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  1. Animal Farm called Nigeria -useless Entity!
  2. Little devils:6 boys, aged 11-14, rape 11-yr-old girl in graveyard
  3. Robbers Invade Police, Military Barracks In Lagos
  4. Student Dumps baby in Soak away minutes after giving birth
  5. The Abortion Business in Nigeria
  6. FG Approves New Refineries in Lagos, Eket
  7. MASSOB orders Ndigbo to stay at home August 28
  8. Nigerian Doctors are incompetent -Obasanjo!
  9. How illegal gun factory was discovered in Enugu
  10. Pastor from hell rapes girl to death inside the church
  11. Oil Bunkerers Escape From Prison
  12. OIL well communal clash in Imo
  13. Where are RAS KIMONO and MAJEK FASHEK???
  14. The Down Side of The American Dream
  15. Most brilliant jambite is an armed robber?
  16. China products to be banned in Nigeria -that's good!
  17. Nigerian men kill their wives in America, Nigerian woman kills her husband in Nigeria
  18. American press believes in juju, suspicious of Nigeria's victory
  19. A northern advocation for easterners
  20. Soludo and voodoonomics
  21. Nigeria Turns Over Disputed Territory
  22. Making a computer that works like the brain
  23. No pension for Gowon,IBB,others
  24. Okonkwo moves to tackle erosion in Anambra
  25. Man commits suicide over N50,000
  26. Gay Church in Nigeria
  27. Strange irony: muslims kill muslim for blasphemy
  28. Nigerian Child sorrowful Lamentation on her Future! -Katampe?
  29. "Poison Fire" (Niger Delta Documentary)
  30. Gov Fashola begs Denker and co to come back home
  31. China's little gal wasn't fine enough
  32. Rebels Release Details Of Government's Alleged Bribe Attempt
  33. Documentary on the Niger Delta
  34. Uninterrupted power supply as another source of income for Niger Delta
  35. 4 students raped to coma -Chineke God!
  36. Nigerian Benefit fraud funded £4m empire
  37. Beijing 2008: Even Zimbabwe gets medals. Where is our Giant of Africa?
  38. Ambitious Nigerians are going back home
  39. BEST GUARDIAN EDITORIAL EVER - The Rule Of Law And Bakassi Handover
  40. Owerri regains its lost glory. Overtakes Calabar as the cleanest state capital
  41. Beijing Olympics ....
  42. AC urges sanction against British Airways over disrespect for Sultan of Sokoto
  43. FG moves to save 13 Nigeria in Saudi jail
  44. If Ribadu Nuhu was from the South.
  45. Reps discover N400bn in hidden accounts
  46. What Is The Meaning Of This?
  47. Nigerian graft
  48. I Recommend the Ogoni Option
  49. Is this 21st Century Lagos, P.H., Warri or Yenagoa? I know its not Calabar.
  50. Ribadu In Danger - Balarabe Musa
  51. Bakassi: Gowon is to Blamed!
  52. Georgia Vs Russia: David Vs Goliath?
  53. Sad, but was God ''absent'' when this happened?
  54. British Military Trainers Arrive Nigeria
  55. Obas, Emirs, wives of ex-heads of states fingered in Bode's looting of NPA
  56. 3,000 Nigerians in Chinese prisons -Where is our felix?
  57. Ohanaeze supports Niger Delta leaders -kenn1 must hear this!
  58. As ND rebels are slowly but continuously depopulated, what next?
  59. China and Nigeria: one is king the other is servant?
  60. MEND: Final Warning to Julius Berger Plc
  61. Ribadu: Senate May Summon PSC Boss
  62. Crashing Marriages
  63. Secret plot to castrate EFCC –Financial Times of London
  64. Aondoakaa Canvasses Second Term For Yar'Adua
  65. I thought there are no pros in the Sharia heartland?
  66. Powerful Nigerian politicians are seeking to derail EFCC
  67. EFCC: Obasanjo's corrrupt lieutenants plan mass exile. You will not run forever
  68. President ignorant of implications of recent police demotions
  69. A Course Participant Of Nipss Stole Camera In China. Why Do They Hide His Identity?
  70. Is the world changing?? A Black American playing for Russia
  71. Nigerian Official Accused Of Hiring Witch Doctor
  72. Where is the big Thief, Lucky Igbinedion -RAYNOSA any clue? LOL!
  73. China is Kickin' Azz & Takin' Names!!!
  74. Exposed: Shouldn't Nuhu Ribadu be in jail now?
  75. Militants destroying the South-South
  76. John Edwards Affair
  77. Sharia has reached Abuja
  78. Nigerian man with 86 wives
  79. Yar’Adua’s govt lacks direction — Ohanaeze
  80. 10,000 Nigerians die, crossing to Europe
  81. Obasanjo Is A Curse To Nigeria – ACF(AREWA)
  82. Shades of tribalism in Nigeria
  83. Africans for Obama: Plan or Scam?
  84. Every Nigerian must see this.....
  85. Somebody Shoot me...Selected President Blowing hot..Chei
  86. A Banana Republic Named Nigeria
  87. 10,000 Nigerians die migrating
  88. The monetization and ''mediocritization'' of university admission
  89. [Biafra] Another enduring story: I am Yoruba but a convinced Biafran
  90. Pics - Eldee 'Bosi Gbangba' Video Shoot
  91. NDDC Chairman Spends N270 million on Juju
  92. EFCC Arrests Bode George
  93. Youngest Women Billionaires
  94. US cracks 'biggest ID fraud case'
  95. Echos From The Most Expensive City In Africa
  96. Ooni, Alaafin, PDP governors to Nigerians: Stop Obasanjo bashing
  97. Housing Prices in Lagos rival New York and London
  98. Ribadu Demoted
  99. A Yoruba man making it in Igboland. There are several unreported of such
  100. Judge bans Man who killed his wife from pub.
  101. Finally, Afenifere hands Bode George to EFCC
  102. Breaking News...Breaking News....Breaking News!
  103. Igbo Traders Get Raw Deals In Portharcourt
  104. Can you pass me your wife, please?!
  105. Another Odi: Soldiers Raze Agge, Bayelsa Town!
  106. Katsina starts afforestation with 6,700 trees TOP!
  107. NVS Party for less privileged kids
  108. Cults of violence
  109. AFC, Soludo, Ometoruwa -The Facts!
  110. Soludo and Imoke: Testing Yar'adua's anti-corruption credentials
  111. Our President Needs Help
  112. Ohanaeze lambasts Northern Leaders
  113. MEND brings WAR to Yoruba Nation!
  114. How Yugoslavia vanished from maps
  115. Lagos:Most expensive city in Africa
  116. Deconstruction of Docokwy aka Dr. Okwudili
  117. Kidnapping hitherto a southern phenomenon finally moves up North
  118. 40 million Yorubas get N14,560 billion while river state get N15,097Billion
  119. Stop Obasanjo Bashing!
  120. Why would Nigerian Scammers Steal Books?
  121. [Biafra] Biafra, MASSOB, and Chief Ralph Uwazuruike -the truth?
  122. Emerging Trends in Kidnapping.
  123. Biri Ka Mbiri - Live and Let Live
  124. [Biafra] I am the Final Biafran Truth, Ojukwu
  125. Straight talk as Igbo governors confront Yaradua
  126. YAR’ADUA is a Corruption-Incarnation -confirmed!
  127. As Al-Queida Wins: Or the Banana-lization of the USA
  128. [Press Release] EU_Pesticides_Regulation_Sign_On_Petition_July_31
  129. Court Stops Yar'Adua From Handing Over Bakassi To Cameroun
  130. The rise and rise of a business dynasty
  131. SSS Raids Dokubo Asari's House
  132. Igbo & Ibo
  133. My son's 'death' in Bulgaria
  134. Two sentenced to death by hanging over Dikibo's murder
  135. Northerners are lazy, says ACF
  136. Return Of Onne Seaport Mafia
  137. APGA chief blasts FCC chair over alleged Igbo domination of CBN
  138. Niger Delta slave raids responsible for northern poverty
  139. All eyes on Igboukwu next month. Be there.
  140. Naija man kills wife.
  141. Pregnant Prostitution Ring Busted in Missouri
  142. Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Four
  143. Govt scraps state first lady status amongst other women
  144. Unibadan Matches $250,000 Challenge Grant
  145. Where Babies Are Sold As Commodities
  146. Neglected by Nigeria, colonized by Cameroon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  147. How many of our so-called leaders can do this?
  148. collapse building in Abuja
  149. Yaradua's security aide goes beserk in Aso Rock
  150. Chief Edwin Clark demolishes Yar'Adua -lol!
  151. Why Blackout Continues in Nigeria
  152. Ndigbo in Diaspora petition Sultan over killings in the north
  153. Vision 2025 videos:options and recommendation
  154. Earthquake rocks Los Angeles
  155. AIDS Disproportionately Affects Blacks in America
  156. Terror of ritual killers- a detailed account (with photo)
  157. Black Power: Potent or Ruse? Part 1
  158. Juju scare: Ekiti lawmakers hire prayer warriors
  159. [Article] Juju scare: Ekiti lawmakers hire prayer warriors
  160. Killing an abusive partner may no longer be murder
  161. Ridiculous logic: the international community conspired to render northern Nig. poor
  162. Niger state governor in a true pan-Nigerian visionarist?
  163. Ndigbo in Diaspora confront Sultan on killings in the north
  164. North not a parasite - Govs.
  165. Ibrahim: I Became A Lawyer By Accident
  166. Strange country, strange people: Madam Fausat turns into a cat
  167. Dead Corps Member Found In Oba of Itire's Shrine
  168. Sicknening: are Nigerians the most desperate people in the world?
  169. Poverty in Northern Nigeria: Full Disclosure
  170. Sultan of Sokoto rejects BA(British Airways)
  171. Roads - Tears No Longer Enough
  172. Legislative "Egunje"
  173. Silent Death in Mother Africa -Chineke God!
  174. At Last An Alternative To Wikipedia
  175. I feel disadvantaged as a Nigerian -you too?
  176. Mr Garuba as an allegory of the hausa way of life
  177. Food crisis: How Ibadan thieves were duped by Imo thieves
  178. Abians on NVS: Let's discuss these claims.
  179. Nigerians are the best looking people of color in the world- African American woman
  180. WEMA Bank on the negative news yet again
  181. I Slapped Someone For Offering Me Bribe - Justice Ilori
  182. An NVS fact finding Poll
  183. Bayelsa, Anambra and Abia are the 3 states least affected by poverty
  184. This is NOT right!
  185. Mark tackles loquacious ACF: ''do not impose your views on northerners''
  186. Breaking News - Ondo state election tribunal - Mimiko Wins
  187. Dis One Pass Me -I no go lie, at all!
  188. The return of selective EFCC operation: Obj, UMYA saves Imoke
  189. Interesting read: Randy Chief Medical Director's love letter as court exhibit
  190. Power: Yar'Adua orders release of N58.8bn to energy ministry
  191. Increasing White poverty in South Africa...surprise, surprise.
  192. Update on fake cement:There are 5 fake cement companies in our area-arrested culprit.
  193. Are Federal appointments lopsided?
  194. Perceptions of Justice
  195. What exactly do the Niger Deltans want?
  196. Finally, FG to Build More Refineries
  197. Viagra helpful to women on antidepressants,
  198. 700 Nigerians Rot In Pakistani Cells
  199. Yar' Adua Actually Requested For Military Assistance.
  200. [Biafra] Current thoughts on map of Biafra?
  201. The N80 billion investment fund for Nigerians abroad
  202. I Conducted the Most Credible Election–IBB
  203. Ribadu is a less-educated Nigeriam says Waziri impliedly
  204. Loud-mouthed Ibrahim Jimoh is also a crook
  205. Ondo loses a whopping 260 oil wells to Delta
  206. 50% derivation goes to oil producers indirectly
  207. Leave poor power supply to God - Obasanjo
  208. Oh dear...
  209. Living in fear: Tanzania's albinos
  210. Fashola returns THISDAY award
  211. Emir of Kano receives 86 million naira monthly-Highest paid Nigerian?
  212. Nigeria & Tribalism
  213. A wonderful World -Picture of the Day!
  214. PDP reconciles Obasanjo, Fayose, Ladoja, Akala
  215. UN Genocide agency closes in on evil Nigerians
  216. Niger Delta: Summit, Dialogue or Bombs?
  217. UK PM issues Iran Nuclear Warning
  218. After 12 Years, Serbia captures fugitive Karadzic
  219. [Biafra] Complete Discussion of Biafra/Nigeria War
  220. Lagos: Mega City, Mega Miseries!
  221. Niger Delta Protests in London
  222. [Biafra] Biafra and more; The confessions of Asari Dokubo
  223. Report Imperils Soludo, AFC
  224. Benin monarch seeks use of local languages to educate drivers
  225. Reason for incessant building collapse in Lagos confirmed
  226. Na the burn-burn, na him dey sweet dem pass....
  227. MASSOB militants to hit hard Britain, over N/Delta
  228. Britain Re-Colonizes Nigeria
  229. [Biafra] Revisiting the African Auschwitz: Biafra and the Hypocrisies of global Power Centres
  230. Bruce Fein: Nigeria's rule-of-law challenge
  231. 73 Man Delegate for 2 hr session!
  232. Another Senseless Police Killing
  233. [Press Release] NLA Launches Nigeria Legal Internship Program for U.S based Individuals
  234. How this ''Professor'' messed up the Nigerian Inst of Policy & Stra. Studies, Jos.
  235. Bode George makes a Ben Johnson as EFCC closes in on him
  236. Tinubu hands over his Lagos to Lebanese crooks
  237. Inside the militants' kingdom -EXPOSED
  238. The North needs our Prayer and Help -Prof. Soludo!
  239. "How China is taking over Africa...."
  240. Alamieyeseigha embarks on peace mission in Niger Delta
  241. That KALU Leadership Series!
  242. lagos Muslims want Indecent Dressing Bill -Triviality!
  243. Tribute To Nelson Mandela
  244. Ex-EFCC boss, Ribadu sued for buying N462m villa
  245. Imagine The Likeness!!!
  246. Adedibu's son terrorises Ibadan bus drives and traders for father's burial
  247. History
  248. Yaradua chased away by angry Nigerians in London
  249. Don wants Hausa as North's official language
  250. [Article] What is 'Dividends of Democracy' in Real Terms?