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  1. [General] Ibori UK Assets Frozen! ; Not Frozen!
  2. [General] Empowered Newswire, a US-based Nigerian news agency
  3. [General] Idi Amin's Son Jailed in UK
  4. [General] Jefferson wins agaist office raid
  5. [General] Leave Oprah Alone!!!
  6. [General] How David Mark marked the benchmark
  7. [General] Nigeria Is Two Religion Nation
  8. [General] Africa: the next chapter
  9. [General] N192bn Stalls NIPP Projects
  10. [General] Yar'Adua Appoints Lukman, Babalakin, Others as Advisers
  11. [General] Yar'Adua 'll curb EFCC' excesses - A-G
  12. [General] Why Yar‘Adua must confront Obasanjo By Dele Momodu, thisdayonline, 07.12.2007
  13. [General] Homosexual Priests: Nigerian Anglicans Will Not Succumb To Pressure From The West.
  14. [General] Government insists oil majors set up refineries
  15. [General] Government establishes N1.2trn N/Delta power firm
  16. [General] Obituary: Evan Enwerem
  17. [General] Evan Enwerem is Dead
  18. [Article] Fela: 10 years on: An Audio Visual Tribute
  19. [General] THE NEWS ON SAM EGWU By Patrick Nwankwo, Ph. D
  20. [General] The Billions Egwu Stole By Ademola Adegbamigbe & Michael Mukwuzi
  21. [General] Ibeto- Yar'Adua One Big Mistake
  22. [General] oil palm plantation - 3 million investment to yield 9 billion
  23. [General] Village Responsibility - Calling Jah-Guda to Order!
  24. [General] Artic 'Gold' Rush
  25. [General] Political Dynamics Affecting the Business Climate in Nigeria
  26. [General] A Register of Nigerians in the US!
  27. [General] Bid to recover Mississippi bodies
  28. [General] Nnamani had killer squad – EFCC
  29. [General] Kalu regains freedom, Nnamani knows fate today
  30. [General] Nigerians may pay more taxes - As FIRS plans annual review of taxes
  31. [General] FG sets up committee on excess crude revenue
  32. [General] Why is Goodluck always Smiling?
  33. [General] Catch 'Em Young...
  34. [General] Tittle-Crazy Nigerians
  35. [General] AT LAST: Nigeria to scrap religious pilgrimage subsidies
  36. [General] A Giant's Protracted Trauma
  37. [General] Whatever happened to...
  38. [General] Interview With Chen Shui-bian, President of Taiwan
  39. [General] FOOL'S GOLD By Stephan Faris
  40. [General] How Britain rigged independence elections
  41. [General] Why Africa Fears Western Medicine
  42. [General] World Bank team knocks Obasanjo's tenure
  43. [General] Etteh Vows Amendment to Rape Laws
  44. [General] UN Backs New Darfur Peace Force
  45. [General] The Deadly Virus of Celebrity Christianity by Lee Grady
  46. [General] Africa: FG Shifts Foreign Policy Focus to Citizens
  47. [General] Our Cause Gone Wrong
  48. [General] Obasanjo and the Moral Capital
  49. [General] Mental Maturity: I Salute Some NVS Free-Thinkers
  50. [General] University of Nigeria?
  51. [General] ICPC: 26 ex-govs for fresh trial - One serving gov too
  52. [General] Religion and Society in Nigeria
  53. [General] We are ignorant about energy sector –Ministers
  54. [General] Nigerians want Jobs, Water, Power...Gallup/NOI Polls
  55. [General] Nigerians Prefer Unity and Democracy Gallup/NOI Polls
  56. [General] Nigerians Sympathetic to Niger Delta - Gallop/NOI Polls
  57. [General] A Randy Professor's Fall!
  58. [General] Human Genes In Rice
  59. [General] Jimoh Ibrahim fires Atomic Bomb on refinery sale mess
  60. [General] US Seeks Translators Of Nigerian Languages
  61. [General] The Rotten Side of the Golden Fleece
  62. [General] Nigerian skimpy dressers arrested
  63. [General] Construction of One Man Helicopter and Go-Cart
  64. [General] EFCC has no right to prosecute Ex-Govs - SANs
  65. [General] How to Tell Who is a Nigerian
  66. [General] A Blow Against Impunity
  67. [General] Islamisation aa a threat....
  68. [General] Court-Kalu: Breaking News.
  69. [General] OBJ To Apologize for Zakim Bia?
  70. [General] Open Letter to President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua [Energy]
  71. [General] Former Governors in ‘Plea Bargain' with EFCC
  72. [General] Oprah Winfrey got it wrong
  73. [General] Yar'dua to Head Petroleum Ministry
  74. [General] Ministers Sworn-In: The List
  75. [General] Gov Diepriye Alamieyeseigha Bags 2 Years Imprisonment
  76. [General] Student (Olutosin Oduwole) threatened 'murderous rampage,' similiar to Virginia Tech
  77. [General] African mentality
  78. [General] Obi rejects land allocation
  79. [General] EFCC Invites Achike Udenwa over N36 billion LG Funds
  80. [General] Where is Wayoguy????
  81. [General] A New NVS Project: 40 Officials Who Must Declare Assets
  82. [General] Ideologies and economic systems: the left and the right
  83. [General] Your murderer is my hero
  84. [General] Playing draft with Nigeria
  85. [General] Presidency Queries Borisade Over N6.5b Loan
  86. [General] Boxer Oyebola Shot Over Club Smoking Row
  87. [General] Can Nigeria do this for her citizens ?
  88. [General] Uwaifo, ex-jurist, faults verdict on Obi
  89. [General] Obj's crumbling house of cards Part 2
  90. [General] DNC Debate: Is Obama really ready?
  91. [Press Release] Chibo Onyeji Wins the 2nd Olaudah Equiano Prize for Fiction
  92. [General] Where is "I Love Nigeria" Paul Adujie?
  93. [General] pop ups on SAHARAREPORTERS - NSFW
  94. [General] Nnewi Traders Plan Group Suicide..Nawa!
  95. [General] Africa, Offline: Waiting for the Web
  96. [General] Is Nigerian Soul still Black Soul?
  97. [General] Ahmadinejobless
  98. [General] Yar'Adua Orders Immediate Release of N10.8 billion Lagos L.G. Funds
  99. [General] Ndigbo to pay N100 each for Onitsha-Owerri road
  100. [General] From the Northern Eyes!
  101. [General] When will the real Christians stand up?
  102. [General] "Nigerian Optimism"
  103. [General] Senate Sends FOI Bill To Yar'Adua
  104. [General] Obj's crumbling house of cards Part 1
  105. [General] Re: If Nigerians Are Grateful People They Will Appreciate Obasanjo's Achievements
  106. [General] Are You 4 Real Or Just Faking It?
  107. [General] Murder So Brutal
  108. [General] FG Re-opens Ibeto Cement In Port Harcourt
  109. [General] Bakassi: Nigeria not ready for a face-off with Cameroun'
  110. [General] ‘Nigeria not ready for a face-off with Cameroun'
  111. [General] 'Jailbird Governors'
  112. [General] Yar'Adua, Ogiemwonyi Jostle For Kupolokun's Job
  113. [General] India's First Female!
  114. [General] What will you do if you were asked to rule/lead the Nation Nigeria for just 24hrs
  115. [General] EFCC to prosecute 12 Governors including the presidents' allies.
  116. [General] Appeals Court rules on Rivers State Governorship Tussle
  117. [General] Ekitis Have Gone Mad Again!
  118. [Press Release] Press Release: Iroko Productions LLC Announces Shortlisted Candidates for 2nd Olaudah
  119. [Article] Special reminder to authors: Quality of articles on NVS.
  120. [General] The False "Rapture" at OAU
  121. [General] Nigeria demands compensation and apology from Austria
  122. [General] Dollar Salaries: Ordered to Refund!
  123. [General] Atiku's Petition: Yar'Adua Ordered to File Defence
  124. [General] Osuofia Arrested for 419 ???
  125. [General] Nigeria to host Africa's largest satellite TV
  126. [General] Dangote, Otedola Pull Out of PH Refinery
  127. [General] Colo-Menta: Sunnis and shi'ttes clash in Sokoto
  128. [General] Alamieyeseigha,ex-Bayelsa gov, deported from Dubai
  129. [General] Chinese [employers] And the Abuse of Nigerians
  130. [General] Lucky Igbinedon and Obong Attah flee.
  131. [General] Peter Obi's Giant Strides in Anambra
  132. [General] UMYA, Do not interfere with Due Process
  133. [General] Colo-Menta: US, UK to send observers to Kalu’s trial
  134. [General] Cracking down on Nigeria's 'pleasure island'
  135. [General] Only $8.8b of Nigeria's $43.6b reserves for spending
  136. [General] Spain apologises over Akpitanyi's death
  137. [General] Africa's Oil and Gas Sector: Implications for U.S. Policy
  138. [General] Letter from "President" Yar'Adua
  139. [General] Stop Trying To 'Save' Africa
  140. [General] Waxing Stronger
  141. [General] University of Nigeria
  142. [General] Adedibu is Dying!!
  143. [General] Ex-gov Turaki's N30b used to finance third term project
  144. [General] Can Clever Billionaires Help Africa?
  145. [General] Financial Times has released its NIGERIA 2007 Report [MUST READ!!!!]
  146. [General] US grants 3 Nigerian airlines right to airspace
  147. [General] ICPC arraigns 2 for offering bribe to Ribadu
  148. [General] Daniel declares N4.46bn assets
  149. [General] Ojukwu collapses in church
  150. [General] EFCC: How Kalu Stole N3bn
  151. [General] Life Shrinks for a Former Liberian Leader Now on Trial
  152. [General] To Die for Nigeria?
  153. [General] I Love Lagos more than New York!
  154. [General] What Heart Of Africa Is This?
  155. [General] Chris Okigbo, great friend of Wole Soyinka
  156. [General] Militants lay down arms, beg for forgiveness
  157. [General] Nnamani in Hospital, Arrested By EFCC
  158. [General] .. Mohammed D. Abubakar: Back To Lagos With Okiro's Crime-fighting Spirit
  159. [General] Decongesting Nigeria's Ports To Attract More International Trade
  160. [General] Militants lay down arms, beg for forgiveness
  161. [General] Kidnappers abduct in Onitsha....
  162. [General] everything for allah- usman dan fodio
  163. [General] everything for god - Samuel Adjai Crowther
  164. [General] everything for independence and freedom - Herbert Macaulay
  165. [General] everything for independence and freedom - nnamdi azikiwe
  166. [General] before unmanageable rot set in - ahmadu bello
  167. [General] everything for democracy - mko abiola
  168. [General] before unmanageable rot set in - dr michael iheonukara okpara
  169. [General] unmanageable rot set in dr michael iheonukara okpara
  170. [General] before unmanageable rot set in - aminu kano
  171. [General] before unmanageable rot set in - adegoke adelabu
  172. [General] before colonial mentality set in - King Jaja of Opobo
  173. [General] The Basis of African Socialism - Nyerere
  174. [General] African Socialism Revisited - kwame nkrumah
  175. [General] Why Andy Uba had to go, by Supreme Court
  176. [General] Do It Yourself Solar Cells
  177. [General] Conversation With Wole Soyinka
  178. [General] "Muslim heads stuck firmly in the sand"
  179. [General] Governors Charged
  180. [General] 2 Nigerian ex-governors charged
  181. [General] BBC report on Osamuyia
  182. [General] Re - Ugochukwu - the Crash of Illusion (2)
  183. [General] Does anyone remember this event?.
  184. [General] Is This The End of Colonial Mentality?
  185. [General] FG protests maltreatment of Nigerians abroad
  186. [General] U.S. may boost presence in Northern Nigeria
  187. [General] Hungry bellempty
  188. [General] Survey: NIDO Land Scam
  189. [General] Bode Augusto confirmed
  190. [General] Igbo Woman becomes Nigeria's First Female Head of Service
  191. [General] Two-year-old Child Seized in Nigeria
  192. [General] Obasanjo worth N180 billion
  193. [General] CNN Sacks Producer Over Nigerian Leader!
  194. [General] Ransoms Fuel Fuel Surge in Nigeria Kidnapping
  195. [General] Let Ndiigbo celebrate Mike Okiro's appointment
  196. [General] Open Letter to President Yar ‘Adua : Electrical Emergency Plan
  197. [General] Adeniyi in Action?
  198. [General] Sale of refineries: Senate tackles BPE
  199. [General] VAT: Senators, FIRS disagree on legality of increase
  200. [General] Anenih Blasts OBJ !!!!
  201. [General] Kidnapped but Miraculously Saved !!!
  202. [Press Release] Actionaid Hunger free campaign in Nigeria
  203. [General] T. Wayas Guilty!
  204. [General] Orji Uzo Kalu Arrested!
  205. [General] $8 Investment in power generation $192million in power distribution - *****ic?
  206. [General] Financial Times Interview transcript: President Umaru Yar'Adua [MUST READ]
  207. [General] Falana to sue Spain & Iberia Airline
  208. [General] NaijaFest 2007 in Maryland, USA
  209. [General] REPLY: "The richest black person in the world" The Dangote Interview
  210. [General] The Pope says non-catholics are not equipped to go to heaven.
  211. [General] China executes corrupt official over $850,000 bribe
  212. [General] Brazil's African Roots
  213. [General] You Can't Arrest Fayose, Court Tells IGP, SSS
  214. [General] Revealed: The stench At Nddc
  215. [General] Keeping Sub Standard And Carcinogenic Chinese Exports Out Of Nigeria
  216. [General] Nigeria: 2 More Foreigners Kidnapped
  217. [General] Sani, Former Zamfara Gov Declares Assets
  218. [General] Court Orders N4.8bn Compensation for Invasion of Zaki Biam
  219. [General] About Energy
  220. [General] The Misadventures Of A Golden Governor ....
  221. [General] Hurdles we scaled to buy refineries, by Dangote•
  222. [General] David Mark and June 12
  223. [General] "Be" Rest Assured that My Girlfriend Slapped Me
  224. [General] Is America Ready for Black or Woman President?
  225. [General] Senate probes N1trn spent on roads
  226. [General] Loan Changes in Brazil Motivate New Buyers and Home Building
  227. [General] OBASANJO, ETETE AND DANJUMA:A Tale Of Two Oil Blocks
  228. [Biafra] Biafra's 40th
  229. [General] Price of machetes drops in Nigeria after elections
  230. [General] list of ministers
  231. [General] Full list of Ministerial Nominees
  232. [General] Three-year-old Child Seized in Nigeria
  233. [General] "Laid-Back Prez"
  234. [General] The power of mediocrity in Bayelsa State
  235. [General] Don't steal your people 's money - Yar'Adua
  236. [General] Lagos, Bayelsa, Rivers may be submerged in 50 years
  237. [General] Senate Gets Ministerial List
  238. [General] UI Dress Code
  239. [General] Black Nooses Hanging from the "White" Tree
  240. [General] "Ali's Apostasy"
  241. [General] Atiku Speaks
  242. [General] Echoes From The Jungle! Gun Battle At Ladoja's House
  243. [General] Yar'Adua: The war on corruption has just begun
  244. [General] there is a new ethnicity and marginalisation in the NVS
  245. [General] Fayose May Return To Nigeria This Month
  246. [General] Why a government of national solidarity will soon emerge
  247. [General] Lobby Monny
  248. [General] "Axis of Unity"
  249. [General] Expiration of Truce
  250. [General] PRONACO sues Yar'Adua - Wahala dey for Town!