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  1. [Exhale] Life, What's The Point?
  2. [General] 4 ways to be happier at work
  3. [General] Size D breast stops bullet,saves her life
  4. [General] What will U Do?
  5. [General] Smart Justice for Elizabeth
  6. [General] Arcade Anyone?
  7. [General] Hallelujah!
  8. [General] Dried Fish Recall
  9. [Jokes & Odds] Early shopping
  10. [General] A Note To Santa
  11. [General] Marriage Fraud Costs Nigerian US Citizenship
  12. [General] Wife bites off hubby's tongue as they kiss na-nite
  13. [General] Happy New Year(Lunar) to the Muslims and Muslim fans
  14. [General] What if adultery was Ok by God ?
  15. [General] Mourning a cyber friend, RIP Olubusayo aka Bawomolo
  16. [General] Africa built Nothing by itself [Obugi Unmasked?]
  17. [General] Not for the Pepperless....apparently its so hot it can strip paint.
  18. [General] Inside Homosexual Church
  19. [General] The world s richest man now is slim,and is worth 53.5billion dollars,cool!
  20. [General] American Girls Suck @ Flirting
  21. [General] Night taxis and ghost passengers in lagos!
  22. [General] Six tips on anger management
  23. [General] Oyinbo Boy Perform Naija Songs in Belgium (antwerpen) 27th Aug 2010
  24. [General] What You Must Not Get Your Woman For Christmas.
  25. [Jokes & Odds] The killer laughter!
  26. [General] Man arrested for ejaculating during pat down
  27. [Jokes & Odds] The pope, ibori and odili
  28. [General] Why Suicide Bombers Are Muslim, Lack Of Sex
  29. [General] My generator is bigger than yours
  30. [General] When Love Makes You Blind…Literally.
  31. [General] Uglier women produce more male children
  32. [General] When God Heals!
  33. [Man Talk] Fat men last 7 times longer in bed ...study shows
  34. [General] Brazen atm frauds increase!
  35. [Woman To Woman] 'Going Natural'
  36. [General] What Is The Purpose Of Life?
  37. [General] Why Mis-represent Dec 25th
  38. [General] Man kidnaps his benefactor s wife!
  39. [General] How do we as Africans explain these travesties?
  40. [General] Name one accomplishment for 2010 and give thanks
  41. [Jokes & Odds] MARRIAGE - Before and After.
  42. [General] Woman survived on water for 20 days in bathroom
  43. [General] There are awards,and there was cnn heroes awards of excellence!
  44. [General] In Ghana, Pastor Others Burn 72-Year Old "Witch" to Death
  45. [Greetings] Dusting up the drums and pulling out my dancing shoes for siloje: A happy birthday!!!!
  46. [General] Who is to blame - really?
  47. [General] Meet the girl who buried her aunt s baby alive!
  48. [General] Free your mind of excess baggage
  49. [Man Talk] For The Men......Do You Wish You Could Show It?
  50. [Exhale] The log in my eye
  51. [Greetings] Happy Thanksgiving
  52. [Exhale] Why are we this way?
  53. [Jokes & Odds] The magician and his rabbit!
  54. [Greetings] Happy birthday to the First-lady of this our obodo village and beyond.
  55. [Jokes & Odds] Unusual funeral procession
  56. [Jokes & Odds] We Shall Drink From The River
  57. [General] Would you seriously date a woman with kids ?
  58. [Jokes & Odds] Doctor,i feel like curtains!
  59. [General] Missed Parent-Teachers Conferences Could Result in Jail Time for Parents
  60. [General] Family Waits To See If Mother, Accused Of Blasphemy, Will Be Hanged
  61. [General] Homeless Man Finds And Returns $3,300 In Cash To The Owner
  62. [General] 10 ways to share your love,gratitude and compassion!
  63. [General] I Dare You To Offer A Rational Reason!
  64. [General] Nollywood goes gay and totally X-rated
  65. [General] Dating.Con: If You Really Want To Find Love, Here's Why Not To Do It Online
  66. [General] Analyse This- Part 4
  67. [Jokes & Odds] Nigerian Astronaut Wants To Come Home
  68. [Woman To Woman] The happiest wives marry younger men
  69. [General] Second Time Around
  70. [General] Don't Open The EX-files!
  71. [General] Can You Trust Your Lover/Spouse?
  72. [Woman To Woman] How many partners have you had?
  73. [Woman To Woman] What's On Women's Mind In Bed?
  74. [General] British Royal wedding; Countdown To The World Wide Wed
  75. [Exhale] "Libya plans to cull 220 nigs thus improving the World" - a White Massa website
  76. [Jokes & Odds] Sallah headbutt!
  77. [General] Its My Tattoo, I Want It Back
  78. [General] Who owns the breast. Man or baby?
  79. [General] Sacrilege: 14-yr-old girl delivers father's baby
  80. [General] Last month, in Yemen's largest mass wedding to date, 1,600 couples tied the knot at mass wedding!
  81. [Exhale] Nigerians LIE
  82. [General] Another confirmation Nigerians are the happiest people on Earth albeit slightly Daft at times!!
  83. [General] My Husband Deflowered our Housemaid - Dear Kemi Ashefon
  84. [General] Summarize your thanksgiving in a song
  85. [General] A Thanksgiving Message
  86. [General] Confessions of a recovering misogynist
  87. [Woman To Woman] Is bodymagic all that?
  88. [General] Thanks to anointing:"my body caught fire"!
  89. [General] "You're Not Black Enough" - Jesse Jackson To Soledad O'Brien
  90. [General] Love in kwara:twin sisters marry same husband!
  91. [General] A Song
  92. [General] Analyse This-Part 3
  93. [General] Analyse This-Part2
  94. [General] Analyse This-Part1
  95. [General] Some things that make me see me...Back to the way we were
  96. [General] Already feeling Christmassy ?
  97. [General] Real And Present Evil
  98. [Exhale] Bill Carson drinks, beats me, 84-year-old HolyPagan of NVS tells court
  99. [Exhale] Nigerians LIE
  100. [Man Talk] Is It True? 1 in 10 men surf the internet for porn.
  101. [General] Michelle Obama Dons Headscarf As A Mark Of Respect For Muslim Host.
  102. [General] He chopped her and chopped her money too
  103. [General] The world's horniest countries...surprised ?
  104. [Jokes & Odds] Only a mother would know...
  105. [Jokes & Odds] You never know with women!
  106. [Jokes & Odds] A difficult judgement
  107. [General] Who is to be blamed?
  108. [General] Freak Accidents: Be Careful!!!
  109. [General] Reporter:why did you shine your stepdaughter?man:because i getam stroke!
  110. [Jokes & Odds] "god,am i truly dead!"
  111. [General] "i have 30 wives,uncountable kids..!.super polygamist aged 89!
  112. [Exhale] Noooooooooooooo!
  113. [General] The whole truth and nothing but the truth
  114. [General] Luck canadian couple gives winnings away!
  115. [General] Patience Law: Illegal To Diss First Lady
  116. [General] Google street map
  117. [Woman To Woman] Soon Dogs will run maids out of town
  118. [General] Manifest your dream job!
  119. [Jokes & Odds] This is not funny at all!!
  120. [General] George W. Bush Still Resents Kanye West's Comments
  121. [General] Happiness!!!! Is It Elusive, Why?
  122. [Exhale] WHY WHY WHY , does death sometimes strike at Children.....Lion King Actress dies from leukemia
  123. [General] Warning signs of divorce
  124. [General] Slept with 700 women at the age of 26
  125. [Jokes & Odds] Celtic on the Bar
  126. [Woman To Woman] Lamman Makes My Temperature Rise!
  127. [Woman To Woman] Should a wife be smarter than her husband
  128. [General] The hopeless romantic
  129. [Jokes & Odds] Eye examination needed!
  130. [General] How to find love in and out of marriage!
  131. [General] "god,these blessings are killing me"!...panel beater father of quadruplets
  132. [General] Take five minutes to unwind in the office!
  133. [General] Does karma exist?
  134. [General] Cheating wife busted on radio
  135. [General] "With these insults, I thee wed..."
  136. [General] Robert Mugabe's wife in a steamy affair
  137. [General] CNN: Mohammed tops list of England's baby names
  138. [General] Mariah Don Carey Bele
  139. [General] 7 lies we tell ourselves!
  140. [Exhale] Real Nigerians who have made impact via the Internet
  141. [Exhale] Exhale: A Curse We Deserve?
  142. [General] Denker's son in trouble
  143. [Greetings] Happy Birthday Kenn!
  145. [Woman To Woman] The men all women adore
  146. [General] Support the AHA to protect Western Muslim women against militant Islam
  147. [Man Talk] Oral Sex Linked to Rise in Men's Throat Cancer
  148. [General] Nija woman divorces her husband via facebook!
  149. [General] First Lady's Wardrobe Choices Valued at $2.7 Billion
  150. [Woman To Woman] Taking Maternal Instincts For Granted. When Mothers Abandon Their Babies.....
  151. [Man Talk] When Fathers Rape/Impregnate Their Own Daughters
  152. [General] 'Knowledge main pillar of seminaries' - Iran's Ayatollah Khameni
  153. [General] New Nigerian Passport - urgent question
  154. [Man Talk] How To Give Your Woman Earth-Shaking Orgasms
  155. [Jokes & Odds] The great rape case!
  156. [General] Irrespective of the anaconda
  157. [General] Introducing king solomon of enugu...he has 48 wives and just 168 kids!!
  158. [General] Man slaughters his two nieces to sell their heads!
  159. [General] The best of comedy
  160. [Woman To Woman] 11 ways to virtually seduce a man!
  161. [General] Did our first lady pass WAEC ?
  162. [Exhale] Severed Head Or It Didn't Happen
  163. [Jokes & Odds] Effects of Economic Down Time in our Family Life
  164. [Jokes & Odds] Why women are soooo special!
  165. [General] Wedding...na by force?!
  166. [Exhale] Now...If you wanna post a palava do it in style.
  167. [General] Transsexual athletes treated unfairly
  168. [Exhale] The Spirits At The Gym
  169. [Man Talk] 20 things all men should know!
  170. [General] Nelson Mandela's daughter: I don't know if my father loves me.
  171. [Woman To Woman] 10 things women must know about sex!
  172. [General] Henry Okah's wife writes Christiian Literature?
  173. [General] A-Ibom speaker's father kidnapped
  174. [Jokes & Odds] The pastor and the doctor in flight!
  175. [General] Father of three falls in love with she goats!!
  176. [General] Why africa is 25 years behind
  177. [General] The relationship between obesity and infidelity
  178. [General] Studies comparing religious belief and I.Q.
  179. [Jokes & Odds] For the love of FSU
  180. [Woman To Woman] Would You Allow Your Husband To Be A Kept Man?
  181. [General] Teenager Shoplifting In Costume Store Forced To Hold A Sign Out The Front Saying He Got Caught
  182. [General] [Breaking News] Uti wins Big Brother's $200,000
  183. [General] Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship: Africa
  184. [General] Niger Delta has no reason to complain. It's the same in Alaska.
  185. [General] Quotes I'd like to share!
  186. [Jokes & Odds] How To Tell The GENDER Of A Fly
  187. [Jokes & Odds] Legal but not Logical!
  188. [Exhale] The Board has been turned into a dumping ground for mediocrity
  189. [General] Sleep apart,save your marriage!
  190. [Jokes & Odds] Denouncing The Devil
  191. [General] Thank you Auspicious, Rose is Getting on Fine in Ekiti
  192. [General] Chile Miners; 'Dark' Deeds brought to 'Light' (literally)
  193. [Woman To Woman] 5 reasons women cheat!
  194. [General] What Would You Do ?
  195. [General] Kim Kardashian bares it all
  196. [Man Talk] Do Men Love Going Downtown?
  197. [Exhale] Auspy, Suspy & The Second Number
  198. [General] How my friend s sex life expired...or has it not?!
  199. [Jokes & Odds] The duck and its doctor
  200. [General] Superego, i want to brighten your day!!
  201. [General] CNN news anchor, Rick Sanchez fired under 24 hrs for implying Jews run the media
  202. [General] The Black Pharaohs, a history denied - National Geographic
  203. [General] Arabs are matrilineally Africans, as Hagar mother of Ishmael was an Egyptian maidservant
  204. [General] Intentional "Hit and Run" of kids in Israel, captured on camera by reporters
  205. [General] Obama orders the killing of about 5 innocent people everyday
  206. [General] 40 chequepoints on otta-idiroko road,yet stolen cars escape still!
  207. [Woman To Woman] What your tradition on taking care of u after baby?
  208. [General] A Toast To The Nigerian Woman
  209. [General] A Law Enforcer Violates the very Law he Should Enforce: Would you Submit?
  210. [Jokes & Odds] Flagpole Measurements
  211. [General] Are You An Obedient Christian or Christian Leader ?
  212. [General] I just had a baby girl
  213. [General] Light plane crash - Springfileld, MO
  214. [General] New Slogans for States...lol
  215. [General] 'Gay Saudi prince brutally killed aide' in London
  216. [General] Sleeping with Enemy OK for Israeli Spies: Rabbi
  217. [General] Laff and lower ya BP....you'll thank me
  218. [Man Talk] What do men really want ?
  219. [General] Incredible ways people fall into debt
  220. [General] Of road crash,reality and faith!
  221. [Greetings] Happy Birthday Equipper
  222. [Man Talk] Man Beats Wife To Death
  223. [General] MY NIGERIAN LIFE IN CARTOON FORM - Tayo Fatunla
  224. [General] Student kills self over live sex recording streamed online
  225. [General] Dying Mother Left 'To Do List' For Husband And Sons
  226. [General] Woman Bites Off Neighbour's Testicles
  227. [General] Why Did God Choose The Jews As His Chosen People?
  228. [Jokes & Odds] 50th independence anniversary special...laugh them off!
  229. [Food] Avila Online Food Store
  230. [General] The Term "Messianic"
  231. [Jokes & Odds] The blade and the woman!
  232. [General] Why Atheism Will Replace Religion
  233. [General] The happiest Nigerian bride ever
  234. [General] Double Standard: Bike 'Thief' Experiment Highlights Racism
  235. [General] America's Kody and his 4 wives
  236. [Exhale] Mber Months....The infernal Mba Months.
  237. [General] The Most Stupid Goalkeeper Goofs Again.
  238. [General] Ten reasons why we must celebrate nija at 50!
  239. [General] Confessions of an armed robber!
  240. [General] How To Tell If It's Love, Infatuation Or Obsession
  241. [General] For Adults And Or Married Folks Only: Ways To Put Your Sex Organs To Excellent Use
  242. [General] Man Kills Pastor For Raping Daughter
  243. [General] See wetin NVS Computers do me!!
  244. [General] Father goes to jail over daughter's false alarm on attempted rape
  245. [General] Why Couples Look Alike After Years Of Marriage
  246. [General] Randy Lecturers And Jungle Justice
  247. [General] Most dangerous cities in America
  248. [General] Nigerian Woman Dies In Freak Church Accident After Candle Sets Fire To Her Robe.
  249. [General] 8 Myths About Being Single
  250. [Man Talk] What Makes Men Fall In Love?