islam and Arab Slavery of Africans
  115. [General] Expulsion scandal rocks Covenant University
  116. [General] Attention Bunch17, .Bebi & Dr. Damages!!
  117. [Woman To Woman] 4four Animals A Woman Needs
  118. [Jokes & Odds] Can't knock the hustle...
  119. [General] Sincere Brillow, LizMoses and Izonere
  120. [Woman To Woman] SERIOUS_NAIJABABE wanted
  121. [General] Ifa and the Yoruba
  122. [General] Mommy Dearest? Rebecca on Alice Walker
  123. [General] Aren't we all tribalistic by nature?
  124. [General] We are all tribalistic by nature!
  125. [General] looking out for my friend
  126. [Woman To Woman] PLAYA's GUIDE for Women.
  127. [Woman To Woman] If ANIKE calls..
  128. [Exhale] Hike?Yikes!
  129. [General] IQ Trouble In Britain
  130. [General] Receiving Revelations From The Lord
  131. [General] Loneliness is not being single, loneliness is being with the person who doesn't care.
  132. [Exhale] Mad as hell at $175 Burger
  133. [General] Lost Parrot tells Veterinarian his Address
  134. [Jokes & Odds] Nigerian history
  135. [General] Fewer women engineers because... surprise! women like engineering less than men!
  136. [General] Proudly Nigerian: BACHELOR'S AND BEYOND
  137. [General] Orthodox Jews Burn New Testament Bibles
  138. [General] Oluwato, did the Christian God create Satan?
  139. [General] Chris Oyakhilome faith or fake healer? You decide
  140. [General] Going Down Memory Lane-Mr Nobody!
  141. [General] "The only woman who really knows you is your mother."
  142. [General] A Letter from Home by EC Osondu
  143. [General] Calabar Fatening Rooms: What's your take?
  144. [General] Neop is back
  145. [General] I'm BEAUTIFUL; You are UGLY!
  146. [Jokes & Odds] Terminator (Jesus Parody) Warri Version
  147. [Exhale] the proposal
  148. [General] Big K & Shoko!
  149. [General] What ever happens to the Supernaturals?
  150. [General] Interesting and frightening......"From UN dignitaries to German Jail"
  151. [General] When you want someone, you shouldn't change your personality in order to fit the love
  152. [Exhale] Thots….
  153. [Jokes & Odds] From the mouth of kids
  154. [Jokes & Odds] My father's house
  155. [Jokes & Odds] Holy Piss
  156. [Woman To Woman] Goodbye EMJ...
  157. [General] Plane lands on top of another plane in bizarre crash
  158. [Greetings] To the Benevolent Dictator - Happy Birthday!
  159. [Jokes & Odds] Actual call centre conversations !!!!! ( allegedly )
  160. [General] What Kind Of Articles Do You Like?
  161. [Exhale] Inhale...:)
  162. [General] California's supreme court overturns gay marriage ban
  163. [Exhale] The Story of Wayo Man on His New Job
  164. [General] I need help with a location, pls .
  165. [General] What is in the Soup -Emj..?
  166. [Food] Sweet Potato Garden Sensation
  167. [Food] W2 Frenzy
  168. [General] NVS - Americocentric?
  169. [Woman To Woman] Lesbian Chased out of Bathroom For Looking Like a Man
  170. [Jokes & Odds] The Naked Rastaman!!!!
  171. [General] Of Courage, Conviction and the Pride of a Suicide Bomber
  172. [General] Son Of delta(SOD) must hear/read This -LOL!
  173. [General] The Police Is Your Friend?
  174. [Exhale] Hmmmm
  175. [General] Whatever happened to them?
  176. [Woman To Woman] NYC judge sentences Remy Ma to 8 years in prison
  177. [General] Do You Remember?
  178. [General] Where is Palamedes?
  179. [Greetings] Happy BirthDay To Enforcer -Reflections!
  180. [General] If you sleep with another man's wife, your wife too could be a victim
  181. [General] Randy Lover Recounts How Married Lover Died In Hotel Room After Sex Bout
  182. [Exhale] Arimethical Magic
  183. [Exhale] 5 Facts In The World
  184. [Woman To Woman] Reflections On Motherhood
  185. [General] Children Of Nigeria -See WayoGuy's Love For Nigeria!
  186. [General] HWYD? The Case of the Player Who Was Too Good
  187. [General] Warning for Nigerian Christian Polygamists
  188. [Games] This Game Starts with last word
  189. [General] Naughty Intentions!
  190. [Exhale] I Just lost my dad
  191. [Jokes & Odds] Omo Eko
  192. [Jokes & Odds] Try Not To Panic
  193. [General] Fat on derriere a good sign of healthy SEX?
  194. [General] Nigerian Food, World Best – Foreign Nationals
  195. [Jokes & Odds] A wife indeed!!!
  196. [Jokes & Odds] Weight loss programme.
  197. [Exhale] Warning: Women Are More Intelligent Than Men
  198. [Woman To Woman] Tuface Impregnates Another Lady
  199. [Woman To Woman] Ronaldo weeps over vice shame
  200. [General] Clash of personalities
  201. [General] our blog can be group therapy
  202. [General] Romance books a hit in Nigeria's Muslim north
  203. [Exhale] 80's Flashback!
  204. [Exhale] On Da Rebound
  205. [Woman To Woman] an open poem for pocahontas
  206. [General] Housewife Dies In Lagos Hotel Room - After Sex With Lover
  207. [General] Idea - inspired by Lady EMJ
  208. [General] Big Mistake
  209. [Jokes & Odds] Say it loud
  210. [Woman To Woman] Time to Marry MULAN
  211. [General] Is Fidelity Easy? - Na Beans?
  212. [Greetings] Happy Birthday Anne
  213. [General] Eviction
  214. [General] This Is Weird
  215. [Exhale] I too like women sha
  216. [General] Virginity Test ?
  217. [General] Funmi Iyanda with Soul E and Queen Ure
  218. [Food] Apple Sauce turned Gari
  219. [General] Why Do Nigerians Follow Their Leaders?
  220. [Jokes & Odds] Rent for Apartment
  221. [Woman To Woman] Wish You Were Someody Else's Wife?
  222. [Woman To Woman] Who Has Seen A Miracle?
  223. [General] Meet The World!
  224. [General] TYPES OF TOXIC FRIENDS by Loraine Smith-Hines
  225. [Exhale] Check This Out: Episode 2
  226. [Jokes & Odds] Barber and Nigerian(s)
  227. [General] Polygamy Without Tears - A Free Online Course
  228. [Woman To Woman] A weapon called silence
  229. [General] Suicide of Manager of High Society Prostitutes proves
  230. [Exhale] FOOTBALL: Entertaining or Menacing?
  231. [General] SCIENCE AND RELIGION: Which side are you on?
  232. [General] Translate this word to english
  233. [General] Why dinosaurs went extinct
  234. [General] What a man can do a woman can do "EVEN" better
  235. [Exhale] Nostalgia
  236. [Woman To Woman] My Mother!!!
  237. [Woman To Woman] Women: Time, Tech & Tv Days
  238. [Woman To Woman] ChiChi said 'I LOVE YOU BUT..'
  239. [Exhale] What is the best thing a man can offer to a woman?
  240. [General] try out ur name in japanese
  241. [General] HWYD? The Case of the Machete-Wielding Pedestrian
  242. [Jokes & Odds] Laugh It Off: The Nigerian Police
  243. [Exhale] check this out
  244. [General] Love Letters-do They Still Exist?
  245. [General] Pidgin Translation
  246. [Exhale] I hate The police force and Local government officials
  247. [General] Who would you die for? Mum or Wife?
  248. [General] Instincts guide birds, what guide men?
  249. [General] What drove father who built the house of horror?
  250. [General] Denker under Sex Addiction...? read!