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  1. [General] Fulanis Go Berserk, Behead Many, Shoot Imam Dead
  2. [General] Finland sentences Rwanda preacher to life for orchestrating Tutsi genocide
  3. [General] My Eyewitness Reports from South Africa
  4. [General] Haiti- Second second oldest independent nation in the Western Hemisphere after America
  5. [General] Court ejects Rep from Abuja home
  6. [General] Congo Wahala like Andy Uba and Yuguda
  7. [Article] How Jonathan got his GCFR
  8. [General] We were fortunate to have yaradua - saraki
  9. [General] Anti-Semitic Reporter Forced to Resign Over anti- Israel Comments
  10. [General] Man impregnates daughter
  11. [General] Covering Up In Darfur
  12. [General] 2011: IBB Campaign Starts in Enugu
  13. [General] Taliban Hangs 7-Year Old Boy!
  14. [General] 45-year-old man defiles 7-year-old
  15. [General] ENUGU/ Pit Of Death Claims Three
  16. [General] Wias Da Money? Show Me The Money?
  17. [General] Obasanjo backs Jonathan for 2011
  18. [General] The Travails of an Incorruptible Police Officer
  19. [General] Chevron staff ,others nabbed for kidnapping
  20. [General] Breaking News-Ibori bail revoked
  21. [General] Stowaway survives in jet undercarriage
  22. [General] Nigerian airlines to get bail-out
  23. [General] Man arraigned for having sex with 11 males
  24. [General] Fuel Subsidy & the CBN Governor
  25. [General] Ribadu: The Vanguard Interview
  26. [General] Erelu Agbaye flees on sighting Ayefele in church
  27. [General] IBB wants me dead because of his dirty secrets -Babangida's former secretary
  28. [Article] The Normalization Of Impunity
  29. [General] Kidnapping: Oba of Benin [to] place curses on culprits
  30. [Article] How Ogun State Feeds Fat On Lagos
  31. [General] [BREAKING NEWS] Jega named as INEC Chair
  32. [Article] Ibb Wants Me Dead Because Of His Dirty Secrets –Former Secretary - Major Debo Bashorun
  33. [Article] Ribadu, Again....
  34. [General] Bankole and Ogunewe: more troubles ahead for Bankole
  35. [General] General Paul Okuntimo, arrester of Saro Wiwa, speaks on Nigeria
  36. [General] INEC Chief: Attahiru Jega?
  37. [General] UK Court Climax: James Ibori's Sister, Mistress, Get Five Years In Prison!
  38. [General] Human Parts Dealer Nabbed
  39. [Article] Oil And The People - The Obama Example
  40. [General] Why 2011 poll will not hold - INEC
  41. [General] Obasanjo's Country Of Anything Goes
  42. [General] Nigeria's Police Commissioners - How Fit ?
  43. [General] Aondoakaa Banned From Public Office
  44. [General] OBJ: Jonathan Must Run
  45. [Article] What "Slave Trade"? (Toward An Afrocentric Rectification Of Terms)
  46. [General] Bereavement
  47. [General] Chinweizu: Partial understanding of how we got here.
  48. [General] OMG-2011: IBB gets coordinator in Ekiti
  49. [Article] President Jonathan: One Month Later; When?
  50. [General] Try, Jail Obasanjo now-Kukah
  51. [Article] NFF's Incompetence And John Obi Mikel's Intransigence
  52. [General] Reviving Igbo language and culture
  53. [General] [Bizarre]Zuma's bodyguard impregnates wife, commits suicide
  54. [General] Jonathan: A Style, An Agenda
  55. [General] 2011: The Shape of Things to Come
  56. [General] Chevron is CHEVWRONG! Bars Nigerians
  57. [General] Adeniyi: The Essential Yar'Adua
  58. [Article] Watchdogs, Lapdogs, Us dogs
  59. [General] Chimamanda Adichie listed in the New Yorker ‘20 under 40′ young writers list
  60. [General] Saudis play Ping-Pong with G.O.A.T.G.E.R.I.A.N President
  61. [General] Towards 2011,inec,what s gwan?
  62. [General] Sultan of Sokoto's silence over Pedophile Yerima
  63. [General] Ribadu Returns Home
  64. [General] [SHOCKING]: The Company that Jonathan Keeps
  65. [Article] The wife-batterer of Akure, the G.O. and the Super Eagles
  66. [General] The Late Gani Fawehinmi's Will
  67. [General] Congo Rhumba Again!
  68. [General] Pb poison takes a toll in Nigeria
  69. [General] Justice Mary Odili Lambasts Obasanjo
  70. [General] Report: WHO overstated H1N1 threat; Big drug company payroll
  71. [General] Nigerian National Dance Troupe, An Epitome, Exemplar!
  72. [General] Why I didn't sack service chiefs –Jonathan
  73. [General] BBC: Nuhu Ribadu on Hardtalk
  74. [General] 2003 Election:Obasanjo is a conman-Bisi Akande
  75. [General] Nigerian health ministers are hopeless.
  76. [General] Head of Civil Service of the Federation and Minister of Transport Stormed ICPC Office, Freed OBJ' Inlaw.
  77. [General] Remaking Gombe: The Story Of Danjuma Goje
  78. [General] Thief Speaker Bankole turns fighter
  79. [General] Dangote faces fierce competition as Reagan Ufomba revs up the tempo
  80. [General] Defence Minister, Army, Navy Chiefs in Power Tussle
  81. [General] www.iborifacts.com - Ibori Launches Interactive "portal"
  82. [General] Another Disbeliever terrorist shoots up England! 12 killed in spree
  83. [General] Haggard announces new church, invites members to his home
  84. [General] Nigerian Priest scandal unfolds
  85. [General] Libya Executes Nigerians, Other Nationals
  86. [General] INEC Chief: Bukhari Bello?
  87. [General] Adeboye bans wigs,weave etc at Redeem Church?
  88. [Article] Chief Obafemi Awolowo
  89. [General] Irish Bishop and Archbishop of Benin City resigns over sexual abuse
  90. [Biafra] Mallam Ojukwu opens up on Biafra
  91. [General] School expels Pakistani boy, 13, for getting married
  92. [General] Father, Look into my congo .......
  93. [General] Oba Beats Wife in Public!
  94. [General] IBB: Immortalize Abiola
  95. [General] 2011: Aondoakaa Backs Jonathan
  96. [General] German President Koehler resigns
  97. [General] How France maintains its grip on Africa
  98. [General] France-Africa summit in Nice seeks business boost
  99. [Article] Lagerback Releases Final World Cup List
  100. [General] A Case for an Entrepreneurial Revolution in Nigeria
  101. [General] Advice for Muslims from the Prophet at these end times of war and terror
  102. [General] "The New Kings of Nigeria" - BBC
  103. [General] Election 2011: Shape of things to come (5)
  104. [General] Nigerian Oil Spills, Inc.
  105. [General] [Breaking News!] 16 killed, 30+ injured in Israeli attack on aid flotilla bound for Gaza
  106. [General] Homosexuality established, now Zoosexuality is on course for civil rights
  107. [Article] Graft Fatigue
  108. [General] Swastika in Lekki angers neighbors
  109. [General] Another BBC2 Docu: An African Journey with Jonathan Dimbleby.
  110. [General] African migrants returning home
  111. [General] Nigeria's 2011 Elections
  112. [General] Minister Resigns, Victim of Gay Love
  113. [General] [BATTLE]: Jonathan's Cabal vs. Yar'Adua's Cabal
  114. [General] OBJ: Jonathan Must Run
  115. [General] Rotational presidency, brainchild of South East – Waziri
  116. [General] Israel prepares Navy to block Flotilla
  117. [General] Gemade: 'God Also Zones'
  118. [General] Aba is my home says Alhaji Bello
  119. [General] Pius Adesanmi and the Crisis in Nigeria's Educational Sector
  120. [General] [speculation]: Gusau resigns!
  121. [General] 10 former governors stole $250billion in three years
  122. [General] Jonathan Honors Abiola Memory
  123. [General] Fox News: Video at last of Black Founding Fathers!
  124. [General] Collaborative Seminar
  125. [General] Diff'rent Strokes Star Gary Coleman Is Dead.
  126. [General] The Donald Duke Organization
  127. [Article] Nigerian Legislators!
  128. [Article] Ribadu: Return of the ‘Saint'
  129. [Article] Obudu Ranch, Where You Fly With The Clouds
  130. [General] Ibori again: Mass looting in gombe!!!
  131. [General] Octogenarian Child Traffiker
  132. [Article] A Case For The Canonisation Of Ndibe
  133. [General] Not again!!!
  134. [General] Pedophile Mallam Yerima risks five years in jail
  135. [General] Did Awo Take His Own Life?
  136. [General] Bush's Craziest-Ever Speech!
  137. [General] Jonathan, Sambo declare assets
  138. [General] Life, What's The Point?
  139. [General] Obasanjo condemns homosexuality as an 'abomination'
  140. [General] Turai Begs Jonathan!
  141. [General] CRASS NEPOTISM: The bane of Nigeria!!
  142. [General] BP Oil Spill Wahala
  143. [General] Dame Patience Jonathan in Hospital
  144. [General] Is Ghana anti-Nigerian businesses?
  145. [General] Of Oil spills. U kno Nigeria has had a major spill each year since 1969!- Washington Post
  146. [General] War On Terror Continues.....
  147. [General] Beware! That Dollar you got in Nigeria to travel with may be fake
  148. [General] New Nigerian character -Eastenders UK Soap
  149. [General] "UK To Limit Foreign Workers" - Queen Elizabeth
  150. [General] Nigerian Shot Dead By Police In Poland.
  151. [General] Gas supply tops one billion cubic feet
  152. [General] The Oba of Abia state
  153. [General] Kidnappers Accept Amnesty Offer
  154. [Article] Madam Jonathan Goes To Lebanon
  155. [General] Children on Trial For Adult Crimes: Boys Age 10 & 11, Guilty Of Rape Charges.
  156. [General] Nigerian Medical Student Cleared Of Rape In London
  157. [General] "FG restores Ribadu as Police AIG, retires Him"
  158. [General] Sarah Ferguson Is a NIGERIAN?
  159. [General] Efcc v. Patience jonathan.
  160. [General] LOOTING GALORE: House of Reps Wants to Share N15 Billion Capital Vote Immediatelly!!
  161. [General] The president on the move!
  162. [General] Gov. Amechi and the Game!
  163. [General] Asagba of Asaba affirms Igboness of Anioma, dismisses existing perception
  164. [General] Iran renews offer to help on US oil spill
  165. [News] Another Abuse of Power: Naval chief's wife abducts mother, 2 kids over hubby's ‘sin'
  166. [General] "Dame" Patience Jonathan named in Abuja land scandal
  167. [General] DREAMS DIE FIRST: IBB Considers Quiting the Race AGAIN!!!
  168. [General] MINT: Another fine mess by Soludo
  169. [General] 3 Muslim nomads killed in Nigeria
  170. [General] Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, The Bayesa's Councellor.
  171. [General] Nobody Cares - Dele Giwa
  172. [General] Muslims on the Rampage -Allah help us!
  173. [General] something about this will bring you to the fringes of tears...
  174. [General] India Air Crash Claims 159
  175. [General] Nigeria's Pentecostal 'child -witch' hunter defends herself at revival in USA
  176. [General] Patience Jonathan cleared by EFCC?
  177. [General] FOX Sports rips Nigeria Football Apart
  178. [General] Bentv is now unpredictable, why? May you rise again.
  179. [General] Worry about witches?
  180. [General] Wole Soyinka listed among "World's Smartest People"
  181. [General] Nigerian Inventor causes stir @ Toyota
  182. [General] The Korean Quagmire
  183. [General] The Virus Called OBJ
  184. [General] The British election debate you didn't see
  185. [General] World Peace: Is It Possible?
  186. [General] Kaduna's '1st Xtian Governor'
  187. [General] Turai begs Jonathan
  188. [General] Shariah declares WAR on Nigeria
  189. [General] FG to Prosecute Babangida?
  190. [General] Okiro Report is out
  191. [General] Patience Jonathsn jets out to Dubai Already?
  192. [General] Malcolm and Martin, closer than we ever thought
  193. [General] American Jailed 24 Years in Lagos
  194. [General] Wayo Nigerian in America
  195. [General] Job that requires the Sultan's holy attention
  196. [General] Sultan Cautions CBN on Banking Reforms
  197. [General] [NEWS]: Akunyili to be named INEC chairman
  198. [General] VP Sambo Confirmed
  199. [General] Yorubas are not One - Awujale
  200. [General] Bizarre!!! Abia Grants Amnesty to Kidnappers
  201. [General] Voodoo Children
  202. [General] Opposition Parties are .....
  203. [General] Shell halts Nigerian offshore drilling. New remediation plan.
  204. [General] Politician caught with bellyful of Cocaine
  205. [General] Next president must come from the north?
  206. [General] DE JA VU: Plot to extend Jonathan's tenure emerges
  207. [General] NNPC Boss Sacked - Again!
  208. [General] Boyloaf 'Backs Jonathan'
  209. [General] Was IBB a Drug Baron?
  210. [General] I must rule Nigeria, Buhari says
  211. [General] Black kid, Aaron Moore has highest/perfect score in US govt. Nationwide Finance quiz
  212. [General] Excerpts of some speeches by the Rt Honourable Nnamdi Azikiwe
  213. [General] "Were the Ancient Egyptians Black or White?"
  214. [General] MARABOUT DEMOCRACY: Spiritualists hold 7-day marathon prayers in Aso Rock
  215. [General] CBN Governor:qualifications, antecedents and comments-a must read
  216. [General] [RIBAduN]: Jonathan subdues EFCC over Ribadu, el-Rufai
  217. [General] Zik scuttled chance of ruling Nigeria
  218. [General] Malawi Tobacco's Child Workers
  219. [General] Wishful Thinking: Jonathan and Expectations
  220. [General] Two Party System for Nigeria?
  221. [General] Diezani Chronicles
  222. [General] Ogbulafor Resigns as Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party
  223. [General] Hurricane Jonathan: Ogbulafor Quits
  224. [General] Jet Li Judge Axed By NJC
  225. [General] Presidential Spokesman, Adeniyi Resigns, Heads to Harvard
  226. [General] Breaking news: Ibori Arrested In Dubai
  227. [General] Namadi Sambo likely to be Vice President
  228. [General] Nigerian Rapist Strikes in London
  229. [General] El-Rufai Arraigned on Corruption Charges
  230. [General] CONFIRMED: Jonathan to run for President in 2011
  231. [General] IBB poster
  232. [General] A Northerner threatens and applies the usual divide & rule tactic on the South
  233. [General] Inferiority-complexed Nigerians save offending foreigner, leaves compatriot to die + more
  234. [General] Self-Hate
  235. [General] Jonathan to run in 2011
  236. [General] End game for a prodigal son?
  237. [General] Islamic Senators reject probe of Yar'adua's death
  238. [General] Sin-nator of Pedophilia, Mallam Yerima
  239. [General] 100 things you never knew about Africa - When We Ruled!
  240. [General] Nigeria Nukilar plans
  241. [General] You can't impose VP on Jonathan - Ekwueme Tells PDP
  242. [General] Son of Nigeria's Abacha challenges Swiss $350m order.
  243. [General] How Islamic inventors changed the world - Independent.co.uk
  244. [General] Patience, we are watching
  245. [General] Couples to have cash reward for new babies...made in taiwan!
  246. [General] Reinstate ribadu s rank now and retire him,gj directs igp
  247. [General] Igbos are not appreciated by Nigeria – Uwechue
  248. [General] BLASPHEMY: Holy Spirit removed her pants - Says Pastor accused of having sex with student inside the church
  249. [General] Turai: Once Upon An Imperial First Lady
  250. [General] Photospeak: What goes around....