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  1. [General] Top First Bank directors linked to N99bn loan
  2. [General] Jonathan: Finally Found his Voice?
  3. [General] Jos crisis: We lost all say Hausa-Fulani, Igbo, Yoruba
  4. [General] 30.000 Dolars,for what? NATIONAL TEAM IS UNPATRIOTIC BUNCH OF AROGANT.
  5. [General] BBC Hardtalk Interview with Foreign Minister Ojo Maduekwe
  6. [General] Nigeria: Resign Now, Obasanjo Tells Yar`adua
  7. [General] Terror Watch List: Nigerian lawmaker deported from Amsterdam Schiphol
  8. [General] Nigeria accounts for 60% of Ghana’s foreign Investment
  9. [General] Senate Confirms Adefuye As Nigeria's Ambassador To US
  10. [News] Education in Nigeria or Abroad, A Debate.. Ayim & Bankole
  11. [General] National Assembly: Missing In Action
  12. [General] IgweShip Madness in Great Ala-Igbo
  13. [General] Brazilian diplomat blames juju and famed an African curse in Haiti's disaster
  14. [General] Nigeria: A Failed State?
  15. [General] Robbers snatch petrol tanker
  16. [News] Speculations in Minna over IBB
  17. [General] Republicans Win Senate Seat in Mass!
  18. [General] Fashola leads the way yet again
  19. [General] Akingbola, The wanted Thief, loses bid to regain assets
  20. [General] Rich Nations Call for Haiti Debt Relief
  21. [General] The height of stupidity - only Naija
  22. [General] If I were the president...
  23. [News] Nigerians spend over N137bn to study in UK, US varsities
  24. [General] Suicide Bombers To Embark On Strike
  25. [Biafra] Haiti's Tragedy, Biafran Memories
  26. [Biafra] Haiti's Tragedy, Biafran Memories
  27. [Biafra] [for The Record] Statement By Dr. Francois Duvalier,on The Recognition Of Biafra
  28. [News] Bankruptcy for JAL, Japanese Airline
  29. [Biafra] Haiti's Tragedy, Biafran Memories
  30. [News] Nigerian embassies steal visa fees, says Auditor-General
  31. [News] Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, The Great Leader of Oodua writes Mallam Yar'adua
  32. [General] Jackpot for Pirates
  33. [General] Earthquake TEST Goes Horribly Wrong!
  34. [General] Efcc seizes ibru s 103 properties!
  35. [General] Staging Ballyhoos As Protests
  36. [General] Another wave of violence erupts in Jos
  37. [Press Release] An open letter to haijya turai yar'adua
  38. [General] Jonathan honours military in fear
  39. [General] Yoruba Leaders Unite, Float Umbrella Body
  40. [General] Nollywood Endorses Soludo -THE LIGHT!
  41. [General] Plot, intrigues against VP thicken - Power, water supplies regularly interrupted in Aguda House - His correspondences under close monitoring - VP keep
  42. [News] 2011: I'll not hand over to rogues – Daniel
  43. [Opinion] Mutallab Terrorist Incident As A Teachable Moment Or Lesson To Nigerians
  44. [General] Why the protest march over a sick president.
  45. [General] Gunmen kidnap Federal Assistant Director in Abuja
  46. [General] 8 truths I can give Our VP Mr Goodluck.
  47. [General] PDP Fund Raiser Rakes in N2bn for Soludo
  48. [General] Petition for Yar'Adua to put up or ship out
  49. [Biafra] Yar`adua And The Ghost Of Biafra
  50. [Biafra] Yar`adua And The Ghost Of Biafra
  51. [Opinion] Collective laziness under "prayer"
  52. [General] Court Rules Vp Can Act For Ailing President
  53. [General] New York City Sues Nigeria for Back Taxes
  54. [General] Save Nigeria Proposal
  55. [General] Senate drops Saudi trip
  57. [Biafra] Biafra's fresh wounds -The rising sun
  58. [General] NYC Sues Nigeria Over Unpaid Taxes
  59. [News] Big Haiti quake topples buildings, many casualties
  60. [Press Release] Minority Health Input
  61. [General] Nigeria Sends Controversial Moslem Cleric Back to Kenya
  62. [News] UBA Plc -419 Bank -Allah help us!
  63. [General] Yar`adua Breaks Silence
  64. [General] Anxiety as N'Assembly Decides on Yar'Adua
  65. [General] African Race Riots Grip Italian Town, and Mafia Is Suspected
  66. [General] Attack on Pipeline Further Strains Nigeria
  67. [Opinion] A Revealing Interview with Donald Duke
  68. [General] On Tai Solarin
  69. [General] Maryam Ibrahim Babangida
  70. [General] British-Nigerian elected Igbo king
  71. [News] Civil Society March on Abuja
  72. [General] 10 reasons why Yaradua should remain Nigeria's president
  73. [Press Release] Yar'adua: The unending diatribe
  74. [Press Release] Efforts Mohammed Mana to review constitution will succeed –Senate deputy leader
  75. [Opinion] Challenges facing nigerian universities
  76. [Opinion] nigerian financial criss:any way out
  77. [General] The Global Economic Crisis will not Affect Nigeria's IT Sector
  78. [News] Nigeria's jeun-jeun DemoKrats in action...Interim Government now?
  79. [News] Yar'Adua is brain-damaged? Or Dead?
  80. [General] 40 years after,Ojukwu's words still ring true
  81. [General] Rachel Maddow on Missing Yar'Adua
  82. [News] VIDEO Satire President YarAdua and Mutallab
  83. [General] Italy evacuates Nigerian migrants
  84. [General] General Brutalises IG's In-law At Abuja Airport
  85. [General] General brutalises IG's in-law at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja
  86. [General] Delta: Boy Kidnaps Girlfriend, Another Kills Close Friend
  87. [News] Leader's 'Disappearance' Comes at a Tricky Time for U.S.-Nigerian Relations
  88. [General] Missing President
  89. [General] Have you considered some alternatives yet?.
  90. [General] The Nigerians barred from entering the USA
  91. [General] Female Banker Defrauds Customer N3m
  92. [News] Nigeria President Yar'Adua Budget Signature 'Forged'
  93. [News] My Target Was Chris Oyakhilome - Lagos Bomber
  94. [General] missing person...
  95. [General] One president,three wives!
  96. [General] Brain Drain China & Nigeria Compared?
  97. [General] Pilgrim Bags 8-year Jail Term in Saudi Arabia
  98. [General] US Charges Nigerian Suspect Over Plane Bomb Plot
  99. [News] Nigeria's Foreign Affairs Minister Summons U.S. Envoy Over Anti-Nigeria Measures
  100. [News] Lawyers Pressure Yar Adua to hand over
  101. [General] BBC Documentary...Lost Kingdoms of Africa
  102. [Opinion] The Borders Of Oodua
  103. [General] Yar'Adua speaks to Nigerians -see Video, he's alive!
  104. [General] CIA, Mossad, Indian Intelligence Behind Mutallab's Terror Act!
  105. [General] Nigeria civil war declassified whitehouse/nixon transcripts
  106. [General] Where Is The President This Morning?
  107. [General] More Of Oshiomhole's Bashing
  108. [General] Beyond the Nigerian Terrorist Bomber
  109. [News] Triple Wahala for Yar'Adua
  110. [News] The Muttalab Effect
  111. [General] Nigerian Is Police Officer in New York City
  112. [News] Jonathan shuns Aso Rock food, drinks - Beware of ‘Abiola treatment' - Groups warn VP
  113. [General] 9ja Govt says new US flight policy is discriminating
  114. [General] 52 Oceanic Bank's Buildings Belong to Ibru - EFCC
  115. [General] Nigerians in UK Live in Panic
  116. [Opinion] Nigeria: What are YOU going to do about it?
  117. [News] Primate takes on Nigerian Leaders.
  118. [General] Yar'Adua: Presidency Taking Nigerians For A Ride
  119. [General] Yar'Adua Not With Us - Saudi Hospital
  120. [Article] Whose Interests Are You serving: The Question for Nigeria's Servant Leader
  121. [General] Buy A Home Together Before Marriage - Great Idea!
  122. [General] Ex-intercontinental bank's ceo's billions frozen!
  123. [News] Something is Seriously Wrong
  124. [General] Leadership Failure or Compromised Followership
  125. [General] VP Goodluck Jonathan Speaks.
  126. [General] Happy New Year!!! Happy New Year!!! Happy 2010 Everyone.
  127. [General] Domestic Violence Fraud.
  128. [General] Naija Elections 2011
  129. [General] Generation Doom! Should we be scared of our youth?
  130. [General] Nigeria's New Chief Justice Illegally Sworn-In
  131. [General] The economics of foreign treatments and/or dying abroad
  132. [General] Since they were informed, did US security allow the Mutalab attack?
  133. [Opinion] Too Ill to Resign
  134. [General] Fire Razes AIT in lagos
  135. [General] 2010 budget. signed by a ghost ?
  136. [News] Trading Nigeria!
  137. [General] Religious crisis claim 30 in Bauchi
  138. [General] The taming of the Plains Lion
  139. [General] Edo state Kidnappers- VIDEO
  140. [General] [Breaking News] Another Nigerian Passenger Causes Panic
  141. [General] Speaker Bankole gets hefty bribe money to truncate democracy
  142. [General] [News]Maryam Babangida Dies At 61
  143. [General] Poverty Rate In Nigeria
  144. [General] A new 7-point agenda proposed!
  145. [General] Okonjo Iweala Does Igboland Proud: Marries out Daughter in Umuahia
  146. [General] Aggrieved Sisters Cut Tenant's Manhood
  147. [General] [News] Nigerian Tries To Ignite Powder Aboard U.S. Jetliner
  148. [General] Rwanda's airport revenues to hit $9m as traffic shoots up
  149. [General] FEC Approves N7 Billion Residence for Vice- President
  150. [General] Simon says @ Xmas
  151. [General] No One is At Home....
  152. [General] Resign Now! - Emirs Tell Yar'Adua
  153. [General] Senate Passes Health Care Bill !!
  154. [General] Be careful how you layoff staff, union tells banks
  155. [General] Parcel Bomb Rocks Lagos Media House
  156. [General] YarAdua's Absence: A Court Case Over Is Initiated
  157. [General] Merry Xmas and a happy new year to u all.
  158. [General] A Nigerian Making a Difference
  159. [General] El-rufai chicken!!!!
  160. [Press Release] "A Heart to Mend" A Nigerian Romance Novel Debuts
  161. [General] Enahoro - "January 15, 1966 not Nzeogwu's Coup"
  162. [General] Yar'Adua: South Plots to Divide North in 2011
  163. [General] Christmas Present: Oceanic Bank Sacks 1,500 Workers
  164. [General] Tragic Sex in Calabar: Man, 54, Dies Atop 20 Years Old Girl
  165. [General] Climategate: A Boon for Global Warming Skeptics
  166. [General] Breaking News- Parcel bomb at Superscreen TV
  167. [General] El-Rufai suspends Return to Nigeria
  168. [General] Ibori infiltrates British judiciary - NLF decries British MP Tony Baldry interference in Ibori's case in London
  169. [General] Shameless Omo Omoruyi Says Turai Should Be President of Nigeria
  170. [General] Senate Probes Sack of NDLEA Officer for Marrying Driver
  171. [General] More than two-thirds of UK Afghan war veterans suffer from hearing damage
  172. [Press Release] "Feddie Girl: The Hilarious Adventures of an American Teen in a Nigerian Federal School"
  173. [General] Time Magazine Article on Nigeria's Peace Process & Sick President
  174. [General] Slave trade still goes on in sudan
  175. [General] Pictured: Islamic militants stone man to death for adultery in Somalia as villagers are forced to watch
  176. [General] Shell gives up ?
  177. [General] 100 Dead in Kogi Road Accident
  178. [General] Wetin U Carry..Is it True That The NPF Is Critically Ill?
  179. [General] Magnitude 6 earthquake hits Malawi and Tanzania
  180. [General] The evils of the arabic slave trade
  181. [General] Guinea-------Africa's next flashpoint?
  182. [General] What are the mods/ admins take?
  183. [General] "Once upon a coup", the destruction of Africa- PBS film
  184. [General] M.E.N.D Nigerdelta News : Niger Delta Militants Break Ceasefire-Has Amnesty Finally Impoded?
  185. [General] Homelessness: The Travails of Many A Life
  186. [General] Sanusi: My grandfather was a Northerner, I am a Nigerian
  187. [General] Nobel Peace Obama orders strike on Yemen with Saudi, dozens civilians die
  188. [Press Release] Female Youth Essay Contest
  189. [General] Irresponsible near-octogenarian Nigerian
  190. [General] How 77-yr-old man satisfies 16 women in bed
  191. [General] Fresh Opening for Immigrants to US
  192. [General] Sperm Donor Fathered 400 Children!
  193. [General] Toddler Found With Needles In Body
  194. [General] Have a merry xmas to nigerians
  195. [General] Man exonerated, freed from prison after 35 years!
  196. [General] Breaking: Godfather James Ibori Discharged & Acquited
  197. [General] Governor Soludo Will Be Governor? Wins at the Supreme Court!
  198. [General] Court Dismisses Akingbola's Suit Against EFCC
  199. [General] BREAKING: Appeal Court Stops Soludo
  200. [General] FEC Opts For Video Confab With Yar'Adua
  201. [General] What World Cup Coaches All Earn
  202. [General] Low Self Esteem and the AFRICAN
  203. [General] First Obama nobel peace, then bernanke who was silent on recession, Time man of year
  204. [General] Falana Sues AGF Over Yar'Adua
  205. [General] Oral Roberts Passes On
  206. [General] Fuel crisis
  207. [General] The price of a number 2
  208. [General] December is here,so are fuel queues!
  209. [General] Akunyili Prays for Umoru
  210. [General] UN- Drug-money billions saved banks during recent Global financial crises
  211. [General] I Love Nigerian WOMEN, they are vibrant!
  212. [General] Eritrea football team 'absconds' in Kenya
  213. [General] Nasty! Canada recalls spitting diplomat
  214. [General] Stop blaming the West
  215. [General] British Airways On STRIKE This Christmas! Good for ANY Nigerian Who Still Fly BA!
  216. [General] No going back, bereaved parents tell Oyedepo
  217. [General] NANS: Or How The Future Died
  218. [General] Erhm-erhm. Yar'adua may not be coming back
  219. [General] Matthew Mbu On Tribalism, Awo And The North- A Must Read Interview
  220. [General] Stop doing what you do not like!
  221. [General] Italianos No Get time For Sme Sme
  222. [General] Nigeria Becoming Worthless, Irrelevant to US
  223. [General] News updates
  224. [General] Ijebu-Ife, mourning after
  225. [General] Till 2010, happy X-MAS -Enjoy the musical Compositions
  226. [General] Sudan, North & South Agree...SPLM
  227. [General] Soyinka, Ojukwu, at Achebe Colloquium
  228. [General] 17 Aides Die in Auto Crash
  229. [General] Africa's Tallest Christmas Tree
  230. [General] More Worries Over Yar'Adua's Health
  231. [General] How Ohakim loots Imo State
  232. [General] Igbo Kwenu: Imo lawmakers to fast for 3 day for Yar'adua
  233. [Press Release] Urhobo Bridge UK: Urhobo Awareness Day (UAD) 2009:
  234. [General] "Man of God" Primate Olabayo On Yar'Adua... ha ha ha!
  235. [General] Women: Inheritance Laws
  236. [General] Graduation day at naija delta university yenogoa(photo)
  237. [General] Jonathan blows hot - Yar'adua remains President
  238. [General] Onitsha first made fastest Train in Nigeria
  239. [General] FG to site gun factory in Abia
  240. [General] Bridging The Cultural Divide Among Igbo, Yoruba
  241. [General] Tunji Braithwaite On Nigeria's Future
  242. [General] webmasterworld.com forum Versus 149 boys
  243. [General] France Is Destroying Africa!
  244. [Article] Warrants For Ribadu And El-rufai
  245. [General] Splitting Atoms
  246. [General] Show Of Shame....LGA Boss..Ilesa West
  247. [General] EFCC Arrests Ex-Gov Bafarawa - Accuses Him Of Stealing N5bn In Sokoto
  248. [General] More home grown terrorists surface
  249. [General] Tinubu Fights Fashola -Naija nawah!
  250. [Press Release] Respect Nigerians Coalition On The State Of The Nation