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  1. [General] Bode George is not a thief but a splitter-Ayoola
  2. [General] Guns Rights & American Tax Free Violence?
  3. [General] Clergy role in Rwanda Genocide
  4. [General] Pilgrimage halts govt, economic activities in Yobe
  5. [General] At last I can fly to AlaIgbo direct
  6. [General] The Would Be President
  7. [General] First made Nigerian Vehicles unveiled...!
  8. [General] Scotland to secede from Great Britain
  9. [General] Nigeria Embassy of Germany, Berlin -we thank Allah for the mallams!
  10. [General] Do you love to eat chicken wings?check this out!
  11. [General] Venezuelas Ambassador Tongue lashes Akunyili
  12. [General] Men/Women of the Year - 2009
  13. [General] Nkenna of Big Brother is a Big Embarrassment!!!
  14. [General] Turkeys of the Year - 2009
  15. [General] Nigerian ''witch'' killed by son in the UK- na waoh!
  16. [General] 28 years in jail for Nigerian scammer
  17. [General] Nigerians As Disgrace to Africa?
  18. [General] Christian Girl, 16, Gets 50 Lashes For Wearing 'Indecent' Knee-Length Skirt In Sudan.
  19. [General] PASTOR TUNDE BAKARE EXPLODES: Churches in Nigeria have lost their roles;Treasury looters in front rows of our churches;Why I quit Redeemed Church
  20. [General] How come that Ewuro's Name never appears here?
  21. [General] Kaduna prostitutes offer free sex
  22. [General] Nigerian Arrested! Spying! (Espionage)!
  23. [General] Why Nigeria needs cultural revolution to survive
  24. [General] "My Son Will Name Successor"
  25. [General] Lagos Begins Computerisation of Public Schools
  26. [General] Yar'Adua Admitted to Saudi Arabia Hospital
  27. [General] The lamentations of Frederick Faseun
  28. [General] Dubai Glory-Glamor Days Are Gone? Money Troubles
  29. [General] Nigeria President Umaru Yar'Adua 'has heart problem'- BBC
  30. [General] Medical Treatments Abroad: As Metaphor; For Nigeria's National Condition?
  31. [General] Catholic Child Abuse Cover-UP 4 Decades in Ireland
  32. [General] does you grand father own a clock or gramophone?
  33. [General] does you grand father own a clock or gramophone?
  34. [General] White House Breach of Security? Gaff? Goof
  35. [General] Israel Approves Settlement Freeze
  36. [General] Policeman Kills Children in Hospital
  37. [General] Your Senator Is a Millionaire? It is Your Money!
  38. [General] Adams Oshiomole the Edo State Governor after one year in office.
  39. [General] Immorality and Ethnicity: A National Debate?
  40. [General] 2010 Budget
  41. [General] Nobel Peace winner, Obama US alone refuses to join world in landmine ban
  42. [General] Sanusi 'Plotting' To Sell Oceanic
  43. [General] THIEF Orji Kalu goes to Rome-I hope he told the pope how much of Abia money he stole?
  44. [General] LIVE: White House State Dinner for India
  45. [General] Innoson Auto Factory Pride Of The Nation -Chukwuma
  46. [General] Steady Electricity in 2010 Says Goodluck Jonathan
  47. [General] Fela Kuti Is Alive And In New York City!
  48. [General] British Lawyer Admits Bribing Many
  49. [General] Lou Dobbs for President!
  50. [General] Jonathan's NEPA Abracadabra
  51. [General] Abuja-Saudi Shuttle Express: Yar'Adua's Health Crisis & Political Fallout
  52. [General] How Not To Bungle A good Case
  53. [General] Yaradua out, IBB in for 2011-for specific targets
  54. [General] The witches story re-visited. Ch4 now UK
  55. [General] Ojo Maduekwe Carpets Kosovo Secessionists
  56. [General] Mystery world of MEND leader, Henry Okah
  57. [General] Why should YabaTech tell such blatant lies ?
  58. [General] Militants gang rape girl without condom
  59. [General] Niger Delta Militants now on FG payroll
  60. [General] Naija 'lawmakers' spend N52 billion touring the world
  61. [General] Prof. Soludo's Web-Site -The Best, visit and enjoy -The Gods are wise!
  62. [General] Azikiwe, 1904-1987
  63. [General] US Senate Passes 1st Step of Health Reform Bill
  64. [General] With such things happening, who wants to be a Nigerian Christian?
  65. [General] Nigeria ex-leader Sani Abacha's son 'must pay $350m'
  66. [General] Let's define Tribalism (Ethnicism)
  67. [General] Onitsha of my Dream -Prof. Soludo
  68. [General] Cheats in Sports Arrested in Europe
  69. [General] Could Obama Pass On 2012 Reelection Bid?
  70. [General] European Union gives Nigeria $1bn 'for peace
  71. [General] ''Senator'' Iyiola Omisore holds a fake MS degree?
  72. [General] Obafemi Martins 'skint' on 75,000 a week
  73. [General] Killers Sell Human Fats in Peru & Italy.. Le Bizzarre!
  74. [General] World's Craziest, Stupidest and Dumbest Laws
  75. [General] Three nijas shine in bigbrother africa4!
  76. [General] Sanusi: We are products of colonialism, Documents show the white man planned no education for the North
  77. [General] Fort Hood Kills is Terrorism says US Congress
  78. [General] African slavery holocaust
  79. [General] Europe's 1st President
  80. [General] White House "Dismayed" Jerusalem Settlement Expansion
  81. [General] Corruption crackdown: Ex-head of state in plea bargain deal
  82. [General] EFCC goes after Governor's wife.
  83. [General] Scramble for meat as vehicle with 500 dogs crashes
  84. [General] Two Million Almajiris In Kano!
  85. [General] Father poisons 2-yr-old son over prophecy
  86. [General] Busted: Drug dealing rabbi & middle east business partner
  87. [General] Nigerian political office holders highest paid globally...
  88. [Press Release] Statement On Developments With The Ibori Trials At Asaba And London
  89. [General] Edo Chief Judge Slumps, Dies In Abuja
  90. [General] Soyinka blames Nigeria's woes on leadership
  91. [General] Ogun State - Govt of Billboards!!
  92. [General] Senate divided on president s budget presentation
  93. [General] This man married his OWN daughter so she would be allowed to stay in Britain - and the Home Office knows about it
  94. [General] Obama Diplomatic & Polite in China Quite Unlike His Stance in Ghana!
  95. [General] Switzerland to Deport 80 Nigerians
  96. [General] Plot to Get Bode George out of Prison Thickens
  97. [General] United kingdom and their racism towards blacks
  98. [General] Ibori rejected as UniBen convocation speaker
  99. [General] The New Scramble for Africa Begins
  100. [General] Australia 'sorry' for child abuse
  101. [General] Understanding Darfur crises 101, Not religious, but ethnic and political
  102. [General] Racial Rethinking As Obama Visits China
  103. [Press Release] President YarAdua meets with MEND's Aaron Team!!
  104. [General] Lt-Gen Akinrinade Regrets Fighting Civil War
  105. [General] "The Audacity Of Hypocrisy"
  106. [General] OPC storms North, warns against attack on Yoruba
  107. [General] There is Sonny Odogwu and there is Sonny Okogwu
  108. [General] Let stop woshiping those dreadful traditional ruler.
  109. [General] Yes!! Nigeria Qualifies For The World Cup
  110. [General] Tribal society - Tribal War - Doomsday ahead?
  111. [General] Abubakar Abba Umar, who killed him..?
  112. [General] Widow crushed by collasped fence in Mafoluku
  113. [General] A million dollars for 20-year old!
  114. [General] Maryam Babangida dying
  115. [General] Willbros Official Admits Bribing Nigerian Politicians
  116. [General] SSS Smashes Kidnap Syndicate In Edo
  117. [General] Letter to Bode George
  118. [General] William Jefferson Sentenced To 13 Years In Prison
  119. [General] BREAKING NEWS: Andy Uba loses in Enugu Appeal Court
  120. [General] Nigeria's Forgotten World War 2 Heroes
  121. [General] I apologise, Stan Okoro is not 25...
  122. [General] Tiger Wood Paid $3 Million Dollars by Nigeria?
  123. [General] The opposite of Afropessimism
  124. [General] Arik Air Starts Lagos -NYC Flights
  125. [General] Shekarau, My Heart Bleeds for Kano State, Allah have mercy!
  126. [General] Who is keeping Nigeria's Book of Infamy?
  127. [General] Police Arrest Man, Woman Over Missing Organ(manhood)!!!
  128. [General] Lou Dobbs leaving CNN
  129. [General] Why we don't watch mainstream news, but only use independent citizen news sources. Fox fabulation
  130. [General] Police shoots hawker to evade paying for plantain chips
  131. [General] Nigerian Football Star to be flogged in Sudan
  132. [General] POLICE ARREST MKO S SON FOR N177M Bank FRAUD!
  133. [General] Plans to Distabilize Nigeria?
  134. [General] NEPA! Blackout in Brazilian Cities
  135. [General] Ancient 200,000BC Metropolis found in Africa!!!
  136. [General] God, Give Me A Jet Now - Pastor Oritsejafor's Dearest Wish
  137. [General] Fela on Broadway
  138. [General] Charles Taylor Accuses Nigeria Of Deceit
  139. [General] Finance Crisis Rocks FIFA U-17 World Cup Fiesta
  140. [General] Bode George Loses Bail Bid, Gets Prison Uniform
  141. [General] EFCC data: The federal charater (or lack of it) of the looters of Nigeria
  142. [General] British Airways? Racists Poor & Abysmal Expensive!
  143. [General] Police raid lagos Strip club -Pictures-NSFW
  144. [General] Mini Dress Too Provocative, University Says..
  145. [General] Secretary slaps Rep member!!!
  146. [General] When Is Obasanjo Going To Jail?
  147. [General] Nkem Owoh kidnapped
  148. [General] Bode George on hunger strike.
  149. [General] Govt Changes Gear On Made-In-Nigeria Car
  150. [General] Appropriate Punishment & American Juvenile Offenders
  151. [General] The Africans who fought in WWII
  152. [General] Nigerians & World War II
  153. [General] Jews & Africans; A Perspective
  154. [General] The term "Messianic"
  155. [General] Sudanese President Bashir's visit to Turkey in limbo
  156. [General] Snake bites Rep @ NASS!! Woyo Allah!!!
  157. [General] Nigerians Hate Nigerians? And NIGERIA? U.S Ambassador Andrew Young
  158. [General] Obasanjo deserves Nobel prize
  159. [General] Nigerian University Education under Tree -Allah have mercy!
  160. [General] Beware
  161. [General] Nigerians finally allowed to protest at National Assembly
  162. [General] EFCC's skimming 10%!
  163. [General] Bashing Bashorun Dele Momodu
  164. [General] Ndubuisi Kanu: This article is a must read
  165. [General] Dele Momodu Living Large!
  166. [General] Bode George has 6 wives?
  167. [General] Hidden Nigerian culture exposed. Almost unbelievable!
  168. [General] Unity1960; Did You Know About This?
  169. [General] Obama, Africans & African Americans etc
  170. [General] The day shame died at kirikiri!
  171. [General] IBORI: Was it the clone?
  172. [General] 2011 Election: Prepare For War, Akande Warns Nigerians
  173. [General] Federal Character and Central Bank of Nigeria
  174. [General] CNN(Video) Nigerian pastor, Oprah book club winner!!
  175. [General] UAL Flies to Nigeria
  176. [General] Imo Enacts Law Against Kidnapping
  177. [General] Mass shooting at Fort Hood
  178. [General] UK expats learn Nigerian culture for hubby sake
  179. [General] Breaking News!!! Soludos dad released.
  180. [General] Hezbollah/Iran caught in CIVILIAN CARGO
  181. [General] Gay Marriage - the Justices vs. the Popular Vote in the USA
  182. [General] BBC Documentary on Rebranding Nigeria - PART TWO
  183. [General] Exposed! Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi wayward ways
  184. [Press Release] "Moonlight Monologue And Other Poems"(Book) Now Released
  185. [General] Ex-Militants: We Are Tired of Meetings
  186. [General] Oyo state introduces graduates to taxi driving!
  187. [General] Louisiana: A justice of the peace who refused to give a marriage license to an interracial couple has resigned
  188. [General] 2010: Fashola Presents N429bn Budget Proposal Today
  189. [General] American? Who Exactly Is?
  190. [General] A Good Woman, Dele George!
  191. [General] Nigerian whizkid steals $1.1 million from 150 American bankers
  192. [General] Where's the Change?
  193. [General] First Bank Reports N74 Billion Bad Loan! Woyo Allah!!
  194. [General] Keyamo writes on Bode George
  195. [General] Nigerian Teacher Rejects N1.2 million Overpayment
  196. [General] Halliburton AGAIN! Halliburton aka KBR
  197. [General] Made-in-Lagos Transformer Hits Market
  198. [General] Anambra Crisis Could Lead to Another Civil War
  199. [General] To Justice Joseph Olubunmi Oyewole
  200. [General] Revising history
  201. [General] Yorubas(Africans) were first civilization in aMerica! 1250BC the Olmec!
  202. [General] Cause of Conflicts in Africa- Global Issues.org (Prolly not what u thought)
  203. [General] This Aint Funny..Near Air Mishap
  204. [General] Africa's RAPID development. Comparing Cameroon to USA
  205. [General] Armed Robbers....Pls Ceasefire
  206. [General] FBI Kills An Imam in Detroit?
  207. [General] Shell promises it will fight Nigeria if it hands fields to Chinese
  208. [General] Poor Africa (Videos 1-10) Great watch
  209. [General] Nigeria: Ladies Fight Over Beer, Food At Commissioner's Party
  210. [General] Future Presidential Material?
  211. [General] Nigerian Government Websites
  212. [General] Ondo doles out N1.4bn to pensioners, flags off Nigeria's first smart-card solution
  213. [Press Release] The Book "Moonlight Monologue And Other Poems"
  214. [General] Spain Deports 53 Nigerians
  215. [General] Reason to vote British National Party....LOL
  216. [General] Senior Advocates fight, who will settle them?
  217. [General] Time to try all killers african leaders
  218. [General] Omisore OUT!!
  219. [General] Nigerian wins Commonwealth regional literary award
  220. [General] South East Kidnapping Kingpin nabbed in Asaba
  221. [General] Plane touches down at Akwa Ibom for 1st time!!!
  222. [General] Real Religion.
  223. [General] N1m stolen at Sharia anniversary celebrations
  224. [General] Female youth corps member strangled to death by her colleague, in Niger State, Nigeria
  225. [General] The Ribadu Committee Report on NPA that nailed Bode George, others
  226. [General] The Judge who jailed Bode George: Profile in courage
  227. [General] USA Ban Kenyan Corrupt Officials - BBC
  228. [General] Obama in Love! Real Love Interest
  229. [General] CIA Pays Brother Afghan President?
  230. [General] Nigerian banker steals money to fund his wedding
  231. [General] Al-Mustapha Welcomes Bode George to Kirikiri
  232. [General] Nigeria's Economy May Out Grow South Africa's Economy By 2012 - Sanusi
  233. [General] CNN: Israel is denying Palestinians access to adequate water
  234. [General] Nigerian who won 2005 Pulitzer! Dele Olojede, CEO 234Next News etc
  235. [General] Ritual killing hot spots list : figment of a fevered mind!
  236. [General] Breaking news: Soludo's father kidnapped
  237. [General] 70 year old community leader kidnaps and murders his own people
  238. [General] A Tale of Two Nigerians
  239. [General] Nigerians in top list of asylum seekers
  240. [General] Yoruba Community Alleges Marginalisation In Enugu
  241. [General] The North may break up, says Solomon Lar
  242. [General] Nigeria's Democracy at Ten; Cause for Joy or Cause for Concern?
  243. [General] Afrocentrism: What exactly does this mean and entail??
  244. [General] Protesters Stalk Waziri In New York
  245. [General] Bode George: One thief down
  246. [General] 14-year-old becomes regent in Ekiti
  247. [General] Can money buy happiness...how much?!
  248. [General] Scores fail perm sec exam for senior civil servants
  249. [General] How the Orkar Coup was Planned - Turner Ogboru
  250. [General] Say something Nice or Hopeful about Nigeria