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  1. [General] MEND sets to create Ijaw-Nation -a wholesale rampage on Goatgeria-Nation!
  2. [General] Soyinka v Awoyinka: Find your Corner.....
  3. [General] Ghadafi: cowardly Yaradua takes an escapist's approach
  4. [General] Why Yoruba actresses thrive more than the actors
  5. [General] Abia govt creates 1000 jobs
  6. [General] Nigerians Banned From Vietnam due to Criminal Activities of Dubious Nigerians !!!
  7. [General] Governor Fashola Live on the Internet ?
  8. [General] 'Yorubaist' ko, 'Italianist' ni!!
  9. [General] KBR (Halliburton) charged with bribing Nigerian officials
  10. [General] Bill Gates releases mosquitoes on conference audience
  11. [General] God, Why..Why...naked wickedness! WaleAkin must explain this
  12. [General] Interesting
  13. [General] Nigerian Al-Qaeda arrested in Spain
  14. [General] Nigeria's Island of sin
  15. [General] UK Snowed: Lessons for Nigeria
  16. [General] Poison in teething drug kills 84 Nigerian children
  17. [General] Court Re-Opens Savannah Bank
  18. [General] How Obasanjo tricked us to back him in 2003, by Akande
  19. [General] 2011: No vacancy in Aso Rock – CDC chairman
  20. [General] Between State And Local govrnments
  21. [General] Update on Mrs Igwilo's Health: Plse Help
  22. [General] Al-Qaeda organise rape of young girls & boys to decieve them to becom suicide bombers
  23. [General] Nigerian only Genius speaks out -Prof. Soludo
  24. [General] Are Niger Deltans Being Unreasonable?
  25. [General] Extraordinary People
  26. [General] Can the igbo wait till 2047 to be president.
  27. [General] A 10-Year-Old Divorcée Takes Paris
  28. [General] Asaba International Airport
  29. [General] Bill Gates, a really big man
  30. [General] IBB: The Real Reason I Annulled June 12;Forecloses return as president
  31. [General] The Benin-Ife Connection
  32. [General] I WENT TO NEW YORK- Interesting article by Nigerian
  33. [General] Ex-Petroleum Minister Daukoru's wife kidnapped in Niger Delta !!
  34. [General] Channel 4's 'Cruel' Experiment On Children?
  35. [General] Lucky Dube Killed Because He Was Mistaken For A Nigerian.
  36. [General] History, As Nigerian Finds Cure for Diabetes
  37. [General] Nigeria Ranks Low in Budget Transparency
  38. [General] Senate orders revocation of Obasanjo's plot in Abuja
  39. [General] Interior Ministry awaits National Assembly's consent to repatriate prisoners from UK
  40. [General] Presidency begins search for Soludo's successor
  41. [General] History, As Nigerian Finds Cure for Diabetes
  42. [General] Let's send Matt Lauer to Naija
  43. [General] An indian beaten and set ablaze in rome
  44. [General] Haiti's top ten demands to president barack obama
  45. [General] Local Champion: 68th in Africa, 1st in Nigeria. Are we supposed to be proud of this?
  46. [General] I have stolen 1000 cars and own houses in London and Ghana
  47. [General] Persecuted for praying: Nurse faces the sack after offering to pray for sick patient
  48. [General] Persecuted for praying: Nurse faces the sack after offering to pray for sick patient
  49. [General] Breaking News: Large onshore oil struck in Imo state
  50. [General] Nigeria's internet future;a ray of hope
  51. [General] another conspiracy
  52. [General] Shoe monument for man who threw footwear at Bush
  53. [General] UK House of Lord members secretly filmed soliciting bribe to ammend Laws !!!
  54. [General] No, Don't Share Excess Crude Savings !!
  55. [General] Jos Indigenous Muslims versus Hausa Muslims in Jos: intrigues playing out
  56. [General] Prof Okonjo of Delta state: Ndigbo can't play second fiddle again
  57. [General] Death is back in Ekiti State
  58. [General] Scores killed in Fuel Tanker Explosion.......
  59. [General] Woman beats sickle cell anaemia, clocks 84
  60. [General] Height of Wickedness - Moslems Must Explain This
  61. [Biafra] Biafran Intelligence Agency is real -Uwazuruike's life saved!
  62. [General] The ugly HEAD of Igboman -chop off dat HEAD!
  63. [General] MEND declares total WAR -Hurricane Obama!
  64. [General] Unu Gwo Vishit Unu Ting Dem For Calabar Man
  65. [General] Creation of coastal state in delta state.
  66. [General] Breaking News!! Michael Steele becomes first black RNC chairman
  67. [General] IBB Betrayed Me – Omoruyi
  68. [General] N628m scam: Battle to compel EFCC, ICPC to probe Etteh shifts to Appeal Court..
  69. [General] Ghanaian stabbed to death in front of daughter on his way to visit newborn in London
  70. [General] Awolowo Special Gift To Nigeria
  71. [General] Famous Black Mathematicians
  72. [General] Japan executive loses 2.8 million pounds buried in garden.
  73. [General] Police nab Adenuga, Others for Robbery!
  74. [General] A million on strike as France feels pinch, slows to a crawl
  75. [General] Our World Has Shifted for Good.Global Economic Crisis: Made in America.
  76. [General] Ribadu shuns tribunal,faces arrest
  77. [General] "My Turn" DAY
  78. [General] Babalola builds $1m clinics for Red Cross
  79. [General] Urgent Medical Help For Mrs. Igwilo
  80. [General] Nigerian oil tycoon donates $1m to US university
  81. [General] An 11-year-old Girl shot dead in Nigerian Delta
  82. [Article] Urgent Medical Help for Mr, Igwilo
  83. [General] Shut Ocean Blue Strip Club Owner Begs Fashola
  84. [General] Virtue of forgiveness and reconciliation
  85. [General] Etim Esin drags Okocha to court
  86. [Press Release] Letter: Stop Alao Akala Chieftaincy title scam!
  87. [General] Woman Strips To Protest Rape By Policemen
  88. [General] US House passes economic package
  89. [General] Yar'Adua has absconded - Senate - Refuses to recognise Goodluck
  90. [General] Profiteers Of The Current Nigeria Port Congestion
  91. [General] African Immigration to Europe (pictorial)
  92. [General] Atiku, Emeka Ofor in N10b scam
  93. [General] What are you?
  94. [General] Local Firm Delivers Nigeria's First Offshore Oil Platform
  95. [General] Fashola orders all street gates open
  96. [General] Police to sell sheep paraded as car thief
  97. [General] Court grants Nigerians abroad leave to vote
  98. [General] Xtra Ordinary Shtiz
  99. [General] President Obama's Inauguration - A view from space
  100. [General] How Maurice Iwu Opposed the Rights of Nigerians Abroad to Vote
  101. [General] Yobe State Governor, Mamman Bello Ali, 51, Dies in a Florida Hospital of Leukemia
  102. [General] Woman "raped" by police strips publicly, conjures voodoo for rapist policemen's death
  103. [General] BREAKING NEWS: Yobe State Governor, Senator Mamman Bello Ali Died of Leukemia!
  104. [General] lets help the UK Police to help our Image
  105. [General] 60 m Nigerians now own power generators
  106. [General] Confusion trails Yar'Adua's health and "vacation" plans........
  107. [General] Nicked!! £2,000 stolen from UK police station
  108. [General] On Palestine, Israel, Abrahamic faith, True history and Human destiny
  109. [General] Black Monday as thousands lose jobs in the UK
  110. [General] Classless Bankole eats his word: Pot calls kettle black
  111. [General] Truest Nigerian.
  112. [General] Asagba of Asaba: why some Igbos denounce their heritage
  113. [General] Arson: a new development in Nigeria?
  114. [General] Kokoro, the blind minstrel, dies at 84
  115. [General] Tanzania witchdoctors flout ban to stop buying Human (Albino) parts
  116. [General] Blagojevich's Media Blitz
  117. [General] Tension in PDP over plan to appoint Anenih NPA chairman
  118. [General] *LOL* - Bollywood in Yoruba - *lols*
  119. [General] Do prison inmates have access to telephones
  120. [General] Harvard Appoints Jimoh Ibrahim Co-Chair of Law School Fund
  121. [General] I am Jesus/Mohammed -Epochal Prophet- read why!
  122. [General] John Obi Mikel busted for drink-driving at 5.30am - hours before Football match
  123. [General] Another lawmaker escapes assassination in Ekiti
  124. [General] Mexican drug thug who dissolved 300 bodies in acid is captured by police
  125. [General] Foreign workers snap up the jobs that Britons on benefit reject
  126. [General] Bill Gates on the future of aid
  127. [General] 15 Nigerian Footballers killed, again!
  128. [General] Ivory coast: Yorubas See what cocoa money have done
  129. [General] Almajiri: no more a northern affair
  130. [General] Nigerian Big Player In Bank Fraud Jailed
  131. [General] North begins search for Yar'adua's successor, tips Umar
  132. [General] Don't participate in this Rape!
  133. [General] Two air disasters averted in nigeria
  134. [General] Truly disturbing video...madness in lagos
  135. [General] Michelle Obama: 'Inappropriate' to Use Daughters to Sell Dolls
  136. [General] Naval Ratings at it again!!! Beat up female Punch employee
  137. [General] Chief Edwin Clark lambasts Yar’Adua
  138. [General] Ndigbo oldest people in Nigeria -Achebe
  139. [General] Stop flouting my orders – IG warns policemen
  140. [General] Chinua Achebe and his people
  141. [General] provoking stats: what does it all mean ?
  142. [General] OBJ, Dariye meet in Jos
  143. [General] 150,000 foreigners swell UK workforce: Record number get permits as Britons lose jobs
  144. [General] UK mother who allowed her 3 year old son to smoke cigarettes walks free from court !!
  145. [General] Court dissolves gbenga obasanjos's marriage
  146. [General] Biliculous: My YouTube Movie rebuttal to Bill Maher's Religulous Movie
  147. [General] Why we moved against Agagu-EFCC
  148. [General] Britain may have to seek IMF bail-out
  149. [General] Silence the Sirens - Uzoma Okere
  150. [General] Britain Officially In Recession
  151. [General] Obama and his "BarackBerry"
  152. [General] Britain may shut doors to foreign workers
  153. [General] BREAKING NEWS: FG announces Yar'Adua to proceed on two-week leave
  154. [General] Faces of Corruption in Nigeria
  155. [General] China sentences two to death over tainted milk
  156. [General] Petrol pump price down to N65 per litre
  157. [Press Release] Letter: Npf microfinance bank abuja is a huge disappointment
  158. [General] Malaysia bans foreign recruitment
  159. [General] Police Parade Goat as Robbery Suspect
  160. [General] Archeological discovery in the White House!
  161. [General] Ribadu's trial begins wednesday
  162. [General] "I hope Obama fails"
  163. [General] Court indicts EFCC over abuse of power
  164. [General] Nigeria's 2011 Presidential Election; Atiku-Oyinlola Ticket Likely
  165. [General] Soludo paints gloomy picture of Nigerian economy
  166. [Biafra] MASSOB begs Obama for Biafra
  167. [General] A nine year-old boy sets himself ablaze
  168. [General] OBJ is a clown!
  169. [General] BREAKING: Bush Pardons Osama bin Laden
  170. [General] Castro 'Trusts' Obama
  171. [General] Obama takes presidential oath - again
  172. [General] Caroline Kennedy withdraws her senate bid.
  173. [General] Jang Dares Yar'adua, swears in LG Chiefs.
  174. [General] Contracts awarded to bogus contractors by npa under bode george
  175. [General] Atiku:why i visited obasanjo
  176. [General] Efcc under ribadu to pay n3 million damages
  177. [General] A very diverse First Family [And a Nigerian Connection]
  178. [General] Obama acts on Guantanamo trials
  179. [General] The Inauguration - Pooky's Take
  180. [General] Al-mustapha:ribadu tortured my family
  181. [General] Court martial convicts army officers
  182. [General] Police engage 21 lawyers to fight ribadu
  183. [General] Chief Justice Fumbles Obama presidential oath of office
  184. [General] Another Naija E-mail
  185. [General] I'm i missing something ???
  186. [General] IBB Off To Libya (as leader of the kitchen cabinet?)
  187. [General] Palestinian Internecine Killings Continued as War Raged
  188. [General] Transcript Of Obama's Inaugural Speech
  189. [General] Obama story - How many
  190. [General] CNN jammed.
  191. [General] Michelle Obama the first Yoruba woman in the white house.
  192. [General] Which states make up Middle-belt?
  193. [General] Kufuor pay-off shocks Ghanaians
  194. [General] Nigeria, Dubai $16B Deal Eyes Gas, Oil and Power Investment
  195. [General] Another Nigerian Stabbed to Death in Ukraine
  196. [General] I want to be health minister
  197. [General] Nigerian Great Orators
  198. [General] Atiku Visits Obasanjo In Preparation for Yar'Adua's "Exit"
  199. [General] How to "win" a 3rd term
  200. [General] Panic: Presidential Movement keeps Airline In The Air For 3 Hours
  201. [General] Visionless Leadership!
  202. [General] News junkies get your fix....
  204. [General] OAU records feat in kidney transplant
  205. [General] Killing through witchcraft:man sentenced to 12 months in prison
  206. [General] Real Reasons Why the Naira is on a Freefall
  207. [General] Nigerians;Yes We Can or Yes We Can't? It's Time to take a Stand!!
  208. [General] Andy Uba Thrown Out Of UK
  209. [General] Obj is an agbero
  210. [General] Abuja bound plane loses engine mid air
  211. [General] Why Power supply 'll remain epileptic in Nigeria
  212. [General] UK: Kemi Adegoke selected for Dulwich & West Norwood MP office
  213. [General] Kano Local Police Hisbah moves to block Kano divorcees' rally
  214. [General] Some public areas have begun to receive a facelift over Yar'Adua's Daughter's Wedding
  215. [General] Obama inspires Nigerians
  216. [General] Prof. Sam Aluko: Saint or sinner?
  217. [General] Irate youths destroy Yar'Adua effigy
  218. [General] Wole Soyinka on 'Adunni Osun'
  219. [General] All Nigerians are crooks-Botswana
  220. [General] New qualifications for those aspiring to become police officers
  221. [General] Oshiomhole's Escapedes A Source Of Worry in Edo
  222. [General] The return of MESSIAH -Obama
  223. [General] Quota System Collapses - As Northern Mafia Takes Control
  224. [General] What is your take here? For me it is difficult to say something
  225. [General] How can I wear helmet with my turban? Impossible
  226. [General] Walk with me down memory lane!
  227. [General] Nigeria Joins List of Countries Harassing Bloggers
  228. [General] January 15 1966.Nzeogwu and Awolowo.
  229. [General] Gani almost denied SAN
  230. [General] Osun State government outlaws tribal marks
  231. [General] A British postman falls Mugu
  232. [General] Hearing begins on ribadu's dismissal trial
  233. [General] TV Row Over Kenya Obama 'Junket'
  234. [General] China Becomes World Third Largest Economy
  235. [General] Constitutional review: Reps walk out of retreat
  236. [General] Help:A copy of my unpublished book" Makama The lier:Disproving the falsified 2006
  237. [General] Does anyone have the complete UNICEF report on poverty in Nigeria?
  238. [General] Nigeria And Nigerians...Truth
  239. [General] NDLEA nabs grandma with 1436kg cocaine
  240. [General] Yar'Adua To Go On Eight Weeks Medical Trip!
  241. [General] Soldier Collapsed At the Armed Forces Remembrance Day in Asaba
  242. [General] Reps vote against gay marriage
  243. [General] Government worst human rights offender
  244. [General] AC attacks Iwu
  245. [General] 419: They Keep Falling
  246. [General] Jail option: Edo contractors move to site in frenzy
  247. [General] Maga Don Pay, Shout Halleluyah
  248. [General] BREAKING: NY Plane Crash
  249. [General] Diasporans take fg to court!
  250. [General] Ivorians hail first home-built buses