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  1. [General] Una don see this house b4?
  2. [General] The Sultan Of Sokoto Roadmap Toward Religious Harmony In Nigeria
  3. [General] Another Lie:Delta State can become Nigeria's Singapore
  4. [General] Nigerian Senator on CNN
  5. [General] Seminars:a Misunderstood Concept
  6. [General] Nigeria: FHA, Iran to Build 30,000 Homes
  7. [General] Frantic Efforts To Pad Yar'Adua Up For Public Appearance
  8. [General] Bare-breasted virgins compete for Swaziland king
  9. [General] Rev King: from murder to sex in prison
  10. [General] We land: Is the much-awaited end finally in sight?
  11. [General] Everything ZIK reeks of poverty and neglect
  12. [General] MEND warns over Jonathan
  13. [General] Bhutto's Widower succeeds Musharaff
  14. [General] Too late, as Obj regrets selecting Yaradua-he deceived me
  15. [General] Uba, Emodi, others vow to shun Ogbulafor peace parley, and other stories
  16. [General] Women Responsible For Politicians Failure In Nigeria.
  17. [General] Yar'Adua returns
  18. [General] North Vows To Hold On To Power if Yar’Adua dies
  19. [General] Ijaw chief Bello Oboko: Note that true Jehovah's witnesses don't do mundane stuff
  20. [General] Mccain...How to Fight with Words
  21. [General] Comparisons of McCain and Obama's Convention Speeches
  22. [General] Like everything else in Nig., even our Juju fail
  23. [General] Obama:nigeria' Busy Body Class
  24. [General] Thank God For The Media
  25. [General] Yaradua
  26. [General] Niger Delta:mass Reorientation For Parents
  27. [General] American Landmark Visit to Libya
  28. [General] Anybody want $5100 a day ?
  29. [General] US Presidential Elections – What Issues?
  30. [General] How Did Lagos Become More Expensive Than L.A.?
  31. [General] Why Our Leaders Go Abroad For Treatment.(Pictures)
  32. [General] Mr ever clueless writes ''An Open Letter To Asari Dokubo''
  33. [General] Andy Uba faction shuns Ogbulafor's reconciliation meeting
  34. [General] Funny! Nigeria's big three described in dances and arts
  35. [General] Presidency Remains Uncertain On Yar'Adua's Return
  36. [Biafra] Now That Biafra Has Flopped...........
  37. [General] US lobbyist jailed for corruption
  38. [General] Oil politics and how it plays-view of a Northern Nigerian
  39. [General] Unhelpful mentality: she is our own, so we must protect her.
  40. [General] Pervasive mismanagment in Nig: see what a once-revered hospital has been turned into
  41. [General] Give us our own share of the juju billions....or else- ND youths
  42. [General] When ousted WEMA Bank boss plays god after illegal return
  43. [General] From Gambari to Idika! This Niger Delta summit ''must hold'' by all means.
  44. [General] :D Will you buy? ''Italian'' shoe made in Imo
  45. [General] Obama Background, The Film -Gods are happy with HIM!
  46. [General] Why Ethiopian Airlines and not British Airlines?
  47. [General] Ike is coming to America.
  48. [General] It hapenned in Kenya, but can any Nigerian reject state pay?
  49. [General] FBI hunts for Nigerian
  50. [Press Release] NLA to honor Dr. Olopade in NY; ICPC Chairman to deliver Keynote Address
  51. [General] Bankole allegedly reconciled with Obj to stop power probe
  52. [General] Nigerian Lawyers Association to honor Dr. Olufunmilayo F. Olopade, MD, FACP
  53. [General] Ladoja, others refunded N500m Oyo funds – EFCC
  54. [General] Why is this murderer still alife? Shouldn't he be dead and rid of by now?
  55. [General] I Poured Anointing Oil On Her Head And Private Part
  56. [General] Landlord Beats 70-Year-Old Tenant To Death, For Failing To Flush Toilet
  57. [General] The real America is in trouble. Palin's Son is rumoured to be her Grandson.
  58. [General] Man sets sister ablaze
  59. [General] Another Kind Of Militia Emerges In Portharcourt
  60. [General] Family affair: I will not give my kidney to you, except in Germany-Mrs Yaradua
  61. [General] Give Citizens Oil Money -- Gaddafi
  62. [General] Eze Igbo criticizes MASSOB, says struggle'll fizzle out
  63. [General] MEND: Nigeria's Defence Headquarters Panic, Plan Clampdown On New Media
  64. [General] Police, other security agencies move to search Ribadu, el-Rufai's homes
  65. [General] Obasanjo wasted Yoruba slot-Gani Adams
  66. [General] While you are here blabbing, Ogun Gov. appreciates Chukwumerije with 0.5M naira
  67. [General] Another one arrested
  68. [General] Is Vice President Goodluck doing his home work?
  69. [General] Dishonest politicians will drop dead this year – Cleric
  70. [General] Wreckage of missing aircraft found in C' River
  71. [General] Collect stamps to make money, Ndigbo urged
  72. [Press Release] Peaceful Protest at BA HQ UK - Sept 17th
  73. [General] Date Rape Not Always Rape - Helen Mirren
  74. [General] Northerners are poor, southerners are criminals-the equation is balanced......Ibrahim
  75. [General] I can't divorce 82 of my 86 wives, I intend to get new wives instead
  76. [General] Discuss 'If-Scenario' -Yar'adua dies in the Jungle of Saudi Arabia!
  77. [General] FG abandons N1bn hydrogen laboratory equipment
  78. [General] Why Women and Hair Attachments?
  79. [General] A Yoruba Religious Festival
  80. [General] Whither President Yar'Adua?
  81. [General] Again, another grandfather arrested with drug enroute overseas
  82. [General] The nigeria 1999 constitution is already obsolute.
  83. [General] Don't Ignore MASSOB Agitations, Ohanaeze, Afenifere Tell FG
  84. [General] China deals with two Nigerians
  85. [General] Woman abandons baby in market after buying T-shirt
  86. [General] Gaddafi 'to hand out oil money'
  87. [General] Obama enthusiasm in Africa
  88. [General] UMYA alive and well
  89. [General] Homegrown Leadership - The Only Real Solution to African Poverty
  90. [General] Obasanjo urges Nigerians to be patient with the leaders
  91. [General] Yar'Adua's Ill Health Puts Cabal In A Quandary
  92. [General] Another Xtian Pastor at Work
  93. [General] Breaking Free From Dollar Hegemony
  94. [General] Five feared dead in collapsed building in Abeokuta
  95. [General] The ''great'' Defence of Fani-Kayode
  96. [General] Yaradua's health: I want Jonathan to take over-Buari
  97. [General] Malu puts Diya on the spotlight on Abacha coup-says Diya knows the truth
  98. [General] Is Mugabe out of His Mind?
  99. [General] Kidnappers & Soldiers in Joint Venture!
  100. [General] Barely one year after OBJ, YCE official laments on FG ''marginalization''
  101. [General] Like in the West, naked dance, extremely cheap sex charactize our environment
  102. [General] 36 facts about Beijing 2008
  103. [General] Beware of the brand of car you drive in Lagos
  104. [General] Robbers kill 15 Igbo traders -Chinekem!
  105. [General] Intercontinental Bank-INTERNET CHARGE
  106. [General] Is McCain out Of His Mind?
  107. [General] Man Rapes 3 kids of Same Parents Same Day
  108. [General] The Mistreatment of Hilary Clinton
  109. [General] Today is a great day for women!!
  110. [General] MASSOB's sit-at-home flops
  111. [General] NAFEST 2008 Will Showcase Igbo Culture
  112. [General] Seven die after taking fura da nono
  113. [General] EFCC Nabs Ladoja
  114. [General] Psychology of Sophisticated Minds of Ndiigbo!
  115. [General] Iran, Nigeria Agree on Nuclear Power
  116. [General] The North and Agriculture. 35% of Land in North Now Desert
  117. [General] Iran, Nigeria Make Nuke Agreement
  118. [General] Lagos cabbie returns $2000 plus 4,000pounds
  119. [General] British Airways 419!
  120. [General] Gunmen kill UNIBEN's Deputy Registrar, student
  121. [General] ‘Why HIV/AIDS prevalence is high in Enugu'
  122. [General] Segun Oni (pdp) Wins Round 1 In Ekiti Battle
  123. [General] Nigerian system can't produce an Obama - Carrington
  124. [General] Zik's Son Lives in Penury.
  125. [General] Yaradua' sons photos with gun and currency wad cause security stir in Aso Rock
  126. [General] Soludo must apologise to the North.... Or else
  127. [General] A Fair Point?
  128. [General] As SGBN ressurects, I hope I can recover my money ''eaten up'' by the Sarakis
  129. [General] EFCC Wants LGs To Account For N3.313tn
  130. [General] 80 Million Nigerians Are Poor - Minister
  131. [General] S'East warns govt over imbalances in polity
  132. [General] Breaking News...!! Breaking News...!!!
  133. [General] North-East tops corruption list, says ICPC
  134. [General] Obama escapes assasination plot
  135. [General] My son lost Olympics gold to racism, says Chukwumerije
  136. [General] 3-Year Jail for Owners of Uninsured Buildings
  137. [General] Gambarai exits Myanmar, allegedly as a failed intercessor
  138. [General] The President is about to Quench!
  139. [General] Eleyinmi is dead?
  140. [General] Kenyans Are Outraged By Plans To Pay Rulers Wives Hefty Salaries
  141. [General] Yar'Adua, Obasanjo Not On Speaking Terms – Investigation
  142. [General] EFCC report on corrupt govs missing
  143. [General] One Africa?
  144. [General] Muslim group declares Holy War on Lagos govt
  145. [General] Royal father spends N.72m on VIAGRA -lol!
  146. [General] God is keeping Nigeria together - Jibril Aminu
  147. [General] Africa my Africa, who will emancipate the mind?
  148. [General] What If A Nigerian Was Totured Like This Abroad?
  149. [General] Jail the 419 Victims
  150. [General] Many of us should be put in a lion's den for misplaced priorities. An e.g. is Ndidi
  151. [General] NDLEA Cheftain asks-are Nigerians the only unemployed people?
  152. [General] Did former COAS believe the CDS position is for a ''chosen'' people?
  153. [General] Joe Biden: A Plus or Minus for Obama?
  154. [General] Soyinka, Oyinlola in war of words
  155. [General] Cross River guber re-run, Imoke on his way to Victory
  156. [General] Burglar caught upside down
  157. [General] 69-yr-old allegedly nabbed with cocaine at airport
  158. [General] Bakassi Nigerians promised safety
  159. [General] Okereke-Onyiuke must return N100m donation
  160. [General] Is John McCain Eligible To Contest For US President?
  161. [General] Its not all bad news, afterall: one of the 90% bad eggs down
  162. [General] Only in Nigeria 2: Siemens is back with a bang
  163. [General] Swazi anger at royal wives' trip
  164. [General] Only in Nigeria: Criticise Yaradua and get the boot
  165. [General] Female Kidnappers!!!
  166. [General] Militant youths kidnap OSOPADEC chairman!
  167. [General] Toll Gates are coming back, Again !!!
  168. [General] Nigeria: Juju Scam - Yar'Adua Orders Probe of NDDC Boss
  169. [General] 14,000MW Possible in 3 Years in Nigeria..?
  170. [General] Atheists In UK Government
  171. [General] El-rufai - Nigerian Idol
  172. [General] Where is Son of Delta
  173. [General] SON nabs fake cement production suspect
  174. [General] Chief of Army Staff
  175. [General] Obama: Nigeria's Busy Body Class
  176. [General] We are so fake that even our ''mad'' women are fake
  177. [General] We are significantly dishonorable people
  178. [General] Oh my God! Fatwa on muslim man with 80 wives
  179. [General] Gas must be processed in producing areas-Chairman of National Gas Master plan
  180. [General] Ojukwu helps to avert an uncivilized bloodbath in Onitsha
  181. [General] Mwanawasa's death
  182. [General] PDP Uncovers Plans To Invade Nigeria
  183. [General] Yar'Adua Names New Defence, Service Chiefs
  184. [General] EFCC Arrests Ndi Okereke-Onyiuke !!!
  185. [General] Osun: 10 injured as Muslims, masquerade clash
  186. [General] Military Chiefs Fired! UMYA Nervous . . .
  187. [General] Obama's 'lost' brother found in Kenya
  188. [General] Lagos to join league of oil producing states
  189. [General] Nigeria has $50bn in Foreign Currency, Gold Reserves - CIA
  190. [General] We're Answerable To Tinubu – Majority Leader
  191. [General] Surprise as Uba brother is jailed in Abuja
  192. [General] Germany to aid Nigeria with Electricity
  193. [General] British Airways – a Customer Care nightmare for Nigerians
  194. [General] Salary Increase For Legislators To Be Extended To Civil Servants
  195. [General] NigerDelta takes control of Land -Uwazuruike!
  196. [General] Is any region a true respecter of the ''Federal Character'' principle?
  197. [General] Nigeria Now ‘Frontier Emerging Market', Says IMF
  198. [General] Huge Salaries, Incentives Dangerous To Banking Industry-NDIC
  199. [General] NVS Lobby Group; A possibility?
  200. [General] I will revenge- Ateke Tom
  201. [General] Uduaghan's office burgled 9million stolen
  202. [General] British immigrations stripped us Naked- Nigerian Women
  203. [General] Obama disowns Okereke-Onyiuke!
  204. [General] Robbers raid Yar'Adua's Home
  205. [General] N1.4bn found in judges' secret account
  206. [General] Our governors are parasites-Niger Delta youths
  207. [General] Middle aged woman Raped to death!!!
  208. [General] Is Dawkins Deluded?
  209. [General] Senator builds 1 billion Naira mansion
  210. [General] Chief Clark opposed Gas-Pipe Line to Lagos!
  211. [General] A nigerian becomes an ambassador in the Vatican
  212. [General] 2nd 'Thisday' Journalist Slain
  213. [General] Virgin Atlantic Limited To Divest in VNA
  214. [General] Police, SSS Begin Fresh Plot Against Ribadu, Others
  215. [General] Fashola's Office Burgled, N4m Stolen
  216. [General] Billions billions everywhere ....
  217. [General] Sharia force targets sex workers -retarded Nigeria!
  218. [General] Cardinal Arinze lauds pace of devt in Anambra
  219. [General] Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf resigns
  220. [General] How To Regain Bakassi From Cameroon -Lawyer
  221. [General] am not a Nigerian-Asari Dokubo
  222. [General] MEND, Julius Berger, Hostages And Ransom
  223. [General] If you live in Europe or canada.....
  224. [General] Clay-footed giant, Nigeria, is being pummeled from front and back by tinier neighbour
  225. [General] US-based Nigerian expert rots in Nigerian Prison
  226. [General] At Last Sokoto moves to stop Alamajirism. Will other northern states follow up?
  227. [General] Animal Farm called Nigeria -useless Entity!
  228. [General] Little devils:6 boys, aged 11-14, rape 11-yr-old girl in graveyard
  229. [General] Robbers Invade Police, Military Barracks In Lagos
  230. [General] Student Dumps baby in Soak away minutes after giving birth
  231. [General] The Abortion Business in Nigeria
  232. [General] FG Approves New Refineries in Lagos, Eket
  233. [General] MASSOB orders Ndigbo to stay at home August 28
  234. [General] Nigerian Doctors are incompetent -Obasanjo!
  235. [General] How illegal gun factory was discovered in Enugu
  236. [General] Pastor from hell rapes girl to death inside the church
  237. [General] Oil Bunkerers Escape From Prison
  238. [General] OIL well communal clash in Imo
  239. [General] Where are RAS KIMONO and MAJEK FASHEK???
  240. [General] The Down Side of The American Dream
  241. [General] Most brilliant jambite is an armed robber?
  242. [General] China products to be banned in Nigeria -that's good!
  243. [General] Nigerian men kill their wives in America, Nigerian woman kills her husband in Nigeria
  244. [General] American press believes in juju, suspicious of Nigeria's victory
  245. [General] A northern advocation for easterners
  246. [General] Soludo and voodoonomics
  247. [General] Nigeria Turns Over Disputed Territory
  248. [General] Making a computer that works like the brain
  249. [General] No pension for Gowon,IBB,others
  250. [General] Okonkwo moves to tackle erosion in Anambra