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  2. [General] Super eagles' failure to qualify for nations cup & pastor t.b. Joshua
  3. [General] photos of 3 Weeks Old Baby's Arm Amputated by 27 years Old Brother
  4. [General] Pengassan ,tuc threaten to shut nigeria down
  5. [General] Fashola: Me, go slow? Perish the thought!
  6. [General] Abia State Governor speaks up
  8. [General] FirstLady taking much she can't chew -we go see
  9. [General] 'For a Better Nigeria, Kill Somebody!'
  10. [General] 30 million dollar libel case nosediving on SaharaReporters.com -nawah
  11. [General] Johnson-Sirleaf, Two Others Win Nobel Peace Prize
  12. [General] Makarfi to Reclaim Senate Seat?
  13. [General] Nigeria's NNPC Seeks $1.5 Billion Bank Loan
  14. [General] Yoruba decry exclusion from national leadership
  15. [General] Female pastor trafficked girls to Libya
  16. [General] The anti Igbo rants of a Lagos state official
  17. [General] Kebbi governor dumps Yaradua's daughter
  18. [General] Zamfara has 1.2 Million almajiris
  19. [General] OGD arrested by EFCC
  20. [General] Video:Beyonce's New L'Oreal Commercial in Paris
  21. [General] Where on earth is dat coward Muammar Gaddafi could be hiding?
  22. [General] Imo blasts Abia govt over sack of non-indigenes -Igbo kwenu..kwenu..kwenu oooo!
  23. [General] Israeli wins Nobel chemistry prize -when is the prize coming to Great Ala-Igbo, ma people!?
  24. [News] Apple founder Steve Jobs dies
  25. [General] Govt insists that fuel subsidy must go...brace up for higher prices
  26. [Press Release] African Space Research Program -Black Superiority
  27. [General] Ekweremadu asks Senate to legalise prostitution
  28. [General] How rough can a doctor be?- case of a doctor and his many girlfriends (lessons learnt).
  29. [General] Fed govt sacks 3 aviation chiefs
  30. [General] N11.7 M Lagos Police salary disappears from bank
  31. [General] When Ekene Should Avoid Meeting Ejiro
  32. [General] Soludo: Nigeria to Face Harsh Economic Times
  33. [Press Release] Soyinka defends govt's action on Libya
  34. [General] Obj s secret letter to gej on ptdf
  35. [General] Kudos to the Nigerian Embassy
  36. [General] Ndigbo You Must Use MASSOB To Achieve Igbo Presidency--Chukwumerije. Words
  37. [General] Retiring in peace -Allah bless Oyibo!
  38. [General] Zik, Sardauna, Okpara never built personal houses -Mbazulike Amaechi
  39. [General] Ndiigbo Wiesbaden-Mainz, Germany, celebrate 2011 Independence -Video!
  40. [General] 23 killed in zamfara state
  41. [Boko Haram] Boko Haram Is "Absolutely Unreconciliable," US Secretary Clinton Tells FG
  42. [General] Quiet Independence Day Celebration At Aso Rock Villa.
  43. [General] Akinjide: 1966 Coup Nigeria's Greatest Disaster
  44. [General] Happy Independence Day
  45. [General] October 1 messages from gowon,umar,etc to gej
  46. [General] NY Riots and Police brutality.. MSNBC Reporter SLAMS NYC Police Brutality! • Occupy Wall Street continues
  47. [General] College graduates 15,000 students annually
  48. [General] Nigeria Won't Disclose Voting Preference Yet In Palestinian Statehood Bid At UN
  49. [General] Governors With Foreign Accounts- Full Report
  50. [General] [Breaking News] Islamist cleric Anwar Awlaki 'killed in Yemen allah is great!
  51. [General] Power minister orders PHCN to pay staff 50 per cent salary increase this month
  52. [General] Zambia has white vice president
  53. [General] Paul Biya Another Sit Tight Leader Faces Armed Pressure To Quit Power.
  54. [Boko Haram] Boko Haram: Christian extremist group, Akhwat Akwop threatens retaliation
  55. [General] Iranian pastor refuses to reject religion, faces execution
  56. [General] Nija doc peddling snakeoil treatment to cancer patients convicted in america
  57. [General] Oct 1:mend threatens to bomb eagle square again!!!!
  58. [General] Wonders shall never end!
  59. [General] Could this be the begining of the end ,Let's re-negotiate Nigeria–Gov.Obi and others
  60. [General] 100 Ghaddafi's mercenaries arrested in Kaduna
  61. [General] Fact or Fantasy?
  62. [General] U.N. report slams Shell for Nigeria oil pollution
  63. [General] Iran sends war ships near U.S. waters -ma people, wahala dey o!
  64. [General] 52,000 elders to benefit from Ekiti welfare scheme
  65. [General] Isa Yuguda appoints 924 Aides and advisers
  66. [General] Obama Speech Report: Was the AP Racist?
  67. [General] Saudi woman to receive 10 lashes for breaking the country's ban on female drivers
  68. [General] Soyinka Warns of Popular Anger
  69. [General] Only Difficult Reforms Can Create Jobs In Africa, Says World Bank VP For Africa
  70. [Boko Haram] Ijaw groups give Boko Haram 14-day ultimatum
  71. [Boko Haram] News Report: Committee Recommends Negotiation With Boko Haram
  72. [General] A typical Nigerian
  73. [General] News Report: New Group Threaten Showdown In Nigeria's Oil And Gas Region
  74. [General] Possible ways to non-violent break up this dead elephant called nigeria - suggestions please
  75. [Boko Haram] How to stop boko haram bombings
  76. [General] Musdapher Sworn In As Chief Justice
  77. [General] Nobel peace laureate Wangari Maathai dies
  78. [General] Africa Wants More Power, Reforms In IMF - Okonjo-Iweala,
  79. [Boko Haram] Sss placed n25m prize on boko haram chief...now boko haram wants sss pro for n50m!!
  80. [General] NEXT Folds Its Print Edition
  81. [General] JEG: 'I don't Need to be a Dictator'
  82. [General] 19 tourists die in nepal plane crash
  83. [General] Teenage contestants get weapons as prizes
  84. [General] Validimir Putin for President 2012
  85. [Press Release] The Nigeria Dialogue Launch
  86. [Boko Haram] Stay away from Yoruba land, Gani Adams tells Boko Haram
  87. [General] News Report: Nigerian Army Arrest Man With Alleged Harmful Materials
  88. [General] 7,000 defrauded with Canadian dreams
  89. [General] NECO: Another Mass Failure
  90. [General] Tinubu's election annulled by court!
  91. [General] Photo: Boi-Boi or Dignified Jonathan?
  92. [General] Few igbos in thailand and nigerian embassy wahala
  94. [General] Photo Of The Day: Asiwaju In The Dock
  95. [General] Revealed...how the fed govt funded abubakar s case in the usa in 2008
  96. [General] ‘I'm proud of my Ph.D in Yoruba Language' - French man
  97. [General] The Reaper highly sophisticated Drone deplored to the Horn of Africa -Predator is obsolet
  98. [Article] How to nail Tinubu
  99. [General] Una See Ngozi Again?
  100. [General] At UN, President Jonathan Proposes Creation of UN Conflict Mediation Commission
  101. [General] Countdown to American Execution
  102. [Boko Haram] The King of Boko Haram groups Speak out,,,A must Read
  103. [General] Russian hacker sells home and cars to pay RBS
  104. [General] Bomb scare in nass---honourables flee for dear lives!
  105. [Boko Haram] Boko haram...bold,daring...talks about its mission!
  106. [General] Swiss Court Orders Retrial Of Abacha's Son Abba Abacha
  107. [General] Nigeria Absent As UN Votes to Recognise Libyan Rebels.
  108. [News] Abia gang rape generates reaction
  109. [General] Nigerian bar association raises alarm over cash and carry court verdicts
  110. [General] Motorists kick against frsc new prices for number plates and drivers licences
  111. [General] France bans public Muslim prayers -Glory be to allah!
  112. [Boko Haram] Boko Haram: Shehu Sani Goes Into Hiding
  113. [General] Gej off to america for un general assembly meeting
  114. [General] Is this a Straight Talk? The Nigetria President- says Nigeria won't disintegrate.
  115. [General] Doctors separate Sudanese conjoined twins
  116. [General] Achebe rejects 50 Cent's $1m
  117. [General] A Social Call From 90141 Is Death Call In Nigeria?
  118. [Press Release] Governor Adams Oshiomhole Orders The Arrest of Joint Task Force Chairman
  119. [General] ‘Jonathan may be Nigeria's last president': a must-read
  120. [Press Release] Embarassment - South Korea's Hyundai Heavy says not building Nigerian shipyard
  121. [Press Release] Economic And Financial Crimes By Alhaji Idris I. Wada And Horizon Construction Company Limited
  122. [General] Bini, Ijaw On Warpath Over Land
  123. [General] Tinubu is Al Qaeda Terrorist -WikiLeaks revealed!
  124. [General] See what Lagos thugs did to this foolish Igbo American returnee -Ndiigbo go and develope ya Place!
  125. [General] This gap-toothed Governor surely knows how to make sense
  126. [Article] Nigerian Investment Culture is Deadly Scaring, WHY?
  127. [Boko Haram] OBJ Meets Boko Haram Leader's Family
  128. [General] Ghanaian in Uk's biggest banking fraud
  129. [Press Release] Aidn Calls On Diaspora Healthcare Professionals To Join The Akwa Ibom Medical Exchange Initiative
  130. [General] Lessons from Nigeria"™s 2011 Elections
  131. [General] NCC Advises Nigerians to Ignore Rumours of Phone-Induced Death
  132. [General] Senate probes oil minister/nnpc over multi-billion naira illegal expenditure
  133. [General] Pastor oritsejafor to gej:"let all nigerians carry guns"!
  134. [General] Edo State: Providing Refuge for the Rich, Trampling over the Poor
  135. [Article] SNC is unnecessary for now.
  136. [General] Army,airforce move into jos
  137. [General] OBASENJO was bribe to quickly enforce the ICJ judgement on Nigeria Bakassi land to Rep. of Cameroun?
  138. [General] News Report: Jesse Jackson To Address Media In Port Harcourt Today
  140. [General] "i have no regrets proposing a single term"--gej
  141. [Press Release] President Jonathan Orders CDS To Take Charge Of Security In Plateau And End Killings
  142. [General] Bankole bought the speaker s quarters,now tambuwal is stranded!
  143. [General] "2011 budget yet to be implemented,9 months into the year!"--okonjo-iweala
  144. [General] The Akpabio Interview
  145. [General] The Amaechi Testimony
  146. [General] Code of conduct Bureau VS Tinubu
  147. [General] The Miracle Of Reinvigoration Of Igbo Souls - We pray!
  148. [Press Release] 100 Day Achievements Of Owelle Rochas Okorocha
  149. [General] Chief T A Orji Inspecting the Newly Military Establishment at Ohafia
  150. [General] Use of English on NVS
  151. [General] B L O W B A C K .....Ron Paul Explains.
  152. [General] Remembering/Reflecting on 9-11-01
  153. [General] News Report: Nigerian Judge Sentence Two To Amputation
  154. [News] Fleeing Ghaddafi security forces in Nigeria
  155. [General] Wikileaks on OBJ perverting justice
  156. [General] Wikileaks on Turai's thievery
  157. [General] Abia "deports" non indigenous workers
  158. [General] okonjo-iweala too ferried $50m jobs to her brother!
  160. [General] Jos: Norma's Letter [A Must Read]
  161. [General] Jobs Bill: Obama Don Vex
  162. [General] Oronto Douglas exposes a Hypocrite - HIMSELF!!!
  163. [General] Rail Service in Lagidi. Great news.
  164. [General] China's Rise Isn't America's Demise - Biden
  165. [General] Wikileaks: Yar'Adua Bought Presidency for $57 Million, Aondoakaa Wrote Judgment
  166. [General] Adeniyi: Beyond (Jonathan's) Red Sea
  168. [General] Nigeria s counter-terrorism chief fired
  169. [General] "why gej s economic team will fail"---tam david-west
  170. [General] PRACTICAL SUGGESTIONS ON ORGANISING SNC - Don't wait for Sudan type bloodshed
  171. [General] The Burma Boys
  172. [General] Uncouth Niger Delta Minister
  173. [Press Release] Jonathan Was Never On EFCC List Of Corrupt Governors
  174. [General] Lagos Shuts DSTV Office Over Tax Delinquency
  175. [General] News Report: Nigerian Presidency Debunks Corruption List Report
  176. [General] We Surrender to Terrorism...NSA
  177. [General] How nddc funds were siphoned abroad
  178. [General] Southern cops protest postings to B H territory
  179. [Boko Haram] Boko Haram = no face + illegitimate grievance + challenging Nigerian security = epic faliure!
  180. [Boko Haram] Igbo Boko Haramite arrested
  181. [General] Redeemed pastor,wife arrested for kidnapping,child trafficking in abia state
  183. [Press Release] Third Achebe Colloquium December 3-4, 2011, Brown University, Ri, Usa
  184. [Boko Haram] The North,Sultan,SSS and the Boko Haram deals
  185. [General] Investing in Education... Reaching for the stars... good or bad???
  186. [Press Release] 100 Days of Promising Less and Delivering More: The Jonathan Transformational Agenda
  187. [General] As The Ibos Meet- What If We Are A Country?
  188. [General] Mob hacks family of 8 to death in Jos
  189. [General] "corruption in obj s eight years was worse than abacha s time!"---nuhu ribadu
  190. [General] Missing two Germans found dead in Afghanistan
  191. [Boko Haram] Muslim leader blames Boko Haram on America
  192. [General] Why Justice Salami was sacked
  193. [General] "no way for ogd s return to pdp"...obj
  194. [General] Wikileaks on megida and bola ige s deaths...na bombshell!
  195. [General] Obama's Presidency = Bush Presidency = A Failure
  196. [General] Bola Tinubu critically ill ?
  197. [General] Boiler room fraud and scams
  198. [General] Jonathan's Israeli Protection
  199. [General] Efcc grills lagos speaker over large-scale fraud
  200. [Press Release] Jonathan Launches New National Driver"™s License And Number Plates
  201. [News] I'll open up on Abiola's death, says Abdulsalami
  202. [General] Bomb scare in Lagos •Security beefed up at Alausa
  203. [General] News Report: Choose Dialogue, Respect For Life; Pope Tells Terrorists
  204. [Biafra] Biafra Intelligence Agency uncovers plot to bomb S'East Economic Summit by Boko Haram
  205. [General] Alhaji arrested with fresh human heads
  206. [General] 9/11: Day that Changed the World - Marking 10th Anniversary
  207. [General] World bank approves $82m rehab for kainji dam!!!
  208. [General] Recent Recipients Of Senior Advocate Of Nigeria (SAN) Are Rebels
  209. [General] Libyans Thank America
  211. [General] Cold war breaks out between emir of kano and the governor
  212. [General] Nigeria airforce plane rescued in britain
  213. [General] Japan gets a new prime minister
  214. [General] 25 year old nursing mother kidnapped
  215. [General] SSS Issued A Press Release on UN House Bombing
  216. [General] News Report: Nigeria's Secret Service Declares Alleged Al Qaeda Man Wanted
  217. [News] Access Bank to Acquire 75% Stake in Intercontinental
  218. [General] U.N. Bombing in Nigeria and what Nigeria should do.
  219. [General] 34 nigerians perish in fatal road crash on akure-owo road
  220. [Article] Power Struggle As Social Bomb for Ministers in Nigeria
  221. [General] Like PDP, Like ANC
  222. [Boko Haram] Kwakwanso Orders release of detained boko haram members
  223. [News] Ohanaeze seeks creation of Orimili State
  224. [General] President Jonathan Reassures Nigerians, Foreigners Of Security In Ramadan Message
  225. [General] War On Corruption Hangs In The Balance
  226. [General] Nigerian Army Said to Help in Slaughter of Christians
  227. [News] Prof Soyinka's Keynote Address to NBA
  228. [General] Nigerian satellites are picture perfect
  229. [General] Outbreak of fresh violence in plateau
  230. [General] Kano state to pay n900m ramadan bonuses to civil servants!
  231. [General] Saudi deports 20,000 Naija prostitutes and 419ers
  232. [General] AGAIN - Terrorism Is A Big Deal, President Jonathan
  233. [Press Release] Dahiru Musdapher Appointed As Acting Chief judge
  234. [General] Hurricane Irene is a 'blessing'
  236. [General] Cjn;goodbye katsina alu...welcome to musdapher
  237. [General] Omiyale (massive flooding) hits Ibadan,12 people swept away!
  238. [General] Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab "underwear bomber" wants to be judged by Koran !
  239. [General] Yoruba leaders demand that NDDC be scrapped
  240. [News] Al-Qaida's No. 2 killed in Pakistan
  241. [General] Matthew Hassan Kukah With The Pope
  242. [General] Buhari Condemns Attack On UN Building in Nigeria
  243. [General] Ethnic cleansing in Libya..
  244. [General] Bomb kills 16 at UN office in Nigeria
  245. [General] Okonjo-Iweala, 87th world most powerful woman
  246. [General] CNN: Is illegal fishing to blame for Somali pirates?
  247. [General] FG Uncovers Corruption In Judiciary •N106bn Traced To Judgment Procurement
  248. [General] NBA to disown SAN awardees, cancels constitution review.
  249. [General] CAN Plans Christian Banking After Swedish Model
  250. [General] White American lady arrested in Abuja for child trafficking