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  1. [General] Brazil's First Woman President
  2. [Article] Yet Another Round Up Of 2010
  3. [General] Obj survives another death rumour!
  4. [General] New Year Eve's Bomb Blast In Abuja
  5. [General] Alaibe resigns
  6. [Boko Haram] Boko Haram Terror Spreads
  7. [General] Cops find 15 ak-47 rifles in hotel...one man arrested!
  8. [General] Christmas or New year Spirt can get you a criminal conviction!
  9. [General] Right To Rule (?)
  10. [General] Donate a kidney, get out of prison
  11. [General] Tokyo Rival, Lateef Salako (Eleweomo) Murdered in Ibadan - Do or Die!
  12. [General] "Ending Academic Imperialism - A Beginning"
  13. [General] Fg may sell two power stations as phcn staff cant read chinese handbooks!!
  14. [General] PDP Induced Madness!!! - I Dey Laff O!
  15. [General] There is No Hiding Place for "The Wicked."
  16. [General] 'No Anorexia' model Isabelle Caro dies aged 28
  17. [General] Bachelors degree in 1997, Professor in 2003,DVC 2010?
  18. [General] Jos mayhem:nationwide red alert...okogie warns against war!
  19. [General] Dynamite blows out pdp campaign in yenagoa:do or die era is back!
  20. [General] Woman delivers twins(padlocks)in port harcourt!
  21. [General] Senator omisore plans osun new gov s impeachment..."its mission impossible"!says acn
  22. [General] The Ribadu Campaign
  23. [General] Kidnappers on the prowl in Lagos
  24. [General] Islamic Education With American Foreign Dollars? (Some Israelis Question Benefits for Ultra-Religious)
  25. [General] Nigeria Killer Doctors And Nurses Kills (Twin) Again For Money.
  26. [General] Governor Jonah Jangs Executive laziness
  27. [General] How 182m dollars "egunje"(bribe)from halliburton was shared!
  28. [General] 22 Die in Asaba Road Inferno
  29. [Article] ECOWAS beware ! Be on the right side in Côte d'Ivoire, back democracy
  30. [General] Ekiti n700m cows:no cows,no milk,no cheese!
  31. [General] Nigeria: The scourge of political virus-tinubuiasis
  32. [Press Release] Letter of Protest to INEC Chairman
  33. [General] Rigging Manual: Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Strategy Document
  34. [General] Court Frees Harry Marshal's Suspected Killers
  35. [General] Bloody xmas in jos...20 killed in explosions!
  36. [General] Bankole, 70+, To Join ACN?
  37. [General] Ojukwu: The President Nigeria Never Had
  38. [General] 80 percent nija candidates fail wasce!
  39. [General] 2011 Elections, any hope?
  40. [General] A Toast To Real Success And Ingenuity
  41. [General] I hope dis Naija dude no be villager eyo!!!!
  42. [General] American Children Cope With Parents In Prisons
  43. [General] Man jailed 24months for theft of n2,500 recharge cards!
  44. [General] Jonathan's biography ready for launch
  45. [General] PHOTO: Oga Jonatan in Charge?
  46. [General] Ojukwu wishes to die next month!
  47. [General] Coja n27.3b fraud;amos adamu arrested!
  48. [General] UNBELIEVABLE: Hear your Minister of (mis)Information!!
  49. [General] When nature violates a religion's law
  50. [General] Delia knox miracle?!?
  51. [General] Leaders who were Atheists
  52. [General] BREAKING NEWS: IBB Youths Declare for Jonathan ...
  53. [General] 2,500 Police for Ekiti By-Election
  54. [General] Cote D' Ivoire Standoff.
  55. [General] EKITI: Enjoying a new lease of life under Fayem
  56. [General] Behold, the First Lady-in-Waiting: Lolo (Ms.) Jamilah Jennifer Douglas-Atiku-Abubakar
  57. [General] What TIMIPRE SYLVA said.
  58. [General] Last ditch alliance talks: CPC, ACN consider Buhari/Adebayo ticket
  59. [General] Boyloaf Bags Doctorate Degree
  60. [General] JONATHAN: The wobbly captain and the nation's ship
  61. [General] BUDGET: JONATHAN votes N79bn for "EX-MILITANTS"
  62. [General] Ribadu, Bafarawa, Bugaje in show of strength as ACN holds convention
  63. [Boko Haram] No More Boko Haram - Jonathan Warns Atiku
  64. [General] ATIKU leads JONATHAN in PDP opinion poll
  65. [General] How Atiku 'Escaped' OBJ's Traps
  66. [General] Nija woman dies aboard ethiopian aircraft!
  67. [General] More ministers to quit...they lack political value!
  68. [General] 63 Militants disappear from Port Harcourt Prison!
  69. [General] ATIKU v JONATHAN: Politics of Smears
  70. [General] Bereaved Oshiomhole: Ultra-Modern Hospital For Edo
  71. [General] Fayemi Declares N750m Assets; Olayinka N1.2bn
  72. [General] JONATHAN Bribing Delegates - ATIKU
  73. [General] Ikemba Ojukwu slumps into coma...
  74. [General] What Nigeria Lost By Abacha's Untimely Death
  75. [General] BREAKING NEWS: At Long Last, Jennifer Atiku Returns ... Allaheluiyaa!!!!
  76. [General] JONATHAN throws up new PDP crisis.
  77. [News] Liberation Politics (Phase II):
  79. [General] US Congress Repeals DADT
  80. [General] Militants claim strikes on Chevron, Agip flow stations
  81. [General] ECOMOG Congo Republic
  82. [General] A cursed mom and her three blind children!
  83. [General] Farida waziri faces imminent ouster at the efcc?!
  84. [General] CNN: Babylon(Iraq/Arabs) were using Pythagoras 1000 years before the greeks d' thieves
  85. [General] I consider myself an Igboman says GEJ
  86. [General] "dissolve osun local government councils..."order from supreme court
  87. [General] JONATHAN prepares BODE GEORGE for early release?
  88. [General] The Nigerian Millionaires 45 Years Ago
  89. [General] Christmas Greeting or BRIBE from State House?
  90. [General] Another Father Discovered!!
  91. [General] Breaking News: SHARON FOUND
  92. [General] 21 Govs Endorse Jonathan for 1 Term
  93. [General] Fuji superstar Ayinde Barrister dies at 62
  94. [General] WIKILEAKS: Who Killed MKO?
  95. [General] 2011:ibb,atiku threaten violent change!
  96. [General] Nija don carry first in "sexport"to italy!!!
  97. [General] Orji Kalu withdraws from Presidential race LWKMD
  98. [General] Ribadu Says "A New Nigeria is Possible"
  99. [General] Deadly Medicine: Overseas Drug Testing
  100. [General] Minister Dora Akunyuli, Resigns?
  101. [General] American Empire Is Collapsing, And Americans Will Be The Last to Know?
  102. [General] Anthony Enahoro dies at 87
  103. [General] 2011:"GEJ MAY not CONTEST"!...REUTERS NEWS AGENCY
  104. [General] Dele Momodu Quit Already?
  105. [General] "you are all looters!"...akinjide tells nass members
  106. [General] Nija couple,one other jailed for fake college scam in uk!
  107. [General] Italy's Black Tuesday As Berlusconi Survives Vote
  108. [General] "we take n150b,cbn takes n300b,wetin be big deal!"senate president
  109. [General] Ibori;from dubai to queen s guest...going!going!.....
  110. [Article] Ex Governor Abubakar Audu Renders Wife And Kids Homeless In Sub-zero Temperature
  111. [General] Judge Voids Key Part of Health Care Law
  112. [General] Ibori losses appeal
  113. [General] Who is Hameed Sangodele???
  114. [General] Governors Who May Not Return
  115. [General] 2011: Ominous signs
  116. [General] Jonathan, Atiku: Still an open race
  117. [General] The Governance Decay In Bayelsa State
  118. [General] Muslim pupils learn to cut off hands of thieves in UK
  119. [General] OSISIKANKWU: End of the Road for Aba's most Notorious Criminal
  120. [General] Man who wanted n2m for two human heads arrested!
  121. [General] Gej denies scrapping 6-3-3-4 education system!
  122. [General] 2011:highwire deals between gej and national assembly bosses!
  123. [General] Very ill kaduna governor flown abroad
  124. [General] Five Years After Sosoliso Plane Crash: This Sad Memory Won't Just Go Away - Loyola Jesuit Students
  125. [General] Confessions of ‘General' John Togo
  126. [General] Son of Madoff commits suicide
  127. [General] Example of Good Leadership and commmitment
  128. [General] Sudan's SPLM backs independence for south
  129. [General] Mrs bianca when will you contest?
  130. [General] GEJ 2011: The Maths is looking bad!
  131. [General] Gej,wife become ife chiefs...osun gov makes tactical boycott of the ceremony!
  132. [General] Is dora eyeing jumbo pay.?..may resign and gun for anambra senate seat!
  133. [General] Dr. Goodluck keeps the military in check with promotions...
  134. [General] 2011: Yoruba Unity Forum calls for credible primaries
  135. [General] "briddle your tongues!"bishop warns atiku and obj!
  136. [General] Ibb to gej:"why are you shifting goal posts on zoning?i leave you to your conscience!
  137. [General] 'We Want Female Governor!'
  138. [General] What will Nigerians not do? Man accused of killing brothers to become LG chairman
  139. [General] Finally, some refreshing news from Poland to Nigeria
  140. [General] Saraki Is Not From Kwara By Alhaji AbdulGaniyu Folorunsho Abdulrazak
  141. [General] WIKILEAKS: Like Ibori, like Yar'Adua
  142. [General] So People Still Desire Nigerian Citizenship? FG Grants citizenship To 97 Foreign Nationals.
  143. [General] Aondoakaa Suspended For 2 yrs
  144. [General] 2011: Election rigging begins in earnest! DDC Machines stolen at Airport.
  145. [General] Sarakis and Yorubas - Heredity-Attrition?
  146. [General] Drama in house of reps...dino melaye smuggles self into the chambers!
  147. [General] Sanusi wins...senate agrees to pay cut if it will also affect the executive and others!
  148. [General] Wikileaks: Shell Grip on Nigeria
  149. [General] Jonathan's Balls of Steel - Astonishing WikiLeaks Revelations
  150. [General] Transcripts from naija
  151. [General] Even Saudi Royals are Fake Muslims?
  152. [General] JONATHAN'S Dodgy Asset Declaration
  153. [General] Madam ayoka adebayo quits inec job...at last!
  154. [General] Edo first lady is dead
  155. [General] Foreign accounts:code of conduct bureau says tinubu has case to answer!
  156. [General] Halliburton:efcc charges ex american vp to court!
  157. [General] The worlds most futuristic city...
  158. [General] Jonathan in Secret Talks with Northern Leaders : •Atiku: There'll be vacancy in Aso Rock
  159. [General] Solving the Niger Delta Problem the right way
  160. [General] New York Nigerian Embassy Experience
  161. [General] 51 outstanding NYSC members bag FG's job
  162. [General] No vacancy in Aso Rock -gwobe you dey hear?
  163. [General] Jos:task force boss s wife abducted,killed!
  164. [General] "all the arms of govt are guilty of reckless spending"!...finance minister
  165. [General] [Breaking News] AFP- Argentina and Uruguay today join Brazil to recognize Palestine as independent state!
  166. [General] Tafida's absence cripples Nigeria's mission in UK
  167. [General] Nigeria Rebranding Project, Dora Akunyili Task Lawyers, Judiciary of Nigeria
  169. [General] Ken Saro-Wiwa was framed, secret evidence shows
  170. [General] Ijaw: Managing the ethnic question in Nigeria's politics
  171. [General] Federal government to sell three presidential jets!
  172. [General] Fox News- Questions explosives used to bring down 911 building
  173. [General] OBJ v FAYOSE: Duel of the "Bastards"
  174. [General] Who wants tinubu dead...ACN raises alarm!
  175. [General] Are Churches and Mosques taking over University Education in Nigeria?
  176. [General] ExxonMobil, others disown Emeagwali
  177. [General] Gej $200m tears nollywood apart!
  178. [General] 2 (Presidents) Oaths of Office Taken in Ivory Coast (More Violence & Troubles)?
  179. [General] N100b controversial ogun bond...vice chancellor resigns!
  180. [General] Senator Bola Tinubu backs Sanusi Lamidi Sanusi
  181. [General] Jonathan's wife wades into Enugu PDP crisis
  182. [General] Ribadu crowns as Agu Ji Egbe 1 of Ndigbo (a brave lion armed with a gun) -Maazi Igboamaeze, you dey hear?
  183. [General] Atiku, the big Thief must be hanged, ma people!
  184. [General] [Breaking News] Nigerian Army Pardons 27 "Mutinuous" Soldiers -Thank you, Great President Goodluck
  185. [General] 2011:ibb may change his mind on consensus agreement!!!
  186. [General] Federal high court stops voter registration exercise by inec!
  187. [General] Negative Reports On Nigeria - Olympiad Boss Berates CNN, Others
  188. [General] Nigerian nabbed in passport forgery for Al-Queda
  189. [General] What Do We Call This? A Real Pardon?
  190. [General] ABN Part II: Court Stops Voters Registration!!!
  191. [General] Imo State, another Great Ala-Igbo Nation's Eyesore after Abia State
  192. [General] ONLY IN NAIJA: Multi-Million Naira Water Tank Collapses at Test Run!!!
  193. [General] Post-election rumblings in ivory coast:army closes borders!
  194. [General] Nba says 80 percent of nija judges are below average!
  195. [General] Operation sack the militants begins in the delta!
  196. [General] Snow batters Europe, paralyses Britain - Val-T Do Something
  197. [General] Ivory Coast: Ouattara "beats" Gbagbo
  198. [General] Court nullifies suspension of 11 brawling house of rep members!
  199. [General] Yar 'Adua - Jonathan's Four Wasted Years
  200. [General] Wasting our youth
  201. [General] Corruption Accusations; Here We Go again!
  202. [General] ATIKU Is a Good Fighter for Justice - Ayu
  203. [General] Media: Re-Brand Nigeria Says Adejare Adeboye "Man of God"
  204. [General] ex-U.S. VP, Dick Cheney, CHARGED over Halliburton scam
  205. [General] Cops impound 'presidency'vehicle used for drugs smuggling!!!
  206. [General] $27.5 Billion Stolen Nigeria in 2009?
  207. [General] Female students threaten to go naked in South-East
  208. [General] Slavery Celebrated? Celebrating Secession Without the Slaves
  209. [General] Is it a coincidence:two orji kids kidnapped in cutonou!
  210. [General] Another bribe scandal....efcc summons shell md!
  211. [General] FIFA WCup (BRIBES) Voters Over Payment List
  212. [General] President Jonathan Bribed Us: Pastor Tunde Bakare
  213. [General] Presidential Election Maneuverings....
  214. [General] "national assembly drains our economy"!cbn gov
  215. [General] Towards 2011:america s road block to atiku s ambition!
  216. [General] Buhari slams gej and atiku:"both of them are six/half a dozen"!
  217. [General] Senate moves to criminalise disrespect of national anthem
  218. [General] Dokubo Asari: Shocking Revelation On The Niger Delta War
  219. [General] JONATHAN Will Lose - ATIKU
  220. [General] State Secrets: Wikileaks reveal Devastating US Documents
  221. [General] Osun State: Deadi Boodi Getti Asshidenti!
  223. [Press Release] Statement On Engr. Rauf Aregbesola's Osun State Victory
  225. [General] Benue State Governor, Suswam, in Certificate Forgery Scandal
  226. [General] Rule By Tulasi Even If People Hate Your Gut
  227. [General] Muslim, Christian groups use same room for worship
  228. [General] Otedola: Court Remands Two in Prison for Defamation
  229. [General] Bombshell: Jonathan tells SNG how he intends to rig the 2011 elections!
  230. [General] Navy doctor from hell ruins a woman s life!
  231. [General] IBB for ANPP???
  232. [General] Women beating men??? Remembering the days of Idiagbon...okay and Buhari
  233. [General] Magic and Murder in Benin
  234. [General] Breaking News: Aregbesola Declared Osun State Governor
  235. [General] Obj mocks atiku...says "i dey laugh"!
  236. [General] IMF: Nigeria's Inflation Rising
  237. [General] UN: Lagos Population to Hit 12.4m By 2015
  238. [General] JONATHAN Approves Jumbo Contract for Ballot Boxes.
  239. [General] Nigerian Hospital Closes Hole In Heart… Without Surgery
  240. [General] JONATHAN's village gets federal varsity
  241. [General] A great lesson for the Nigeria justice system; An effective way to deal with corrupt government officials and traces of looted funds.
  242. [General] Fed govt says it spent n900bn on road construction...where are the roads?
  243. [General] Where is convict cecilia ibru...moved out of reddington hospital?!
  244. [General] How consensus is consensus...northern govs set hurdles for atiku!
  245. [General] Two girls' innovative generators.....Exciting News
  246. [General] Egberipapa's politics of hate
  247. [General] ATIKU: The Man
  248. [General] ATIKU POLICY for Making Good Things Happen
  249. [General] CASH and CARRY JUSTICE for OTEDOLA?!
  250. [General] Newsflash:29 miners perish in new zealand!--cnn