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  1. [General] Adedibuism, Ubaism, and other isms
  2. [General] Obasanjo is a Very Greedy Person - Oba Akiolu
  3. [Press Release] Edo Okpamakhin Hail Nigerian Judiciary
  4. [General] NNPC Probe – The cover up!
  5. [General] Tribunal Member Stabbed
  6. [General] Obasanjo Weeps at Adedibu's Funeral
  7. [General] Gangs Use Dogs Instead Of Knives
  8. [General] Silent Echoes
  9. [Article] Obituary: Yves Saint Laurent
  10. [General] ASARI DOKUBO broadens his Harem of Concubines!
  11. [General] Nigerian loved to dead in South-Africa -Nawa!
  12. [General] Ala-Igbo undersieged of armed Mercenaries -Chineke o!
  13. [General] Stranger than Fiction
  14. [General] The 'WHY' and 'HOW' question of Africa's independence
  15. [General] Man Utd gets N375m to play in Nigeria
  16. [General] Dis Bakassi thing ....
  17. [General] Soludo's Miracle -top!
  18. [General] Again Deads in House of Death -Lagos cries again!
  19. [General] Small, solar-powered water treatment plants. -Top!
  20. [General] Sudanese jetliner bursts into flames, killing 100
  21. [General] Lulu_Briggs donates N150 to Niger Delta University.
  22. [General] Gruesome Fratricide imminent in OTA-OBASANJO-FARM!
  23. [General] Gani Fawehinmi excretes on EFCC and Waziri -dat's good so!
  24. [General] Our Leaders Are Smart.
  25. [General] Nigerian to be executed in Saudi Arabia
  26. [General] Ibori's Stash Uncovered?
  27. [General] Emeagwali - Father of the Internet?
  28. [General] The Return Of the Saints (Buhari,Ibb & Abdulsalam
  29. [General] Wafi boys in action
  30. [General] Skipper RIO FERDINAND is big Lagos Chief
  31. [General] Nigeria declares War against Ijaw-Nation -breaking News!
  32. [General] Pastor confesses...We use human heads to prepare prosperity rituals for church member
  33. [General] Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill -What's the North up to!
  34. [General] Remembering General Sani Abacha.
  35. [General] US 2008 Presidential Elections II: Obama Versus McCain
  36. [General] Catholic Archbishop Of Owerri In Illegal Lands Grab
  37. [General] Who Is This
  38. [General] Baba Bell and the masquerade dance
  39. [Biafra] A Yoruba Pacifist Confronts Biafran Apologists
  40. [General] Baba Adinni Yinka Folawiyo is DEAD
  41. [General] Things they do for MONEY
  42. [General] Court annuls Turkish scarf reform
  43. [General] Good News From Nigeria -Finally!
  44. [General] Obama and Clinton in secret meeting
  45. [General] Waziri Denies Standing Surety for Akume
  46. [General] Gbenga Obasanjo, wife agree to settle out of court
  47. [General] A Possible Problem with Theories of Innate Attrbutes Ascription
  48. [General] Vote For Change
  49. [General] Six Valiant Nigerians(Philip Emeagwali And Others)
  50. [General] Labour demands £120 minimum wage in Nigeria
  51. [General] Okah: Yar'Adua's Ruse of Law
  52. [General] Gunmen Kill 4 at Uniport
  53. [General] Nigeria`s hall of shame!
  54. [General] Nigerian lawyer gets recognition in US
  55. [General] Ethiopia starts restoring obelisk - WHERE IS OUR FESTAC MASK
  56. [Biafra] Rumbles Of Biafra
  57. [Biafra] Rumbles Of Biafra
  58. [General] Anambra inaugurates committee on new airport
  59. [General] Again, Nigerian stabbed to death in Ukraine!
  60. [General] Again, Reps throw out FOI Bill
  61. [General] The Truth about Asaba Origin -Just the Truth
  62. [General] FG Pledges to Protect Rights of Nigerians Abroad
  63. [General] 2011 Elections
  64. [General] Niger set to become oil producer !
  65. [General] Apprentice Africa
  66. [General] surviving as a Nigerian abroad by patience akpan-obong
  67. [General] Pro-Obasanjo Senators Demand Concession Before Efcc Boss Confirmation
  68. [General] Discussion Intensity
  69. [General] Adedibu plans 2-million-man march for Akala today
  70. [General] Femi Falana's letter to President Yar'Adua
  71. [General] One Year After,how Have They Delivered"the Govs" Assess Them.
  72. [General] Rock pioneer Bo Diddley dies at age 79
  73. [General] Picture of the day: Face of New Colonial Africa
  74. [Biafra] As Kosovo Wins Independence, The Way Forward For Biafra
  75. [General] Nigeria's rough, tough tin miners -SOD, What sayth Thee?
  76. [General] How to actualise Vision 2020, by Lord Mayor of London
  77. [General] Learn from Awo, Soludo tells graduates
  78. [General] Govt. moves to stop execution of two Nigerians in Indonesia
  79. [General] Gwobe And Denker Must Read This
  80. [General] 18 most wanted Nigerians in the US
  81. [General] FG's Commitment to Peace Doubtful
  82. [General] Yar'Adua Removed COS Over $800 Million Scam!
  83. [Biafra] Killing Biafra -The Prerequisite!
  84. [General] The New Face of Islam
  85. [General] 10 Nigerians Nabbed for Killing S'African
  86. [General] WAR in Nigeria...? latest News!
  87. [General] Happy Yoruba New Year To All NVS: Odunde
  88. [General] Again Starvation in Ethiopia -How Stupid can a race be?
  89. [General] Blacks are Despicable -Why are them on Earth?
  90. [Press Release] YarAdua's 1st Year Has Been A Total Failure
  91. [Press Release] Supreme Court Reaffirms Decision On Amaechi's Case...
  92. [General] Nigerian Military, Police Executed Hundreds Secretly In 2007 ––Amnesty International
  93. [General] Soldiers Lay Siege To Chief Judge's Residence
  94. [General] OBJ Abandoned!
  95. [General] The Jokolo Interview
  96. [General] Maduekwe demands amnesty for Nigerian immigrants in Europe
  97. [General] Why We Must Break up Nigeria, Why Bode Eluyera Is Right
  98. [General] Yar'Adua, Fake Mr. Rule of Law -read!
  99. [General] Gbenga Begs Baba Iyabo!
  100. [Biafra] A Fish Called Biafra
  101. [General] The parrot says "Whatever"
  102. [General] Obama Parrot
  103. [General] West Indian Undergraduates
  104. [General] Terrorist caught for kidnapping in the Niger Delta!
  105. [General] Steve Rhodes is Dead
  106. [General] May 29: Day of Infamy and Catastrophe
  107. [General] I have kidney problem - Yar'Adua
  108. [General] An Old Theme - Re: Uzo Iweala.
  109. [General] Nigeria A Nation In Darkness
  110. [General] Yar'Adua, The Son Of Darkness
  111. [General] Nothing is Holy Again in Nigeria -Tufiakwa!
  112. [General] Nigeria's "Exciting Times"
  113. [General] The Abyssinian Boy -screams every Night!
  114. [Biafra] Understanding The Celebration Of Biafra
  115. [General] Abiola was beaten to death
  116. [General] What do you think is the biggest factor in Nigeria's relative backwardness, Part 1?
  117. [General] What do you think is the biggest factor in Nigeria's relative backwardness, Part 2?
  118. [General] Important Documents Missing In Nigeria's Anti-Corruption Commission
  119. [General] Kenny Martins to refund N1.5bn..lol!
  120. [General] Another building collapses in Lagos
  121. [General] AGF/Etete/Paris Trial
  122. [Biafra] Has Biafra Been Compromised?
  123. [General] Sungbo's Eredo In Ijebu Is Africa's Largest Single Monument!
  124. [General] AMERICA MY FOOT! • Who Says That America Is God's Own Country?
  125. [General] 36,000 Doctors Left Nigeria In 2007, says NMA's Ex-Scribe
  126. [General] Peacekeepers Abusing Children
  127. [General] The Yoruba Treated Us Like Second Class Citizens -Clark
  128. [General] Yar'Adua has failed – MEND
  129. [Article] Of ‘Diaspora Internet Warriors' And Atiku's Unchallenged Determination To Denaturalize Them All
  130. [General] Nine die in pipeline fire, collapsed building
  131. [General] Osunbor Debunks Quarreling With Anenih
  132. [General] Gender preference in Africa
  133. [General] Again Calamity in Lagos -Lord Have Mercy o!
  134. [General] MEND Killed 11 Nigerian Soldiers -Breaking News!
  135. [General] Historic pictures sent from Mars
  136. [General] Tenure Extention Talk Again..
  137. [General] Missing Blokos: Okada drivers Strike!
  138. [General] A US Marine's Survival Fight
  139. [General] "The homophobic experience in Nigeria..."
  140. [General] No safe heaven for the African
  141. [General] Nigeria's Ruling Party In Early Lead In Two States Governorship Elections Re-Run
  142. [General] Who is the Father of the Internet? - Clarification!
  143. [General] Robbers on rampage in Sharia Zamfara -LOL!
  144. [General] US Govt Names Atiku, Wife In Jefferson's Trial -Breaking News
  145. [General] 9 Points On Matters Related to Economics
  146. [General] 16 Considerations On White Hegemony
  147. [General] Hillary is running just in case Obama is assasinated
  148. [General] The Aladimma Project: Ka ala di mma!
  149. [General] Hillary Invokes RFK Assassination
  150. [General] The Re-run Elections in Bayelsa
  151. [General] Iyabo Obasanjo resumes in Senate, pledges to be of good behaviour
  152. [General] Nigerian government and the destruction of Igbo owned business
  153. [General] What system is Best for Nigeria
  154. [General] Floods destroy 28 buildings in Awka, Obi's Anambra
  155. [General] Ojukwu Is Not A True Leader
  156. [General] Nigeria States Ranked on Business Ease
  157. [General] One officer, 44 soldiers perish in road crash
  158. [General] Nigeria Goes Free Market
  159. [General] FROM CNN's Jack Cafferty:
  160. [General] Only 3 States Can Survive Without Oil Money - Presidency
  161. [General] Why are Africans so violent?
  162. [General] 50 Years after, NNPC Begins Crude Oil Lifting
  163. [General] Cat turns into woman in P/Harcourt
  164. [General] Iyabo-Obasanjo gets N10m bail
  165. [General] The Expressway Churches
  166. [General] Displaced Niger Delta Militants Invade Nigeria's "HeartLand State"
  167. [General] Crude Oil Prices Hit New Records.....
  168. [General] Iran Kerin / The fourth generation
  169. [General] 43 Nigerian soldiers killed!
  170. [General] Incubating the Future Suicide Bombers of Nigeria -quite enthralling!
  171. [General] Fresh explosion scare at Ijegun, residents flee over spillage
  172. [General] Some Contemporary Thoughts
  174. [General] 11 Witches burnt to death in Kenya -Nawa for mother Africa!
  175. [General] Stringent Bail Conditions: Theresa Ibori Remain In Holloway Prison
  176. [General] Time to care for Nigerian lives -must read!
  177. [General] Nigeria Demands $2bn Oil Arrears From Two Major Oil Companies.
  178. [Press Release] The Proposed FG Strategy Of Using The Militants To Police The Oil Pipelines
  179. [General] Once again, Census study shows- NIGERIA MOST EDUCATED GROUP IN USA!
  180. [General] Awo's grandchild unfolds political agenda
  181. [General] Muslims must produce next Yoruba leader - Zanusi
  182. [General] How True Is This About Ibori
  183. [General] Utomi Wants Emergency Declared In Power Sector Now
  184. [Article] Nkoyo Ibori re-arrested in London
  185. [General] Ex-London cleaner, Obasohan, elected Mayor
  186. [General] MEND Leader; Henry Okah Collapses In Custody
  187. [General] Pastor beats female church member to death - During deliverance
  188. [General] Iyabo Turns Up In Court; Remanded In Police Custody
  189. [General] Deportees as symbol of a failing state
  190. [General] Iyabo Finally in Kirikiri
  191. [General] Prof. Chukwuma Soludo hits hard again!
  192. [General] Nigerians, Others Killed in S'Africa Riots
  193. [General] MASSOB Hoists Flags -TOP
  194. [General] Is the civil war over?
  195. [General] Nigeria has Only One Search & Rescue Helicopter
  196. [General] Lagosians (Nigerians) Are Not Serious!
  197. [General] Gani Battles Cancer...
  198. [General] Why we didn't prosecute late Edo commissioner's female companion – Police
  199. [Press Release] Armed agitation in the Niger Delta will continue
  200. [General] Ndigbo, Cause Of Their Misfortunes –– Gov. Obi
  201. [General] What Awo told Yoruba on succesion
  202. [General] Royal Father removed over homosexuality.
  203. [General] Ogun Lawmakers Go Into Hiding -hunt by Adedibu's Thugs!
  204. [General] N27m drama: My story, by Bozimo
  205. [General] The Oil Curse in Nigeria and Gambari's 50% Prescription
  206. [General] Odi killings: Court orders IG to quiz Obasanjo
  207. [General] Forclosure
  208. [General] Nigerian President's Ill Health Unsettles Northern Political Elites
  209. [General] Tragedy in Lagos!
  210. [General] BA Profits Soar Despite Turbulent Year
  211. [General] Those whom God wishes to destroy
  212. [General] I'm the true Son of God
  213. [General] Nigerian Killed in British Police Custody - Police Brutality in the United Kingdom!!!
  214. [General] Three die in Edo over woman's burial
  215. [General] Waziri is the new EFCC chairman!
  216. [General] Edo PDP Factional Chairman Escapes Death
  217. [General] Civil War Is Over, Move On, Gov Ikedi Ohakim Tells Ndigbo
  218. [General] How To Ruin A Society!
  219. [Press Release] B-r-e-a-k-i-n-g N-e-w-s!
  220. [General] Probing Obj "qed"
  221. [General] Police to review Ribadu, others' promotions - PDP chiefs pick woman as new EFCC boss
  222. [General] Ex-gov's wife duped in London - Aide absconds with N50m
  223. [General] Babies For Sale
  224. [General] On Ethnic Mutability
  225. [General] Look at this guy
  226. [General] Austrian family hacked to death
  227. [General] Return Of Otokoto In Imo, Abia
  228. [General] Over-celebrate, But Under-Achieve
  229. [Press Release] How To Gain Admission To Top American Universities
  230. [General] Emir's palace, six churches burnt in Bauchi's riot
  231. [General] Yar'dua To Cost Independent Power Project
  232. [General] Ex-minister defends waiver on power projects
  233. [General] Marubeni:Our power project story
  234. [General] Papalanto Project: Our power story
  235. [General] Report: Death toll in China quake exceeds 12,000
  236. [General] House Changes Gear on Obasanjo's Invitation
  237. [General] More Desperate Moves To Hijack Nigeria's New Body Of Freight Forwarders
  238. [General] Lagos State Govt Reaches Out to Yinka Craig
  239. [General] Dimeji Bankole on BBC Hardtalk
  240. [General] First Security Guards Limited(UK) to train Nigerian Police
  241. [General] Obasanjo: My Power Project Story
  242. [General] Adedibu's health worsens, may be flown abroad
  243. [General] Gani weeps for Nigeria, seeks Obasanjo's probe
  244. [General] Obasanjo Finally summoned By House Of Reps
  245. [General] Gani weeps for Nigeria -emj joins the weeping masses!
  247. [General] Aisha: Abuja's youngest land owner
  248. [General] NVS leads Nigeriaworld in benchmarks
  249. [General] Al Qaeda Attacks Nigeria! -Armageddon has arrived.
  250. [General] Horror In Anambra : Robbers Kill Eight Policemen, Civilians