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  1. [General] EKO Black Festival: SOYINKA FAILED WOEFULLY!!!
  3. [General] How James Ibori recruited Christian leaders to visit Yar'adua PDF | Print | E-mail Tuesday, 06 April 2010 21:32 James Ibori and Pastor Adeboye Auth
  4. [General] Plane crash...polish president,wife,75 others die!
  5. [General] Facts Are Not Sacred.
  6. [General] UK VCs Earn More Than UK Prime Minister
  7. [General] The Greatest Story Ever Told....
  8. [General] Register-Select-Vote-Protect: A lesson in civic duties
  9. [General] Nationalism
  10. [General] SSS investigates Ruma, Aliero, Yakubu *Over contract awards, anti-government activities
  11. [General] Jonathan to meet Obama on Sunday
  12. [General] BBC 2 on Thursday 9pm 15th of April 2010 watch: WELCOME TO LAGOS
  13. [General] Prof.wole soyinka for inec chair?discuss!
  14. [General] Armed robbers invade labour ward
  15. [General] Fayemi Dedicates Church
  16. [General] Great Ala-Igbo UniJos Student wins International Essay Contest
  17. [General] IBB should return
  18. [General] DEAD on time in the UK
  19. [General] Ex-Governors Mobilise Against Ribadu's Return
  20. [General] New Ministers And Their Assigned Ministries
  21. [General] Barkindo removed as NNPC's head
  22. [General] Jonathan inaugurates new cabinet
  23. [Press Release] Indefinite Self-Suspension Of Association Of Nigerian Authors Membership
  24. [General] Governor Ikedi Ohakim strikes again!
  25. [General] [BREAKING NEWS]: President Yar'Adua Meets with Christian Leaders
  26. [General] Oduduwa's scientists develop ‘fuelless' generator
  27. [General] News Report: Chief Imam Of Abuja National Mosque Mobilizes Northern Nigerian Moslem For President
  28. [General] Ribadu may face fresh corruption charge •Presidency receives indicting report on ex-EFCC boss
  29. [General] Ex-Gov Rimi Dies after Armed Robbery Attack
  30. [General] Hate Crime Law: Evidence, Trial and Jury
  31. [General] Definition of hate crime & category
  32. [General] I. Main body of hate crime law
  33. [General] Is senator banti bello right to insult prof. Dora?
  34. [General] No Jonathan No Nigeria!
  35. [General] The "progressives", Soyinka, and Dr GoodLuck's Presidency.
  36. [General] 'White' Supremacist leader killed in South Africa
  37. [General] Africa's renaissance!!! Statue{of liberty} in Senegal
  38. [General] Paedophilia on the Increase in Nigeria
  39. [General] Emir blames poor WAEC results on the English league
  40. [General] 2010: June 12 Won't Hurt IBB – Owie
  41. [General] Peoples Screening of new ministers
  42. [General] Yar'Adua May Resume Soon- Abuja Chief Imam
  43. [General] U.S. moves to remove Nigeria from terror list
  44. [General] Nigeria makes fresh $5m pledge to Haiti
  45. [General] Am still consulting on 2011, says IBB
  46. [General] He has risen....or has he not?
  47. [General] Meet Goat-gerian aka Nigerian Greedy First Family -
  48. [General] Rwanda unveils first bio-diesel bus
  49. [General] 99 Year Old Graduate
  50. [General] New type of Watch-list. Sigh relief, Nigeria?
  51. [General] Waziri Under Pressure To Re-Arrest Ibori: Faces Sack From Presidency
  52. [General] Welcome to Nigeria: Equal Opportunity Terrorist Nation
  53. [General] Ghana & Mining Companies....
  54. [General] 2011 PRESIDENCY: Britain, US conduct surveys on IBB
  55. [General] Aganga: Nigeria Needs To Spend On Quality Projects
  56. [General] [BREAKING NEWS]: FG Withdraws Case against Ribadu
  57. [General] Comment;suicide bomber in calabar airport?
  58. [General] Breaking News: Jonathan adds Turai's name to ministerial list
  59. [General] Fulanis 10-point of superiority -lol!
  60. [General] 2010 US Census
  61. [General] Nigeria FRAUD Destination on Air France website
  62. [General] Jonathan visits Yar'Adua
  63. [General] Nigerian deportation halted over wheelchair blunder
  64. [General] Ministers: Battle for Petroleum Portfolio Begins
  65. [General] Emmanuel Nweke Okafor: (An Information for Nigerians Coming to Thailand as Students
  66. [General] Former Zamfara governor weds a 13 year old
  67. [General] For Nigerians Coming to Study in Thailand
  68. [General] Nigerians win world science competition in Spain
  69. [General] OBJ and adult education!!
  70. [General] Massive capital flight hits Nigeria
  71. [General] Akunyili: I'm Loyal to President Yar'Adua... I'm Loyal to Nigeria
  72. [General] Yar'Adua: Military Coup Threat Was Real, Say House Members
  73. [General] 9 Christian militants indicted for trying to kill cops in Michigan
  74. [General] Showing now on BBC2 - Blood and oil -Niger delta Drama
  75. [General] Bello Suleiman
  76. [General] One Nigeria and its killing joke
  77. [General] Yemeni women protest for the right of women to marry as 'child'
  78. [General] Jerry Useni: "Abacha Could Have Killed Obasanjo"
  79. [General] Jos Crisis, Maj-Gen Saleh Maina Explodes
  80. [General] Femi Fani-Kayode for Gov: Political Suicide or What?
  81. [General] I will kill again -Mallam Buhari
  82. [General] News Report: Nigeria's Sick President: "Alfas" Take Over From Doctors
  83. [General] Woman 39, conceals 1.5kg of heroine inside hair
  84. [General] One Question I would Have Asked Odia Ofeimun At 60
  86. [General] Yar'Adua's Nephew Under Pressure to Reject Nomination
  87. [General] Kenyan wife of Nigerian fraudster, Nigerian jailed in Britain
  88. [News] Mallam Yar'Adua to attend Jumat service
  89. [Press Release] I am totally ashamed to be a Nigerian -must read!
  90. [General] George W. Bush shakes hands with Haitians, then wipes his hand on Bill Clinton's shirt
  91. [News] Fire on the Mountain - Ogun state politics Part 2
  92. [General] 2011: Senate Approves Independent Candidacy
  93. [General] News Report: Dora Akunyili's Last Minute Lobby Pays Off
  94. [News] "British are Dogs and anti-Semites, they have No Right to Judge us" ,- Israeli diplomat
  95. [General] Female bank manager in efcc net...for fraud
  96. [Opinion] In reply to Gaddaffi's statement on splitting Nigeria
  97. [General] Corrupt Nigerians stash $120bn in foreign banks'
  98. [General] Obama Will Triumph
  99. [Press Release] Curriculum vitae: Jonathan Goodluck Ebiebele
  100. [General] Rage of the Aged...
  101. [General] inadequate number of thermal plants to use gas?
  102. [Press Release] Islam is the problem
  103. [General] Joke or Ignorance?
  104. [General] News Report: Dora Akunyili May Not Make It To Nigeria's New Cabinet
  105. [General] We Are All Survivors!
  106. [General] Herdsmen Strike In Ekiti, Kill Police Corporal, Two Villagers Wounded
  107. [General] Pope Linked to Sex Abuse Scandal
  108. [General] Tire of Waiting...Riots in South Africa
  109. [General] Nigeria recalls Libya ambassador in Gaddafi row.
  110. [General] Police seize truck load of ammunition
  111. [News] Bye Bye Nigeria, Bye Bye Mediocrity, Bye Bye Sharia..Long Live Great AlaIgbo Nation
  112. [Press Release] Free Directory of Africa Businesses in America
  113. [News] Swiss investigate death of Nigerian asylum seeker
  114. [General] IRONY OF THE CENTURY? Dele Momodu - face of enough is enough
  115. [General] News Report: Dissolution Of Cabinet Have Imprint Of Nigeria's New Security Adviser
  116. [General] You Can't Probe Fashola, Court Tells Lawmakers
  117. [General] Jonathan Dissolves Cabinet
  118. [General] Video urges Nigeria's Muslims to rise up
  119. [News] Woman sells sister's baby.
  120. [General] Fresh Clashes Kill 11 In Riyom (near Jos)
  121. [General] A toast to governor obi of anambra state
  122. [General] Orkah's coup speech
  123. [News] Assassination not Robbery
  124. [General] Divide Nigeria in two - Muammar Gaddafi
  125. [General] Hunger in the Land?
  126. [News] Lagos State Government modern Abattoir Complex
  127. [General] Overtake don Overtaki Overtake:Pastor dupes Okupe, bank MD, others of N2 billion
  128. [General] Yar'Adua Can't Recognise Anyone, Can't Speak
  129. [General] Recent threats of northern terrorism in Nigeria
  130. [General] Dambazau: What the Army Thinks
  131. [General] Maj-Gen Saleh Maina (Jos GOC) Blasted by Domkat Bali
  132. [General] News Release From MEND: Bomb Alert In Warri!
  133. [Opinion] Colonial Mentality
  134. [General] Tobechi Onwuhara: The King Of Home Equity Fraud
  135. [General] US Faults Nigeria's Anti-Corruption Crusade, Tackles EFCC
  136. [General] News Report: Jos Massacre Polarizes Berom And Fulani Security Operatives.
  137. [Press Release] Consular Services for Nigerians in Illinois and Surrounds
  138. [General] Yet another political killing in Nigeria
  139. [General] Nigeria plane crashes during mock rescue exercise
  140. [News] Kano Hisbah Destroys 34,000 Beer Bottles
  141. [News] Practice makes perfect real meets fake
  142. [General] Breaking News: Aliko Dangote Sacked as NSE President
  143. [Biafra] First Biafra, Now Birom
  144. [General] Indebtedness to Satellite Providers: AIT Goes Off Air
  145. [General] COUP PLOT: Gowon, IBB, Others To Lose Benefits
  146. [News] AHEAD VANGUARD'S post-Amnesty dialogue : Highlights of the Niger Delta Technical Committee Report
  147. [General] Olusegun Obasanjo speaks to Amanpour
  148. [General] Big Man!! Gov.Daniel`s Aides Evict Paying Passenger From Seat
  149. [News] CNN: Behind the March 7 Jos masacre
  150. [General] Video: Jos Massacre! Viewer discretion.
  151. [General] How Azikiwe Stopped Nigeria From Breaking Up
  152. [General] SGF Ahmed Yayale attends anti-Yaradua rally
  153. [News] Breaking News: WHY some FOOLS live in Denial of their IGBONESS
  154. [General] News Report: Nigeria's Three Most Influential Retired Generals Re-Unite
  155. [General] The Sultan needs to Shut up IMHO
  156. [Press Release] Solution to Nigeria Riots
  157. [General] Hate Crime Law
  158. [General] Jos killings on Video : Central Nigeria now on "high alert"
  159. [General] Jos- Authorities cracks down; Truth of the conflict in contrast to Hillary Clinton's Bullock
  160. [General] Nigerian Cinema and Fiction
  161. [General] Sarki Mukhtar Removed As National Security Adviser
  162. [News] Religious Battle Looms In Ibadan
  163. [News] Breaking News: Herdsmen jailed for 10 years for killing snow Leopard
  164. [News] Another Chapter In Africa's Gradual Suicide
  165. [General] Why i crushed robbery victims...truck driver!
  166. [General] Raynosa;Benin City for show: Families rent cows, mourners to make burial ceremonies
  167. [General] Fake Egyptian Doctors Fight In Maiduguri
  168. [General] The Assassination of Patrice Lumumba
  169. [General] Jos: Fresh killings - 100 dead!
  170. [Press Release] Members(ILN) of Nigeria Peoples' Parliament in New York
  171. [News] Mubarak undergoes surgery, hands over to deputy
  172. [General] 86% new NNPC top managers are northerners
  173. [General] "Danjuma Instigated Killing of Ironsi/Fajuyi" - Achuzia
  174. [General] Checkmate!
  175. [General] ..........
  176. [General] The Myth Of One North? By A Middle Belter. Explosive!
  177. [News] Olusegun Obasanjo Speaks: Nigeria Is Nobody's Property
  178. [General] Northern monarchs, leaders give Turai options *'Move Yar'Adua to Germany or Katsina' *President's mother at Villa, prefers Katsina
  179. [General] New Pepsi commercial, Oh Africa
  180. [General] Reps In Rowdy Session Over Edo Crisis …. As Bankole Threatens Members with Suspension
  181. [General] Australia to train Nigerian Sharia court judges
  182. [General] Kingdom of Ife Exhibition at the British Museum
  183. [News] Goodluck Jonathan is finished -Only Total War can save us!
  184. [General] Is Timipre Sylva a coke head?
  186. [General] Dr. Goodlucks PAC: A move towards checkmate??
  187. [General] Northern Monarchs, Leaders Give Turai Options •‘Move Yar'Adua to Germany or Katsina'
  188. [General] Nigerian president's health remains a mystery
  189. [Opinion] Postal Code for Nigeria
  190. [General] Jonathan Shuts Out Abbe, Aliero At PAC Inauguration
  191. [General] Yoruba in Kwara, Kogi agitate for Oya State
  192. [News] Fayose Governorship campaing in Lagos
  193. [Press Release] Actual Geographical Location of Mallam Yar'Adua?
  194. [General] Yaradua's cousin claims he was drinking tea
  195. [General] Nigeria:Country were terrorists get "justice"!
  196. [News] Congregation of Gangsters-Thugs-Imbeciles
  197. [General] Jonathan consolidates, raises advisory council • Gives up on meeting Yar'Adua
  198. [General] Storyville - 2009-2010. Last White Man Standing
  199. [Opinion] 'Consuming Kids' Y I will NOT raise any of my children in aMerica!
  200. [News] Heartbreaking - Pardon After Death.
  201. [Press Release] Yar'Adua should quit - Ohaneze (Great Minds)
  203. [Opinion] What Is Going In Nigeria? A Debate in Audio
  204. [General] US, UK, EU Place Visa Ban On Yar'Adua's Men
  205. [Opinion] The Army Again?
  206. [General] What if ? Just what if
  207. [News] Amazing Nigerian Twins
  208. [General] "Jonathan meets UMYA", shocked Yar'Adua can't talk or move
  209. [General] Yar'Adua Can't Recover, Says Doctor
  210. [General] Nuff Noise...Time To Move Forward
  211. [News] Newsweek: HIV Still Plagues the U.S.: Some Areas Have Higher Rates Than Africa (Nigeria +)
  212. [General] Who is lying?
  213. [General] Nigerians Must Rise Against This Cabal - Akunyili
  214. [General] Maryland, USA Tries To Ban Cousin Marriages
  215. [Press Release] Huge quake hits Chile, sparks tsunami alert
  216. [General] AD Dares Yar'Adua To Address Nigerians•Turai Should Be Charged With Treason - Falana
  217. [General] Is Yar’Adua Really Back?
  218. [General] News Report: Nigeria's Acting President Yet To Have Access To Category "A" Classfied Information Vault
  219. [General] fake site info
  220. [News] Nigerian Politician allegedly embezzles $100m
  221. [General] NO DARFUR: Yoruba Restates Call For Self-determination to make north majority
  222. [Opinion] 10 reasons why Turai has done Nigerians a good deed.
  223. [General] News Report: Nigeria's Acting President Knew About President's Home Coming And Deployment Of Soldiers At Airport
  224. [General] Visa ban: US and EU target pro-Yar'adua group
  225. [News] The Way Forward - Black Women Should Date Outside Their Race!
  226. [General] Mandela's Compromise?
  227. [General] BBC: Suffering n Cursing....one step at a time...
  228. [General] Why Yar'Adua was rushed back home -Investigation
  229. [General] Confusion in Aso Rock
  230. [General] Warning:GRAPHIC PICTURES...armed robbery attack
  231. [General] Bush and Blair honour Nigeria firms
  232. [News] U.S. dumps Yar'Adua
  233. [General] Investigations reveal more lopsided postings
  234. [General] Tension in edo state,cops seal house of assembly!
  235. [News] Lekki and the shape of things to come
  236. [Press Release] Nigerian company unveils online UK shopping -pay with Naira!
  237. [News] Iran captures their 'Osama' {Rigi} efficiently!
  238. [General] New Turn: Yar`adua Returns Home?
  239. [General] Theater of the absurd
  240. [General] What could they possibly be talking about???
  241. [News] Yoruba set to build Yoruba House
  242. [News] Future source of electricity?
  243. [Article] The Obvious Choice
  244. [Opinion] Oshiomhole Re-branded: Activist to Politician
  245. [Press Release] Israel unveils drone that 'can reach Iran
  246. [News] Now that Nigeria has become Saudi Colony, Omo Yoruba, Quo vadis?
  247. [News] North, poorest in Nigeria - said Atiku after his Looting Spree
  248. [General] Is goodluck now the world s beautiful "bride"?
  249. [News] Yar'Adua: Saudi authorities deny ministers landing clearance
  250. [General] Nigeria's Big Man - Newsweek Interview with Obasanjo