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  1. Northern Oligarchy sends strong Warning to MEND-Militants
  2. G8 Worried over Nigeria's Nuclear Programme
  3. Evidence of 'Black' John Hanson, 1st US president on $2 bill!
  4. A Shaky Start: Mama EFCC and Economic Truths
  5. I was ready to be killed over... Ozumba Mbadiwe Road – Fashola
  6. Reports Says Nigeria Will Soon Disintegrate
  7. Surgeons remove $500K of heroin from suspected smuggler
  8. Financial crisis hits AD, sacked from National Headquarters
  9. How British American Tobacco Co,Encourages Under Age To Smoke Cigarettes.
  10. Illiterate Northern thugs have turned the 'highly' literate southeners into fanatics
  11. Nobel Price: Achebe is a shameful omission-Annie Gagiano
  12. The great aftermath of Hausa/Fulani Almajarism
  13. Oil production must stop in 2009 – Militants
  14. Poor Whites - South Africa
  15. Islam Woman curses Mohamed and Islam
  16. Fatal Fall! Undergraduate Dying After Falling From UNIBEN Hostel Top Floor
  17. Lagos State governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN shares some of his experiences
  18. Kano airport is dead, all thanks to Islamic fundamentalism
  19. Who owns Warri?
  20. Obasnjo's Igbo wife walks away from marriage
  21. I have lost my memory on how I spent 177 billion naira-Adebayo
  22. Demola Seriki is also a thief? Na wa for Naija people ohh!
  23. Mugabe
  24. BTW corruption n BS- NVS, example of why Nigeria doesn't move forward!
  25. Attack on Bonga: MEND reveals how its men carried out raid
  26. Indonesia executes 2 Nigerians - To mark world's anti-drug day
  27. Zamfara governor wants more military presence in Niger Delta
  28. This thieving Ijaw woman spoils the good name created by Igbo women
  29. Tribunal Sacks Edo Speaker
  30. Cities of Nigeria
  31. The Message 1976 [full movie about Islam]
  32. Jilted lover takes own life
  33. Is SA gradually becoming Naija
  34. Transport Minister Under Probe For N30.9B Payments
  35. Northern national leaders are thieves
  36. PDP Recommends 7-year Single Term for President
  37. Indonesia Executes 2 Nigerians To Mark UN Anti-Drugs Day
  38. Medical Apartheid
  39. Edo's Pathetic Politicians
  40. Aviation Sector Probe Shocker: Minister Withdrew N31bn In 6 Days
  41. Indonesia Executes 2 Nigerians - To Mark World's Anti-Drug Day
  42. Northern Nigeria as Baghdad
  43. Police forces exchange fire in SA
  44. Real Face Of Nigerian Corruption! O!Lord
  45. Nigeria Universities have lowest level of per capita spending on Research and Dev.
  46. Umu-igbo sends strong warning to Nigerian Federal Government
  47. ex-Anambra governor Onoh replies Ojemba
  48. Nigeria's Top Security Chiefs Warned About MEND Attack
  49. A £160m apology to the Maoris for shameful history of injustice
  50. The ''owners'' of Nigeria are deciding-after Yaradua, it should be North Central
  51. Panel seeks N10 trillion for power sector reforms
  52. [Biafra] Biafra was a hoax
  53. Again, Nigerian stabbed to dead in London, Britain
  54. The Ole of TINAPA
  55. Militants War Worsens, 30 Killed
  56. Dubai plans 'moving' skyscraper
  57. Foreigners who destabilise Africa - The Example of mark Thatcher
  58. Beijing Police Round Up And Beat African Expats...
  59. Obasanjo was a reckless contracts awarder-Usman
  60. Our Brand New Economy Will Compete Globally-Agu Ojukwu, Chief Economic Adviser To Ab
  61. The state of Healthcare in Nigeria
  62. Adamawa Governor Served Impeachment Notice
  63. The hunter becomes the hunted
  64. The case against Gambari
  65. Story Behind "Lost Tribe" Photos Rvealed
  66. [Press Release] Shut Down Of Major Oil Fields Portends Non-Existence Of Security In Nigeria.
  67. N19.5bn Probe: Senate To Quiz Ex-Ministers, 2 Banks
  68. Navy Deploys Two Warships In N'Delta
  69. Adedibu's Hangers-On Shift To Arisekola
  70. Much Ado about `Northernisation` by Olusegun Adeniyi
  71. Unrest in the Niger Delta - MEND Interview Series: Yar'Adua threat is in vain!
  72. [Biafra] Ojukwu loves women, Yoruba betrayed southern solidarity-Biafran first Lady
  73. IBB, 8 Others Annulled June 12, Says Shagaya
  74. Oliver de Coque dies of Cardiac Arrest
  75. Why do the minister of power want to waste %5 billion
  76. MEND Challenges Nigeria to a wrestling bout. Up MEND
  77. For the Love of a New Nation -Great Ala-Igbo
  78. Does Nigerian President Yar’Adua have AIDS?
  79. Naomi Campbell racially abused by British airways
  80. Arrest my inlaw (Obasanjo) now-Kenny Martins
  81. To your tent oh Nigeria, as oil finishes in 43 years
  82. Why Nigeria must burn(2)
  83. Kenny Martins ''dashed'' EFCC cars he bought with his money
  84. Like Orji (Abia) like Oni (Ekiti)-voodod in government
  85. Like Orji (Abia) like Obi Ekiti-voodod in government
  86. ...Yar'Adua declares war on militants
  87. Latin American Countries Decried The New EU Immigration Law... African Leaders?
  88. Is Faseun under a spell or just basking in the euphoria of his new-found one Nigeria?
  89. Is Faseun under a spell or a new-found one Nigeria?
  90. First South Africa allows homo marriages, now she classifies Chinese as Black?
  91. S'East senators allege zone's marginalisation in board jobs
  92. [Biafra] The birth of new Biafra -Ala-Igbo-Nation as Alternative!
  93. Raving pederastic coprophilic priests of the World (Part l)
  94. Nigeria Haemorrhages
  95. CNN Special - Blacks in America
  96. Kadhafi tries again for federal government of Africa
  97. Wikipedia Editor Commissioned To Remove Records About A Nigerian Poet
  98. Adedibu's Death is ‘Burnt Archive'
  99. Obasanjo's relative is the first victim of the new EFCC
  100. International Tiff Tiff
  101. Indecent dressing Bill a legal opinion
  102. SEUN KUTI in LA for Free concert
  103. Max Gbanite on MKO and June 12
  104. Pictures of Road to Obasanjo farms
  105. Abuja...
  106. On Ironsi and Fajuyi: a revealing interview about Adebayo's connection
  107. When did it start to go downhill?
  108. Best 419 Letter..period!
  109. Real Jungle Justice!
  110. Let us take them into the lab...
  111. IBB okayed June 12 annulment - Investigation
  112. Blind Men From The South
  113. Wamakko approves N6,500 monthly for disabled persons
  114. Beware of Amala and Gbegiri
  115. Consumers Urged To Ditch Bottled Water
  116. One year after, remains of murdered Nigerian still in Spain
  117. Man jumps into well, demands N100,000 from Yar'Adua
  118. Race and Class and Other Things
  119. Could Obama Be The First Black President? Perhaps Not...
  120. The revolution has started -We Thank God!
  121. Amala Politics is better than Salad Politics--Adedibu
  122. VP, Goodluck Jonathan playing 419...?
  123. Two nabbed over attempt to swindle monarch
  124. What befitting Epitaph should we give the Late Lamidi Adedibu
  125. Can Somebody Please Tell Prof. Nwosu to Shut Up
  126. Tim Russert
  127. BREAKING: R. Kelly Acquitted
  128. Adedibuism, Ubaism, and other isms
  129. Obasanjo is a Very Greedy Person - Oba Akiolu
  130. [Press Release] Edo Okpamakhin Hail Nigerian Judiciary
  131. NNPC Probe – The cover up!
  132. Tribunal Member Stabbed
  133. Obasanjo Weeps at Adedibu's Funeral
  134. Gangs Use Dogs Instead Of Knives
  135. Silent Echoes
  136. [Article] Obituary: Yves Saint Laurent
  137. ASARI DOKUBO broadens his Harem of Concubines!
  138. Nigerian loved to dead in South-Africa -Nawa!
  139. Ala-Igbo undersieged of armed Mercenaries -Chineke o!
  140. Stranger than Fiction
  141. The 'WHY' and 'HOW' question of Africa's independence
  142. Man Utd gets N375m to play in Nigeria
  143. Dis Bakassi thing ....
  144. Soludo's Miracle -top!
  145. Again Deads in House of Death -Lagos cries again!
  146. Small, solar-powered water treatment plants. -Top!
  147. Sudanese jetliner bursts into flames, killing 100
  148. Lulu_Briggs donates N150 to Niger Delta University.
  149. Gruesome Fratricide imminent in OTA-OBASANJO-FARM!
  150. Gani Fawehinmi excretes on EFCC and Waziri -dat's good so!
  151. Our Leaders Are Smart.
  152. Nigerian to be executed in Saudi Arabia
  153. Ibori's Stash Uncovered?
  154. Emeagwali - Father of the Internet?
  155. The Return Of the Saints (Buhari,Ibb & Abdulsalam
  156. Wafi boys in action
  157. Skipper RIO FERDINAND is big Lagos Chief
  158. Nigeria declares War against Ijaw-Nation -breaking News!
  159. Pastor confesses...We use human heads to prepare prosperity rituals for church member
  160. Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill -What's the North up to!
  161. Remembering General Sani Abacha.
  162. US 2008 Presidential Elections II: Obama Versus McCain
  163. Catholic Archbishop Of Owerri In Illegal Lands Grab
  164. Who Is This
  165. Baba Bell and the masquerade dance
  166. [Biafra] A Yoruba Pacifist Confronts Biafran Apologists
  167. Baba Adinni Yinka Folawiyo is DEAD
  168. Things they do for MONEY
  169. Court annuls Turkish scarf reform
  170. Good News From Nigeria -Finally!
  171. Obama and Clinton in secret meeting
  172. Waziri Denies Standing Surety for Akume
  173. Gbenga Obasanjo, wife agree to settle out of court
  174. A Possible Problem with Theories of Innate Attrbutes Ascription
  175. Vote For Change
  176. Six Valiant Nigerians(Philip Emeagwali And Others)
  177. Labour demands £120 minimum wage in Nigeria
  178. Okah: Yar'Adua's Ruse of Law
  179. Gunmen Kill 4 at Uniport
  180. Nigeria`s hall of shame!
  181. Nigerian lawyer gets recognition in US
  182. Ethiopia starts restoring obelisk - WHERE IS OUR FESTAC MASK
  183. [Biafra] Rumbles Of Biafra
  184. [Biafra] Rumbles Of Biafra
  185. Anambra inaugurates committee on new airport
  186. Again, Nigerian stabbed to death in Ukraine!
  187. Again, Reps throw out FOI Bill
  188. The Truth about Asaba Origin -Just the Truth
  189. FG Pledges to Protect Rights of Nigerians Abroad
  190. 2011 Elections
  191. Niger set to become oil producer !
  192. Apprentice Africa
  193. surviving as a Nigerian abroad by patience akpan-obong
  194. Pro-Obasanjo Senators Demand Concession Before Efcc Boss Confirmation
  195. Discussion Intensity
  196. Adedibu plans 2-million-man march for Akala today
  197. Femi Falana's letter to President Yar'Adua
  198. One Year After,how Have They Delivered"the Govs" Assess Them.
  199. Rock pioneer Bo Diddley dies at age 79
  200. Picture of the day: Face of New Colonial Africa
  201. [Biafra] As Kosovo Wins Independence, The Way Forward For Biafra
  202. Nigeria's rough, tough tin miners -SOD, What sayth Thee?
  203. How to actualise Vision 2020, by Lord Mayor of London
  204. Learn from Awo, Soludo tells graduates
  205. Govt. moves to stop execution of two Nigerians in Indonesia
  206. Gwobe And Denker Must Read This
  207. 18 most wanted Nigerians in the US
  208. FG's Commitment to Peace Doubtful
  209. Yar'Adua Removed COS Over $800 Million Scam!
  210. [Biafra] Killing Biafra -The Prerequisite!
  211. The New Face of Islam
  212. 10 Nigerians Nabbed for Killing S'African
  213. WAR in Nigeria...? latest News!
  214. Happy Yoruba New Year To All NVS: Odunde
  215. Again Starvation in Ethiopia -How Stupid can a race be?
  216. Blacks are Despicable -Why are them on Earth?
  217. [Press Release] YarAdua's 1st Year Has Been A Total Failure
  218. [Press Release] Supreme Court Reaffirms Decision On Amaechi's Case...
  219. Nigerian Military, Police Executed Hundreds Secretly In 2007 ––Amnesty International
  220. Soldiers Lay Siege To Chief Judge's Residence
  221. OBJ Abandoned!
  222. The Jokolo Interview
  223. Maduekwe demands amnesty for Nigerian immigrants in Europe
  224. Why We Must Break up Nigeria, Why Bode Eluyera Is Right
  225. Yar'Adua, Fake Mr. Rule of Law -read!
  226. Gbenga Begs Baba Iyabo!
  227. [Biafra] A Fish Called Biafra
  228. The parrot says "Whatever"
  229. Obama Parrot
  230. West Indian Undergraduates
  231. Terrorist caught for kidnapping in the Niger Delta!
  232. Steve Rhodes is Dead
  233. May 29: Day of Infamy and Catastrophe
  234. I have kidney problem - Yar'Adua
  235. An Old Theme - Re: Uzo Iweala.
  236. Nigeria A Nation In Darkness
  237. Yar'Adua, The Son Of Darkness
  238. Nothing is Holy Again in Nigeria -Tufiakwa!
  239. Nigeria's "Exciting Times"
  240. The Abyssinian Boy -screams every Night!
  241. [Biafra] Understanding The Celebration Of Biafra
  242. Abiola was beaten to death
  243. What do you think is the biggest factor in Nigeria's relative backwardness, Part 1?
  244. What do you think is the biggest factor in Nigeria's relative backwardness, Part 2?
  245. Important Documents Missing In Nigeria's Anti-Corruption Commission
  246. Kenny Martins to refund N1.5bn..lol!
  247. Another building collapses in Lagos
  248. AGF/Etete/Paris Trial
  249. [Biafra] Has Biafra Been Compromised?
  250. Sungbo's Eredo In Ijebu Is Africa's Largest Single Monument!