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  1. [General] Kidnapping In Abia State
  2. [General] Nigerian men can't go for more than one round of sex at a time. Chei!
  3. [General] Bayelsa State Governor Removed.
  4. [General] Michelle Obama's roommate
  5. [General] Yar'Adua Ill - Flown to Germany
  6. [General] Donald Duke and the N555m Ikoyi House!
  7. [General] "Roving Bug"- The Fbi Can Hear You Even If Your Cell Phone Is Powered Off...
  8. [General] Theodore Orji of Okija reinstated as Abia Governor!
  9. [General] 2 Nigerians Beheaded in Saudi -Allah sei Dank!
  10. [General] Probe with caution, Tahir warns lawmakers
  11. [General] the nigeria gathering - the dillemma of a nigerian organisation in the north england
  12. [General] Innocent fun or Abuse of the Naira?
  13. [General] Zeitgeist-the Movie!!!
  14. [General] Sometimes, you can't say more than "Why?"
  15. [General] I am sorry for Nigeria - OBJ
  16. [General] Mugabe calls Gordon Brown "a little tiny dot (****)
  17. [General] Archbishop Criticizes Nigeria over Gays!
  18. [General] OBJ, Elrufai, Okojo Iweala and Abuja Plots
  19. [General] Appeal Court Nullifies Sokoto Guber Election
  20. [General] Another Mistreated Nigerian
  21. [General] Check This Out.
  22. [General] A dying man's last lecture
  23. [General] Breaking news; Senate clears Iyabo Obasanjo
  24. [General] Where Is Iyabo Akinlawon Obasanjo-bello?
  25. [General] Damilola Taylor's Mother Dies at 57
  26. [General] Bank reforms
  27. [General] David Mark ' 60.
  28. [General] President rejects report on oil sector reforms
  29. [General] Power Sector Probe: Separating Fiction from Facts
  30. [General] Grange and Iyabo OBJ arraigned in Court
  31. [General] Are there any decent politicians?
  32. [General] MEND Leader Okah - Clark Hits Back at FG
  33. [General] IGBO CITIES IN SCHAMBLES, Eye-Sore in Aba -Oh!Lord, Watch
  34. [General] Behold The Face Of Satanic Cops
  35. [General] Prospective medical student
  36. [General] 5th NVS aniversary and 50th Niger Delta aniversary
  37. [General] Ambassadorial postings: South Africa rejects Ahmadu Ali!
  38. [General] Kogi Election Rerun, Another Sham –– TMG
  39. [General] The Misadventures of General OBJ.
  40. [General] Once again…jailobasanjo.com
  41. [General] Jomo Gbomo Unmasked: Face of a Terrorist
  42. [General] High school Sports.
  43. [General] Politicians, Lawyers Preach Revolution
  44. [General] Misplaced priorities, unclear focus.
  45. [General] America Navy man from Nigeria.
  46. [General] Govt Revokes Sale Of Ajaokuta Steel Firm, Orders Trial Of Officials
  47. [General] Keshi Signs 2-Year Deal With Mali
  48. [General] Is this a late April fools day Joke?
  49. [General] Bamaiyi Acquitted!
  50. [General] Why Ribadu Was Removed,by France's Ex-magistrate
  51. [General] Greedy Cement Price Gougers
  52. [General] Human Parts Litter Ritualists' Den
  53. [General] "I did it"- OJ Confesses on Camera
  54. [General] Dear Obama, America Awaits You...
  55. [General] Mugabe Relinquishing Power?
  56. [General] Fani-Kayode Drags Umar to Court for Libel
  57. [General] Nigerian prisoners abroad reject serving jail terms at home
  58. [General] Missing Edo Commissioner Found Dead
  59. [General] 'God's postman' gave away Ł2m before dying in a road accident
  60. [General] Flying penguins???
  61. [General] OBJ Finally agrees he shined Moji's....
  62. [General] Jefferson case:Justices Let Stand Ruling on Illegal F.B.I. Search
  63. [General] Nigerian pilots use GSM phones to contact Control Tower
  64. [General] Dear Nigerians...This is the Reason why Your country is so Corrupt
  65. [General] Idris wins again in KOGI!!
  66. [General] Women, spiritualists, juju men, all after me -Ohakim
  67. [General] Ghandi: the immaculate racist
  68. [General] Do We Really Want Another Black President After The Events Of Deep Impact?
  69. [General] Submission Part 1- What Theo van Gogh was murdered for -Islam Again!
  70. [General] SSS Arrests Gaadi, Winner Of N41.8b Against Govt
  71. [General] Police Arrest Man With Six Decomposing Heads, Genitals
  72. [General] China To Spend $50bn On Infrastructure
  73. [General] Nigeria, S/Africa are Rising Powers –US
  74. [General] EFCC Quizzes Jimoh Ibrahim
  75. [General] Fitna:Geert Wilders' film about the Quran - CAUTION
  76. [General] David Paterson on the way out???
  77. [General] $16bn Power sector scam: Hold Obasanjo Responsible – Okonjo-Iweala
  78. [General] Obasanjo ordered waivers for power projects, says Okonjo-Iweala
  79. [General] Islam Film Posted On Web -Watch It!
  80. [General] Anambra Bans Condoms and Other Birth Control Methods
  81. [General] Dying Courses In Varsity System
  82. [General] The Time Of Developmental Politics Is Now-Dr. Nnamdi Victor Ozobia
  83. [General] Nigerian...Hot or Not?
  84. [General] EFCC Begins Probe Of Obasanjo, Others
  85. [General] Nigeria: EFCC Quizzes Grange, Aduku, Iyabo Again
  86. [General] Nigeria ( No More Oil)
  87. [General] Libyan Dictator Questions Origins Of The Bible
  88. [General] Pregnant Man Stuns Medical Profession
  89. [General] The Death of Mrs Katryn Hauwa Hoomkwap
  90. [General] Er..How much is beer in Warri?
  91. [General] Oshiomhole Shines At Anenih's Son's Wedding
  92. [General] Clinton 'Misspoke' Over Bosnia Sniper Claims
  93. [General] Who's Really Paying For Y(Our) 'Bling'?
  94. [General] Minister of Health, Deputy, Fired Over Graft!
  95. [General] Tunde Ednut shines at Nigerian Comedy Night
  96. [General] Obasanjo never wanted to marry me -Onyeka Onwenu
  97. [General] "Me! BOT chairman? The Igbo man would say tufiakwa!"IBB
  98. [General] Power: 125 containers trapped at Onne
  99. [Article] Emerging Talents: Nollywood and the future of African Cinema
  100. [General] Another Big Fraudster Caught In London -Nawa!
  101. [General] Niger Delta and the place of justice
  102. [General] Mrs Yar'Adua: The New "Godfather" of Aso Rock
  103. [General] Dis Femi Fani-Kayode Sef...
  104. [General] Soludo and the Mint
  105. [General] Even African Leaders Do it!...
  106. [General] Do You Know Who is the Governor of Your State?
  107. [General] Adams Oshiomole declared governor of Edo state
  108. [General] Argungu 419: Winner Arrested For Smuggling Dead Fish Into River
  109. [General] The Obama Blast
  110. [General] Shameless and hopeless Nigerians...
  111. [General] Obasanjo's $8.3b Rail deal unsettles Yar'Adua
  112. [General] Germany pledges Support to Israeli
  113. [General] Tinapa is a white elephant project!!!!
  114. [General] ‘Doing The Dupe' by Prof Don Dupe.
  115. [General] A more perfect union., by Barack Obama
  116. [General] To be Nigerian in Nigeria...
  117. [General] See-saw to power African schools
  118. [General] Where is Frisky?
  119. [General] Prophet of Islam's Birthday
  120. [General] Why OBJ Shined Moji's Congo (Part 149)
  121. [General] Heather Mills...$50million...A Lucky Broad
  122. [General] Amala Justice: Akala wins Round One
  123. [General] Liberia's Taylor Ordered Cannibalism, Court Told
  124. [General] No plan to withhold N242bn NDDC fund - FG
  125. [General] OPC Leader Decries Revocation Of Property By Ex- Gov Attah
  126. [General] Can we now congratulate Mr. President?
  127. [General] "You are dealing with f***ing Nigerians, you ain't dealing with normal people"
  128. [General] the prophetic breaks out
  129. [Article] Breaking News: One of Ibori`s Aircraft Missing in Flight
  130. [General] Be patient because we are not equals
  131. [General] Foreign Reserves in US Dollars; Why?
  132. [General] NIPP: Abdulsalami's Firm Got N13.2bn Contract
  133. [General] Who Really Tiffed Our Light??
  134. [General] AC asks court to void Iwu's appointment for dual nationality
  135. [General] Incalculable Loss: Professor Chike Obi April 7, 1921- March 13, 2008
  136. [General] Big Yawa in Little Singapore
  137. [General] Why Yar'Adua needs to be his own bulldog
  138. [General] Nigerian Wins Commonwealth Writers' Prize
  139. [General] Four new states.
  140. [General] U.S. report queries voting rights abuses in Nigeria
  141. [General] Obasanjo's Library Concept Deceitful – Soyinka
  142. [General] Ibori and wife london Convictions
  143. [General] NVS is damned too ethnically sensitive
  144. [General] NVS is damned too ethnically sensitive
  145. [General] After Obama Loses...
  146. [General] Nation wide blackout imminent in Nigeria
  147. [General] Obasanjo Buys Private Jet?
  148. [General] How $16bn power sector fund was looted (wasted)!
  149. [General] I'll be loyal to Yar'Adua – Ogbulafor
  150. [General] Herdsmen, natives in Benue communal clash O!Allah
  151. [General] Nigeria to earn N795b from crude oil in April
  152. [General] Fashola, Please Give Afikuyomi a job!
  153. [General] Vatican's New Sin List
  154. [General] NY Governor Linked to Prostitution Ring
  155. [Press Release] Edo Okpamakhin Worldwide Weighs in on Aikpitanhi's Case
  156. [General] Corporate Behavior and the Future of Nigerian Graduates
  157. [General] Naija Bini Comedian : Utanmwen Iragikpa
  158. [General] Nigeria comment annoys Louis Farrakhan
  159. [General] Obama Calling on You...pls Donate
  160. [Press Release] Nigeria Science Prize- call for nominations
  161. [General] Andy Ubah....governor in waiting !!!!!!!!!!
  162. [Biafra] NTA Documentary of Nigeria biafra war pt 1-10
  163. [General] My generation failed the North- T.Y. Danjuma
  164. [General] Palm Kernel Iwuruwuru
  165. [General] Ransom as a Lifeline in Port Harcourt
  166. [General] Nigerians honour Awolowo
  167. [General] 1USD=25000000Zimbabwean dollars
  168. [General] Religious justice:examples from around the world
  169. [General] Odili's "Perpetual Injuction"
  170. [General] PDP (Power!) causes power failure
  171. [General] Gbomo Gbomo charged with Treason
  172. [General] Billionaire Aliko Dangote
  173. [General] Nigerian teenager wins British parliamentary debate
  174. [General] Dangote listed in Forbes as Notable New Billionaires (ranked #334th)
  175. [General] Conspirary of Silence: The Prince & The Taliban
  176. [General] Allah allows men to use slave girls as young as 6 for sex. watch!
  177. [General] Sharia Justice: UK Style (Divorce)
  178. [General] Mohammed Ali,Tyson,Iwu Voted In Ondo State!
  179. [General] South-West, South-East control Nigeria's economy'
  180. [General] Locked in mortal cobat jihadists and zealots fight to the end
  181. [General] Sharia Justice: Zamfara Style
  182. [General] Adenike Grange summoned by Kingibe
  183. [General] That Imo State Governor convoy of death
  184. [General] The Shattering Of A Myth
  185. [General] Adenike Grange, Health Minister Arrested
  186. [General] Speaker Rejects National Assembly Clerk
  187. [General] NRC partners states on mass transit system
  188. [General] Election 2011:President Yar Adua vs IBB the Anyim connection
  189. [General] The Bountiful Harvest From Injustice
  190. [General] Yar'Adua Orders Minister's Arrest
  191. [General] Jihad vs. McWorld
  192. [General] Ribadu: I Didn't Abscond From NIPSS
  193. [General] No Expiry? FG Releases N18.6bn for Armed Forces Arrears
  194. [General] What Most You Would Like to Change In/About Naija.
  195. [General] Why is there so much more ethnic sensitivity on the internet
  196. [General] Israel warns of Gaza 'holocaust'
  197. [General] Man detained for eight years over N5,000 theft
  198. [General] Kaduna Refinery Resumes Production Today
  199. [General] Prepare for blackout for 30 days
  200. [General] 1 in 100 Americans in prison In USA
  201. [General] Jalil & The SF8
  202. [General] Jalil & The SF8
  203. [General] Kenya Rivals Sign Power-Sharing Deal
  204. [General] When you become a victim of your own success
  205. [General] Bayelsa'Capital, Yenagoa, Blind-People's City!
  206. [General] Shariarists raze church in Kano!
  207. [General] Sharia Victim Again in Kano
  208. [General] Borrowed Heroes
  209. [General] Mike Adenuga I Want To Launch 120 Television Stations,40 Nigeria Radio Station
  210. [General] First BRT Project to be Launched By LAMATA
  211. [General] What day in particular did the Uli airstrip fall?
  212. [General] Earthquake
  213. [General] One court challenge to Nigeria president dismissed
  214. [Article] Court upholds Yar`Adua electoral victory
  215. [General] Rape: Ex-Eagles star, Okpara, bags jail term
  216. [General] Can You Believe This? - KKK Endorses Obama
  217. [General] Arewa punches hard on Afenifere -LOL!
  218. [Article] Judicial Tsunami: Tribunal Sacks Abia Governor
  219. [General] Obasanjo Should Be Shot –Ojukwu
  220. [General] "Vulture Will Eat Your Corpse" - Aguiyi-ironsi's Wife To Gen. Danjuma
  221. [General] Nigeria: Kano Assembly Member Beats Colleague to Coma
  222. [General] Men also face serious sexual harassment
  223. [Biafra] Awo's Partial Thoughts on Biafra/Nigeria War
  224. [General] Female replaces Ribadu as new EFCC boss - Good riddance!
  225. [General] President Yar Adua election may be nullified by election tribunal tomorrow
  226. [General] Why were federal troops not ambushed between Ore and Benin
  227. [General] My brother, the Niger Delta militant
  228. [General] "We Are Serving A Bunch Of Thieves" - Army Officer
  229. [General] David Mark`s Election Nullified
  230. [General] Live senator Ayo Arise on http://NigeriaONE.com
  231. [General] Inside IBB'S Palatial Mansion.
  232. [General] Abati or Ndibe?
  233. [General] Politician Slams N500m Suit on S'Court Judges
  234. [General] Does Amaechi want Peace
  235. [General] Yar'Adua elevates Tribunal Chairman to Supreme Court
  236. [General] Militants, Sovereign Debts, And Nigeria 's Niger Delta Time-Bomb
  237. [General] Govt okays new mining policy
  238. [General] Nigeria made $55b from oil exports in 2007, says U.S
  239. [General] Leadership Newspaper Editorial:Kosovo's Independence
  240. [General] Reversal Of The Nitel/mtel Sale Is A Threat To Fdi
  241. [General] National Identity card.
  242. [General] North American Airlines to Discontinue International Scheduled Service to Lagos, Accr
  243. [General] Vogts Sacked
  244. [General] Name your 5 foremost Nigerian scientists
  245. [General] Yar'Adua: We Must Hit 6,000mw Next Year
  246. [General] Barack Obama: An Illuminati Agent?
  247. [General] NNPC Has Lost Focus, Says Yar'Adua
  248. [General] Appeal Court Awards Uba Victory- Anarchy Over Guber Polls
  249. [General] Pakistanis Humble Musharraf!
  250. [General] Diana inquest: Mohamed Al Fayed names names in alleged murder conspiracy