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  1. [General] JONATHAN Will Lose - ATIKU
  2. [General] State Secrets: Wikileaks reveal Devastating US Documents
  3. [General] Osun State: Deadi Boodi Getti Asshidenti!
  5. [Press Release] Statement On Engr. Rauf Aregbesola's Osun State Victory
  7. [General] Benue State Governor, Suswam, in Certificate Forgery Scandal
  8. [General] Rule By Tulasi Even If People Hate Your Gut
  9. [General] Muslim, Christian groups use same room for worship
  10. [General] Otedola: Court Remands Two in Prison for Defamation
  11. [General] Bombshell: Jonathan tells SNG how he intends to rig the 2011 elections!
  12. [General] Navy doctor from hell ruins a woman s life!
  13. [General] IBB for ANPP???
  14. [General] Women beating men??? Remembering the days of Idiagbon...okay and Buhari
  15. [General] Magic and Murder in Benin
  16. [General] Breaking News: Aregbesola Declared Osun State Governor
  17. [General] Obj mocks atiku...says "i dey laugh"!
  18. [General] IMF: Nigeria's Inflation Rising
  19. [General] UN: Lagos Population to Hit 12.4m By 2015
  20. [General] JONATHAN Approves Jumbo Contract for Ballot Boxes.
  21. [General] Nigerian Hospital Closes Hole In Heart… Without Surgery
  22. [General] JONATHAN's village gets federal varsity
  23. [General] A great lesson for the Nigeria justice system; An effective way to deal with corrupt government officials and traces of looted funds.
  24. [General] Fed govt says it spent n900bn on road construction...where are the roads?
  25. [General] Where is convict cecilia ibru...moved out of reddington hospital?!
  26. [General] How consensus is consensus...northern govs set hurdles for atiku!
  27. [General] Two girls' innovative generators.....Exciting News
  28. [General] Egberipapa's politics of hate
  29. [General] ATIKU: The Man
  30. [General] ATIKU POLICY for Making Good Things Happen
  31. [General] CASH and CARRY JUSTICE for OTEDOLA?!
  32. [General] Newsflash:29 miners perish in new zealand!--cnn
  33. [General] Confessions of ibb:"i am a victim of june 12!"
  34. [General] Civil servants shut down ogun state from today!
  35. [General] Speech, when silver and silence are golden
  36. [General] Medicine for the Rich, Medicine for the Poor
  37. [General] Read Prof Ruqqayat's solution
  38. [General] [BREAKING NEWS] Nkoyo Ibori Gets 5 Years
  39. [General] MEND's resurgence, amnesty, future of Niger Delta
  40. [General] Cheering news, oshiomhole is working!!
  41. [General] Ten billion naira airport project in abuja for investigation
  42. [General] 50 MILLION Americans starve as Wall Street executive pay rockets
  43. [General] What makes Nations great (part 1)
  44. [General] PRAISED LORD! Pass The Amunitions?
  45. [General] Desperate JONATHAN drafts Anenih to "fix" election
  46. [General] Jonathan is an opportunist - Ray Murphy
  47. [General] Nigeria Supports Travel Ban For Corrupt Officials & Families
  48. [Press Release] Nigeria - iran diplomatic imbroglio
  49. [General] Mend declares war!!!!!!
  50. [General] Ndlea in recruitment scandal...exploits applicants massively!
  51. [General] Israel, America, Oil Business and Foreign Interferences: Israel, We're not a banana republic
  52. [General] Jonathan's war
  53. [General] California to ban all MALE Circumcisions (?)
  54. [General] Fifa indicts amos adamu!
  55. [General] Obama's General Motors ROARS back to life and they are mute
  56. [General] Jonathan is not electable because he comes from a small ethnic group-Ribadu
  57. [General] 'President' Lawrence Famakinwa Adedoyin resembles Obama very well
  59. [General] Iraq declines to execute Tarik Aziz
  60. [General] JONATHAN and the new Niger Delta Army!!??!!
  61. [General] Omoseye Bolaji a genuine "Ndubuisi Ekekwe"
  62. [General] Haitians blame UN for Cholera outbreak, want UN out!
  63. [General] Iran executes Nigerian, Ghanaian
  64. [General] Fire guts Atiku campaign headquarters
  65. [General] Muslims killing Christains in Middle East
  66. [General] Stable electricity by April 201,1 predicts Great Dr. Ebele Goodluck
  67. [General] What Nigerians Really Think of Each Other (Ethnicity)
  68. [General] Ndubuisi Ekekwe: a genuine ''Emeagwali''
  69. [General] Know the AIG commanding your zone.
  70. [General] Human Rights, Really?
  71. [General] Stopped at the altar, Nigerian groom and his gay rent-a-bride
  72. [General] Federal Govt condemns the word "Naija"
  73. [General] Guantannamo Detainees in UK Compensated
  74. [General] 2011: Ohaneze endorsement of Jonathan a charade –VP
  75. [General] IBB, Akume Rattle Suswan, Jonathan in Benue
  76. [General] ATIKU: Can he truly make good things happen?
  77. [General] Murder in 1965, Guilty Verdict in 2010, Little Punishment
  78. [General] Happy 80th Birthday, Professor Chinua Achebe
  79. [General] CNN: Mecca 1885! Happy Eid and Hajj 2010 Muslim brothers and sisters!
  80. [General] Minister of Women Affairs Commends the Super Falcons
  81. [General] Of seized turkey,chickens,cars...and the nigerian customs service
  82. [General] We were the shining example of black intellect and black wealth in the country...
  83. [Press Release] DFPF First NEC Communique
  84. [General] SkyPower Will Take You There in Style!
  85. [General] Gej keeps mum on ogun political crisis!
  86. [General] Efcc recovers two trillion naira-worth properties from corrupt politicians!
  87. [General] So anti-godist Christopher Hitchens got cancer of the...throat!
  88. [General] A Racist, A Bigot former Banker
  89. [General] Eric Obuh, Vocal Slender: From the Dump to High Places!!!!
  90. [General] The Queen Is Dead!
  91. [General] Parents Tackle JUTH Over Death Of 5 Incubator Babies Due To Power Failure.
  92. [General] Another Arogundade ; Speaker's Convoy Assaults Actress.
  93. [General] Delta Guber Race Hots Up As Mercenaries Bomb Ukusare's Home
  94. [General] Delta rerun:"gej settles for uduaghan"!
  95. [General] 2011:"nigeria needs obj"...the return of third term?!!!!
  96. [General] Mother Of Seven Arrested With 10 AK47s
  97. [General] Bomb could have exploded while over Quebec
  98. [General] Nigeria Now Imports Bananas
  100. [General] Study: Migrants took farming to Europe
  101. [General] Consensus candidate:atiku out...ibb hopeful!
  102. [General] UK Students Take On Govt Over Tuition Fees. If Na Naija En!!!
  103. [General] SSS blames Warri bombing on Okah
  104. [General] Time to criminalise militancy
  105. [General] Yahoo jam Rock with Mugu
  106. [General] From theft to witchcraft
  107. [General] Women Affairs Wants FCT To Review Street Hawking Laws
  108. [General] 2011: Don't Field Women As Presidential, Governorship Candidates - Moslem Group Warns Parties
  109. [General] Unexplained missile launch in US! Seriously?
  110. [General] FG Opposes Tenure Elongation For 5 Governors
  111. [General] President Must Sign New Constitution, Court Rules
  112. [General] Lagos Doctors Get 75% Salary Increase
  113. [General] E-Passport Special Announcement!!!
  114. [General] Osisikankwu, the Aba kidnap kingpin speaks
  115. [General] NLC Strike -Labour Mobilises For ‘Total Strike'
  116. [General] Court annuls Uduaghan's election
  117. [General] Food-hungry Lagosians Hack On Dead, Smelly Whale
  118. [General] Wait O...I never cursed Ituah Ighodalo -Pastor Adeboye
  119. [General] Madam "obama"treads the cecilia path:money sharing at stock exchange!
  120. [General] Robbers snatch fifty million naira from delta govt accountant!!!
  121. [General] Oklahoma raises dust over "pre-emptive" Sharia ban
  122. [General] Nigerian Foreign Debt: $32.5Bn
  123. [General] Drama as man attacks Obasanjo at Lagos airport
  124. [General] Kwara A State in Bondage
  125. [News] villager emerges finalist for Best book awards
  126. [General] Africa's way forward and return to world leadership is by introducing "Inspiration education" - Emeagwali
  127. [General] [HOT!] Letter to the White Right
  128. [General] America - He's Your President for Goodness Sake!
  129. [General] Ex-MEND leaders move against Jonathan's opponents
  130. [General] Miracle of the Century: Metamorphosis -Big Bang!
  131. [General] A look at the underdevelopment of the Nigerian media, Saharareporters et al
  132. [General] Nigeria's Federal Legislator Earns More Than Obama-Prof. Itse Sagay
  133. [General] Halliburton...from scandal to scandalous!
  134. [General] Ekiti in thirty billion naira debt....gov fayemi
  135. [General] "dont cover up for corrupt governors...!warning to gej"
  136. [General] Iranian embassy hiding suspect in Nigeria
  137. [Article] Nigeria to 'Investigate' Emeagwali
  138. [General] Ciroma threats Nwodo with Death -Armageddon + Pandora Box dey enter Nigeria!
  139. [General] The Femi Okunnu Interview [Part II: 'Obasanjo A Failure']
  140. [General] The Femi Okunnu Interview [Part 1: Dangers of Zoning]
  141. [General] "why we may not pay minimum wage now"gej
  142. [General] Imo Governor Declares for 2nd Term
  143. [General] While Warning About Fat, U.S. Pushes Sales of Cheese
  144. [General] $10 Billion US-India Deal
  145. [General] It Pays To Be A Pirate!
  146. [General] Volcanic eruption rocks Benue state
  147. [General] Olbermann Suspended @ MSNBC
  148. [General] The Mind-Set of Nigerian Muslims -watch, reflect and weep for the Generation to come
  149. [General] ‘Northern domination': Disinformation, intellectual laziness
  150. [General] 2011 elections,the north versus obj!
  151. [General] British Troops Accused of Abusing Iraqi Detainees
  152. [General] 2011: US, UK Security Turn Searchlight On Atiku
  153. [General] Adeboye Prays for Sports
  154. [General] The Guy That Was Dodging Bullets..Book Launch
  155. [General] Nitel buyer fails to meet payment deadline
  156. [General] Bribes To OBJ's Govt: US Slams $236m Fines On Shell, Others
  157. [General] Nationwide strike looms over wage increases!
  158. [General] Now,henry okah wants assylum in south africa!
  159. [General] Nigeria Deports Immigrants in Hundreds
  160. [General] HIV Victims Sue FG For $50bn, Ask Court To Stop Use Of Condoms
  161. [General] Slovenia Elects First Black Mayor In Eastern Europe
  162. [General] Suspended Reps lose N616m ($4 million) in six months
  163. [General] Bush confesses mistakes on Iraq war
  164. [General] Nigerian Millionaires: 45 Years Ago:
  165. [General] N40billion thrown into the hungry lion(power)pit by the fed govt!
  166. [General] The travails of the Nigerian Immigrant
  167. [General] 2011:Why we back Jonathan, by Uwechue
  168. [Press Release] Open Letter From Aero
  169. [General] Creative Dream of ma Onitsha
  170. [General] Explosions Rock State House
  171. [General] Ogun assembly candidate dies after campaign
  172. [General] The Enemy Within - I Am An Englishman - Pure Hatred!
  173. [General] "we wont play do or die politics in 2011"...gej!
  174. [General] Overhead water tank kills five kids in delta state!
  175. [General] U.s. Oil execs refuse to sell ghana's well back to ghana
  176. [General] SSS: Dokpesi's 'Links' to October Bombing
  177. [General] Missing shoes land Minister's aides in soup
  178. [General] Obasanjo forced me out of aircraft twice - Ex-NOUN VC
  179. [General] 2011: Where Are The Female Presidential Aspirant, Can Sarah Jubril sail jubilantly?
  180. [General] 20 killed in road crashes in zamfara state
  181. [General] China Turns to Europe, As Africans Complain LOUDLY against China based on Western Nations' Precepts
  182. [Biafra] Nigeria: Those Born During Biafra Famine Are Susceptible to Obesity, Study Finds
  183. [General] Hand built mud and straw brick oven/Ogusho
  184. [General] ABA Kidnappers back in Business
  185. [General] Enahoro Anthony: Rumours of his DEATH?
  186. [General] Study: Alcohol ‘most harmful drug,' beats crack and heroin
  187. [General] Breaking news:a woman becomes leader in brazil!
  188. [General] South East will produce President in 2015 -Ohanaeze
  189. [General] Kidnapping to stop in dec in akwa ibom state!
  190. [General] Chapel Dedication: I ‘m not a Rev. Gentleman – OBJ
  191. [General] The metamorphosis of 20 pounds
  192. [General] Choice of Gbenga Daniel Splits Governors' Forum
  193. [General] Awori youths root for IBB
  194. [General] Afenifere endorses Buhari - Quo vadis Yoruba Nation?
  195. [General] Who's going to help Romoke become Nigeria's Serena Williams?
  196. [General] Behold the man who brought internet service to Nigeria
  197. [General] Ikenne gets new Oba
  198. [General] "MY PAPA,AN IGBO MAN?...NO BE ME"!Obj
  199. [General] Bukola Saraki - Hands On Plough, No Looking Back From 2011
  200. [General] Consensus candidate...ibb,atiku,others embarrassing the north!
  201. [General] Massive floods threaten seven states...nema warns of impending danger!
  202. [General] JONATHAN losing grip
  203. [General] Obasanjo counters Jonathan at UN
  204. [General] Has militancy resurrected in the niger delta.?..oil installation bombed again!
  205. [General] Md sacked for 70million naira fraud in niger state
  206. [General] The sort of people Nigeria needs (1)
  207. [General] Again Fire Guts Dokpesi's AIT, Raypower In Kano.
  208. [General] Another Consensus Option Coming•As Northern Leaders Insist Jonathan Drops Presidential Bid
  209. [General] Govs Can't Make Jonathan President – Senator Okpozo[
  210. [General] US Mid Term Elections; What's The Implications For Obama?
  211. [General] 60Million Naira($400,000) to rescue Mobil School's Principal
  212. [General] Don't You Call Me An African
  213. [General] In class with Udo Henry, Obasanjo's adopted son
  214. [General] I pay my American Lectures One Million Dollars per Month – Atiku
  215. [General] Ndlea nabs grandma/grandpa drug traffickers!!!
  216. [General] Danjuma Endorses Ribadu
  217. [General] Bauchi state spends n70m on cholera control!
  218. [General] Nigerian Professors at Bethune-Cookman University Terminated For Sexual Misconduct
  219. [General] Kidnapping: Orji, Amaechi trade words
  220. [General] Who is to blame???
  221. [General] Desperate JONATHAN pays PDP delegates $13,000 each ?
  222. [General] Sharia VC outlaws hugging in Niger State Uni
  223. [General] Bush Clinton Haiti fund
  224. [General] More On Buhari and Babangida Treachery
  225. [General] Kravis Gives School $100 Million to Establish Manhattanville Campus
  226. [General] Breaking News: Ekiti Deputy Speaker Saliu Adeoti is Dead
  227. [General] Gej...simply mr president;...and also c-in-c;the flip-flop goes on!
  228. [General] Do or die politics...deputy governor gatecrashes her way to a ceremony!
  229. [General] 7 year old Abeokuta whiz kid in secondary school
  230. [General] Contaminated, Tainted, Bad Drugs Made by Glaxo Pharmaceuticals Leads $750 Million Fine
  231. [General] Nigeria Intercepts Massive Military Hardware
  232. [General] E-Mail Spam (REDUCES) Falls After Russian Crackdown
  233. [General] List of corrupt nations
  234. [General] China's high speed train
  235. [General] Much ado about 6-3-3-4 or blah-blah-blah
  236. [General] A Yoruba enclave in the heart of Igboland
  237. [General] Soyinka defends intellectuals at ADB Lecture
  238. [General] 2011: EFCC asks parties to stop Turaki, Kalu, Fayose
  239. [General] Paul the 'psychic' World Cup octopus is dead
  240. [General] IMF warns over fast depleting foreign reserves!
  241. [General] Revolt in pdp!
  242. [General] US security co. Blackwater behind terrorism in Afghanistan- President Karzai
  243. [General] Meet the Okahs (And Their Enstranged Brother)
  244. [General] Arewa gives deadline to NASS to impeach Jonathan
  246. [General] 2011 elections;efcc submits names of corrupt aspirants to pdp!
  247. [General] 2 policemen at a lagos bank....
  248. [Boko Haram] Nigeria under siege by Boko Haram Sect
  249. [General] Amb. John Campbell: Dances With Wolves
  250. [General] "ibb lacks democratic credentials"....consensus committee s verdict!