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  1. [General] Nigerian Distressed Assets...my solution
  2. [General] Fire on the Mountain - Ogun State Politics
  3. [General] Nigeria's infamous hospital murders: An unforgettable experience
  4. [General] How to kill a baby: Techniques from the Nigerian Police Handbook
  5. [General] Stashing Looted Funds In Swiss Banks Is Vanity— Jonathan
  6. [General] El-rufai accuses northerners of always wanting to be spoon-fed
  7. [General] Why We Don't Condemn Our Pirates- Somalia (HuffingtonPost)
  8. [General] Obituary: Pastor Kumuyi loses Wife
  9. [General] EFCC removes Ibori from list of ex-governors on trial
  10. [General] South Africans vow to sack Nigerian Pentecostal church
  11. [General] TINAPA live on video!!!!
  12. [General] Abraham Mpaka's book.
  13. [General] Can evil be eradicated with evil?
  14. [General] Rap sheet of the beast
  15. [General] Evangelist locks up daughters for 15 years in Ogun
  16. [General] Gombe Youths Drink Lizard Excreta As Intoxicant
  17. [General] 1,000 people killed in Niger Delta -O'Lord!
  18. [General] AC condemns PDP's plan to use MEND to rig 2011 polls
  19. [General] Starting From Scratch
  20. [General] Shock at Burundi Anti-corruption Champion death
  21. [General] Obama Bows to Saudi King
  22. [General] Understanding the Global Financial Crisis- Story of Tamedu & his Foo-Foo Isiewu Comp.
  23. [General] Yom Kippur is the Passover.
  24. [Press Release] Consciense Clause!
  25. [General] Chuka Umunna, The British Obama in making?
  26. [General] EFCC, police prosecute operators of illegal varsities
  27. [General] Pat Utomi - Leadership and Culture in Nigeria
  28. [General] Igbo soldiers plotted coup from independence day - Ejoor
  29. [General] The Sarah Palin Show
  30. [General] Here comes the rainy season
  31. [General] Effect of economic meltdown on Yahoo boys
  32. [General] 419 Inc.
  33. [General] The Decline And Fall Of Christian aMerica!
  34. [General] Learning Disabilities in Nigeria
  35. [General] Power Probe Report thrown out
  36. [General] Ghana ex-leader cars repossessed
  37. [General] Chief Forrest Whitaker and Chief Danny Glover
  38. [General] Nigeria: Six South-South Governors Host Economic Summit
  39. [General] Obama's Islamic strategy!
  40. [General] Govt dismisses U.S. terror alert on Lagos
  41. [General] Whites Only
  42. [General] Shocker: ICPC Clears Lawmaker of Forgery -lol!
  43. [General] Who we are...
  44. [General] Great Ala-Igbo Nation is Real -Igbo Group Sets Up Supreme Council
  45. [General] America's 'First Shrink'
  46. [General] Mugabe strikes again?
  47. [General] Despite hardship, Nigerians are happy People – German couple
  48. [General] DIYA: I Did Not Know Abacha Was Stealing
  49. [General] Tenure Extension: Yar'Adua Says No To Okiro
  50. [General] EKITI: Countdown to April 25
  51. [General] Breaking News....killing spree in Nigeria!
  52. [General] Kenny Martins wanted by Police...have you seen him?
  53. [General] The Current Mess.
  54. [General] Mariam Babangida Visits Detained Ex-commissioner
  55. [General] Family in legal battle to stop 2 brothers from being adopted by gay couple
  56. [General] Houses everywhere, no occupants: As rent skyrockets across Nigeria
  57. [General] Time For Lewis Hamilton To Move On?
  58. [General] Nigerians Abroad(in Maryland) Going down for Mortgage Fraud!
  59. [General] Group says yar'adua's visit to ekiti is a cover-up to perfect rigging
  60. [General] Did the British teach us how to rig elections? & why they never wanted Awolowo
  61. [General] Madonna's Malawi Adoption Is 'Denied'
  62. [General] Sabon Gari in Kano faces Hisbah's Attack
  63. [General] G20: Yar'Adua Regrets Exclusion
  64. [General] My father was a governor, but I'm dying of poverty
  65. [General] Christian-Muslim Episcopal Minister, Ann Holmes Redding defrocked!
  66. [General] 419ers Killed at NFL Football Player's House
  67. [General] Nigeria records first all-female crew flight
  68. [General] Man, 29, rapes, infects 8-yr-old girl with HIV
  69. [General] Re-The Redeemed Church acquires N4bn Jet - the true story
  70. [General] Re-branding Price-Tag: N130m
  71. [General] London's Obama Fever
  72. [General] NSE: Worst in the World
  73. [General] Obama taxes smokers (50 million aMericans) ~$300/year
  74. [General] Yar'Adua's son-in-law may emerge as CBN gov
  75. [General] Sahara Reporters on Chukwuma Soludo
  76. [General] 2 Questions
  77. [General] G20 Protests-London is boiling
  78. [General] The Ugly faces of Haliburton bribe Takers
  79. [General] Yaradua names state university after self
  80. [General] Breaking The Curse!
  81. [General] 2 slain at NY apartment of NFL player.
  82. [General] Migrants: Hundreds Feared Drowned off Libya
  83. [General] Re-branding Nigeria; Akunyili on Ngozi Iweala's Path. Our Women Are Smarter!
  84. [General] Yet another tribe discovered in Nigeria
  85. [General] Suspended for talking about God
  86. [General] Nigerian Senator Disowns AA DAughter?
  87. [General] I think gadhafi is on drugs...
  88. [General] Ogun Gov Gbenga Daniel `TA KU'
  89. [General] OSUN: Court Favors AC
  90. [General] Two Killings: Man killed in Dorchester/ Man decapitates family in Boston
  91. [General] Nigeria's Crude Oil Earnings Crash by 50%
  92. [General] Electric power and power game in nigeria
  93. [General] Claiming Expenses for Porn!!!!!
  94. [General] Nigerians abroad our worst enemy
  95. [General] Nigeria's Electoral Reform White Paper; Ruling Party's Recommendations.
  96. [General] aMericans read the Dow (Bad economy), and go for vasectomies. What a race!
  97. [General] Nigeria v Mozambique: live stream. just started
  98. [General] So this is the guy who steals the bags! U don't know how much I hate him
  99. [General] The Halliburton bribe takers
  100. [General] Custom's officer throws wife from 3-storey building
  101. [General] Managing The Global Economic Meltdown
  102. [General] Dangote vs Otedola: Battle of two billionaires
  103. [General] Immigrants in UK to pay Migrants Tax
  104. [General] A state policy of 'Niceness';a nastiness that's destroying Britain.
  105. [General] Great Betrayal - Man Infects Wife With Aids
  106. [General] Is it true - That Malaria existed in the West?
  107. [General] You are a TWAT! yes. For Twat!
  108. [General] Ex-Generals & Illegal Bunkering.
  109. [Press Release] Collection of 5m signatures for reappointment of cbn governor
  110. [Press Release] Earth Hour Tomorrow!
  111. [General] More Nigerians seek asylum in Europe, others
  112. [General] Supreme Court orders fresh trial of Yar' Adua's election
  113. [General] They Want To Smear My Name
  114. [General] Between Uche Nworah and Yar Adua's expectations!
  115. [General] Has Iwu pulled the wool over our eyes?
  116. [General] Nigeria's computer whiz kids
  117. [General] Man jailed for sex with car wash vacuum.
  118. [General] 'White, blue-eyed bankers have brought world economy to its knees'
  119. [General] Aka-Ikenga demands extension of Soludo’s tenure
  120. [General] People respect lawyers, so i have to pose as one
  121. [General] Nigerian Lady dies in desert giving birth whilst trying to get to Europe !!!
  122. [General] The White House is Open for Questions
  123. [General] Chinua Achebe's homecoming
  124. [General] 3 Die As Building Collapses In Lagos
  125. [General] The Right To Die : Are You For Or Against Euthanasia?
  126. [General] Venezuela's Chavez Calls Obama "Ignorant"
  127. [General] Students paralyse activities at UI
  128. [General] MutaBaruka- 'Dis Poem'.
  129. [General] Nigerian South-eastern City To Witness Presentation Of Poetry Book
  130. [General] Re-branding Akunyili
  131. [General] Fashola Tasks Kumuyi, other religious leaders to preach against corruption
  132. [General] Soyinka, Obasanjo, Buhari, Abacha, Marwa Are Not Nigerians
  133. [General] OBJ's "Bundle of Testimonies"
  134. [General] American Religion Identity Survey
  135. [General] Dutch to return Ghana king's head !!!
  136. [Biafra] NVS, Uwazuruike And Biafran Censorship
  137. [General] Beko Ransome-Kuti
  138. [General] Understanding the Fashola Phenomenon
  139. [General] I'll Always Like To Be Nigerian -Ojukwu
  140. [General] Oakland: 4 Cops Shot!
  141. [General] Obasanjo on Aljazeera TV
  142. [General] Igbos have been converting to Islam since 1900s
  143. [General] Islamic Cleric Uses Almajiris' Sperms For Spiritual Powers
  144. [General] Google London Streets/British Cities
  145. [General] Even the heavens wept
  146. [General] Obasanjo pelted with Eggs and Tomatoes in London
  147. [General] Obasanjo on Stephen Sackur's BBC HARDTALK
  148. [General] Obama sends Greeting message to Iran on Iranian New year!
  149. [General] Japanese Suicide Forest
  150. [General] Obama on Jay Leno!
  151. [General] Generator importers frustrating power projects – FG..Who Will Bail da Cat
  152. [General] Bomb-blast: Army top shots, experts visit scene of incident
  153. [General] Fayemi Loses Dad
  154. [General] Bus Stop Parliament: The Fashola in-disguise story
  155. [General] ‘Nanny state' Britain is killing common sense
  156. [General] Nigerian carrying 87 kg marijuana detained in Beijing
  157. [General] African Tribalists, European Nationalists, and the quest for new States in Africa
  158. [General] Meningtitis and Lassa fever in Lagos!
  159. [General] Investigate the scams at the Nigerian Embassy in US(News Release By Afenifere)
  160. [General] Three-quarters of Britons want to see jobless immigrants forced to leave UK
  161. [General] Expatriates take over sacked expendable Nigerian workers' jobs in Shell
  162. [General] African albinos' fear of butchery by witchdoctors
  163. [General] 419: Unilag student bags 19-year jail term
  164. [General] Nigerian Evangelical Pastor, Sunday Adelaja, Charged With Fraud In Ukraine!
  165. [General] How poverty stricken is your state of origin?
  166. [General] Yet another victim of a failed state in the killing fields of nigeria !
  167. [General] Exclusive: Lawsuit Against Saharareporters/Ambassador Rotimi, et.al.
  168. [General] Still on Money + Happiness
  169. [General] InAuspicious Poverty in God's Country, USA
  170. [General] Watch banks closely, Okonjo-Iweala warns
  171. [General] Breaking News !!!
  172. [General] "Notable Nigerians"
  173. [Biafra] Biafra: The Tragedy Of Misplaced Priorities
  174. [General] Nigerian reunion
  175. [General] Camorra Mafia massacres Nigerians in Italy as punishment for some dealing on turf
  176. [General] HIV/AIDS Rate in D.C. "Higher Than West Africa"
  177. [General] Nigerian militants gang 'rape (pregnant) women'
  178. [General] Immigration receives 65 deportees from US
  179. [General] Nigerian Petroleum Products Marketing Mafia In Imminient Showdown With Labour, Others
  180. [General] General Olusegun Obasanjo: A Monster As Statesman
  181. [General] Pakistani CJ to be Reinstated
  182. [General] Why I still look over my shoulder after leaving NAFDAC - Akunyili
  183. [General] A warning to Christians by a prophet of God
  184. [Press Release] National Council of the Democratic Alternative meets at Warri on 25 to 28 March 2009
  185. [General] Scramble for replacement of Soludo, Okiro[as Federal Character collapses ]
  186. [General] Belgian strangles Nigerian wife to death
  187. [General] Nasarawa budgets N18m for Gov's lions
  188. [General] So electric Batterys were used in ancient Baghdad(Iraq) 3000 yrs ago & bulbs in Egypt
  189. [General] Cement may not sell for N1,000 per bag again
  190. [General] Allegations of fraudulent diversion of the lions' monthly salary /Stomach Allocation
  191. [General] India Votes
  192. [General] Niger Delta: Legislators rise against insecurity
  193. [General] Femi Otedola Forbe's # 601 richest man in the world
  194. [General] BBC's Comic Relief Event
  195. [General] Switzerland eases banking secrecy
  196. [General] Police arrest three as RMAFC chiefs clash-it is all about money."
  197. [General] Nigeria spends N750bn annually on pencil import
  198. [General] Commissioners beat up Tukur -Naija has gone to the DOGs!
  199. [General] Tribute to late Emeritus Professor ADIELE AFIGBO
  200. [General] 7-yr-old boy kidnapped *3 policemen arrested
  201. [General] Nigeria On Our Minds.
  202. [General] Otedola on World's Rich List
  203. [General] Police swoop on black (Nigerian) Premiership footballer looking in jeweller's window
  204. [General] Femi Otedola joins forbes list of billionaires
  205. [General] Lagos State Law and Order (Traffic Laws and Fines)
  206. [General] Obama Deception Video!
  207. [General] Express Your Dreams: An Essay and Art contest for orphans
  208. [General] Bristol Palin & Fiancé Split
  209. [General] The trials of nuhu ribadu
  210. [General] Madoff's Day Of Reckoning Arrives
  211. [General] Nigeria's Election Umpire Plots To Retain Position
  212. [General] Waziri Speaks on Sahara Reporter's Allegations
  213. [General] Uzoma: Arogundade, Navy Has Case To Answer, Court Rules
  214. [General] Meningitis hits Adamawa, kills 3 corps members
  215. [General] Homosexuals storm National Assembly to protest move to criminalise same-sex marriage
  216. [General] Ritualists Kill 5-Year-Old Girl
  217. [General] President Retains Power To Appoint INEC Chairman
  218. [General] Why do 'Nigerians' bring Nigeria down the most?
  219. [General] Teen gunman kills 16 in German shooting spree
  220. [General] Gov.daughter did not lose money to robbers
  221. [General] Saudi court sentences 75-year-old woman to lashes
  222. [General] The coming evangelical collapse
  223. [General] Redeemed Church Acquires N4bn Aircraft
  224. [General] Poll: Technology in Nigeria
  225. [General] Why Aro must pay for their slavery activities, by UNN scholar
  226. [General] Michael Aondoaaka to Sue all The Sueables, and Pursue/Overtake
  227. [General] Gbong Gwom Jos, Pam, dies at 73
  228. [General] Meghan McCain's "Beef" with Ann Coulter
  229. [General] Gov's daughter loses $56,000, car to robbers - As police kill 3 suspected robbers in
  230. [General] Will You Send Your Child To College?
  231. [General] Pastor shot dead during service
  232. [General] Botswana's Ian Khama
  233. [General] Yar'Adua Seeks Fourteen Amendments to Land Use Act
  234. [General] Delta street lights of controversy
  235. [General] MEND no longer relevant to N/Delta struggle - Asari Dokubo
  236. [General] MEND no longer relevant to N/Delta struggle - Asari Dokubo
  237. [General] MEND no longer relevant to N/Delta struggle - Asari Dokubo
  238. [General] Hunter kills man who turned to monkey
  239. [Press Release] Join Picket Against Ex Nigerian Dictator General Olusegun Obasonjo In London
  240. [General] Rapists On Rampage in Nigeria -
  241. [General] Avian Flu Virus Sent As Vaccine!
  242. [General] Celebrate Africa
  243. [General] Dubai:1,500 foreign worker visas revoked every day
  244. [General] Tsvangirai's Wife Dead
  245. [General] Briton Wife refuses rescue
  246. [General] Author of 'The God Delusion',- 'Atheist' Richard Dawkins suggests Aliens Created Man
  247. [General] Burson-Marsteller
  248. [General] Waziri on the Wild Side
  249. [General] This man is dying...What next?
  250. [General] Celebrate Africa: Chioma and Oluchi's Good News Odyssey