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  1. [News] Ndiigbo ready to capture Lagos -the fight has just started!
  2. [General] Rivers police command instructs voters not to use phones on election day
  3. [General] Cbn recovers billions from banks defrauding customers via atm charges!
  4. [General] Senate confirms ambassador who failed anthem test
  5. [General] U.N. Approves Airstrikes to Halt Attacks by Qaddafi Forces
  6. [General] How Nigeria's Corrupt money fund American Universities; Atiku & Odili Implicated
  7. [General] Mrs Aisha Buhari beats the Dame by a million miles
  8. [General] NNPC/Shell intrigues stall gas to power project
  9. [General] Southerners demand N670bn compensation for Jos crises
  10. [General] Youth Unemployment, a Time Bomb
  11. [General] "rig april polls and face peoples revolution!"...from osoba to pdp
  12. [General] A Nigerian revolution by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  13. [General] Ken-Saro Wiwa Killer Judge Becomes Acting Chief Judge Of Nigeria
  14. [General] Of judges and huge bank accounts! Tribune goes to town again
  15. [General] Patience jonathan predicts:"pdp will win,landslide in 36 states and abuja"!
  16. [General] Yes Dem Still Do am,(lesbianism in Naija female Team) This Coach na Wa oo!!!
  17. [General] Nigerian Soars in China, In Chinese! Embraced By China!
  18. [General] Katsina Governor In Fatal Car Crash, ADC Killed
  19. [General] Presidential Debate: We are ready - Dr. Goodluck and Arch. Sambo
  20. [General] MEND threatens to bomb Abuja, Lagos •Warns people not to attend political rallies
  21. [General] "lastma not authorized to arrest traffic offenders"!....fashola
  22. [General] When will Nigeria resolve the settler/Indigene issue
  23. [General] [EXPLOSIVE]: Ribadu is Mouthing Platitudes, says El Rufai!!!
  24. [General] Oni returns to Appeal court, to unseat Fayemi
  25. [General] Buhari, Unelectable, & Beyond Redemption Politically?
  26. [General] Assault: Benin Monarch Curses Task Force Chief
  27. [General] Jonathan's Media Team Should Resign!
  28. [General] APGA Adopts Jonathan As Its Presidential Candidate
  29. [General] I Will Withdraw From Presidential Race If – Utomi
  30. [General] $12.4bn Oil Windfall: AGF, CBN Ask Court To Reject Okigbo Report
  31. [General] Buhari Dares Akala On Use Of Mapo Hall
  32. [General] Bakare ; I Am Not Convinced Of Ribadu's Anti-Corruption Credentials. Vows To 'Open Up On Ribadu Soon
  33. [General] Dame Patience Jonathan's Umblerra--a must see
  34. [General] "psychos are pushing nija to the precipe!"...prof.itse sagay
  35. [General] Wikileaks confirms secret Romance between Etteh and OBJ
  36. [News] Buhari's life no more secured in the South
  37. [General] You risk arrest, Jonathan's camp warns Buhari
  38. [News] Sultan of islamic sokoto wants Jonathan to sign undertaking
  39. [General] Earthquake in Japan
  40. [General] Sss arrests ciroma s men...who is jittery now?!
  41. [General] PDP leader invades school with policemen
  43. [General] CPC alleges 30,000 non-existing polling units
  44. [General] Dangote and mike adenuga make world s billionaire s list!
  45. [General] Inec official in trouble over name-smuggling!
  46. [General] Shame, my beloved country!
  47. [News] Jonathan promises stable power supply in four years
  48. [General] Jega's INEC Spits Fire!
  49. [General] Just imagine:acn campaign team plane meets goats and sheep on bauchi airport tarmac!
  50. [General] April polls: PDP refuses to sign Code of Conduct
  51. [General] Oyibo Voodoo again? or is it an attempt at population control ?
  52. [General] Nigeria's Oldest Governor in Teen Sex Escapade
  53. [General] President's Dress Sense and other Offtopics
  54. [General] Dangote Foundation to create one million jobs
  55. [General] You'll go to jail, Jega warns INEC officers against rigging
  56. [General] Corruption allegation...the chief justice steps aside!
  57. [General] "dont shed blood for me"!...gej warns
  58. [General] World And Press Watch As Africans Are Lynched In Libya
  59. [General] Jonathan Praises NVS
  60. [Grammar] 'Chai' and other famous lines from Patience
  61. [General] ‘Supreme Court judges took bribes to validate Yar'Adua/Jonathan election'
  62. [General] "Tinubu sent me to jail"!....Bode George
  63. [General] "tinubu sent me to jail"!....boge george
  64. [General] Ayodele Omosuyi's baby factory busted in Okigwe
  65. [General] Great Lions and Lionesses! Read and weep!
  66. [General] What belongs in Main Square versus Lounge?
  68. [General] 419 satellite again...
  69. [General] As Obasanjo Rolls Out Another Brand New President For Nigeria..
  70. [General] Son of Naija minister rapes pregnant woman repeatedly
  71. [General] Obasanjo told me long ago that Jonathan would succeed Yar'Adua - Adedoja Adewolu
  72. [General] Olurin to probe ogun state funds...ogd may lose n6b assets!
  73. [General] Chief Imam arrested for defacing GEJ's posters
  74. [General] Amaechi to pay tenement rate for Sekibo's campaign office
  75. [General] Planting trees to solve religious problems...
  76. [General] Orji Storms Out of Guber Debate
  77. [General] Horror!bomb blast at pdp rally in suleja leaves 7 dead!
  78. [General] Channels TV hosts governorship debate
  79. [General] Breaking news;obj s candidate floors daniel group again!
  80. [General] Politics 101 from Ekiti State
  81. [General] Ogd,bankole escape death in chopper crashlanding !
  82. [General] First Lady without a wedding ring ?
  83. [General] "no minimum wage,no elections"!nlc
  84. [General] N3.2bn Fraud: EFCC Seizes Igbinedion's Properties
  85. [General] Emilia George & The Value of Nigerian Citizenship
  86. [General] Nigerians and a council flat housing 500 people
  87. [General] Sss quizzes tinubu!
  88. [General] 2011 elections:obj prefers do-or-die again!
  89. [General] Make us Commissioners in your cabinet or lose our votes, the Igbos tell Lagos Gov.Fashola
  90. [General] Tranfer governors from state to state to serve.
  91. [General] Ribadu: Transforming from a Joker to a Player
  92. [General] Day care operator facing manslaughter charges may have fled to Nigeria
  93. [General] FG Appoints Acting Head For Code Of Conduct Tribunal •To Begin Trial Of Bola Tinubu, Others
  94. [General] Libyan Returnees regret coming back home!!
  95. [General] Revolt, Protest in Nigeria?
  96. [General] $380 million yatch for an African Dictator by a German Firm
  97. [General] Nigerian 419ed the NFA
  98. [General] Zimbabwe's Land Reform Ten Years On
  99. [General] Free Emilia Can't Leave Hospital
  100. [Press Release] Fulani group sues FG, demands N481bn compensation
  101. [General] 2011: Igbo Will Assert Electoral Strength In Lagos-Uche
  102. [General] Power show: Jonathan locks Oshiomhole out of Benin
  103. [General] Nuhu Ribadu: An Apology
  104. [General] $9.5m fraud...another nigerian thrown into the slammer in america!
  105. [General] African Dictator's Son Orders Luxury Super Yacht
  106. [General] I Love Nigeria, May Sue President Jonathan!
  107. [General] Why Igbo May Miss Presidency In 2015 – Prof Omoruyi
  108. [General] CBN Gov Warns Against Civil Unrest
  109. [General] Revolution Is Probable in NIGERIA says Dr. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi Governor, CBN
  110. [General] Nwobosi: No Plan to Kill Balewa, Akintola, Sardauna. Awo Was to be Leader
  111. [General] Another Man's cruelty to woman. Nigeria women better wake up....
  112. [General] Will tinubu take over bode george s uniform in kirikiri?!
  113. [General] The return of the maradona...ibb joins the presidential race again?!
  114. [General] Kidnappers demand N20 Billion for release of Islamic leader's son
  115. [General] Nigerian Pastor In UK Plead Guilty To Sexual Assault On Young Boys
  116. [General] Fashola calls for presidential debates
  117. [General] [AGAIN!!!] Nigerian Man Shoots Wife In Atlanta
  118. [General] Dr. Olufunmilayo Falusi Olopade Tipped for Key US Administration Posts
  119. [General] Five feared killed as oyo gov begins relection campaigns
  120. [General] Kase Lawal's Company in Gold-Smuggling Palava
  121. [General] A hand written note from President Obasanjo...
  122. [General] Ben Ali's Palace of Cash, Gold and Jewelries.
  123. [General] Ibrahim Shekarau on BBC's Hardtalk
  124. [General] N17m fraud:nija televangelist charged to court!
  125. [General] How Scammer Olaide Taiwo stole 350 IDs to claim £1.3m benefits
  126. [General] Please help find baby Enioluwa
  127. [General] Soldier rapes, batters lady at graveyard
  128. [General] [JUSTICE FOR SALE]: Federal High Court Elongates Tenure of 7 Governors!!!
  129. [General] Racism? US and UK
  130. [General] Prof. Bath Nnaji -GEJ best choice right now!
  131. [General] Jega - National 'KaloKalo' Needs More Money
  132. [General] The Asbestos products, the silent killer, Do Nigerian really care?
  133. [General] Revolt Arrives in Wisconsin USA from Egypt-Tunisia
  134. [General] Deadly earthquake in new zealand!
  135. [General] Jealous man butchers ex wife!
  136. [General] Sanusi rejects IMF's advice to weaken naira
  137. [General] Kase Lawal: Jonathan and Obama man a smuggler?
  138. [General] Azikiwe Speaks on Ironsi's Rise to Power and the Jan 66 Coup
  139. [General] Alcohol Gravest Threat To Society, Says UK Scientist
  140. [General] Alleged $3m bribe scandal hits inec!
  141. [General] First lady says ph stampede victims died for democracy!
  142. [General] CJN in retirement age controversy
  143. [General] "the chief justice and justice salami must go"! Senator kanti- bello
  144. [General] "obj will kill pdp"!...ogd
  145. [General] Protests in Libya - UPDATES
  146. [General] Politice and Religion Business is the fastest way to be Rich quick.
  147. [General] Revolution In Nigeria? NEVER! Forget About It! Says Speaker Dimeji Bankole of Nigeria
  148. [General] Bode George's Release
  149. [General] Persecution Of A Nigerian Citizen Abdullahi Suleiman Ahman By The Authorities Of Saudi Arabia
  150. [General] Rwandan Minister Resigns Over Photo Scandal
  151. [General] VIP Police Squad On It's Way
  152. [General] I was never corrupt - Tinubu
  153. [General] 60 Lab Studies Now Confirm Cancer Link to a Vaccine You Probably Had as a Child
  154. [General] Pdp/inec at war over candidates names substitutions
  155. [General] Ribadu raises alarm:"nigeria may be consumed if...!"
  156. [General] Don't Call An Ijaw Man Drunk Sailor Fisherman (The self styled Asiwaju Amoda Yekini Ogunlere called Tinubu heightened the insults by...
  157. [General] Should inec extend display of preliminary register of voters?
  158. [General] NNPC promotions:S-South: 45% NW/NE/NC: 28%
  159. [General] Tension in bayelsa state: One governor,two deputies!
  160. [General] Tinubu to gej: "pack and go in april,pdp has failed woefully!"
  161. [General] Discredit Opponents Maliciously, Destroy Through Misinformation and Image Devastation
  162. [General] Some Nigerians Dedicated To Making Other Nigerians Miserable... What We Must Do!
  163. [General] UK Migrant Workers: Top Earners Escape Cap
  164. [General] My fears for Buhari's running mate - Jonathan Campaign Coordinator
  165. [General] Hausa/Fulani (Adamu Ciroma) dictates Conditions for Unity to Jonathan
  166. [General] Lastma again...danfo bus kills street sweeper!
  167. [General] The chinese take over olorunsogo power plant
  168. [General] Anti-obj protest in abeokuta!
  169. [Press Release] US Schedule for Pat Utomi Trip, Feb. 16-19, 2011
  170. [General] Time For EMJ, Ewuro and Tonsoyo To Laugh
  171. [General] Negative Forces at work ( INEC Chairman under threat )
  172. [General] Olabode George (the prisoner) sniffs! home...
  173. [General] Meet your 18 presidential aspirants and their running mates for april elections
  174. [General] "obj s aide/others got $21million from halliburton scam"!justice minister
  175. [General] American No Fly List Thousands of Names, Are You One of Them? Frequently Asked Questions etc
  176. [General] [Pathetic] 15 years Innocently in Nigeria Prison...(...modern Nigeria)
  177. [General] Isa Yuguda promises wives to Bauchi youths if re-elected
  178. [General] Ribadu and Tinubu at loggerheads over VP choice
  179. [General] Govt moves to revive auto industry with N550b
  180. [General] Son in-law Drags Igbinedion to Court
  181. [General] Quintessential Nigerian Diva @ 70
  182. [General] Edirin onojeta-idogun: A case of judicial terrorism
  183. [General] Islam, Political Islam, Paranoia, Irrational & Unreasonable Fears
  184. [General] Nigeria's Unity Fragile -OBASANJO
  185. [General] [BREAKING NEWS]: Several die at GEJ Campaign Rally
  186. [General] Is it over for Ribadu?
  187. [General] INEC DDC Machine Found In The Home Of House Of Rep Member In Katsina
  188. [General] Protest in Algeria
  189. [General] "pdp brought bombings/kidnappings to nigeria!"...gov fashola
  190. [General] Mubarak's Gone
  191. [General] Amosun Dumps ACN for CPC
  192. [General] Why Should this be posted on youtube?
  193. [General] APGA Endorses Jonathan
  194. [General] Parents storm schools over Alao-Akala
  195. [General] Good Brothers, Good Friends and Good Partners!
  196. [General] Riots over site of new Fed University
  197. [General] PDP's house of confusion!
  198. [General] Efcc arrests ex works minister for award of n50billion contracts to fake companies!!
  199. [General] Fraudulent lawyer/estate agent sent to 100 years imprisonment!
  200. [General] Snub for Jonathan
  201. [General] Jonathan's Presidential Flag off disrupted by RASCALS
  202. [General] Prof. Bolaji Aluko now VC
  203. [General] Fashola blasts gej for "misjiving" at ibadan campaign rally!
  204. [General] Daniel Dumps PDP ?
  205. [General] INEC Drops Gov Chime, Akala,
  206. [Press Release] On The Murder Of David Kato, The Ugandan Gay Rights Campaigner
  207. [General] Oil Companies Are Above The Law Everywhere? Ecuador, Nigeria, Angola, Gulf of Mexico?
  208. [Press Release] Orji Uzor Kalu Open Treat To Abia State Governor TA Orji
  209. [General] S.O.S: Igbinedion Family Begs Oshiomhole to save their fraudulent Son
  210. [General] The Bridge: Black Thought or African Thought? -- by Darryl James
  211. [General] Bankole and Daniel Not On INEC's Ogun State PDP List
  212. [General] N25bn Fraud: Ex-Edo Gov, 6 Others Face Trial Today
  213. [Biafra] A Case For Reparation For Biafra-era Genocide
  214. [General] Mubarak is worth $70b...he is the world s richest dictator!
  215. [General] No surprises in inec s final list!
  216. [Boko Haram] Boko Haram gives condition for peace to reign
  217. [General] Nigerian Marriage Row Mum Faces Jail Over Missing Son
  218. [General] 2011 polls:fg doles out fifteen billion naira to the police!
  219. [General] SA Visa. An Expensive Shiit ?
  220. [General] Picture of Kano state registering babies for voting
  221. [General] Judge Accuses Chief Justice? Judicial Earthquake in Nigeria!
  222. [General] Reno Omokiri is fighting for his paycheck/payday from GEJ
  223. [General] Video Footage of Aguiyi-Ironsi, Nzeogwu, Sardauna's House, Katsina….
  224. [General] It is not easy...
  225. [General] State multiculturalism has failed, says David Cameron
  226. [General] 13 year old sexual slave rescued in Lagos
  227. [General] Introducing the 2011 Electoral Act
  228. [General] WikiLeaks cables: Nigeria pressured UK to drop charges against Ibori
  229. [General] BBC Documentary Ultra Zionists- Listen to the religious bigotry of psychopaths
  230. [General] Police arrest two young nija "mobile banks" in transit!
  231. [General] Couple electrocuted in niger state!
  232. [General] Is This News True? Oh Super Star Majek Fashek, Your Friends have abandoned you in pains . Life is full of fake love.
  233. [General] Ekiti First lady distributes free phones to expectant mothers
  234. [General] Nigeria To Commence Islamic Banking Soon – Sanusi
  235. [General] "leave the judiciary alone"....lawyers warn pdp
  236. [General] "now,i am ready for dialogue!"...atiku abubakar
  237. [General] "we demand our own radio/tv stations"...nass...."sorry,you cant have them!"...nbc
  238. [General] Man arrested in Nigeria for Facebook comment
  239. [General] Nigerians evacuated from Egypt
  240. [General] Tinubu is ACN, ACN is Tinubu - Who Says?
  241. [General] "Africa's Sit-Tight Leaders"
  242. [General] Pdp in trouble over rerun primaries
  243. [General] America Is Afraid Of True Democracy Hence The Moves Against One Person-One Vote In Iraq!
  244. [General] See Ewuro, Da Bishop and Igboamaeze discussing Naija politics
  245. [General] Iwu's INEC vs Jega's INEC: Has anything changed?
  246. [General] South Sudan Referendum, Egyptian Upheaval, Ivory Coast etc
  247. [General] Another thuggish Oba on the loose
  248. [General] Momodu picks Tanko as running mate
  249. [General] African viewpoint: Blood and borders
  250. [General] Kerosene scarcity is killing nigerians...gej help!