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  1. [General] 2011: Group Wants NVS HolyPagan For President, Woman of Valour and a True Nigeria!
  2. [Man Talk] Man Beats Mother-In-Law Into A Coma
  3. [Exhale] Dog Day Afternoon - An Al Pacino Movie
  4. [General] 19 Signs That You're In Love
  5. [Man Talk] 5 Reasons He Didn't Call You
  6. [Exhale] Dog Caught the Dot
  7. [General] 10 Ways to Make Your Marriage Divorceproof
  8. [General] Cheating Is Good For Your Marriage?
  9. [Greetings] Happy Birthday Bunch17!!
  10. [General] Pastor Paul Adefarasin talks sex
  11. [General] Torture And Witch Hunting By The Gambian President
  12. [General] The sexually Abused Dancing Boys Of Afghanistan
  13. [Man Talk] Do Men Hate Going To Church?
  14. [General] Why do nijas raise false death alarm before the real thing?
  15. [General] On my way to Mgbidi
  16. [Exhale] The Curse Of The Black African.
  17. [General] "We want Nigerian hookers out of Kumasi"
  18. [General] SIRENS AND NIJA VIPs!
  19. [General] Trapped miner's wife and mistress
  20. [Exhale] Meet Da Cheaters!!! Gist O Zor Kwa!!! All Deeez Men Sef Eh Kwa???!
  21. [Woman To Woman] Dear Lone*star...How Do I Deal With My Man And Keep My Marriage Intact?
  22. [Exhale] Wale adenuga is a dream killer!
  23. [General] What Is Success ?
  24. [Exhale] Elo ni, Ego le, What will it cost?
  25. [Exhale] Psychos On Rampage!!!!
  26. [General] How pastor took over gateman s wife and kids!
  27. [Food] Abeg......Wetin I Go Chop Today???
  28. [General] STRANGE!! Indian Woman Breastfeeds Orphaned Calf
  29. [General] Are Women Teachers Holding Back Boys?
  30. [General] God Created the Universe?
  31. [Woman To Woman] Fertility/Infertility Series. When Things Go Right and Dead Wrong With Pregnancy.
  32. [Exhale] Sorry! Thread Moved!!!!
  33. [Exhale] Understanding Polygamy In Modern-Day Nigeria/Africa.
  34. [General] Job Openings in Nigeria
  35. [Exhale] Village News Today
  36. [General] Woman dies whilst stuck in Lovers Chimney
  37. [General] 'Dancing with the (Dog)'
  38. [General] America's kwarikwata infestation requires military intervention...
  39. [General] A slice of Americana...
  40. [General] Shocking...A Nigerian forumite allegedly scams another
  41. [Jokes & Odds] Mama na dead smuggler!
  42. [General] Brother Balo shout Halleluya!!
  43. [Jokes & Odds] This dog,na xtian and other party gists!
  44. [General] Big brother africa;the good,the bad and the ugly!
  45. [General] Nigerian Housewives In Mad Rush For Sex Videos
  46. [General] The return of Dame HolyPagan
  47. [General] For the older folks
  48. [General] Another London diary
  49. [Man Talk] Five secrets men keep!
  50. [General] Your Boy Friend Jilted you? Try this one.
  51. [General] Shift Gear
  52. [General] He touched her and held it
  53. [General] "We're about to crash" Passengers told in error!
  54. [General] Kuwaiti MP Wants State Aid For Men To Get 2nd Wives
  55. [Jokes & Odds] The sergeant vs the pastor!
  56. [General] Muhammad Ali's boxing granddaughter...
  57. [General] I Didn't Lose My Virginity Until I Was 32
  58. [General] Auspy's wedding pictures finally out
  59. [General] Sesame square!!
  60. [Man Talk] I Was Raped As A Teenager
  61. [General] Ex-Governor's Mistress Mysteriously Dies In US Mansion
  62. [General] Muslim Charities on the lose
  63. [General] Perrysolution.com is hiring again!
  64. [General] Chipmunk VS Lionel Richie by Dx Snipe naija style
  65. [General] Passengers lose toes at Lagos airport
  66. [Jokes & Odds] Ghana-must-go in reality show!
  67. [Jokes & Odds] A daily gin is good foworms!
  68. [General] Cracking kidnap case using native intelligence
  69. [General] Single in America
  70. [General] Troops Must Attend Xtian Concert?
  71. [General] Are you a good kisser!
  72. [General] Pacific Villagers Await Their God: Britain's Prince Philip
  73. [General] Stop admin:a fitting cap to a big head.
  74. [General] Crazy doctor stories from around the world
  75. [General] Uk Pips Braze up for...
  76. [Greetings] Happy Birthday to our Superego!!!!
  77. [Man Talk] How Hard Can That Be?
  78. [Jokes & Odds] Hummer ko,nissan micra ne!
  79. [General] Forty commuters die in multiple car crash in lagos,govt:"no comment'have our leaders lost their humanity?
  80. [General] Man of God predicts Biafra and other things
  81. [Exhale] One Peeping Pagan
  82. [General] Somebody tell me,of what use is cmr?
  83. [Man Talk] The Real Top 10 Libido Killers
  84. [General] Nigerian Indian wedding in Nigeria
  85. [General] The US Is To Start Charging UK Travellers To Apply For Permission To Enter The Country
  86. [General] Diaries of a dickmatized white chick
  87. [General] Were you born in nija between 1930-1980?
  88. [Man Talk] 27 characteristics of a loving man
  89. [General] Thought I'd share (Warning: Gory details)
  90. [Jokes & Odds] Evidence of prior purchase
  91. [General] Wrong Way Driver Kills Family
  92. [Jokes & Odds] The Soap Dispencer
  93. [General] American Idol's Fantasia attempts suicide
  94. [Woman To Woman] Men make better bosses than women, say 2/3 of workers
  95. [General] White Couple Face Discrimination Probe After 'Refusing To Sell Home To Black Family'
  96. [General] Church names that'll amaze you
  97. [General] Lagos bobos... Fashola can't touch this
  98. [General] Fear Women
  99. [General] Good news in Naija
  100. [General] See Trouble Ooo..Puberty Coming earlier for US Girls
  101. [Jokes & Odds] Why Men Should Not Write Advice Columns
  102. [General] Own Less, Stay Happier
  103. [General] Should Sex Workers Refund Money For "PAWA" Failure??? Abuja Politician Suffers Erectile Dysfunction After Payment.........he he he he he he
  104. [General] Raising Kids
  105. [General] The mystery in history...a tale of two american presidents!
  106. [General] Barack's 'Lonely' Birthday
  107. [Man Talk] How to be married.( A must read for the guys)
  108. [General] 'Congregations Gone Wild'
  109. [General] Scottish Cardinal Scolds "Righteous" Americans - Lockerbie Bomber Release
  110. [Jokes & Odds] The Battle Of The Sexes.....!!!
  111. [Jokes & Odds] Its dark in here,isnt it!
  112. [Jokes & Odds] Dancing With The Cops
  113. [General] Killer Alleged Racism Motivated Him
  114. [General] The Joyce Meyer Testimony
  115. [General] A church in Michigan denies Christ
  116. [General] Wifebeater (Charlie Sheen) Spared Jail
  117. [General] Law-making;the highest paying job in nija!
  118. [General] 18 year old girl executed for adultry in Massachusetts
  119. [General] Ise: Work against Poverty- Heightened Appreciation for IsÚ against ╠sÚ
  120. [Jokes & Odds] How do marital tiffs begin?
  121. [General] Is Europe and America really worth this humiliation?
  122. [Exhale] There is Pawa
  123. [General] Take your toilet roll with you!!!
  124. [General] My man turned me down constantly
  125. [Woman To Woman] Soledad O'Brien.....Tribute To Women In The News.....!!!!!!!
  126. [Jokes & Odds] Are we becoming Less by the Day?
  127. [Exhale] Chelsea's Big Day Is Here. Celebrity Marriages.
  128. [Jokes & Odds] Don't Vote For My Dad!!! God Bless America!!!! Nemesis, Curses And Confessions!!!!
  129. [General] new nigeria
  130. [General] Handsome UK lawyer caught in Immigration fraud
  131. [General] Polluticians in Power - Bankole, Daniel exchange words
  132. [Jokes & Odds] Latest nigerian perfumes....hot in the market!
  133. [General] Redeemed pastor again
  134. [General] 94 year old hustling grandma caught transporting Ukazi leaves
  135. [Jokes & Odds] Hot contri...hot baby!
  136. [Exhale] Knowing when to move on from a toxic relationship
  137. [General] BRITAIN'S WITCH CHILDREN - Another African Church Disgrace
  138. [General] Would You Do This To Yourself? Britain's Fattest Woman Ate Herself To Death.
  139. [General] Why bother going to school? Check this out!!
  140. [Woman To Woman] Women Aging Disgracefully.....
  141. [General] How come no one has wished me happy Beffday ?
  142. [Greetings] AJimoh is One year younger! Happy Birthday!!
  143. [Greetings] Happy Birthday Prof. Penkelemes
  144. [Jokes & Odds] What happens if i press?
  145. [Woman To Woman] The Dirty Dozen: 12 Make-up Mistakes Women Make.
  146. [Exhale] Operation Wiping
  147. [Exhale] N.A.R. caught pant down wiping his bottom with Nigerian Flag -total deconstruction
  148. [Man Talk] Nigerian Soldiers Fathered 250,000 Children In Liberia
  149. [Jokes & Odds] How God Created Men And Women. Please Bear With "Us"!!!!
  150. [Man Talk] Don't Write Off Men Just Yet
  151. [Exhale] Summer Eye Candies
  152. [Man Talk] Gentlemanly Gestures That Win Women
  153. [General] Race In America.....The Sherrod Ouster!
  154. [General] The Chicken and the Egg
  155. [Man Talk] How to control a woman
  156. [General] Nigerian couple give birth to blonde haired,blue eyed, white baby
  157. [General] Game: count , name and claim your dollars
  158. [General] Life after divorce
  159. [General] How fair has nollywood been to your profession?
  160. [Jokes & Odds] Real life short tales from friends and family
  161. [General] Computer lesson 101:thou shall not use laptop in bed!
  162. [Man Talk] A playa's four types
  163. [General] Faithless: Were Men Born To Stray ?
  164. [Greetings] Celebrating A Special Day with Countess The Great -Happy Birthday!!
  165. [Jokes & Odds] Odds! America......We Need Immigration Reforms!!! Goooooooon Arizona!!!!
  166. [Jokes & Odds] Naijas:by their ringtones,ye shall know them!
  167. [General] Hi-Quality Fela Rip
  168. [General] Baba 70 Live in the 70's...how many of you were born???
  169. [Man Talk] Men's Mistaken Beliefs About Sex
  170. [General] Does Race Mixing Increase Physical Attractiveness ?
  171. [General] Greedy people at Naija parties
  172. [Jokes & Odds] And you think you spoil your children.
  173. [Woman To Woman] Sexxxxy Pregnant Divas!!!! Let's Go Girls!!!
  174. [General] Spare some time for your loved ones...it pays.
  175. [Jokes & Odds] Nigeria(ns) And The World. Kilo Haps???? The Good, The Bad, And The Ooogly!!!
  176. [Woman To Woman] I Love My Children - I Hate My Life
  177. [General] Lets talk SEX
  178. [General] Actress toun oni is dead!
  179. [Jokes & Odds] Rehearsal for junior lawmaker!
  180. [General] The Nigeria Psche: The Bold, Assertive, Agressive, Intelligent, but "Angry"?
  181. [General] What is Your Most Memorable Experience Since January 2010...?
  182. [General] 13th NAS Professor Wole Soyinka Birthday Lecture at 76!
  183. [Jokes & Odds] Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmm!!!
  184. [General] "Dad" Sues LeBron James
  185. [Jokes & Odds] Marriage For Kpali....And Stories Of Nigerian Marriages and Sexuality.
  186. [Jokes & Odds] How To Do Things Right..........Hear From The Experts..
  187. [General] An invitation to the "Business Hub" networking event from the Association of African Owned Enterprises (UK)
  188. [Jokes & Odds] The ambitious young boy!
  189. [General] The evil goat
  190. [Jokes & Odds] The innocent mind.
  191. [General] Can This Be True?
  192. [General] Lost in the square
  193. [General] How The Black Churches Keep Black Women Single and Lonely
  194. [General] Links to Al Qaeda: Accussed Nigerian Students Deported from Malaysia
  195. [Jokes & Odds] The Obedient Wife'
  196. [Jokes & Odds] Doing Business The Nigerian Way.
  197. [General] What did the Restaurant Admin do?
  198. [General] Embarrassing!!!!! Lord Mayor's Trousers Fall Down At Children's Event
  199. [General] By what percentage do you trust your wife...think very well before you answer!
  200. [General] I am Ready!
  201. [Man Talk] Male Virginity Test
  202. [General] How some men drive their wives to commit adultery
  203. [General] U.S. Is Richest Nation, But Not Happiest
  204. [General] ExposÚ - Level Secretly Married to Pagan!
  205. [Man Talk] 80% of Women Fake It - Sorry Guys!
  206. [General] Online Christian Jerks
  207. [General] Some Weird Facts About the Human Body
  208. [General] 21 Things You Should Never Buy New
  209. [Jokes & Odds] Cry cry baby!
  210. [General] What's Tinubu Thinking?
  211. [General] Tribute to fallen Nigerian Musicians
  212. [General] Did you know these facts?
  213. [Jokes & Odds] Latest Arrivals
  214. [General] Auspy's 'Yetunde Revealed!!!!!
  215. [Jokes & Odds] Deep Economic Talk with Steve Jobs & Bill Gates
  216. [Jokes & Odds] Wrong Questions
  217. [General] The gay 'Brady Bunch' family
  218. [Jokes & Odds] Marriage is no joking matter,but laugh some more!
  219. [General] Inside the mind of an Anonymous Online Poster
  220. [General] Untamed and Uncut Leopard Attack
  221. [General] McChrystal's Sack: Stemming the tides of Mutiny
  222. [Woman To Woman] For Single Women Only
  223. [General] Ajalenkoko Hip!!!!! Hip!!!! Hurray!!!!
  224. [General] Gp hastened death of 18 patients.....is he another harols shipman?
  225. [Jokes & Odds] Naked Woman & Taxi driver.
  226. [General] Nigerian Pharmacist charged with beating his wife to death with baseball bat
  227. [Jokes & Odds] Jennifer,the horse!
  228. [General] Doctor invents female condoms with teeth
  229. [Jokes & Odds] Sani Kaita....The Deji Of Akure in South Africa.
  230. [General] Old Age?
  231. [General] Adieu Manute Bol
  232. [General] Pope dying wish.......
  233. [General] Auspy and rosy wedding picture
  234. [General] Just B4 Da Tyres Meets Da Road
  235. [General] See as Nigerians dey abuse Kaita for FB
  236. [Man Talk] Men Are More Emotionally Hurt by Breakups
  237. [General] Washington State Police Officer Punches A 17-year-old Black Girl
  238. [General] Faith Based Francas
  239. [Woman To Woman] Women- Straight Talk
  240. [Man Talk] Men- Straight Talk
  241. [Jokes & Odds] 100 dollar fun!
  242. [General] Immigration drama...
  243. [Man Talk] For Fathers
  244. [Food] Is there a way to salvage suya that is going bad
  245. [General] I'm in love with a married evangelist
  246. [General] Lightening Strikes Jesus Statue
  247. [General] Double Congo Whammy!
  248. [General] The best Nigerian comedians,laff till you drop
  249. [Greetings] Olori The Special One, Happy Birthday
  250. [General] Nigerian restaurants in London, UK