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  1. [General] So the gubernatorial election is not Saturday?
  2. [General] Throwback to Apartheid: SA Police Beats Man To Death.
  3. [Article] Petition for the immediate withdrawal of Youth Corps members from trouble-prone States
  4. [General] On This Day, April 22 1990
  5. [General] Nigerian 49 Hours MotorBike Escape from Ivory Coast to Nigeria
  6. [General] Every Student in Edo State Failed! Damn!!
  7. [General] only woman presidential candidate arrested in Abuja - emj and VOR, are you somehow related to dis Lady?
  8. [General] Ribadu dumps acn
  9. [General] Bank manager commits suicide!
  10. [Press Release] UK govt deports 52 Nigerians, today -bye bye odeku Eworu
  11. [General] CPC to Challenge Jonathan's Victory in court
  12. [General] Sahara Reporter and WE the Villagers
  13. [General] Customs road blocks are illegal...controller-general of customs
  14. [General] Obama's Young Mother Abroad
  15. [General] Moh. Abacha as Governor of Kano, Appeal Courts Says No! Supreme Court?
  16. [General] Pictures Speak a thousand words...
  17. [General] Northerners in Onitsha flee for safety
  18. [General] Eminent Jews, Israelis Demand Nationhood Palestine
  19. [General] Breaking News: Nigerian Interior Minister Suspended For 'Lapses Of Leadership'
  20. [Press Release] PDP Is Hallucinating On Lagos
  22. [General] EL RUFAI... the desperado... throwing his erstwhile friend under the bus
  23. [Press Release] We Shall Defend Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan's Mandate With the last drop of our blood
  24. [General] Jonathan's election win spurs unrest in Northern Nigeria
  25. [General] A Divided Country
  26. [General] Judicial council queries judge who ruled on ppn/pdp primaries!
  27. [General] NVS Calls it for Jonathan
  28. [General] North Must Produce President in 2015, says IBB
  29. [General] Pastor adeboye seeks prayers against death of prominent nigerians!
  30. [General] Nigeria Presidential Election Result 2011 Live
  31. [General] Ali Monguno Condemns Ohanaeze's Call On Igbo To Vote For Jonathan
  32. [General] Gov akala s money spraying leads to stampede...driver crushed!
  33. [General] Gun smoke democracy: Gov candidate escapes death in abia
  34. [General] Fallout of Edo State NASS Elections: Oshiomhole sacks all Esan Commissioners and Aides
  35. [General] Ibori Moved To London
  36. [General] How a removed governor spent n18b on his last day in office!
  37. [General] Video evidence of election fraud in South-South Nigeria
  38. [General] Swaziland Police Disperse Manzini Democracy Activist
  39. [General] Dora: Spotless Vessel of African-ness - Left PDP to save her marriage
  40. [General] Chief Tony Anenih: Uromi's Very Own Super-Hero
  41. [Press Release] Press Conference On Nass Elections In Benue State
  42. [General] AGAIN, Air Controller Was Asleep as Plane Landed
  43. [General] Accountability in Germany. Every thing is counted and accounted for; even the toilet paper is not for light fingered politicians.
  44. [General] "why green revolution and ofn failed"...gej
  45. [General] Federal Leaders Debate
  46. [General] Ribadu NOT STEPPING DOWN For Buhari
  47. [General] A widow's cry for justice...
  48. [General] Jonathan for President
  49. [General] Bishop Oyedepo acquires N4.5b Jet. Builds private hanger at MMIA
  50. [General] Ivory Coast's Gbagbo Is Captured
  51. [General] Awo's Daughter, Ayo Soyode Dies At 66
  52. [General] Presidential Polls: D-Day For Jonathan, Buhari, Ribadu, Shekarau
  53. [General] Senate- House of Reps: Tabulated Election Results
  54. [General] A Nation Watches and Prays!
  55. [General] trafficked nigerians
  56. [General] US Shutdown Near, No Sign of Compromise
  57. [General] ACN Jittery Over Gov. Fashola Antiparty Activities....May Lose National Assembly Polls
  58. [General] Explosion At INEC Kills 25 Youth Corpers
  59. [General] Jonathan to Buhari: Come clean on Lagos metro line project. Undervelopment,Tribal politic exposed.
  60. [General] Breaking News: Kayode Ajulo, Kidnapped!!
  61. [General] My choice for president
  62. [Press Release] Libya: Gaddafi begs Obama
  63. [General] Mau Mau Compensation Case To Begin In The UK
  64. [General] Nigerian customs seizes military uniforms,bullet proof vests!
  65. [General] Another Oba Behaving Badly: Charged Over Rape Of Youth Corper
  66. [General] Bankole's father's firm illegally acquires NECOM House
  67. [Opinion] Okoye accuses INEC officials of replacing corps members
  68. [General] Nigeria dumps nuclear power plans -praise the lord!
  69. [General] Erastus Akingbola To Surrender £68 Million Loot To Intercontinental Bank
  70. [General] 2012 US Presidential Elections [Obama Wins]
  71. [Article] Attahiru Jega, Stop The Lies!
  72. [General] Poor Attempt to Besmirch my Idol: Iyom Josephine Anenih
  73. [General] Saudi Arabia: diabolical modern prison for women
  74. [General] Arabs buying up black african women for rape
  75. [General] [Breaking Wahala]Pastor Wayne Sapp burns an islamic Koran
  76. [General] Ogun state political crises...ogd exposes obj!
  77. [General] [BREAKING NEWS]: Ibori is Free
  78. [General] Anti-drug smuggling campaigner becomes a mule!
  79. [General] Presidential candidate held in jail for issuing fake cheques!
  80. [General] What do you call someone that STEALS, POISONS AND SABOTAGES their Own Country?
  81. [General] Nigerian doctor who used fake identity documents to work in British hospitals is jailed
  82. [General] Election 2011; Nigerians Go Back To The Polls
  83. [General] Pre-elections mass postings of police commissioners announced!
  84. [General] Osun governor escapes grenade attack...thanks to the police!
  85. [General] Obj disgraced in owerri!
  86. [News] Breaking News: Gaddafi is dead
  87. [General] Delta airlines slashes Naija tickets to $650 for a limited time
  88. [General] Re-Visiting the Lekki Toll Road...
  89. [General] How we will win the election...
  90. [General] How a Nigerian doctor worked in 14 different hospitals despite not even knowing how to perform CPR
  91. [General] Inequality In America, Government of -Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%
  92. [General] Nigeria, 4th fastest growing economy – UK Govt
  93. [Press Release] Igbo child, 12, Has IQ Higher Than Einstein, now studying for PHD
  94. [General] INEC to announce results in 48 hours
  95. [General] Of Presidential Debates and Incumbency
  96. [General] Jonathan debating himself - Watch it live!
  97. [General] Utomi withdraws from presidential race, backs Shekarau
  98. [General] [Podcast] Q&A With Ambassador Johnnie Carson On 2011 Nigerian Polls
  99. [General] "nigeria must not let africa down during and after april elections"...ex botswana president
  100. [General] Council of State approves deployment of troops 48 hours to election
  101. [General] 1005 sacks of Marijuana in an Ibadan residence
  102. [General] Police steal N6M of recovered ransom money
  103. [General] Rampage in Akwa Ibom State
  104. [General] FOREIGN LAND GRAB; FUTURE ACUTE HUNGER AND SLAVERY - ‘Foreigners own 74 m acres of farmland in Africa'
  105. [General] Michael Aondoakaa
  106. [General] Sanusi Lamido on HardTalk
  107. [General] "Torso in the Thames boy finally identified
  108. [General] El-Rufai is prepared to defend himself against trumped-up, politically-motivated charges
  109. [General] Conversation with Mrs Zahra Ribadu
  110. [General] [CONSENSUS POLITICS]: Buhari, Shekarau, Ribadu meet for consensus
  111. [General] Will shekarau and ribadu agree to step down for buhari?
  112. [General] IBB endorses Ribadu for President
  113. [General] Ekiti may be the next Jos come April
  114. [General] I'm ready to die for Nigeria –Obasanjo
  115. [General] President Obama locked out of White House
  116. [General] I worked For Both Shagari, Yar'Adua To Succeed Me – Obasanjo
  117. [General] One Million Displaced In Ivory Coast - UN
  118. [General] Obj factional chairman of pdp remanded in abuja jail for alleged forgery!!!
  119. [General] Political war rages in akwa ibom state!
  120. [General] NTA rejects Buhari's campaign advert; Reason: contains things like "no good roads," etc
  121. [General] Meet the judges to preside over next month s election petitions tribunals
  122. [General] General Election 2011,No Camera phone allowed!!!
  123. [General] Jega is truly preparing for a free poll!
  125. [General] Bomb scare creates panic in abuja
  126. [General] Jonathan to create 500,000 jobs with gas revolution
  127. [General] North's leaders've failed, says Sultan
  128. [General] Jonathan re-elected as ECOWAS chairman
  129. [General] Buhari/Bakare Theme Song - Music Video
  130. [General] Gwobe, where are you?
  131. [General] ‘Broom revolution' lifts hope in Delta
  132. [General] Patience s official jet packs up in sokoto!
  133. [General] Gej suspends campaign director
  134. [General] Northerner? ADAMU Maina Waziri Says, Don't call me a northerner... I am a NIGERIAN!!!
  135. [General] THISDAY "mago mago" polls; SILVERBOARD manipulation of "youth enlightenment concerts" for PDP - Dangerous Desperation?
  136. [General] Merge existing Universities-panel recommends
  137. [General] Kamikaze pilot kills gaddafi s son in libya!
  138. [General] Akwa Ibom governor buries ACN coffin
  139. [General] Praise God, Jonathan leads the polls
  140. [General] Graphic :Python swallows baby in Edo state
  141. [General] An appeal to mr president
  142. [General] So, the North is truly more populated than the South?
  143. [General] Arik Air Signs JV Agreement with Sierra Leone
  144. [News] Israel ex-President Moshe Katsav jailed for rape
  145. [General] Kidnappers grab billionaire jimoh ibrahim s mom!
  147. [General] Masquerade holding villagers to ransom in Enugu State
  148. [General] INEC officials arrested for tampering with voter's list
  149. [General] Why give the Fulanis a foothold in Ekiti?
  150. [General] Bomb explodes on Okada killing bombers
  151. [General] Four blunders Obasanjo committed in office - Fani-Kayode
  152. [General] Next month s polls: Some politicians now use police/diplomatic car number plates!
  153. [General] Abia State governor describes Tinubu as rascally
  154. [General] 53 SUITCASES SAGA: Buhari Blasts Atiku, Jonathan
  155. [General] Bola Ige Mess...
  156. [Article] Libya; Why Not Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia etc
  157. [General] Tinubu accuses bode george of plotting to kill him!
  158. [General] "slash president/governors tenure..."says cbn governor
  159. [General] Photo of the Day: Jonathan's Branded Biscuits Hit the Market.
  160. [General] Nigeria Presidential debate - LIVE STREAMING
  161. [General] Why no Igbo man or woman should vote for Ribadu
  162. [General] Pastor jailed for trafficking African child 'slaves'-
  163. [General] A Nigerian Woman stripped Naked, time to abolish by law some inhumane tradition in Nigeria.
  164. [News] Ndiigbo ready to capture Lagos -the fight has just started!
  165. [General] Rivers police command instructs voters not to use phones on election day
  166. [General] Cbn recovers billions from banks defrauding customers via atm charges!
  167. [General] Senate confirms ambassador who failed anthem test
  168. [General] U.N. Approves Airstrikes to Halt Attacks by Qaddafi Forces
  169. [General] How Nigeria's Corrupt money fund American Universities; Atiku & Odili Implicated
  170. [General] Mrs Aisha Buhari beats the Dame by a million miles
  171. [General] NNPC/Shell intrigues stall gas to power project
  172. [General] Southerners demand N670bn compensation for Jos crises
  173. [General] Youth Unemployment, a Time Bomb
  174. [General] "rig april polls and face peoples revolution!"...from osoba to pdp
  175. [General] A Nigerian revolution by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  176. [General] Ken-Saro Wiwa Killer Judge Becomes Acting Chief Judge Of Nigeria
  177. [General] Of judges and huge bank accounts! Tribune goes to town again
  178. [General] Patience jonathan predicts:"pdp will win,landslide in 36 states and abuja"!
  179. [General] Yes Dem Still Do am,(lesbianism in Naija female Team) This Coach na Wa oo!!!
  180. [General] Nigerian Soars in China, In Chinese! Embraced By China!
  181. [General] Katsina Governor In Fatal Car Crash, ADC Killed
  182. [General] Presidential Debate: We are ready - Dr. Goodluck and Arch. Sambo
  183. [General] MEND threatens to bomb Abuja, Lagos •Warns people not to attend political rallies
  184. [General] "lastma not authorized to arrest traffic offenders"!....fashola
  185. [General] When will Nigeria resolve the settler/Indigene issue
  186. [General] [EXPLOSIVE]: Ribadu is Mouthing Platitudes, says El Rufai!!!
  187. [General] Oni returns to Appeal court, to unseat Fayemi
  188. [General] Buhari, Unelectable, & Beyond Redemption Politically?
  189. [General] Assault: Benin Monarch Curses Task Force Chief
  190. [General] Jonathan's Media Team Should Resign!
  191. [General] APGA Adopts Jonathan As Its Presidential Candidate
  192. [General] I Will Withdraw From Presidential Race If – Utomi
  193. [General] $12.4bn Oil Windfall: AGF, CBN Ask Court To Reject Okigbo Report
  194. [General] Buhari Dares Akala On Use Of Mapo Hall
  195. [General] Bakare ; I Am Not Convinced Of Ribadu's Anti-Corruption Credentials. Vows To 'Open Up On Ribadu Soon
  196. [General] Dame Patience Jonathan's Umblerra--a must see
  197. [General] "psychos are pushing nija to the precipe!"...prof.itse sagay
  198. [General] Wikileaks confirms secret Romance between Etteh and OBJ
  199. [News] Buhari's life no more secured in the South
  200. [General] You risk arrest, Jonathan's camp warns Buhari
  201. [News] Sultan of islamic sokoto wants Jonathan to sign undertaking
  202. [General] Earthquake in Japan
  203. [General] Sss arrests ciroma s men...who is jittery now?!
  204. [General] PDP leader invades school with policemen
  206. [General] CPC alleges 30,000 non-existing polling units
  207. [General] Dangote and mike adenuga make world s billionaire s list!
  208. [General] Inec official in trouble over name-smuggling!
  209. [General] Shame, my beloved country!
  210. [News] Jonathan promises stable power supply in four years
  211. [General] Jega's INEC Spits Fire!
  212. [General] Just imagine:acn campaign team plane meets goats and sheep on bauchi airport tarmac!
  213. [General] April polls: PDP refuses to sign Code of Conduct
  214. [General] Oyibo Voodoo again? or is it an attempt at population control ?
  215. [General] Nigeria's Oldest Governor in Teen Sex Escapade
  216. [General] President's Dress Sense and other Offtopics
  217. [General] Dangote Foundation to create one million jobs
  218. [General] You'll go to jail, Jega warns INEC officers against rigging
  219. [General] Corruption allegation...the chief justice steps aside!
  220. [General] "dont shed blood for me"!...gej warns
  221. [General] World And Press Watch As Africans Are Lynched In Libya
  222. [General] Jonathan Praises NVS
  223. [Grammar] 'Chai' and other famous lines from Patience
  224. [General] ‘Supreme Court judges took bribes to validate Yar'Adua/Jonathan election'
  225. [General] "Tinubu sent me to jail"!....Bode George
  226. [General] "tinubu sent me to jail"!....boge george
  227. [General] Ayodele Omosuyi's baby factory busted in Okigwe
  228. [General] Great Lions and Lionesses! Read and weep!
  229. [General] What belongs in Main Square versus Lounge?
  231. [General] 419 satellite again...
  232. [General] As Obasanjo Rolls Out Another Brand New President For Nigeria..
  233. [General] Son of Naija minister rapes pregnant woman repeatedly
  234. [General] Obasanjo told me long ago that Jonathan would succeed Yar'Adua - Adedoja Adewolu
  235. [General] Olurin to probe ogun state funds...ogd may lose n6b assets!
  236. [General] Chief Imam arrested for defacing GEJ's posters
  237. [General] Amaechi to pay tenement rate for Sekibo's campaign office
  238. [General] Planting trees to solve religious problems...
  239. [General] Orji Storms Out of Guber Debate
  240. [General] Horror!bomb blast at pdp rally in suleja leaves 7 dead!
  241. [General] Channels TV hosts governorship debate
  242. [General] Breaking news;obj s candidate floors daniel group again!
  243. [General] Politics 101 from Ekiti State
  244. [General] Ogd,bankole escape death in chopper crashlanding !
  245. [General] First Lady without a wedding ring ?
  246. [General] "no minimum wage,no elections"!nlc
  247. [General] N3.2bn Fraud: EFCC Seizes Igbinedion's Properties
  248. [General] Emilia George & The Value of Nigerian Citizenship
  249. [General] Nigerians and a council flat housing 500 people
  250. [General] Sss quizzes tinubu!