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  1. Urgent Need
  2. Sending money to naija...any alternative to western union?
  3. My Fiancé Dumped Me, How Do I Cope?
  4. The people above us won't stop
  5. Help my step son won't accept me.
  6. The Agony of a Mother - How some Rich Families make the Poor cry
  7. Was I being wicked or overprotective
  8. At the crossroads of decisions please help
  9. Is it his place to plan my movement on a trip to bury my parent?
  10. Serious ‪advice needed
  11. Question about American Visa for babies
  12. Honeymoon Ideas
  13. Sleepless in Abuja,help me
  14. Powerful Dream
  15. TRADITIONAL VS WHITE WEDDING, does it matter which comes first? (advise)
  16. Advice needed for mother in-law palava
  17. Do you know Arthur living in Belguim/London or Nigeria ? Where is he now?
  18. Professional debt collector in Port Harcourt
  19. Murtala mohammed airport safe taxi service
  20. Palava
  21. Nigerian Visa in Ottawa
  22. Wedding MC and DJ
  23. Polyandry...issues with keeping "certain friendships"
  24. looking for Adeola my friend
  25. Battered Woman in Nigeria Needing Resources
  26. Urgent UK immigration question
  27. Celebrating My Husband
  28. 2nd (Anniversary) Wedding or Bling..Bling ?
  29. Rating a Seller on Amazon.com
  30. I need tips to sell my house
  31. Child has difficulties pronouncing the letter R
  32. Should I do this?
  33. Shipping from East Coast to Nigeria
  34. Vectone PAYG Mobile Wahala
  35. Wedding event information needed in Abuja
  36. Help needed: suicide on my mind
  37. Should I let him go?
  38. Urgent! I need a link on Nigeria
  39. A friend in need?
  40. The Mind Of A Stalker
  41. What does the Lagos Vehicle License Cover?
  42. Anyone ever RECEIVE a MoneyGram from someone?
  43. A New Name
  44. What do sisters want?!!!
  45. Price of LCD TV in Nigeria
  46. Bored in Abuja
  47. Gold Jewelry Set (Earring and Pendant/Necklace) For Trad Wedding
  48. All Alone
  49. Toefl and American schools fraud!
  50. My niece goes to italy...signed,sealed and....
  51. Heartbroken: my very first speeding ticket
  52. Quality Fresh Suya In Ikeja?
  53. What would you do?
  54. Help me thank God o!!!
  55. Any Villager In Munich?
  56. He Does not Listen
  57. Please who knows Femi Igberase?
  58. Where to get good palm wine
  59. Giving Birth in Canada or US
  60. [Marital Palava] Would you forgive or forget?
  61. Sugar daddy or the toy boy ?
  62. God is able, pray for me
  63. Your experience with Arik Air
  64. [Workplace palava] Something needs to change fast
  65. Am I just being a push-over???
  66. Urgently looking for a missing & lost dad !
  67. Should I leave?
  68. A sister needs help/advice
  69. How Do I Tell Her?
  70. Shipping to Naija
  71. Decent Hotels in Minna?
  72. I Cheated Because I Love My Husband
  73. Am heart broken. My marriage is in a mess.Its also getting dangerous
  74. Should I Allow My Long Distance Lover To Stray?
  75. Whala dey; My First and I
  76. Catching your 14 yr old Engaged in Oral Sex
  77. Need Nigerian Tailor to Sew Agbada in Philly
  78. Who can recommend for me a great elder care home in lagos?
  79. How do you find lost friend in Nigeria.?
  80. To Cover my hair or not?
  81. Sleeping with your partner's friend and enjoying the adventure
  82. idea needed oh!
  83. Apply for a Green Card on H1 Visa
  84. How to send packages to Nigeria from the UK that is cost effective and efficient?
  85. Am I just being too paranoid or is this cause for alarm?
  86. Should She Marry Her Ex's Older Brother?
  87. Passport Issue
  88. Is it too soon to be sleeping over? URGENT REPLY PLS!
  89. Friendship Problem.
  90. Sending Money to Nigeria: Western Union or Money Gram
  91. Desire to go to church causing marital problems.:(
  92. Madam:"you are fired!husband:"yes,madam"!and ha parked out!
  93. "daddy,what do you need another wife for at 65?!"
  94. Help!,I have a huge problem
  95. Is AAS degree in Nursing a stigma?
  96. Husband:"your career or your marriage"?...wife:"both"!
  97. Would you go on with this pregnancy?
  98. I'm Uncomfortable
  99. Should I marry My long-distance Nigerian Lover?
  100. Should I marry My long-distance Nigerian Lover?
  101. How can I be debt free?
  102. somebodi out there to help a bruder?
  103. somebodi out there to help a bruder?
  104. Would you send your elderly Parent back to Nigeria?
  105. Does he really want marriage?
  106. Testing Testing Testing
  107. "congo" strike in ramadan!
  108. Embargo on shipment to Nigeria
  109. Sleeping with my Brother-in-Law
  110. She needs a mouth-trap
  111. Big palava!!!
  112. I miss my favorite anonymous poster
  113. Curses, nemesis, confessions and the request for forgiveness!
  114. Cheating or confused Boyfriend
  115. Urgent help: Affordable and decent hotels in ikeja
  116. My neighbour s husband wants her new car!
  117. Can anyone tell me where in canada that african live many and free?
  118. Who breached the contract?pl judge them!
  119. My niece husband hits the bull s eyes again!
  120. Should she or should she not?
  121. Political / morals dilemma
  122. She said she is ready to get married now!
  123. Should I Accept The Child From My Wife's Infidelity Or Not?
  124. How Can I Find Interested Magazine In Nigeria To Write For?
  125. what would you do?
  126. Has my niece lost out for good?
  127. Should she Follow her heart or submit to her brother's wishes?
  128. Marriage Countdown
  129. Help, my brother-in-law is at it!
  130. Family in crisis
  131. I Am Looking For My Nigerian Father
  132. I Need My Man To Bring Home The Cash.
  133. To BA or not to BA?
  134. I hate being a black woman
  135. Not Tonight Baby!!!
  136. Should I sue for rape, after 20+ years?
  137. Haunted by my father's words.
  138. Local money transfer service in Nigeria!!!
  139. Confused. I don't know what to think.
  140. Incest
  141. Help! Should 28yr male sow his wild oat or stick to principle
  142. Is my sister s boyfriend "complete"?
  143. Whose baby?
  144. How to end this Family feud?
  145. Dear lord,make my husband poor in 2010!
  146. Raped by friend!
  147. Forced To Live Together With An Ex
  148. Money wahala!
  149. Abomination
  150. What would you do?
  151. No Bonus, No Promotion
  152. She touches me nicely
  153. Nigeria Building/ Housing Survey
  154. Dual citizenship
  155. The new Nigerian Passport -
  156. Church Money
  157. Cost of Shipping Cars to Nigeria
  158. Mini Wahala....Shopping Tips needed for Texas.
  159. Sex Palava
  160. Breaking the monopoly of power in nigeria...
  161. I Am Pregnant!
  162. Whose house is it anyway?
  163. America calls....to go or not to?
  164. Nigeria setting in Portland Oregon
  165. Help!, I am fat and getting fatter,do I look fat?
  166. Wanted: True Love
  167. My neighbour s wife,yoriyori!
  168. i need to end this thing before it starts...fast!
  169. His attitude has changed
  170. Young Igbo men and polygamy
  171. i need help !
  172. Testing..testing...testing
  173. Self Defense?
  174. Help....is greed killing me!
  175. A Generation of Carriers
  176. I need a shrink!!!!
  177. America visa lottery!
  178. How do I boil Water?
  179. I think i have polygamic tendencies...
  180. Fire,fire...help our landlord is out!
  181. Local Government
  182. I need help traveling to the US or Europe
  183. Nija,home of faceless billionaires!
  184. What do I do about CellularFactory?
  185. Urgent ...To get an E-passport of get Kids endorsed on passport
  186. Looking for phone network
  187. Your head,4kasile!driver stop!
  188. Should I Tell My Nephew His History
  189. Blood oath,to swear or not to!
  190. How else can I convince him against polygamy?
  191. Heartache Remedy Needed
  192. Night vigil,vigilant husband!
  193. Honesty,the best policy...really!
  194. Will you marry an impotent millionaire?
  195. Survey
  196. irlan
  197. Should the marriage be annulled?
  198. See me see trouble...which kine tin be dis?
  199. Travel Agent Needed
  200. Please I need your urgent assistance - Violent drunk.
  201. Son or Half Brother
  202. How reliable is a GPS in Nigeria
  203. Suffering from Writer's Block
  204. Help!!!! Too Shock And Angry To Be Of Help To A Friend
  205. Wife beating wahala
  206. I need Justice tendered - Pls help me!!!!
  207. Transit Visa for France?
  208. Serious help needed
  209. need help getting pregnant
  210. Bunch17's paper bag
  211. cheating
  212. Help me, will I ever find my own woman?
  213. Nigerians in Vienna
  214. I love him but I'm not in love with him.
  215. So many men in nigeria and good looking ones too, but no job
  216. A Question About Will
  217. Authentic African Last Names
  218. Arik Air!
  219. Nigerian band required for Bristol wedding
  220. Should I tell my husband?
  221. Male Dominance
  222. How Do I Convince Her?
  223. Airline from US to Naija
  224. Police brutality- how do i get justice
  225. Husband Beater
  226. Company Registeration : Share Structure
  227. Voice of God?
  228. Need to travel home
  229. Just advise me PLEASE!!!!
  230. Minister of Aviation
  231. To marry or not to marry.
  232. Information on travel agency
  233. Am I Overreacting?
  234. An experience with Aero
  235. How can Nigerian stand and look. God help us!
  236. Polygamy headache
  237. Need Help with naija travel plans ASAP
  238. Cheating Dad
  239. Cow Leg and Pomo in MD
  240. My Palava is Technical
  241. staying too long.
  242. Ideas for Proposing Marriage
  243. Help getting a green card
  244. Bipolar?
  245. Should She Tell?
  246. How do I make her go downtown?
  247. Husband demands my paycheck - What would you do?
  248. How Do i Avoid him without rousing suspicion?
  249. I need poison for geckos
  250. So...[Travelling to Nigeria to get Married]