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  1. [News] Vigilante fires at Amosun's convoy!
  2. [General] The Scramble For West Africa
  3. [News] Angry youths stone Jonathan's convoy in Yola
  4. [General] AIT Accused Buhari's Supporters Of Falsifying Online Poll
  5. [General] Economics and development
  6. [General] Fayose urges APC to allow Buhari go treat his medical condition
  7. [General] Afenifere endorses Jonathan!
  8. [Boko Haram] Soldiers mistakenly open fire on Governor's convoy
  9. [News] Fayose owes Ekiti civil servants N7.5bn
  10. [Press Release] PRESS RELEASE: Nigerians in United Kingdom Endorse Buhari for President
  11. [Politics] Incoherence, incomprehension, colomentality, all in one place, all by one man
  12. [Press Release] Communique from Roundtable on Boko Haram at Carleton University, Ottawa
  13. [News] Thousands of APC Members Defect to PDP in Niger, Kebbi
  14. [Politics] Ijaw warlords promise to wage war if nigerians vote against jonathan
  15. [Politics] PDP thugs attack Jonathan in Bauchi. PDP propagandists blame APC.
  16. [News] Etete to Mrs Jonah:"Leave our Governor in peace".
  17. [Politics] ICC lawyer, activists accuse Buhari of inciting violence in 2011
  18. [Politics] Buhari will never get all Yoruba votes, because we don't trust fulani, Adams
  19. [Politics] 2015: Defend Yourself, Biafran Group Tells Igbos
  20. [Politics] The real Akinwunmi Ambode
  21. [Politics] Nigerians in diaspora: can you join a Nigerian Political Party?
  22. [General] Buhari vs Jonathan: Beyond The Election By Charles Soludo
  23. [Press Release] Military Set for Final Onslaught on Terrorists
  24. [Opinion] Why do Muslims hate the world?
  25. [News] Kerry Meets With Jonathan and Buhari to Encourage Peaceful Election
  26. [News] Boko Haram militants attack Maiduguri as John Kerry Jets In
  27. [Press Release] Respect and Honour the will of the people come Feb. 14, Group Tells PDP
  28. [Press Release] Before the Election: An Open Letter to President Jonathan
  29. [News] CNN Lists Nigeria as 3rd Expected Fastest Growing Economy In 2015
  30. [News] Nigeria considers possible 'troop surge' to fight Boko Haram
  31. [News] Elections should be postponed: National Security Adviser
  32. [News] Chibok: The Inside Story
  33. [News] Nigerians In Diaspora Has Not Endorsed Jonathan, Say Group's Board Of Directors
  34. [Politics] North under siege because of Buhari "Gov Lamido
  35. [Politics] Jonathan remains the best man to move Nigeria forward - David Mark
  36. [General] EXCLUSIVE: Katsina College releases Buhari's ​WASC results
  37. [News] Nigeria begins online registration, payment of mineral titles
  38. [Press Release] Stephen Abara's "Anthology of African Poetry U.S.A" and "Ome Ihe Jide Ofo Afo" set for launch
  39. [Politics] The Heebie-Jeebies (AKA PDP Member's Hallucinatory Ranting) - It's Olisa Metuh's Turn!!
  40. [Politics] Controversial policemen Mbu and Sam Chukwu posted to Lagos : PDP reaching for next level...
  41. [Boko Haram] Kanuris,Fulanis and Hausas are Boko Haram says Sheik Gumi
  42. [News] Fayose's tasteless anti-Buhari advert
  43. [Opinion] The middle belt and the myth of 'one north'
  44. [General] Panicky PDP leaders meet Jonathan
  45. [News] Flashback - Buharinomics (1983-1985)
  46. [News] FG signs MoU with Chinese companies on power transmission
  47. [News] Armed robbers kill eight cops, banks shut in Ondo state
  48. [News] Armed robbers kill eight cops, banks shut in Ondo state
  49. [Politics] Its 15th January...any memories, lessons from the past?
  50. [General] Olusegun Obasanjo Declares He Is Now 'ABJ' - Anything But Jonathan
  51. [News] Jonathan visits Obj today
  52. [News] Rice Investors Laud FG's Import Quota Policy
  53. [Boko Haram] Is 'boko haram' escalating to affect upcoming elections?
  54. [General] Miliki Time!! Jonathan 'Mourns' 2000 Boko Victims With Wedding Extravaganza
  55. [News] Politics: Another Sick (soon dying) Presidential Candidate for Zambia ?
  56. [News] Nigeria massacre deadliest in history of Boko Haram - Amnesty
  57. [Article] Two Georgia deputies put on leave after Nigerian student dies in jail
  58. [News] "Why we overthrew Buhari"....IBB
  59. [News] Full Transcript of President Jonathan's Remarks at Flag off of PDP 2015 Campaign
  60. [News] Just Before the Nigerian Election
  61. [Boko Haram] Sayeed Nasrallah On 'Islamic' Renegades
  62. [News] Charlie Hebdo 's Brazen Defiance
  63. [Opinion] Jonah don vex...he now spits fire!
  64. [Politics] Science Again! Joining PDP Kills Brain Cells - Listen To Jimi Agbaje...
  65. [News] Israeli study: Suicide attacks nearly doubled worldwide in 2014
  66. [News] Terror in Paris: 12 dead in terror attack on Paris paper; manhunt for gunmen
  67. [News] Boko Haram leader threatens Cameroon in YouTube video
  68. [News] Shell, Nigerian villagers agree to $83.5 million compensation for massive oil spill
  69. [News] Shell, Nigerian villagers agree to $83.5 million compensation for massive oil spill
  70. [Politics] Questions for Gen Buhari
  71. [Opinion] 33 Reasons Why Southern Nigerians are Fools - and the Northerners are not
  72. [News] MEND endorses Buhari, indicts Jonathan
  73. [Politics] APC Promises Free meals for pupils, allowance for unemployed youths and N5,000 for the poor
  74. [Opinion] Wonder of wonders...even IBB criticizes Jonah on corruption!
  75. [News] Boko Haram 'seizes military base' in Nigeria raids
  77. [General] More Than One Way To Spell 'Development'
  78. [General] Nigeria: Stop Treasury Bills Scam
  79. [News] "Jonathan squandered the $25bn excess crude funds I saved."---Obj
  80. [Politics] We screened and found Buhari qualified "Member, APC screening c'ttee
  82. [Politics] Did Jonathan and Ibori conspire against Uduaghan?
  83. [News] Ohanaeze Ndiara: Going From Crisis To Crisis
  84. [News] The United Nations moves to save 54 condemned soldiers
  85. [News] God Has Anointed Me To Lead A Revolution Against Islamic Buharic Jihadists - Pastor Oyedepo
  86. [General] Continuity - from those who made your Christmas miserable
  87. [News] Boko Haram 'seizes military base' in Nigeria raids
  88. [News] Boko Haram 'seizes military base' in Nigeria raids
  89. [News] Boko Haram 'seizes military base' in Nigeria raids
  90. [News] Emir Sanusi Set To Take 17-Year-Old Girl As Fourth Wife
  91. [General] Farabale ! The Best Wine is Still Coming
  92. [News] Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka says Goodluck Jonathan must go
  93. [General] Returning to another debt trap
  94. [General] I'm coming up with anti-corruption plan " Jonathan
  95. [News] Suicide bombing outside church in Gombe injures 'several'
  96. [News] Watch the Watcher: Odumakin's response to Obasanjo's Book
  97. [Opinion] I choose Goodluck Jonathan.
  98. [News] Sambo commissions Kaduna intra-city rail service
  99. [Politics] 2015: Fear Grips Southerners in the North, As Hate speeches, Threat Circulates.
  100. [News] New Year Message: Jonathan pledges good governance, improved economy
  101. [Article] Appeal court dismisses N47b theft charge against Akingbola, Dada
  102. [Press Release] 2014 - Nigeria's Year of Missing Girls and Irresponsible Leadership [NVS Editorial]
  104. [Press Release] Video: Most APC Members Trooping to Okija Shrine; all hotels in town fully booked
  105. [International/World] Jonathan Block Palestinian UN Resolution, Israel Rejoices
  106. [General] GEJ links Modu-Sheriff (SAS) with Boko Haram
  107. [General] Resource Control through the back door
  108. [News] Missing AirAsia flight QZ8501 updates
  109. [Politics] Tax Returns- Jonathan Pays 6.2m in three years
  110. [Politics] Bad Market: Lamido Accuses Buhari of Divisive Campaigns
  111. [Opinion] "Obj and Buhari are planning for interim government"!... Minister
  112. [Press Release] Crescent alumna bags PG distinction in Scottish University
  113. [News] Cameroon launches air strikes against Boko Haram
  114. [News] Meet your 2015 Presidential candidates
  115. [General] A Brief History of Ikwerre
  116. [News] Saudi Arabia bars Nigerian planes carrying Pakistani arms
  117. [News] Parents Threaten Showdown with Unity Schools over Plan to Introduce Insurance Scheme
  118. [News] "Fire has chopped my paali...(certificates)!"---Sambo
  119. [General] Nigerians should Endure Hardship, Pray .... but I am getting a new jet - GEJ
  120. [Politics] General Gowon vs Colonel Ojukwu
  121. [News] President Jonathan On Brief Private Visit To Britain
  122. [Press Release] A Season Of Smear Campaign Against SaharaReporters
  123. [News] 13 Year old Girl Refuses To Explode Bomb Belt In Kano Market
  124. [News] Nigerian Migrant baby named after Italian medics who delivered him
  125. [Politics] Outcome of the 2015 Nigerian Presidential Elections
  126. [General] What are your top 10 stories in Nigeria in 2014?
  127. [Opinion] Confirmed- It is now Total and Complete Sharia
  128. [News] Politicians fail to pay salaries for three months!
  129. [Article] Igbos top list of donors to Buhari
  130. [Politics] Chei! There is death O! - By Kongi
  131. [News] PH-Enugu Rail Line Begins Operation
  132. [News] Gov. Fashola deports 70 beggars to Kano state
  133. [News] Nigerian army jails 16 soldiers over Chibok girls abduction.
  134. [Politics] Military caused setback to Nigeria's democracy "Gumi
  135. [News] Nigeria's Transitional Electricity Market Kicks off Jan 1
  136. [Politics] Dr. Olatomi Soboyejo's 13 Points
  137. [General] Bitter Truths About Economy The Jonathan Govt. Does Not Want Nigerians To Know
  138. [News] Nigeria's foreign reserve drops by $500million in the last one week
  139. [News] Bomb blast at Gombe bus station 'kills at least 20'
  140. [Politics] 2015: Danger looms, warns Bolaji Akinyemi
  141. [Politics] Elections 2015: House, Senate, and Governorship
  142. [News] Did ex-Education minister escape with N3.5b RVSG money?
  143. [Article] Odi erupts in crisis ...over N15bn compensation
  144. [News] 2015: GEJ raises 21 billion naira ONLY for his re-election
  145. [Politics] Presidential Election 2015 Poll
  146. [News] Crescent Varsity don bags excellence award
  147. [General] The Jonathan Candidature: Sentiment Versus Reality
  148. [Press Release] Igbos are better off in APC - Okorocha
  149. [News] 70% of candidates fail Nov/Dec WASSCE
  150. [General] What exactly are you offering regarding regional federalism???? Pdp and apc
  151. [News] Defeated Kano PDP aspirant demands refund of N.5 million from 26 delegates
  152. [News] Election Tribunal confirms Fayose as true winner in Ekiti state
  153. [News] Enugu 2015: Anglican Bishops demand deputy governor slot
  154. [Boko Haram] 54 soldiers sentenced to death for 'mutiny'
  155. [News] Obama restores diplomatic ties with Cuba
  156. [News] APGA Adopts Jonathan For 2015, Ratifies Obiano As BOT Chairman
  157. [News] N10bn Jet: Court Nullifies Reps' Summon On Alison-Madueke, NNPC
  158. [News] Nigeria Lost $7.92bn To Corruption In One Year
  159. [Press Release] In Landmark Ruling, Court Orders Uniform Cut-off Marks for Admission into Unity Schools
  160. [Article] States express shock at 'missing' $1 billion excess crude fund
  161. [International/World] Mohammedians Slaughter 150 Women for Refusing Them Sex
  162. [News] Latest: 2015 Elections: FG allays fears on Nigeria's break- up
  163. [General] The boko haram that accused Ihejirika were fake
  164. [News] Of Men, Means And Their Moments: Analyzing The 2015 Nigerian Presidential Elections
  165. [Press Release] Association of Nigerian Academics UK Press Release - Hardship Fund
  166. [News] Fuel scarcity hits Abuja, Kwara, others
  167. [News] Drama in Ekiti as Fayose presents 2015 Budget to only seven PDP lawmakers
  168. [International/World] The Invasion Of Panama
  169. [News] Man commits gruesome murder over N150,000
  170. [News] "Nigeria's govt is anti-education"---Publisher
  171. [News] Nigerian Customs impounds 65 trailer loads of smuggled rice in Ogun state
  172. [News] Moments with General Yakubu Gowon
  173. [General] Tompolo Buys 6 Warships
  174. [News] PDP loses suit against its governors who left for APC
  175. [Politics] North launches fresh attack on Jonathan, wants implementation of National Conference report halted
  176. [Article] Black Grandma loses two girls to CAS after abuse allegations
  177. [General] I am not Obasanjo's concubine cries Oby Ezekwesili
  178. [Politics] Senator Gemade And Senator Aliero Win APC Senatorial Primary Hours After Decamping From PDP
  179. [News] Latest: Fashola unveils Lagos resident card....Thumb-Up
  180. [General] MKO Abiola's 73 yr old brother arraigned for fraud
  181. [News] Borno, Adamawa Residents Laud Military, Pledge More Support
  182. [Politics] Bagudu clinches APC ticket, 24 hours after dumping PDP
  183. [Politics] Remi Tinubu wins APC ticket for Lagos Central Senatorial District
  184. [Politics] Is APC the waste basket of PDP's rejected & expired substances?
  185. [General] I have stopped womanizing says Atiku
  186. [News] Obasanjo's Book Out, Declares President Jonathan Incapable Of Governing Well
  187. [News] Lagos Schooling With Stress
  188. [Politics] Jonathan is finished! Obiano says he is corrupt.
  189. [News] PENGASSAN To Embark On A Three-day Warning Strike Over Non-passage Of PIB
  190. [Politics] Buhari Clinches APC Presidential Ticket
  191. [News] Rich Nigerians Spend Millions on London Property - but WHERE?
  192. [Politics] Buhari's Interview with Channels TV
  193. [Politics] Nigeria winning corruption war under Jonathan -Presidency
  194. [News] Gov Tickets: PDP Gladiators In Battle Royal
  195. [News] Stop blaming us for climbing gate, blame those who shut it- Gbajabiamila
  196. [News] Chad-bound plane loaded with arms detained in Kano
  197. [Article] Court dismisses Igbo deportees' suit against Lagos
  198. [General] Anyone taking advantage of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA)
  199. [News] 2015: Uduaghan Pulls Out Of Senatorial Race
  200. [General] Wole Soyinka's Demonization Of President Jonathan
  201. [News] Kaduna 2015: El-Rufai grabs APC Guber Ticket
  202. [General] Ekiti solution in Ebonyi Courts
  203. [Politics] Obanikoro VS Bode George (Esu ta'po si)
  204. [General] How DSS torture APC workers
  205. [Politics] Consensus: PDP teaches you how to do it!
  206. [News] Kano Guber Race 2015: Kwankwaso's Candidate Routs Buhari's Loyalist.
  207. [News] Investors lose N1.8 trillion at NSE in November!
  208. [General] Nigerian doctor goes missing in Houston
  209. [News] Enugu 2015: APC Adopts Ezea As Consensus Guber Candidate.
  210. [Boko Haram] FG behind Boko Haram - Sect leader
  211. [Politics] PDP Leaders Flee National Secretariat
  212. [General] Is Nigeria's $15m arms money lost to South Africa?
  213. [Boko Haram] Gombe Town, Bajoga, Under Heavy Boko Haram Attack
  214. [News] Police cleared to arrest Ekiti APC Chairman, 4 others, for alleged murder
  215. [News] Lagos establishes sex offenders' register
  216. [News] Resident's Doctor's vehicle stolen from University of Benin Teaching Hospital car park.
  217. [News] Anambra State Community Association in Thailand: An Exemplary Community Life
  218. [News] Governor (Dr) Willie M. Obiano visits Anambra Community in Thailand
  219. [News] Eric Garner: Another Killer Cop walks Free
  220. [General] Nigeria's Fake Doctors by Al Jazeera.
  221. [Politics] Atiku, Kwankwaso oppose Lagos venue for APC primary
  222. [Politics] 2015: Tinubu gambles with Osun, may play the 2011 card
  223. [Politics] #JonathanMustGo: Senators set to table motion Dec 16
  224. [Boko Haram] Babangida calls for Jihad, self-defence against Boko Haram
  225. [News] Air Fares Fall As New Local Operators Board
  226. [News] Nigeria's Corruption Index Improves from 144th to 136th
  227. [Politics] Four die as thugs clash during APC primaries
  228. [Politics] Minister denies attacking journalists
  229. [Opinion] Who Is Afraid Of Goodluck Jonathan? (1)
  230. [News] Borno 2015: Shettima And Sheriff In Struggle For Survival
  231. [News] Soyinka blasts Jonah over impunity
  232. [News] Threat by Arewa youths real - Kanu
  233. [News] Latest: Is Band Aid Bad For Africa..? Lets interact creatively.
  234. [News] Chinese, Nigerian firms to invest $40m in tractor assembly plant
  235. [News] Insurgents bomb prison in Ekiti, free members!
  236. [News] Nigeria cancels US military training to fight Boko Haram
  237. [News] Channels Island to return £315m Abacha loot
  238. [News] Buhari's aircraft denied landing at Makurdi airport
  239. [News] ANAMCO restarts operations, assembles trucks
  240. [News] Former IG Tafa Balogun celebrates wife's 60th birthday
  241. [Politics] Buhari prays for Jonathan's impeachment- To repay loan obtained for nomination form
  242. [Politics] APC rules out Fashola as vice presidential candidate
  243. [Politics] 2015: Jonathan's adoption by PDP, a sign of weakness
  244. [News] Explosions, gunfire in Damaturu
  245. [News] Former Foreign Minister Gbenga Ashiru Dies In South Africa.
  246. [News] Fayose reduces EKSU tuition
  247. [Opinion] Why Irritating Comments From America Should Stop, By Prof Akinyem
  248. [Opinion] Terror should never compel concession of power " AKIN OSUNTOKUN
  249. [Politics] The Nigerian Opposition Mentality - Case Study in Political Analysis
  250. [General] Jonathan Stoned At Ife