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  1. [General] Missing girl's mother named suspect
  2. [General] Back Off Kalu! EFCC Told; Justice Minister!
  3. [General] The Demolition of Marine Base, Port Harcourt
  4. [General] Yar'Adua rides high in opinion poll
  5. [General] US Consulate Warden Message - Terrorist Threat
  6. [General] A Good Provider Is One That Goes Abroad?
  7. [General] China executes leader who blew up mistress
  8. [General] Western interests at risk in Nigeria, U.S. warns
  9. [General] The Israel Lobby And U.s. Foreign Policy
  10. [Article] FIFA U-17: Nigeria in Final /Beats Germany 3-1
  11. [Biafra] Forgotten Biafran Veterans at Oji River
  12. [General] Justice minister takes over Kalu's trial from EFCC
  13. [General] Proportional Representation and the Nigerian Electoral System
  14. [General] How Obasanjo, Obaseki And Kupolokun Looted NNPC!
  15. [General] Seven Traffic Offenders jailed for 20 days
  16. [General] Living in Europe: My Lessons
  17. [General] Naval Chief, Adekeye makes N75m monthly from oil bunkering
  18. [General] Anichebe opts for Nigeria
  19. [General] A model Nigerian immigrant, betrayed by Britain
  20. [General] Gov Lamido signs social security bill into law
  21. [General] Tribune, Yar'Adua and the minister of Abuja
  22. [General] A writing system for Yoruba
  23. [General] Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala: Help Africa? Do Business There!
  24. [General] The dumbing down of this forum
  25. [General] Akpan and Company
  26. [General] Soludo's delusion of grandeur
  27. [General] Documentary of the civil war!
  28. [General] Yar'Adua's 100 Days In Office -Performance Benchmark!
  29. [General] Gani drags OBJ to Appeal Court
  30. [General] Uniformed men torture, stab bizman to death
  31. [General] The Green Passport Reality TV Show
  32. [General] US senator resigns over GAYISM
  33. [General] Chimp rapist!!!!!
  34. [General] Kongi and the Governor
  35. [General] Yar'Adua finds credibility in naira baptism
  36. [General] Ojukwu explodes, says Yar'Adua must go!
  37. [General] Nigerians abroad plan mega firm to run refineries, power plants
  38. [General] Ribadu seeks amendment to Transparency Initiative Act
  39. [General] NNPC not scrapped - Spokesman
  40. [General] Afrikans in Science
  41. [General] Alams returns, lands in Bayelsa Tomorrow
  42. [General] Ministry, DPR, PPPRA meet over petrol pricing template
  43. [General] Naija Bakers' Strike
  44. [General] A party of thieves!!!
  45. [General] Free Uwazuruike now –Ojukwu, Falae
  46. [General] You can't remove Etteh - Opponents prepare more allegations against her - PDP tells R
  47. [General] For the Love of Money
  48. [General] Transcorp signs pact to deliver Broadband services in Nigeria
  49. [General] NigerianWiki.com, an interesting free encyclopedia website
  50. [General] 100,00 Ijaws Killed Over Cult Related Crises - Clark
  51. [General] That Oaf Called Iwu
  52. [General] BREAKING NEWS: NNPC Scrapped by Federal Government
  53. [General] US Poised to Strike Iran:who will save us?
  54. [General] Canibalism?
  55. [General] The communique that got Omehia and his corrupt cohurts running scared.
  56. [General] This PH story is more than meet the eyes.
  57. [Biafra] My Biafran Eyes
  58. [General] Counterfeit Nation Vs 419-ers
  59. [General] Yar'Adua: April Polls Massively Rigged
  60. [General] President backs Soludo
  61. [General] Yar'Adua on "Marred Polls"
  62. [General] Monkeys Sexually Assaulting Women?
  63. [General] Yar'Adua yet to declare emergency on power – Minister
  64. [General] Colonial Power Sows Corruption
  65. [General] Etteh- Greed at its highest.
  66. [General] FG gives 48-hr Time Limit to Arraign Suspects
  67. [General] MASSOB appeals to UN
  68. [General] Delta elders move to unseat NNPC boss
  69. [General] Petrol price N28 more than normal –DPR
  70. [General] NCC Breaks GSM Operators' Monopoly over Numbers
  71. [General] Yar'Adua on the Rule of Law
  72. [General] OBJ has destroyed the military - Rufai
  73. [General] We are under pressure to steal - Governor
  74. [General] Southern Sudan may open mission in Nigeria
  75. [General] Gonzalez Buckles - Finally.
  76. [General] Nigeria: Govt to Re-Organise Customs
  77. [General] FG Probes Obasanjo's Tax Waivers
  78. [General] Mark, Senate deny awarding N450m contract
  79. [General] Nigeria's enemies behind suspension of naira's policy - CBN
  80. [General] Etteh Moves to Douse Impeachment Plot
  81. [General] The CBN agenda for the Naira: Matters Arising
  82. [General] Gov. Omehia tells Rivers crisis story
  83. [General] NNPC Explains Opposition To Sale Of Refineries
  84. [Press Release] Nuhu Ribadu to Speak at NLA Dinner 09/15
  85. [General] Why I halted Soludo -- Yar'Adua
  86. [General] America Vs China VS Free-Trade
  87. [General] Women protest against one man one wife
  88. [General] The Nigeria Police Orders Ondo Deputy Speaker To Frog Jump!...And Guess What? He DID!
  89. [General] Gay Nigerians face Sharia death
  90. [General] Two Spanish policemen docked over Osamuyi's death
  91. [General] US soldiers may join the Fight in Delta Region
  92. [General] Breaking News: FG Rejects CBN Governor's Plan To Redenominate The Naira
  93. [General] Misleading (currency) misalignments
  94. [General] EU Recommendations on April Polls
  95. [General] Usman declares N303.3m assets, Babalola worth N389.73m
  96. [General] Yar'Adua Blames Banks for Local Debts
  97. [General] Yar' Adua Cancels Waivers On Import Duties
  98. [General] Obasanjo to Testify!
  99. [General] Rags to Riches at 26
  100. [General] Studio sues over "Dirty Dancing" line
  101. [General] Dele Momodu:The Awesome Power of Information
  102. [General] Obeying Court Orders
  103. [General] Kalu Vows to Rule Nigeria
  104. [General] Texas' 400th Execution!
  105. [General] Uwais to head Electoral Reform Panel
  106. [General] Mission Impossible, Nearly
  107. [General] Etteh and the N628m house renovation.
  108. [General] US & Zimbabwe Land Reforms
  109. [General] Ex-Abia Accountant General shot dead in London!
  110. [General] Indians injured on racist ground in Germany
  111. [General] German govt rejects April polls
  112. [General] Who's In Charge of Nigeria?
  113. [General] OBJ's Oil Block Gift to Odili
  114. [General] Welcome Nigeria's HiTV
  115. [General] Monopolistic Operation In The Cement Industry Is Bad For Nigeria
  116. [General] The Sunny Continent
  117. [General] The dark continent
  118. [General] Immigration Activist Deported (Almost Funny)!
  119. [General] Obasanjo Again!
  120. [General] Tinubu's Paternity in Doubt?
  121. [General] Crisis brews in House of Reps over N628m contract
  122. [General] Let's Die Together - Why is Group Suicide popular in Japan?
  123. [General] Ettehs Birthday Abroad
  124. [General] Apartheid returns to USA-Europe education
  125. [General] Convenant University Probe!
  126. [General] Yawa don gas for Igbins, ibori, Odili
  127. [General] Institute of Bankers backs Soludo
  128. [General] Akala asked to resign over alleged forced retirement from Police Force
  129. [General] Arrests for Indecent Dressing
  130. [General] NERC Targets 3m Pre-paid Meters in 12 Months
  131. [General] Corrupt Nigerian Leaders and Politicians Your Time is Up!
  132. [General] Nigerians use 'Dead Children' in Scam
  133. [General] Dangote: Fair and Balanced Interview
  134. [General] Nigerian Refugee now Millionaire in Canada
  135. [General] World Bank Hails New Naira Policy
  136. [General] Yar'Adua Probes NNPC, BPE , Power Plants
  137. [General] World Bank on Naira Policy
  138. [General] Dare-Devil Robbers
  139. [General] FG awards contract for reconstruction of Lagos-Benin road
  140. [General] Simply Abhorent!
  141. [General] Corruption & The Niger Delta Region.
  142. [General] Anglican Church's HIV-Tests.
  143. [General] Just in case you missed it - Soludo announces the redenomination of the Naira!!!
  144. [General] Removing the Zeros
  145. [General] Yar'Adua to constitute National Council on Energy
  146. [Biafra] Biafra Territorial Borders Must Not Be Compromised
  147. [General] The Naira: To change or not to.. That is the question?
  148. [General] $30 billion U.S. and Israel Sign Military Aid Deal
  149. [General] Gun battles in Port Harcourt again
  150. [General] Nigeria kidnap girl's father dies
  151. [General] Chavez Charges for Change
  152. [General] The "Controller" of Ibadan
  153. [General] Ncc: Stalling Nigeria's Advancement
  154. [General] Another UK Killing - Ghanaian Lady Doctor Stabbed
  155. [General] Slain Nigerian in South Africa
  156. [General] The Central Bank and the "Tipexing of Zeroes"
  157. [General] The cost of Software, when will Nigeria ask for what China keeps getting?
  158. [General] CBN revalues Naira, N20 to be highest bill
  159. [General] NERC Canvasses Electricity Subsidy
  160. [General] Etteh moves birthday party to US
  161. [General] Awake: God will not help Africa.
  162. [General] 50,000 megawatts in a well planned power grid is what we need!!!
  163. [General] Govt realigns the naira, phases out currencies next year
  164. [General] Obasanjo and health centres
  165. [General] Sierra Leone: Case Study in Free and Fair Elections
  166. [General] NYSC and the plight of Nigerian youth
  167. [General] Permutations! - Our World Today
  168. [General] David Mark, how now?
  169. [General] The Stateman is Dead Indeed!
  170. [General] Time For Military Action In The Niger Delta
  171. [General] Greed, lust or 419
  172. [General] $43.6 Billion Foreign Reserve Scam
  173. [General] Discourse On Modernity: Intellectual Triviality
  174. [General] I remain committed to asset declaration –Mark
  175. [General] ‘NNPC Withholds N555bn From Federation Account'
  176. [General] Nduka vex!!!
  177. [General] Between EFCC, Attorney General and the President
  178. [General] Vp. Goodluck J. Is Not Rule Out. No Plea Accepted , Alamieyeseigha Must Talk.
  179. [General] Behold- The Possible Ist lady of the United States, Judith Gulliani
  180. [General] Very Scary Things
  181. [General] Why it may take eternity for Nigeria to move forward
  182. [General] This Must Be The Biggest Scam Of The Century!!!
  183. [General] NNPC Shake-Up: A.L. Yar'Adua's Era
  184. [General] Travelling Without Moving
  185. [General] Fuel importation shameful, says oil minister
  186. [General] Political Party Prostitution?
  187. [Press Release] Open Letter to President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua
  188. [General] ICPC recruits Nigerians to spy on Govs, LG bosses
  189. [General] Nigeria's Economic Performance in 2006
  190. [General] Nigeria's E-Passports
  191. [General] A county's Shame - A Minister's Apology
  192. [General] Jonathan Declares Assets!
  193. [General] Yar'Adua's Management Style
  194. [General] Nigerian oil drama brought to life on NY stage
  195. [Article] That Nigeria may Excel
  196. [General] Fashola's Blues
  197. [General] UN, Dutch Embassy To Bolster EFCC With N91m
  198. [Press Release] ALA Announces Uniform Design Competition
  199. [Press Release] NLA Honors Kase Lawal
  200. [General] Yar'Adua YARI
  201. [General] Did The 1st Black Mayor in Ireland Lie?
  202. [General] Yar'Adua Clips EFCC's Wings! Now Reports To AG's Office!
  203. [General] PALAVAR: ...Ibori's Case May Run Into Dead End
  204. [General] Anger Trails Abiola's Children's DNA Results
  205. [General] Benin-Ore Road (shame of a nation)
  206. [General] NNPC Plans Two More Refineries
  207. [General] Light of the World
  208. [General] EFCC, ICPC now to take orders from Attorney-General
  209. [General] Amaechi Omehia and the Supreme court
  210. [General] Nigerian Ministers and Legislators, highest paid in the world.
  211. [General] A Venezuelan Dictatorship?
  212. [General] Nigeria ministers highest paid
  213. [General] MKO Abiola's Will: 25 Children Fail DNA Test
  214. [General] Waiting For White Angels of War.
  215. [General] Nigerian Soldiers Take Igbo Woman and Her Family As War Spoils After Killing Her Husb
  216. [General] Kingibe's Worth
  217. [General] An Investigation of Zimbabwe's Different Path
  218. [General] Why inverter backup systems fail
  219. [General] Ibori UK Assets Frozen! ; Not Frozen!
  220. [General] Empowered Newswire, a US-based Nigerian news agency
  221. [General] Idi Amin's Son Jailed in UK
  222. [General] Jefferson wins agaist office raid
  223. [General] Leave Oprah Alone!!!
  224. [General] How David Mark marked the benchmark
  225. [General] Nigeria Is Two Religion Nation
  226. [General] Africa: the next chapter
  227. [General] N192bn Stalls NIPP Projects
  228. [General] Yar'Adua Appoints Lukman, Babalakin, Others as Advisers
  229. [General] Yar'Adua 'll curb EFCC' excesses - A-G
  230. [General] Why Yar‘Adua must confront Obasanjo By Dele Momodu, thisdayonline, 07.12.2007
  231. [General] Homosexual Priests: Nigerian Anglicans Will Not Succumb To Pressure From The West.
  232. [General] Government insists oil majors set up refineries
  233. [General] Government establishes N1.2trn N/Delta power firm
  234. [General] Obituary: Evan Enwerem
  235. [General] Evan Enwerem is Dead
  236. [Article] Fela: 10 years on: An Audio Visual Tribute
  237. [General] THE NEWS ON SAM EGWU By Patrick Nwankwo, Ph. D
  238. [General] The Billions Egwu Stole By Ademola Adegbamigbe & Michael Mukwuzi
  239. [General] Ibeto- Yar'Adua One Big Mistake
  240. [General] oil palm plantation - 3 million investment to yield 9 billion
  241. [General] Village Responsibility - Calling Jah-Guda to Order!
  242. [General] Artic 'Gold' Rush
  243. [General] Political Dynamics Affecting the Business Climate in Nigeria
  244. [General] A Register of Nigerians in the US!
  245. [General] Bid to recover Mississippi bodies
  246. [General] Nnamani had killer squad – EFCC
  247. [General] Kalu regains freedom, Nnamani knows fate today
  248. [General] Nigerians may pay more taxes - As FIRS plans annual review of taxes
  249. [General] FG sets up committee on excess crude revenue
  250. [General] Why is Goodluck always Smiling?