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  1. [General] Where is Son of Delta
  2. [General] SON nabs fake cement production suspect
  3. [General] Chief of Army Staff
  4. [General] Obama: Nigeria's Busy Body Class
  5. [General] We are so fake that even our ''mad'' women are fake
  6. [General] We are significantly dishonorable people
  7. [General] Oh my God! Fatwa on muslim man with 80 wives
  8. [General] Gas must be processed in producing areas-Chairman of National Gas Master plan
  9. [General] Ojukwu helps to avert an uncivilized bloodbath in Onitsha
  10. [General] Mwanawasa's death
  11. [General] PDP Uncovers Plans To Invade Nigeria
  12. [General] Yar'Adua Names New Defence, Service Chiefs
  13. [General] EFCC Arrests Ndi Okereke-Onyiuke !!!
  14. [General] Osun: 10 injured as Muslims, masquerade clash
  15. [General] Military Chiefs Fired! UMYA Nervous . . .
  16. [General] Obama's 'lost' brother found in Kenya
  17. [General] Lagos to join league of oil producing states
  18. [General] Nigeria has $50bn in Foreign Currency, Gold Reserves - CIA
  19. [General] We're Answerable To Tinubu – Majority Leader
  20. [General] Surprise as Uba brother is jailed in Abuja
  21. [General] Germany to aid Nigeria with Electricity
  22. [General] British Airways – a Customer Care nightmare for Nigerians
  23. [General] Salary Increase For Legislators To Be Extended To Civil Servants
  24. [General] NigerDelta takes control of Land -Uwazuruike!
  25. [General] Is any region a true respecter of the ''Federal Character'' principle?
  26. [General] Nigeria Now ‘Frontier Emerging Market', Says IMF
  27. [General] Huge Salaries, Incentives Dangerous To Banking Industry-NDIC
  28. [General] NVS Lobby Group; A possibility?
  29. [General] I will revenge- Ateke Tom
  30. [General] Uduaghan's office burgled 9million stolen
  31. [General] British immigrations stripped us Naked- Nigerian Women
  32. [General] Obama disowns Okereke-Onyiuke!
  33. [General] Robbers raid Yar'Adua's Home
  34. [General] N1.4bn found in judges' secret account
  35. [General] Our governors are parasites-Niger Delta youths
  36. [General] Middle aged woman Raped to death!!!
  37. [General] Is Dawkins Deluded?
  38. [General] Senator builds 1 billion Naira mansion
  39. [General] Chief Clark opposed Gas-Pipe Line to Lagos!
  40. [General] A nigerian becomes an ambassador in the Vatican
  41. [General] 2nd 'Thisday' Journalist Slain
  42. [General] Virgin Atlantic Limited To Divest in VNA
  43. [General] Police, SSS Begin Fresh Plot Against Ribadu, Others
  44. [General] Fashola's Office Burgled, N4m Stolen
  45. [General] Billions billions everywhere ....
  46. [General] Sharia force targets sex workers -retarded Nigeria!
  47. [General] Cardinal Arinze lauds pace of devt in Anambra
  48. [General] Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf resigns
  49. [General] How To Regain Bakassi From Cameroon -Lawyer
  50. [General] am not a Nigerian-Asari Dokubo
  51. [General] MEND, Julius Berger, Hostages And Ransom
  52. [General] If you live in Europe or canada.....
  53. [General] Clay-footed giant, Nigeria, is being pummeled from front and back by tinier neighbour
  54. [General] US-based Nigerian expert rots in Nigerian Prison
  55. [General] At Last Sokoto moves to stop Alamajirism. Will other northern states follow up?
  56. [General] Animal Farm called Nigeria -useless Entity!
  57. [General] Little devils:6 boys, aged 11-14, rape 11-yr-old girl in graveyard
  58. [General] Robbers Invade Police, Military Barracks In Lagos
  59. [General] Student Dumps baby in Soak away minutes after giving birth
  60. [General] The Abortion Business in Nigeria
  61. [General] FG Approves New Refineries in Lagos, Eket
  62. [General] MASSOB orders Ndigbo to stay at home August 28
  63. [General] Nigerian Doctors are incompetent -Obasanjo!
  64. [General] How illegal gun factory was discovered in Enugu
  65. [General] Pastor from hell rapes girl to death inside the church
  66. [General] Oil Bunkerers Escape From Prison
  67. [General] OIL well communal clash in Imo
  68. [General] Where are RAS KIMONO and MAJEK FASHEK???
  69. [General] The Down Side of The American Dream
  70. [General] Most brilliant jambite is an armed robber?
  71. [General] China products to be banned in Nigeria -that's good!
  72. [General] Nigerian men kill their wives in America, Nigerian woman kills her husband in Nigeria
  73. [General] American press believes in juju, suspicious of Nigeria's victory
  74. [General] A northern advocation for easterners
  75. [General] Soludo and voodoonomics
  76. [General] Nigeria Turns Over Disputed Territory
  77. [General] Making a computer that works like the brain
  78. [General] No pension for Gowon,IBB,others
  79. [General] Okonkwo moves to tackle erosion in Anambra
  80. [General] Man commits suicide over N50,000
  81. [General] Gay Church in Nigeria
  82. [General] Strange irony: muslims kill muslim for blasphemy
  83. [General] Nigerian Child sorrowful Lamentation on her Future! -Katampe?
  84. [General] "Poison Fire" (Niger Delta Documentary)
  85. [General] Gov Fashola begs Denker and co to come back home
  86. [General] China's little gal wasn't fine enough
  87. [General] Rebels Release Details Of Government's Alleged Bribe Attempt
  88. [General] Documentary on the Niger Delta
  89. [General] Uninterrupted power supply as another source of income for Niger Delta
  90. [General] 4 students raped to coma -Chineke God!
  91. [General] Nigerian Benefit fraud funded £4m empire
  92. [General] Beijing 2008: Even Zimbabwe gets medals. Where is our Giant of Africa?
  93. [General] Ambitious Nigerians are going back home
  94. [General] BEST GUARDIAN EDITORIAL EVER - The Rule Of Law And Bakassi Handover
  95. [General] Owerri regains its lost glory. Overtakes Calabar as the cleanest state capital
  96. [General] Beijing Olympics ....
  97. [General] AC urges sanction against British Airways over disrespect for Sultan of Sokoto
  98. [General] FG moves to save 13 Nigeria in Saudi jail
  99. [General] If Ribadu Nuhu was from the South.
  100. [General] Reps discover N400bn in hidden accounts
  101. [General] What Is The Meaning Of This?
  102. [General] Nigerian graft
  103. [General] I Recommend the Ogoni Option
  104. [General] Is this 21st Century Lagos, P.H., Warri or Yenagoa? I know its not Calabar.
  105. [General] Ribadu In Danger - Balarabe Musa
  106. [General] Bakassi: Gowon is to Blamed!
  107. [General] Georgia Vs Russia: David Vs Goliath?
  108. [General] Sad, but was God ''absent'' when this happened?
  109. [General] British Military Trainers Arrive Nigeria
  110. [General] Obas, Emirs, wives of ex-heads of states fingered in Bode's looting of NPA
  111. [General] 3,000 Nigerians in Chinese prisons -Where is our felix?
  112. [General] Ohanaeze supports Niger Delta leaders -kenn1 must hear this!
  113. [General] As ND rebels are slowly but continuously depopulated, what next?
  114. [General] China and Nigeria: one is king the other is servant?
  115. [General] MEND: Final Warning to Julius Berger Plc
  116. [General] Ribadu: Senate May Summon PSC Boss
  117. [General] Crashing Marriages
  118. [General] Secret plot to castrate EFCC –Financial Times of London
  119. [General] Aondoakaa Canvasses Second Term For Yar'Adua
  120. [General] I thought there are no pros in the Sharia heartland?
  121. [General] Powerful Nigerian politicians are seeking to derail EFCC
  122. [General] EFCC: Obasanjo's corrrupt lieutenants plan mass exile. You will not run forever
  123. [General] President ignorant of implications of recent police demotions
  124. [General] A Course Participant Of Nipss Stole Camera In China. Why Do They Hide His Identity?
  125. [General] Is the world changing?? A Black American playing for Russia
  126. [General] Nigerian Official Accused Of Hiring Witch Doctor
  127. [General] Where is the big Thief, Lucky Igbinedion -RAYNOSA any clue? LOL!
  128. [General] China is Kickin' Azz & Takin' Names!!!
  129. [General] Exposed: Shouldn't Nuhu Ribadu be in jail now?
  130. [General] Militants destroying the South-South
  131. [General] John Edwards Affair
  132. [General] Sharia has reached Abuja
  133. [General] Nigerian man with 86 wives
  134. [General] Yar’Adua’s govt lacks direction — Ohanaeze
  135. [General] 10,000 Nigerians die, crossing to Europe
  136. [General] Obasanjo Is A Curse To Nigeria – ACF(AREWA)
  137. [General] Shades of tribalism in Nigeria
  138. [General] Africans for Obama: Plan or Scam?
  139. [General] Every Nigerian must see this.....
  140. [General] Somebody Shoot me...Selected President Blowing hot..Chei
  141. [General] A Banana Republic Named Nigeria
  142. [General] 10,000 Nigerians die migrating
  143. [General] The monetization and ''mediocritization'' of university admission
  144. [Biafra] Another enduring story: I am Yoruba but a convinced Biafran
  145. [General] Pics - Eldee 'Bosi Gbangba' Video Shoot
  146. [General] NDDC Chairman Spends N270 million on Juju
  147. [General] EFCC Arrests Bode George
  148. [General] Youngest Women Billionaires
  149. [General] US cracks 'biggest ID fraud case'
  150. [General] Echos From The Most Expensive City In Africa
  151. [General] Ooni, Alaafin, PDP governors to Nigerians: Stop Obasanjo bashing
  152. [General] Housing Prices in Lagos rival New York and London
  153. [General] Ribadu Demoted
  154. [General] A Yoruba man making it in Igboland. There are several unreported of such
  155. [General] Judge bans Man who killed his wife from pub.
  156. [General] Finally, Afenifere hands Bode George to EFCC
  157. [General] Breaking News...Breaking News....Breaking News!
  158. [General] Igbo Traders Get Raw Deals In Portharcourt
  159. [General] Can you pass me your wife, please?!
  160. [General] Another Odi: Soldiers Raze Agge, Bayelsa Town!
  161. [General] Katsina starts afforestation with 6,700 trees TOP!
  162. [General] NVS Party for less privileged kids
  163. [General] Cults of violence
  164. [General] AFC, Soludo, Ometoruwa -The Facts!
  165. [General] Soludo and Imoke: Testing Yar'adua's anti-corruption credentials
  166. [General] Our President Needs Help
  167. [General] Ohanaeze lambasts Northern Leaders
  168. [General] MEND brings WAR to Yoruba Nation!
  169. [General] How Yugoslavia vanished from maps
  170. [General] Lagos:Most expensive city in Africa
  171. [General] Deconstruction of Docokwy aka Dr. Okwudili
  172. [General] Kidnapping hitherto a southern phenomenon finally moves up North
  173. [General] 40 million Yorubas get N14,560 billion while river state get N15,097Billion
  174. [General] Stop Obasanjo Bashing!
  175. [General] Why would Nigerian Scammers Steal Books?
  176. [Biafra] Biafra, MASSOB, and Chief Ralph Uwazuruike -the truth?
  177. [General] Emerging Trends in Kidnapping.
  178. [General] Biri Ka Mbiri - Live and Let Live
  179. [Biafra] I am the Final Biafran Truth, Ojukwu
  180. [General] Straight talk as Igbo governors confront Yaradua
  181. [General] YAR’ADUA is a Corruption-Incarnation -confirmed!
  182. [General] As Al-Queida Wins: Or the Banana-lization of the USA
  183. [Press Release] EU_Pesticides_Regulation_Sign_On_Petition_July_31
  184. [General] Court Stops Yar'Adua From Handing Over Bakassi To Cameroun
  185. [General] The rise and rise of a business dynasty
  186. [General] SSS Raids Dokubo Asari's House
  187. [General] Igbo & Ibo
  188. [General] My son's 'death' in Bulgaria
  189. [General] Two sentenced to death by hanging over Dikibo's murder
  190. [General] Northerners are lazy, says ACF
  191. [General] Return Of Onne Seaport Mafia
  192. [General] APGA chief blasts FCC chair over alleged Igbo domination of CBN
  193. [General] Niger Delta slave raids responsible for northern poverty
  194. [General] All eyes on Igboukwu next month. Be there.
  195. [General] Naija man kills wife.
  196. [General] Pregnant Prostitution Ring Busted in Missouri
  197. [General] Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Four
  198. [General] Govt scraps state first lady status amongst other women
  199. [General] Unibadan Matches $250,000 Challenge Grant
  200. [General] Where Babies Are Sold As Commodities
  201. [General] Neglected by Nigeria, colonized by Cameroon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  202. [General] How many of our so-called leaders can do this?
  203. [General] collapse building in Abuja
  204. [General] Yaradua's security aide goes beserk in Aso Rock
  205. [General] Chief Edwin Clark demolishes Yar'Adua -lol!
  206. [General] Why Blackout Continues in Nigeria
  207. [General] Ndigbo in Diaspora petition Sultan over killings in the north
  208. [General] Vision 2025 videos:options and recommendation
  209. [General] Earthquake rocks Los Angeles
  210. [General] AIDS Disproportionately Affects Blacks in America
  211. [General] Terror of ritual killers- a detailed account (with photo)
  212. [General] Black Power: Potent or Ruse? Part 1
  213. [General] Juju scare: Ekiti lawmakers hire prayer warriors
  214. [Article] Juju scare: Ekiti lawmakers hire prayer warriors
  215. [General] Killing an abusive partner may no longer be murder
  216. [General] Ridiculous logic: the international community conspired to render northern Nig. poor
  217. [General] Niger state governor in a true pan-Nigerian visionarist?
  218. [General] Ndigbo in Diaspora confront Sultan on killings in the north
  219. [General] North not a parasite - Govs.
  220. [General] Ibrahim: I Became A Lawyer By Accident
  221. [General] Strange country, strange people: Madam Fausat turns into a cat
  222. [General] Dead Corps Member Found In Oba of Itire's Shrine
  223. [General] Sicknening: are Nigerians the most desperate people in the world?
  224. [General] Poverty in Northern Nigeria: Full Disclosure
  225. [General] Sultan of Sokoto rejects BA(British Airways)
  226. [General] Roads - Tears No Longer Enough
  227. [General] Legislative "Egunje"
  228. [General] Silent Death in Mother Africa -Chineke God!
  229. [General] At Last An Alternative To Wikipedia
  230. [General] I feel disadvantaged as a Nigerian -you too?
  231. [General] Mr Garuba as an allegory of the hausa way of life
  232. [General] Food crisis: How Ibadan thieves were duped by Imo thieves
  233. [General] Abians on NVS: Let's discuss these claims.
  234. [General] Nigerians are the best looking people of color in the world- African American woman
  235. [General] WEMA Bank on the negative news yet again
  236. [General] I Slapped Someone For Offering Me Bribe - Justice Ilori
  237. [General] An NVS fact finding Poll
  238. [General] Bayelsa, Anambra and Abia are the 3 states least affected by poverty
  239. [General] This is NOT right!
  240. [General] Mark tackles loquacious ACF: ''do not impose your views on northerners''
  241. [General] Breaking News - Ondo state election tribunal - Mimiko Wins
  242. [General] Dis One Pass Me -I no go lie, at all!
  243. [General] The return of selective EFCC operation: Obj, UMYA saves Imoke
  244. [General] Interesting read: Randy Chief Medical Director's love letter as court exhibit
  245. [General] Power: Yar'Adua orders release of N58.8bn to energy ministry
  246. [General] Increasing White poverty in South Africa...surprise, surprise.
  247. [General] Update on fake cement:There are 5 fake cement companies in our area-arrested culprit.
  248. [General] Are Federal appointments lopsided?
  249. [General] Perceptions of Justice
  250. [General] What exactly do the Niger Deltans want?