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  1. [General] News Report: Nigeria's Acting President Knew About President's Home Coming And Deployment Of Soldiers At Airport
  2. [General] Visa ban: US and EU target pro-Yar'adua group
  3. [News] The Way Forward - Black Women Should Date Outside Their Race!
  4. [General] Mandela's Compromise?
  5. [General] BBC: Suffering n Cursing....one step at a time...
  6. [General] Why Yar'Adua was rushed back home -Investigation
  7. [General] Confusion in Aso Rock
  8. [General] Warning:GRAPHIC PICTURES...armed robbery attack
  9. [General] Bush and Blair honour Nigeria firms
  10. [News] U.S. dumps Yar'Adua
  11. [General] Investigations reveal more lopsided postings
  12. [General] Tension in edo state,cops seal house of assembly!
  13. [News] Lekki and the shape of things to come
  14. [Press Release] Nigerian company unveils online UK shopping -pay with Naira!
  15. [News] Iran captures their 'Osama' {Rigi} efficiently!
  16. [General] New Turn: Yar`adua Returns Home?
  17. [General] Theater of the absurd
  18. [General] What could they possibly be talking about???
  19. [News] Yoruba set to build Yoruba House
  20. [News] Future source of electricity?
  21. [Article] The Obvious Choice
  22. [Opinion] Oshiomhole Re-branded: Activist to Politician
  23. [Press Release] Israel unveils drone that 'can reach Iran
  24. [News] Now that Nigeria has become Saudi Colony, Omo Yoruba, Quo vadis?
  25. [News] North, poorest in Nigeria - said Atiku after his Looting Spree
  26. [General] Is goodluck now the world s beautiful "bride"?
  27. [News] Yar'Adua: Saudi authorities deny ministers landing clearance
  28. [General] Nigeria's Big Man - Newsweek Interview with Obasanjo
  29. [News] Turai's consummate power play
  30. [General] 10 Questions for Jelani
  31. [News] Report of the commission of inquiry into the riots (1994, 2001 & 2008)
  32. [General] Gowon: Nigeria Would Have Failed Without Igbos
  33. [General] How Will Jonathan Affect Business and Investment?
  34. [News] Murder for Ritual! As Traders Kill friend for money
  35. [News] Breaking News: Ndi-Igbo and Omo-Yoruba to be wiped out in JOS
  36. [News] An Accidental Leader Stirs Hopes in Nigeria
  37. [General] North finally takes over the NNPC
  38. [General] Criminal brother and sister use another tribes' name to commit crime
  39. [News] 10 Things Your Cruise Line Won't Tell You
  40. [General] Illegal immigrant killed six-week-old baby daughter he fathered in bid to remain in UK
  41. [General] Re: On Tigers Press Conference
  42. [General] On Tigers Press Conference
  43. [Article] Europe by desert: Tears of African migrants
  44. [General] US citizen carries out deadly suicide terror plane attack on IRS building!!!!
  45. [General] New US Visa Procedure for Nigerians
  46. [General] ...............
  47. [News] Fresh plot to kill Jonathan uncovered *2 ministers, 2 ex-govs implicated
  48. [News] Coup underway in Niger ..I hope its not catching
  49. [General] Danjuma Wants to Save Nigeria!
  50. [General] Haiti;bbc traces scam computer to nigeria!
  51. [News] Poor-Rich Old Black Guy, A Painful Story
  52. [General] Africa Abroad
  53. [News] Brand & Re-Brand The Israel & Nigerian Example
  54. [General] Nigeria's Jonathan could win backing as candidate
  55. [News] Breaking News: FEC Declares YarAdua Incapacitated
  56. [News] Ohakim of Imo-State a BIG Disgrace to Great Ala-Igbo
  57. [General] Pics of the hit-squad at Dubai!
  58. [News] Michael Aondoakaa Former AGF LIED, says USA
  59. [Biafra] The last campaign of the Biafran General
  60. [General] Did Jonathan bribe the senate to be made Ag. President?
  61. [News] Nigerian President Yaradua suffers massive stroke
  62. [News] Mallam Yar'adua Killer-Squads on loose!
  63. [News] Ndiigbo don finish o -Chineke God, where u dey!
  64. [News] Petroleum Minister, Mr. Rilwan Lukman resigns
  65. [General] Nigeria's New Leader Woos Oil Companies
  66. [General] Nigerian man taking Rwanda Science and Tech to new heights
  67. [General] Nigerian man who manages global fund for Agriculture
  68. [News] Haiti: The politics of rebuilding
  69. [News] Breaking News: Mallam Yar'adua latest!
  70. [General] Mbazuluike (The Boy is Good) Amaechi On Nigeria
  71. [News] Cabinet Dissolution Imminent?
  72. [News] Lagos rated ‘fifth worst city'
  73. [General] Nigeria's Total Debt Now $26bn
  74. [General] Dina s death...two senators throw bombshell!
  75. [News] A reward for good job
  76. [General] Wole Soyinka says the UK, not Nigeria, should be on the terrorism watch-list
  77. [General] Has Mr. Aondoakaa taken accumulated leave to spend his loot?
  79. [News] Inspector General of Police orders criminal investigation of Senator Ikechukwu Obiorah over N80million in bounced checks & more
  80. [General] Agenda-setting for our acting president
  81. [Opinion] Michael Aondoakaa Former AGF Should Be Investigated And Tried
  82. [General] US Gives Conditions For Dropping Nigeria From Terror List
  83. [General] Bill Clinton Hospitalized Following Chest Pain, Gets Stents
  84. [Opinion] New permutations on the presidency intrigues
  85. [General] Editorial: The Dora Akunyili Hoopla
  86. [General] The Goodluck Prayer
  87. [General] The Wages of Free rides
  88. [General] Court Stops Assembly From Probing Fashola
  89. [News] Man donates only house, land to motherless kids
  90. [General] Yar'Adua's absence: Obama's envoy consults with IBB
  91. [General] Borno's lifetime largesse for public officers
  92. [Press Release] AN Open letter to Attorney General of Nigeria - Michael Aondoka
  93. [General] Breaking News Nigeria's minister of Justice Michael Aondoka sacked!
  94. [General] We told you so!
  95. [News] NASS Sued for illegal actions
  96. [Press Release] Police kill Imo most wanted criminal
  97. [Press Release] Bunch of FOOLS who hijacked our government
  98. [General] Jonathan Accepts Responsibility As Acting President
  99. [News] Dora aAkunyili and Aondoakaa fight to finish?
  100. [General] Shocking video of extra-judicial killings.
  101. [General] Anambra elections debrief
  102. [General] Lawmakers Empower Goodluck Jonathan
  103. [General] VP Locks Out Maduekwe, Babalola For Lateness To Meeting
  104. [General] Close Shave With Death in the hands of a Son (CAUTION: SOME MAY FIND PICTURE DISTURBING)
  105. [General] Ali Dizaei jailed for corruption.
  106. [General] Autism in western world has increased 600% in past 2 decades!!!
  107. [General] German locum GP Daniel Ubani killed patient on first UK shift
  108. [General] Medical Doctor Turned Us Into Sex Machines, Impregnated Us and Sold Our Babies - Rescued Teenagers
  109. [General] "Maga no need pay"
  110. [General] Peter Obi Declared Winner In Anambra
  111. [General] Atiku, Wife Laundered $40M -US Senate
  112. [News] Zuma in a new sex scandal
  113. [General] Anambra elections live
  114. [Press Release] Sick Nigeria President Yar'Adua 'to hand over power'
  115. [General] Yar'Adua 'll come back, but…–Primate Ayodele
  116. [General] Exposed: reason why Bankole supports Yaradua
  117. [News] Of Crimes and Punishments
  118. [General] Yar'Adua: 36 Govs Insist On Handover Of Power To Jonathan
  119. [General] ThisGlobeAfrica.com real time webcast
  120. [General] Yar'Adua to Handover Power: Breaking News
  121. [General] AmazingG Interview with Yar'Adua
  122. [General] Yar'Adua's supporters storm N' Assembly
  123. [General] Invitation to Otunba Dipo Dina's Memorial Service, London
  124. [General] Letter from God to Nigerians
  125. [General] Negroes (black africans)
  126. [News] Homes Not Games in Canada Critique Winter Olympics
  127. [News] Anambra Falls Victim to Yar'Adua's Absence
  128. [General] Ethno-Religious Crisis: OPC Advocates Secession By Yoruba
  129. [News] Atiku & Jennifer in US Money Laundering
  130. [Opinion] Nigerians In Diaspora Organization, As Nigeria Advance
  131. [General] About Moremi
  132. [General] FG may stop expansion of Badagry Expressway
  133. [General] Yoruba were in Jos before Hausa - Kaze
  134. [General] Dora Akunyili, A Hero, Woman of Courage
  135. [General] Ill Nigeria President Yar'Adua Must Quit - Media Chiefs
  136. [Opinion] "England is a cesspit", breeding ground for racialized Islam - Wole Soyinka
  137. [General] Mystery python killed inside Aba Market
  138. [General] Open letter to the federal executive council
  139. [News] A.I.G. Plan for $100 Million Bonus Payout Draws Fire
  140. [General] Immortalisation of Dead Senators in Nigeria
  141. [General] Born to Rule
  142. [News] Judge beheaded in Kwara •For dissolving marriage, suspect flees
  143. [General] OBJ betrayed me -Yar'Adua * Turai consults with spiritualists in Mecca
  144. [General] Mother of Five Dies in Hotel After Sex Romp
  145. [General] Yar'adua camp spends N20 billion to scuttle his removal
  146. [General] Nigerians Wonder: Could A Military Coup Help Us?
  147. [General] KATSINA in text
  148. [General] Watch poor civilians killed by naija soldier in jos
  149. [News] Black History Month Begins: Progress Vs Regress
  150. [Press Release] Stop deportations to Nigeria now!
  151. [General] What our ministers have been up to since the absence of Yar'Adua
  152. [General] Shell Sells Nigerian Assets to Local Consortium
  153. [Opinion] Goodluck Jonathan killing Nigeria and Nigerians slowly..?
  154. [Article] Impeach President Umaru Yaradua Of Nigeria Now!
  155. [General] Turai for Vice President
  156. [General] Yaradua now has Cancer ?
  157. [General] American Democracy and Policy Arguments
  158. [General] At Last: The Sovereign National Conference!
  159. [General] MEND Calls Off Cease Fire?
  160. [General] dont beat women
  161. [Opinion] NBA (Nigerian Bar Association), Treason, Anarchy or Legal Nonsense
  162. [Opinion] Justice Tribunal on NVS
  163. [General] Aftermath of Jos crisis: Lawmakers Want Plateau Indigenes To Leave Bauchi
  164. [General] Chris Ngige must be the chosen one
  165. [General] World Powers, Eminent Nigerians Back Jonathan As Acting President
  166. [General] Terrorism: Farouk Abdulmutallab's Associates Arrested
  167. [General] Immigration Phases Out Old Passport Dec 31
  168. [Opinion] Haiti A History Of Intervention Occupation And Resistance
  169. [General] Turai Yar'adua lambasts VP Goodluck
  170. [General] Saraki Dynasty, A Joke Taken Too Far –Princess Gambari, AC Chieftain
  171. [General] Nigeria court backs ill president
  172. [Opinion] Why is Benue peaceful and Plateau is not?
  173. [General] Haiti have larger oil reserves than Venezuela
  174. [General] Lagos State under imminent WAR THREAT -run if you can!
  175. [General] El-Rufai: I’ll return when V-P takes over
  176. [General] PRESIDENT YAR ADUA IS CAPABLE!...MAY 29 group
  177. [General] Living In Nigeria
  178. [General] Gloves Come Off After Obama Rips Supreme Court Ruling
  179. [General] Gold Discovery in Western part of Nigeria
  180. [General] Past presidents ask Yar'Adua to go*
  181. [General] Kwara State 2011: Sharia Council rules out woman gov
  182. [News] FEC approves N1.6b for EFCC
  183. [News] JOS CRISIS: The Mallams Fight Back!!
  184. [General] Hillary Clinton "levels 'astonishing' criticism" with bad logic and analogy.
  185. [General] Mother Nigeria!!!!!!!!!!..........
  186. [General] Judge awards ₦100m damages to Uzoma Okere
  187. [General] A life changing business opportunity
  188. [General] Soludo leads in NTA survey -hurrah!
  189. [News] President Must Transmit Letter To N/A - Senators
  190. [News] Don't Sit On Him, Don't Sit On it
  191. [General] Yar'Adua: Defence Chiefs Warn Against Coup
  192. [General] Redirect the rest to Haiti.
  193. [General] News updates
  194. [General] Could This Work in Naija?
  195. [Press Release] Doctors: No home coming for Yar’Adua
  196. [News] Mrs. Cecilia Ibru: Corruption Conglomerate Incorporated?
  197. [Opinion] Wole Soyinka Grandiose and Grumbled
  198. [General] Breaking News: AC Ogun State 2007 Guber Candidate, Otunba Dipo Dina Assasinated
  199. [General] Yar'Adua Loyalist holds counter rallies in 6 states
  200. [General] Violence erupts in Sokoto
  201. [General] Yar'Adua's mobile ambulance arrives
  202. [General] US to review hasty inclusion of Nigeria to terror watch list
  203. [General] Yar'Adua May Return Next Week
  204. [General] ‘American Trip' Ends 10-Day-Old Marriage
  205. [General] I wish Nzeogwu's Coup had Succeeded –Pastor Tunde Bakare
  206. [General] Umy....once upon a pledge!
  207. [General] Obasanjo's many games with Yar'Adua
  208. [Opinion] Human Rights Watch:World Report 2010 - Nigeria
  209. [General] Nigeria on Brink of Imminent Collapse, says NBA
  210. [General] The Stakes in the Edo State House of Assembly Re-run Election
  211. [General] Profile of Mallam Umaru Musa Yar'Adua
  212. [Opinion] Nigerians Are Spineless
  213. [General] Like Haiti like Nigeria: mixing christianity with voodooism
  214. [News] Oil Estimates in Venezuela Doubled
  215. [General] North Should Forget Presidency –Major Umar
  216. [General] FEC Gets 14 Day Ultimatum To Rule On Sick President Yaradua
  217. [Press Release] Is Ikenne Igboland or Yorubaland...?
  218. [Opinion] Abubakar Umar -a man of my heart!
  219. [General] Top First Bank directors linked to N99bn loan
  220. [General] Jonathan: Finally Found his Voice?
  221. [General] Jos crisis: We lost all say Hausa-Fulani, Igbo, Yoruba
  222. [General] 30.000 Dolars,for what? NATIONAL TEAM IS UNPATRIOTIC BUNCH OF AROGANT.
  223. [General] BBC Hardtalk Interview with Foreign Minister Ojo Maduekwe
  224. [General] Nigeria: Resign Now, Obasanjo Tells Yar`adua
  225. [General] Terror Watch List: Nigerian lawmaker deported from Amsterdam Schiphol
  226. [General] Nigeria accounts for 60% of Ghana’s foreign Investment
  227. [General] Senate Confirms Adefuye As Nigeria's Ambassador To US
  228. [News] Education in Nigeria or Abroad, A Debate.. Ayim & Bankole
  229. [General] National Assembly: Missing In Action
  230. [General] IgweShip Madness in Great Ala-Igbo
  231. [General] Brazilian diplomat blames juju and famed an African curse in Haiti's disaster
  232. [General] Nigeria: A Failed State?
  233. [General] Robbers snatch petrol tanker
  234. [News] Speculations in Minna over IBB
  235. [General] Republicans Win Senate Seat in Mass!
  236. [General] Fashola leads the way yet again
  237. [General] Akingbola, The wanted Thief, loses bid to regain assets
  238. [General] Rich Nations Call for Haiti Debt Relief
  239. [General] The height of stupidity - only Naija
  240. [General] If I were the president...
  241. [News] Nigerians spend over N137bn to study in UK, US varsities
  242. [General] Suicide Bombers To Embark On Strike
  243. [Biafra] Haiti's Tragedy, Biafran Memories
  244. [Biafra] Haiti's Tragedy, Biafran Memories
  245. [Biafra] [for The Record] Statement By Dr. Francois Duvalier,on The Recognition Of Biafra
  246. [News] Bankruptcy for JAL, Japanese Airline
  247. [Biafra] Haiti's Tragedy, Biafran Memories
  248. [News] Nigerian embassies steal visa fees, says Auditor-General
  249. [News] Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, The Great Leader of Oodua writes Mallam Yar'adua
  250. [General] Jackpot for Pirates