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  1. [General] Gov.daughter did not lose money to robbers
  2. [General] Saudi court sentences 75-year-old woman to lashes
  3. [General] The coming evangelical collapse
  4. [General] Redeemed Church Acquires N4bn Aircraft
  5. [General] Poll: Technology in Nigeria
  6. [General] Why Aro must pay for their slavery activities, by UNN scholar
  7. [General] Michael Aondoaaka to Sue all The Sueables, and Pursue/Overtake
  8. [General] Gbong Gwom Jos, Pam, dies at 73
  9. [General] Meghan McCain's "Beef" with Ann Coulter
  10. [General] Gov's daughter loses $56,000, car to robbers - As police kill 3 suspected robbers in
  11. [General] Will You Send Your Child To College?
  12. [General] Pastor shot dead during service
  13. [General] Botswana's Ian Khama
  14. [General] Yar'Adua Seeks Fourteen Amendments to Land Use Act
  15. [General] Delta street lights of controversy
  16. [General] MEND no longer relevant to N/Delta struggle - Asari Dokubo
  17. [General] MEND no longer relevant to N/Delta struggle - Asari Dokubo
  18. [General] MEND no longer relevant to N/Delta struggle - Asari Dokubo
  19. [General] Hunter kills man who turned to monkey
  20. [Press Release] Join Picket Against Ex Nigerian Dictator General Olusegun Obasonjo In London
  21. [General] Rapists On Rampage in Nigeria -
  22. [General] Avian Flu Virus Sent As Vaccine!
  23. [General] Celebrate Africa
  24. [General] Dubai:1,500 foreign worker visas revoked every day
  25. [General] Tsvangirai's Wife Dead
  26. [General] Briton Wife refuses rescue
  27. [General] Author of 'The God Delusion',- 'Atheist' Richard Dawkins suggests Aliens Created Man
  28. [General] Burson-Marsteller
  29. [General] Waziri on the Wild Side
  30. [General] This man is dying...What next?
  31. [General] Celebrate Africa: Chioma and Oluchi's Good News Odyssey
  32. [General] "We are all thieves in this Assembly"
  33. [General] Yar'Adua Approves INEC's Reorganisation
  34. [General] Thought Provoking Speech -Great Mind!
  35. [General] De-Institutionalizing Treasury Looting.
  36. [General] Ekiti: INEC Official Arrested
  37. [General] Parents sexually molesting their children. Is this also prevalent in Africa?
  38. [General] EFCC Arrests Agagu
  39. [General] Arrest Warrant for Sudanese President - ICC
  40. [General] "Try OBJ for Treason" - Soyinka
  41. [General] OBJ? In Congo Again??
  42. [General] Applications for Nigerian Visas & Work permits by Britons on the Rise
  43. [General] Preacher outs it squarely to Black people, speaks on Obama etc. Is it true?
  44. [General] Is it becoming obvious that we are doomed...
  45. [General] Malaysia to restore 'Allah' ban for Christians
  46. [General] Bush Secret Memos Released
  47. [General] German state governor in big SHIT
  48. [General] Soldiers assassinate Guinea-Bissau president
  49. [General] MEND Demands N500m Unpaid Rigging Fee From Agagu
  50. [General] "Stay Off Niger Delta; Militants Warn Foreign Investors"
  51. [General] The Awolowo Centenary
  52. [General] Ekiti: Political Battle Begins!
  53. [General] US Boycotts UN conference on racism!
  54. [General] Suspicious/Auspicious Must Hear This...Who are dis Drunkards?
  55. [General] Thief Atiku wants the Presidency come 2011
  56. [General] Belgian Firm To Build New Terminal at Lagos Airport
  57. [General] Live from Lagos CCTV
  58. [General] 419,Pdp Already Gave Governors Third Term. Opposition are Mumu and fools .
  59. [General] Police arrest 26 cultists in Edo
  60. [General] Soldier still in coma one year after auto accident
  61. [General] Nigerian using fake ID jailed in UK for sexual assault on mentally ill patient
  62. [General] The begining of the conspiracy against nigerians!
  63. [General] Tribalism & Ethnocentrism - The Effects on National Development
  64. [General] Where is the Nigerian President in 2011 coming from?
  65. [General] Shut The Gate To Prostitution, Oshiomhole Charges European Ambassadors
  66. [General] No Power failure in Kwara for 30 days!!!!
  67. [General] A Case For True Federalism, Responsible Political Leadership Instead Of Secession
  68. [General] Ireland deports 30 Nigerians
  69. [General] From Slumdog To Slapdog: Child Actor Beaten By Father For Refusing To Leave Shack
  70. [General] Ekiti re-run polls: PDP reconciliation talks collapse
  71. [Biafra] Ex-biafran policemen yet to get benefits
  72. [General] Lagos Airport Experience
  73. [General] Nigerians Win International Forex Trade Competition!
  74. [General] America lifts 18 year Photo Ban on Coffins Bearing War Dead
  75. [General] The Western Niger of Nigeria demand change goes on strike(Ijaw are from odua)
  76. [General] Yar'adua's In-Law,Yuguda ,to become CBN Governor
  77. [General] New World Order; The global economy- Nations to be redefined- Dr Ron Paul
  78. [General] Iwu: Nobody can sack me
  79. [General] Edo police arrest 5 kids for stealing a bus
  80. [General] Lagos Island: The dreaded central business district becomes toast of investors
  81. [General] NLC tells Yar'adua:Stop hosting corrupt ex-govs
  82. [General] 80% Nigerian graduates unemployable
  83. [General] Jack Straw Caught up in Un-Nigerian Scam!
  84. [General] How NAF Men Killed Butcher Over Beef
  85. [General] 9 year old girl and boy kid married in Texas.
  86. [General] Jack Straw's email account hacked by Nigerian fraudsters?
  87. [General] Atiku is a chameleon –Kalu
  88. [General] Rumble in transcorpia
  89. [General] Nigerian Accused in Scheme to Swindle Citibank
  90. [General] RE: "Truly disturbing video...madness in lagos"
  91. [General] Why Crime Is Such Good Business In Nigeria
  92. [Press Release] MIMIKO's Victory; a tonic for the Opposition in Nigeria
  93. [General] Praising murderous tyrants....
  94. [General] ‘How I Spend My Bribe Money' - Gov Obi
  95. [General] Eko Atlantic City - The New Lagos (CNN Report).
  96. [General] News: Mimiko Declared The Winner In Ondo Elections- Freezes Bank Accounts
  97. [Article] Is Rabbit Dead ... Or Dying?
  98. [General] The chinese wan chop everything finish for naija!
  99. [General] Manslaughter: Court sentences ex-beauty queen Ibinabo Fiberesima to five years
  100. [General] Igbo People Sef: Aba Made Cartoon
  101. [General] SHOCKing Picture - PM news
  102. [General] South-East Will Be Nigeria's Fastest Growing Economy Soon
  103. [General] OBJ again!
  104. [General] Dotun Adebayo ( BBC 5live Radio ) - Best of...thread
  105. [General] Know Your Niger-Delta Governors
  106. [General] American Billionaire, George Soros Targets Nigerian Banks
  107. [General] Nigerian Doctor suspended in the UK over toddlers (Baby P) death.
  108. [General] Shell to lend Nigeria $3bn
  109. [General] Lar, Gerry Gana, Ekwueme kicked against military handover in 1999
  110. [General] Nuhu Ribadu goes to UK school
  111. [General] "Get Yours!" [Armored Cars]
  112. [General] Gov. Daniel's N1.5bn Waste
  113. [General] National Security Adviser: rejects affirmative action and proportional representation
  114. [General] Oil theft: 13 Filipinos 65years imprisonment
  115. [General] Market Meltdown: NSE Resorts To Divine Intervention
  116. [General] Nigerian trainee doctor sue college for £300,000 for 'racist bullying' by co-students
  117. [General] Countdown to Ondo Verdict
  118. [General] Diaspora: Accent War in ‘Jand'
  119. [General] Sickly Yar'adua say No more Photos
  120. [General] Global crisis: Print naira now, Jimoh Ibrahim urges FG
  121. [General] Chinua Achebe: A hero returns
  122. [General] Acting Ekiti state Governor Sacks Commissioners, Chairmen etc
  123. [General] On Race: US a Nation of Cowards - Holder
  124. [General] Cartoon of the Day!
  125. [General] Toxic British waste sent illegally to Nigeria
  126. [General] Gov's bonanza for Yobe bachelors!
  127. [General] Linking Obama to dead chimp
  128. [General] Uninsured Young Adults, Do-It-Yourself Health Care
  129. [General] Women are prouder than men, but men are more lustful
  130. [General] Death Penalty - For Or Against : Is It Justice Or Revenge
  131. [General] German doctors hands off Yar'Adua …Pastor TB Joshua steps in
  132. [General] Irreconcilable Differences
  133. [General] Meltdown! Nigerians flee US
  134. [General] Prostitution: FCT police parade 53 ladies
  135. [General] Appeal Court orders fresh election in Ekiti
  136. [General] Japanese Finance minister resigns for being drunk at G7 news conference!!
  137. [General] Air Force Base removes Obama's photo
  138. [General] Yar'dua needs your advice!!!
  139. [General] Ekiti Awaits Verdict
  140. [General] "Divine Intervention" for NSE
  141. [General] Oshiomole Presents Edo Budget
  142. [General] 'Jail in UK is like being on holiday': Killer boasts on Facebook from his prison cell
  143. [General] Britain to deport 400 Nigerian prisoners
  144. [General] Entire South African Airways crew arrested for UK drug smuggling - TWICE in one month
  145. [General] Rebranding Nigeria Project-Akunyili is a fool
  146. [General] A Toast To Resilience
  147. [General] Alaafin/Ooni feud latest
  148. [General] M.Jackson's Brother, Marlon Plans To Build a $3.4billion Slavery Memorial In Nigeria
  149. [General] Poll: The Abati Issue
  150. [General] Enugu Launches Free Wireless Internet Service
  151. [Article] Tough Times: Nigerians Flee To Ghana
  152. [General] Ijaw want to join the Republic of Benin too. Ijaw are from Odua.
  153. [General] 11 Occupants Escape Unhurt As Robbers Leave Bishop's Jeep With 56 Bullet Holes
  154. [General] A Nigerian in the US army? What is he doing there?
  155. [General] Video: Evolution Proves Religion
  156. [General] Nigerian Police Vs Investigative journalist
  157. [General] Igbos wanted in the us military
  158. [General] Is Barack Obama The Anti-Christ?
  159. [General] Inside Human Parts Market In Lagos
  160. [General] Does Africa support science?
  161. [Press Release] The Book, "Chidi Anthony Opara's Poems" Released
  162. [General] Prof. Soyinka lambasts Ewu Obasanjo/Thief Atiku!
  163. [General] Nigerian Ambassador to US, Oluwole Rotimi, Sacked
  164. [Article] Who Is Afraid Of MASSOB?
  165. [General] Abuja residents cry out: ‘Prostitutes have invaded our streets'
  166. [General] Judges Plead Guilty in Scheme to Jail Youths for Profit
  167. [General] Ogun Speaker, other lawmakers write Mark over safety.
  168. [General] African Leaders : Gaddafi wants Caribbean in Africa
  169. [General] Pagan Origin Of Valentine Day
  170. [General] Obama cabinet: Unlucky or naive?
  171. [General] Mike Adenuga(Dr.?), is he a Crook or smart bizman?
  172. [General] Political office holders "earn" N1.13tn yearly – RMAFC
  173. [General] Celebration of a beautiful Creature
  174. [General] Okiro vows to apprehend robbers as delta cp escapes death in benin
  175. [General] Decay of Health-Care System in Anambra State – Nigeria
  176. [General] An Open Letter to the Publisher, SaharaReporters
  177. [General] Britain declares War on Nigerian Visa Seekers!
  178. [General] Cow Urine as soft drink, how about that?
  179. [General] Nigerian Invents Music Hearing Device
  180. [General] Man abandons wife after delivery of quadruplets
  181. [General] Black wednesday for edo police command
  182. [General] Nigerian Literary Icon; Elechi Amadi Celebrates Freedom From Kidnappers
  183. [General] EFCC Funding to be Cut
  184. [General] North Would Have Regretted Nigeria's Break-Up, says Dikko
  185. [General] Court of Appeal Upholds Theodore Orji's Election
  186. [General] Scientifical BreakThrough in Great AlaIgbo!
  187. [General] Awolowo Abraham Lincoln's Reincarnate?
  188. [General] Black History Month - Capitalism and Slavery
  189. [General] Economic crisis management team: What Nigerians expect
  190. [General] Was Lincoln a Racist?
  191. [General] Pfizer drug trial
  192. [General] Panic as Unilever, PZ threaten to leave Nigeria
  193. [General] Niger Bridge Tragedy, Onitsha -Death lurks
  194. [General] Nigeria's "go slow" leader
  195. [General] FG: Global Economic Crisis May Force Nigerians Home
  196. [General] Reuben Abati - Purveyor of Smut?
  197. [General] Pictures that give me the goose pimples
  198. [General] defence minister has resigned after police shot dead 28
  199. [General] 70 abortion-a -day doctor arrested
  200. [General] In the name of the son
  201. [General] Why refineries are not working, by Ewu Barkindo
  202. [General] Sharia broke my Heart -Obasanjo
  203. [General] UNBELIEVABLE:Wicked father chops off child's leg
  204. [General] Police need N2,500 to feed each dog per day
  205. [General] I'm waiting for Etim's court papers :OKOCHA
  206. [General] MEND sets to create Ijaw-Nation -a wholesale rampage on Goatgeria-Nation!
  207. [General] Soyinka v Awoyinka: Find your Corner.....
  208. [General] Ghadafi: cowardly Yaradua takes an escapist's approach
  209. [General] Why Yoruba actresses thrive more than the actors
  210. [General] Abia govt creates 1000 jobs
  211. [General] Nigerians Banned From Vietnam due to Criminal Activities of Dubious Nigerians !!!
  212. [General] Governor Fashola Live on the Internet ?
  213. [General] 'Yorubaist' ko, 'Italianist' ni!!
  214. [General] KBR (Halliburton) charged with bribing Nigerian officials
  215. [General] Bill Gates releases mosquitoes on conference audience
  216. [General] God, Why..Why...naked wickedness! WaleAkin must explain this
  217. [General] Interesting
  218. [General] Nigerian Al-Qaeda arrested in Spain
  219. [General] Nigeria's Island of sin
  220. [General] UK Snowed: Lessons for Nigeria
  221. [General] Poison in teething drug kills 84 Nigerian children
  222. [General] Court Re-Opens Savannah Bank
  223. [General] How Obasanjo tricked us to back him in 2003, by Akande
  224. [General] 2011: No vacancy in Aso Rock – CDC chairman
  225. [General] Between State And Local govrnments
  226. [General] Update on Mrs Igwilo's Health: Plse Help
  227. [General] Al-Qaeda organise rape of young girls & boys to decieve them to becom suicide bombers
  228. [General] Nigerian only Genius speaks out -Prof. Soludo
  229. [General] Are Niger Deltans Being Unreasonable?
  230. [General] Extraordinary People
  231. [General] Can the igbo wait till 2047 to be president.
  232. [General] A 10-Year-Old Divorcée Takes Paris
  233. [General] Asaba International Airport
  234. [General] Bill Gates, a really big man
  235. [General] IBB: The Real Reason I Annulled June 12;Forecloses return as president
  236. [General] The Benin-Ife Connection
  237. [General] I WENT TO NEW YORK- Interesting article by Nigerian
  238. [General] Ex-Petroleum Minister Daukoru's wife kidnapped in Niger Delta !!
  239. [General] Channel 4's 'Cruel' Experiment On Children?
  240. [General] Lucky Dube Killed Because He Was Mistaken For A Nigerian.
  241. [General] History, As Nigerian Finds Cure for Diabetes
  242. [General] Nigeria Ranks Low in Budget Transparency
  243. [General] Senate orders revocation of Obasanjo's plot in Abuja
  244. [General] Interior Ministry awaits National Assembly's consent to repatriate prisoners from UK
  245. [General] Presidency begins search for Soludo's successor
  246. [General] History, As Nigerian Finds Cure for Diabetes
  247. [General] Let's send Matt Lauer to Naija
  248. [General] An indian beaten and set ablaze in rome
  249. [General] Haiti's top ten demands to president barack obama
  250. [General] Local Champion: 68th in Africa, 1st in Nigeria. Are we supposed to be proud of this?