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  1. [General] It's a new way of carjacking. (not a joke)
  2. [General] Ibrahim Babangida - Power And Corruption: An Analysis
  3. [General] MEND resumes attacks on oil Installations
  4. [General] CNN: Nigeria the 6th most populous Muslim country in the world (Pew poll)
  5. [General] Our lawmakers want to be above the law
  6. [General] Ibori Convicted Twice For Theft
  7. [General] America's High-Tech Sweatshops
  8. [General] Gender Gap; The New Version in America
  9. [General] TED Talks Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story
  10. [General] Egypt's top cleric to ban full-face veils in schools
  11. [General] Nigeria:five reasons for optimism
  12. [Biafra] Interview with Maj-Gen Cyril Iweze (re Samuel Doe/Biafra etc))
  13. [General] I married four women to save money
  14. [General] Untold suffering...
  15. [General] Dubai builds full size pyramids, Eiffel tower etc. Success of a theocracy
  16. [General] Death Row Inmate Tells Story Of Own Execution
  17. [General] Youth Corper Raped to Death
  18. [General] Editorial: Amnesty, MEND And The Need For Further Dialogue
  19. [General] Demise of the dollar. Oil producers, consumers in secret talks to replace $
  20. [General] How PDP wins elections - PDP Agent
  21. [Biafra] Nigeria Has Failed -Biafra Liberation Council
  22. [General] Tiger just being a tiger
  23. [General] The king and his seven lost calves!
  24. [General] Nigeria must disintegrate -Most Revd Onaiyekan
  25. [General] US cracks down violently on peaceful Pittsburgh G20 protesters; Twitter arrests made!
  26. [General] Berlusconi defiant over bribery claims
  27. [General] Nigeria Police on Independence Killing Spree
  28. [General] 10 Reasons for Letterman's polygamy in the office
  29. [General] Money gone bad for Doyin Motors, banks
  30. [General] Still On Sacked Bank Ceo's - What Happens To The Vanguard Newspaper Claim?
  31. [Boko Haram] Boko Haram surrenders Weapons -We thank Allah!
  32. [General] Five (5) Die in Lagos Bus Raid
  33. [General] ...invert one of the fundamental tenets of law, and curtail Judge's sentence discretions...
  34. [General] Ibori denies U.K. convictions! Woyo Allah!!!
  35. [General] Ribadu, el-Rufai, Danjuma,Others launch new movement
  36. [General] Nigerian Eagle (nee Virgin Nigeria) Airlines
  37. [General] Mahmoud Ahmadinejad revealed to have Jewish past
  38. [General] Another 13 year old father
  39. [General] Islam Is NOT African!!!
  40. [General] Q&A: How are arms deals done?
  41. [General] How the west encourages corruption in Africa.
  42. [General] Festus Keyamo chased out his wife/children from her home -naijamen for you!
  43. [General] Nija politicians pledge!
  44. [General] Sarah Palin Book Part of Conservative Boom
  45. [General] Oprah Winfrey celebrates Nollywood
  46. [General] Nigeria led by economic illiterates - Utomi
  47. [General] Libya deports 740 Nigerians
  48. [General] Another Ekiti Video
  49. [General] Rio wins bid to stage 2016 Olympics
  50. [General] Arik Air Raided By EFCC
  51. [General] The role of voltage regulators in backup systems
  52. [General] The problems with implementing solar powered street light projects
  53. [General] Nigeria Is Such A Heartbreaking Scene - Hillary Clinton
  54. [General] Ore - Benin Road What An Eyesore
  55. [General] CBN to fire Bank PHB MD, other heads set to roll
  56. [General] Libya Halts Execution of Nigerians On Death Row
  57. [General] Yar'Adua: Ateke gave me my 49th independence anniversary gift
  58. [General] Ekiti Gov's Torture Chambers
  59. [General] Close to 1 million naked student protesters to storm Abuja
  60. [General] Nigeria oil militant Ateke Tom 'ends fight'
  61. [General] History In The Making - Chapter 3
  62. [General] CNN, Celebrities, France president battle to aid, self-confessed child poisoner, sodomy-rapist fugitive
  63. [General] OCT 1,09..CHINA @60,nija@49!
  64. [General] Happy 49th Independence Nigeria!!!
  65. [General] Where Titles Matter
  66. [General] Nigerian to build Iraqi railway
  67. [General] 49th Independence Podcast: Questions for Ribadu, Utomi, and El-Rufai
  68. [General] Chinua Achebe Puts Pen to Page, After 20 Years
  69. [General] Protest at Globacom
  70. [General] Best Ogedegbe is dead
  71. [General] China getting into Nigerian Oil...
  72. [General] IMF Calls for Overhaul of Financial System
  73. [General] Its 1st October again.....
  74. [General] Beauty Queen To Aid VVF Patients In Zamfara
  75. [General] Mr essien,sign my ball for me!
  76. [General] MEND names Dr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde, Akhigbe, Soyinka to negotiate with FG
  77. [General] Death Toll in Guinea Protests Rises Above 150
  78. [General] Nigerias bin laden speaks. Threatens war!
  79. [General] time Magazine and tableleaux of Nollywood (Graphic!)
  80. [General] Colonization of the Middle East. Dejavu?
  81. [General] What Would Happen if IBB Was Arrested?
  82. [General] Ribadu: Ibori opens can of worms
  83. [General] Gaddafi's Oddest Idea: Abolish Switzerland
  84. [General] Pro Obama Song ; Is This Some Cultish Deification Of Obama?
  85. [General] Sony vs Madam Rebrand
  86. [General] Olu Falae on Nigeria at 49
  87. [General] Iran abides by NNPTreaty, announces new plant prior to 'West', 'West' is pissed! Obama makes fool of self
  88. [General] What churches ought to be doing
  89. [General] How una see am?
  90. [General] How many wives has Senate President?
  91. [General] Aondoakaa Embarrassing - Nigeria Nigerian Bar Association
  92. [General] The Power of Mobile Money
  93. [General] Should nvs be used as a platform for political campaigns
  94. [Press Release] NBC vote on US currency
  95. [General] Yet Another Lawsuit Over Muslim Headscarf
  96. [General] Again, things fall apart in Anambra
  97. [General] Ahmadinejad UN speech transcript 2009
  98. [General] Wole Soyinka, An Intellectual Gymnast!
  99. [General] "Born-Again" IBB
  100. [General] Trailer crushes pregnant woman, husband and friend
  101. [General] Ruling party seeks consensus candidate for Anambra State
  102. [General] Saudis open hi-tech science oasis -built under 2 years?
  103. [General] Africa Remembers Thomas Sankara! Martyred for His True Africanism
  104. [General] Nothing is wrong with 1999 Constitution - Gov Aliyu
  105. [General] Ghadaffi Slams UN Security Council
  106. [General] Abacha for Governor?
  107. [Press Release] Gani to be honored in New York on Saturday
  108. [General] Prof. Soludo, a good seed for Anambra
  109. [General] Colonyinvest-net and nigerians in thailand
  110. [General] US war on crime has nothing to do with crime
  111. [General] Kaduna SSG's captors demand ₦40m ransom
  112. [General] Nigeria 'offended' by sci-fi film.....and what they think about OBJ.
  113. [General] Angola president marks 30 years in power in silence
  114. [General] Sanusi Lamido Sanusi As A Nationalist & Patriot
  115. [General] Nye anyi egbe
  116. [General] Nigerians in thailand a mockery of a nation.
  117. [General] Owners of Nigeria -man dey suffer, my people!
  118. [General] Ibori's female aides in London court over money laundering
  119. [General] Doctor jailed for stella obasanjo's death
  120. [General] Words from the man who threw shoe at Bush
  121. [General] mulan, again in the News -hurra!
  122. [General] Nigeria Will Break Into Three
  123. [General] A Conversation Between Shoko and Baba Shoko
  124. [General] Players groan, while board members get fatter
  125. [General] Minister Andoakaa SAN, AGF, Nigeria's Public Enemy Number One!
  126. [General] Pro-Palestinian Protest Claims Three Lives in Zaria
  127. [General] Urhobo Revolutionary Army declares total War!
  128. [General] Welcome to Saraki State!
  129. [General] Breaking News! Protest [Updates on Ibori's UK Case]
  130. [Press Release] Conferrence On Nigeria... All Are Cordially Invited
  131. [General] Adeniran, father of alleged rapist, rejected by US As Nigeria's Ambassador
  132. [General] Ribadu never visited Nigeria -Ogbonna Onovo
  133. [General] No Mr Egunje, na Ghost!
  134. [General] Haba Thisday!
  135. [General] 20 Million Nigerians could have AIDS by 2020
  136. [General] The Need for Feminism in Nigeria and Africa as a whole!
  137. [General] Milestone Invention reported from Nigeria -God is Great, my people!
  138. [General] Closure of Coca-Cola Plant in Nigeria
  139. [General] Africans: Get to Europe or Die Trying
  140. [General] Kaduna returns destitute, others to own states
  141. [General] Yar `Adua`s slip of the tongue...............
  142. [General] Why Fawehinmi is fake!
  143. [General] Niger Delta: M.E.N.D disappoints big time
  144. [General] Please Re-Brand Me!
  145. [General] How Ibori Tried to Bribe Me (By Ribadu)
  146. [General] Turai goes to Atomic energy conference conference
  147. [General] Ibru's family invokes spirits against Sanusi
  148. [General] Gani Was A Fake Muslim? Burial Plans Anti-islamic
  149. [General] A doomed nation and the cretins they call leaders
  150. [General] How una see am?
  151. [General] In ogun state,a bad wine needs bush!
  152. [General] Wanted: Dead or Alive
  153. [General] Don't Amend 1999 Constitution, ACF Warns NASS.
  154. [General] Ribadu Re-Appears in Nigeria during IG and EFCC Siesta
  155. [General] Former Taiwan President (and wife) Sentenced to Life in Prison for Corruption
  156. [General] Lufthansa to resume Port Harcourt connection
  157. [General] Thief Tinubu (and others) wanted by UK police
  158. [General] The untold story of the murder of 2 cops
  159. [General] Stop the Ghana bashing -Ghana's Envoy
  160. [General] Feyi Fawehinmi: Dele Momodu; Please Up Your Game....Your Sh*t Is Weak!
  161. [General] Dr. Mercy Gabriel, the now popular enigmatic female taxi driver in Abuja
  162. [General] [Article Comment]Hall of Shame: Chinyere Igwe
  163. [General] Informal gathering in honour of gani fawehinmi
  164. [General] Mallam Sanusi must go!
  165. [General] latest News on MASSOB and MEND
  166. [General] FG stalls Halliburton scandal probe
  167. [Biafra] The Medal That John Lennon Refused Because of Biafra
  168. [General] Another Jewish organ theft gang busted, ripping up kids from Africa
  169. [General] Great Nigerian Youths!
  170. [General] Prof. Soludo, the next PDP governor of Anambra
  171. [General] Babatunde Fashola, man of the People
  172. [General] Apo Six should not die in vain
  173. [General] Nigerians, Are you really happy
  174. [General] Na man knows man go kill nija banks!
  175. [General] Nigeria: A Dead Stinking Corpse, Yaradua
  176. [Biafra] Our Homeland, Biafraland - Our Country, Biafra
  177. [General] NigerDelta lost Opportunities
  178. [General] Nigerian criminal gangs busted yet again
  179. [General] The Child Killer
  180. [General] Ekiti..More Drama At Election Petitions Tribunal
  181. [Press Release] Respect Nigerians Coalition (RNC) STATEMENT ON THE DEATH OF CHIEF GANI FAWEHINMI
  182. [General] Pro-Nigerian environmentalist silenced in Obama US administration
  183. [General] Full fuel deregulation...what next?
  184. [General] Adenuga making wise use of looted Money!
  185. [General] EFCC to probe Stockbrokers
  186. [General] The Devil's Excrement
  187. [General] Why I Did Not Succeed Abacha - by Jerry Useni
  188. [General] Online condolence register for Late Chief Gani Fawehinmi
  189. [General] Oil Part of Lockerbie Talks, Official Says
  190. [General] Gani Dies At 71
  191. Book Review [Article Comment]Book Review: The Popular Is Seldom Correct By Reuben Abati Lanre Idowu. The Popular Is Se
  192. Book Review [Article Comment][book Review] Tony Momoh: His Life And Art
  193. [General] Islamic banking framework being firmed up.
  194. [General] The Rwanda War Crimes Coverup
  195. [General] District 9, US Box Office Smash Outrages Nigerians
  196. [General] i am shedding blood tears! 15yr old boy
  197. [General] Nigeria's literacy data as released by the NPC
  198. [General] APGA expels Gov Obi -What's up?
  199. [General] Comptroller-General of Customs, Alhaji Abdullahi Inde Dikko, in Certificate Forgery,
  200. [Boko Haram] So We Have Yoruba Boko Haram Too? Na Wah!
  201. [General] Racism in Ghana, how I was almost killed!
  202. [Boko Haram] Boko Haram Member Trained in Afghanistan
  203. [General] Pfizer Fined Billions of Dollars for FRAUD, by the USA
  204. [General] Why I love Nigerians
  205. [General] Murder in Nollywood?
  206. [General] Indian police nab Nigerian for duping Doha resident
  207. [General] Yoruba Elders Have Failed The People, Says Bankole
  208. [General] Advocating The Death Penalty; Because I am Against It!
  209. [General] Nigeria Unaware Of Quantity Of Oil Produced, Sold - Reps
  210. [General] Remembering Major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu
  211. [General] Kilebi China?.....Can We Blame The Chinese Authority?
  212. [General] Naija people dey eat vulture! Yack! Yack!! Yack!!!
  213. [General] The intrugues: First Bank, Sanusi, Olojede and others
  214. [General] Africans 'under siege' in Moscow
  215. [General] Warri & Asaba streets tv on generators!
  216. [General] Some Crimes Are More Equal Than Others
  217. [General] A chinese man kills another Chinese in Naija
  218. [General] ...in the news
  219. [General] Our government helped ruin the banks
  220. [General] Sanusi - The Man
  221. [General] How Soludo Concealed Banks' Rot
  222. [General] U.S. immigration deports 63 Nigerians
  223. [General] Goldmine Senate
  224. [General] Otokoto Again In Imo! Girl, 18, Beheaded For Rituals
  225. [General] The meaning of igbo resistance and survival
  226. [General] The Great White Hope
  227. [General] PHOTO TALK: Who Is Nigeria's President Turai Or Umar ?
  228. [General] Repulsive Photos -Kids keep out!
  229. [General] Black man becomes white -God is Great!
  230. [General] Much of 'Common law', 'Civil law', Human rights, etc derived from Shariah- Wikipedia
  231. [General] SReporters- Mr. Obaigbena paid Beyonce Knowles $1 million just to peep at her ...chest
  232. [General] Muslim woman told to remove scarf sues Mich. judge
  233. [General] Nigeria Needs 128 Votes For Security Council Seat
  234. [General] Federal Republic of Berger
  235. [General] 50-yr-old man rapes 14-yr-old girl, infects her with HIV/AIDS
  236. [General] Tearful Oby Ezekwesili's mum: my daughter won't steal
  237. [General] Breaking News!!! Senator Edward Kennedy is Dead!
  238. [General] Group of gang rapists arrested in Baltimore
  239. [General] Invitation to a Town Hall Meeting in London (Meet Sanusi this week!)
  240. [General] Obama taps Bernanke who didn't do his duty and advise the world, for 2nd term
  241. [General] Woman lost her Breast to armed ROBBERY
  242. [Press Release] Mobile Money and Card Payment:Perception survey in Nigeria (2009)
  243. [General] Hypocrisy or a New Era: Obama's Ramadhan message to Muslims
  244. [General] Govt Wades Into Visa Crisis In Foreign Embassies
  245. [General] Fashola Shun Treatment Abroad.
  246. [General] 'Elites' meet in Nigeria to commence Obama era; Clinton, Rove, Bush, Mundell, Al Gore
  247. [General] Plateau State bans street beggars! What is the Nigerian Beggars' crime?
  248. [General] Nigeria's External Trade Hits N2.21tr
  249. [General] Onitsha -based transporter Chief Godwin Okeke kidnapped
  250. [General] Germany: 100 Professors in Bribes Scandal