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  1. [General] Rupert Murdoch Is A Nigerian! ..or should be.
  2. [Opinion] This Debt Ceiling...
  3. [General] Ex police ig to pay n50m for shady land deal
  4. [General] Bomb Blast in Oslo, Norway
  5. [General] No To Slave Labour At Dangote's Savannah Sugar Company -Take action (NVS POINT OF VIEW?)
  6. [General] President Museveni Makes Sense Here,Warns Africa About China
  7. [General] Uk deports 61 nigerians
  8. [General] Amosun appoints soyinka,abiola and ogunde s children into his cabinet
  9. [Boko Haram] "Boko Haram" Declares Ceasefire For Ramadan
  10. [News] Al-Shabab Drives Somalia Into Famine
  11. [General] Police Recruitment - How They Drag Us Backwards!
  12. [General] Nigerian Pharmacology Researchers validate local plant for pains, cancers
  13. [News] Counter Christian terrorist group emerges in Kaduna
  14. [General] Abia gov s orderly shoots colleague dead!
  15. [General] Investment Mministry To Create Diaspora Fund, Targets $18.6bn
  16. [General] Nigeria: Danger Looms In Lekki
  17. [General] "Why should Ex FCT chief El-Rufai be arrested for speaking the truth?
  18. [General] Behold 100 assistants for Rochas Okorocha
  19. [General] Aid, Trade and Democracy
  20. [Boko Haram] Tinubu hits PDP over Boko Haram
  21. [General] Auchi Polytechnic lecturer beats student to a pulp
  22. [News] Ministerial Nominee Jumps into Lagoon
  23. [Article] BBC2 Docu: The Life of Muhammad
  24. [General] Imo Deputy Gov. Agbaso, A Fugitive; Wanted In New York For a Felony Charge
  25. [General] Phone hacking whistleblower found dead
  26. [Boko Haram] Abubakar Umar: Elite Responsible for Boko Haram
  27. [General] Happy Birthday Mandela!
  28. [General] Anti-ElRufai Advert in Today's Vanguard
  29. [General] Kidnapped: AG's Wife in Edo
  30. [General] Whos says Ex House Speaker, Bankole is not Loved
  31. [General] Globacom shut down!
  32. [General] 'Communities Have A Right To Ban Islamic Mosques' Muslims Are Trying To Inject Shariah Law In The U.S. - Herman Cain
  33. [General] Reuben Abati's Tribulation has just started -Wahala dey, ma people!
  34. [General] Gov Fayemi on Nigeria's Federal Structure
  35. [General] FG, States, LGs Share N1.3trn
  36. [General] Sanusi Should Either Resign Or Keep Quiet For Good
  37. [Boko Haram] Boko Haram: The police have been let down – Ogbemudia
  38. [Boko Haram] Bombshell: Ex Bornu Gov Created Boko Haram,Arewa admits
  39. [Boko Haram] Boko Haram plans massive attack on Benue State and others
  40. [General] "A Dictator Cometh" prophesies Tunde Bakare
  41. [General] California governor signs bill requiring schools to teach gay history
  42. [General] Ex-Militant, Tompolo Topples Minister!!!
  43. [General] The comming deluge
  44. [General] Proof of Voting Irregularities in Imo, Bayelsa, Delta and ......
  45. [Boko Haram] Bornu Caucus demands amnesty for Boko Haram
  46. [General] Abduction in Nigeria
  47. [General] Ministerial appointments,quantity versus quality
  48. [General] Nigerian Freight Forwarding Organizations Directory
  49. [Boko Haram] Boko Haram opens a blog.
  50. [News] Violence and Tragedy ends the dream of a Nigerian migrant in Germany
  51. [General] Jonathan to commission $1bn Abuja World Trade Centre
  52. [General] Ahmadinejad invites Jonathan to visit Iran
  53. [General] How Arewa Could Lose Nigeria!
  54. [General] How the Arab world lost southern Sudan
  55. [General] Ex Gov. Daniel's Loyalist Battles For Life
  56. [General] Nigeria-Germany bi-national commission under way -Jonathan
  57. [General] Ohanaeze wants state of emergency in Borno -GEJ must act, Enough is Enough, ma people!
  58. [General] Army intercepts 700 cartons of bomb in Abuja, policemen arrested
  59. [General] Stop the Bloodbath Now!
  60. [General] Photo Speak: Shuferring and Shmiling!
  61. [General] LMDGP: How many more to die before Fashola Understands that Kelekun is not Competent?
  62. [General] Gej probes ex ministers
  63. [General] Nigerians are heartless. Extremely graphic.
  64. [General] Nigerians should be allowed to own guns ....
  65. [General] MEND: GEJ a Spineless Wimp and Coward
  66. [General] Igwe (Ret. Prof) Laz Ekwueme on Yoruba Obas
  67. [Boko Haram] Boko Haram issues fatwa on FB user
  68. [General] Free Trade? No Such Thing Says Governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi
  69. [General] We produce 50 pilots yearly at NCAT – Araba
  70. [General] Haiti After the Earthquake, U.S.-Backed Destabilization Undermines Haitian Democracy - and Public Health
  71. [General] Woeful tales after Yala storm
  72. [Boko Haram] Court arraigns alleged killers of Boko Haram leader
  73. [General] "A Ballad To The Bearded One" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  74. [General] Dead body get accident in US' Afghanistan
  75. [General] Iran, Nigeria stress need to boost ties
  76. [General] Customs officers stranded as protesters block command's gate with coffin
  77. [Boko Haram] Boko Haram bombs NYSC Camp
  78. [General] On the verge of collapse as erosion Devastate Onitsha residents beg Jonathan
  80. [General] Blast in India Kills 13
  81. [General] Ikemba of Great Alaigbo Nation abandoned in England -chineke mee o!
  82. [General] "We Acquiesce Quickly" By Chidi Anthony Opara
  83. [General] Nigerians Jailed After First Phishing Fraud Prosecution In The UK-Mirror, UK
  84. [Boko Haram] Boko Haram releases hit list
  85. [General] HSBC Closes RCCG Church Accounts In New York
  86. [General] Jonathan Proposes 7-year Single Term for President, Governors
  87. [Press Release] Project Swift Count Available For Future Interventions
  88. [General] Graphical analysis of 2011 Election Results.
  89. [General] Pastor Oritsejafor Should Tone Down
  90. [General] New senator remanded in prison custody for alleged forgery!
  91. [General] New cabinet...ministers now get portfolios assigned by gej
  92. [General] Corps Members Now To Earn N19,800 Monthly –FG
  93. [General] Jerry Rawling's Wife Fails To Clinch Party Ticket for presidency
  94. [General] Graphic!!!! Floods Wreak Havoc In Lagos
  95. [General] Wealthy Nigerians, Pastors Spend $225 million on Private Jets: Andy Uba's Private Jet Crashlands In Benin
  96. [Boko Haram] Boko Haram Bombs "Prostitutes Rendezvous" In Kaduna
  97. [Boko Haram] Boko haram latest...university of maiduguri shut down
  98. [General] Saudi beheads 3 nigerians for murder
  99. [General] News Report: Nigeria's Ruling Party Factions Feud As New Acting National Chairman Resumes
  100. [General] News Report: Nigeria's Sports Festival Ends With Allegation Of Medals Racketeering
  101. [Boko Haram] Kano Hisbah terror, another Boko Haram in making -GEJ must act now!
  102. [General] Chineke mee ! A Nigerian is UK consul for Niger Republic
  103. [General] Sanusi, the Islamisation of Nigeria, and NVS Standpoint
  104. [General] "MY PROBLEM WITH JONATHAN"...El-Rufai
  105. [General] Prisoners bomb warri prison...and escape!
  106. [General] Nollywood Hausa actress sentenced to die by hanging
  107. [General] Difficult Part
  108. [General] Death Penalty, Still Racist and Arbitrary
  109. [Boko Haram] Gunmen(Boko Haram) Rob Two Banks in Alkaleri, Bauchi, Give Money to ‘the Poor Ones' - Bloomberg
  110. [General] To Hell with Nigeria –By Chukwuma Iwuanyanwu
  111. [Boko Haram] Investigate Boko Haram, Obasanjo advises FG - on whose behalf is Omoruyi speaking?
  112. [News] Nigerian customer jailed after trying to cash bank check
  113. [General] Betty Ford passes away
  114. [General] Welcome South Sudan!!!!!
  115. [General] Picture of young GEJ before the hats
  116. [Article] Peter Obi-an Unpleasant Surprise
  117. [General] My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant
  118. [Boko Haram] A special adviser arrested in Taraba for Boko Haram connections
  119. [General] Peter Obi kills Anambra State
  120. [General] Uk s largest selling scandal sheet "news of the world" to shut down from sunday!
  121. [General] US Warns of Bomb Implants
  122. [General] Man guilty of trafficking Nigerian girls
  123. [Boko Haram] Boko Haram & Foolish Comments By Professor Omoruyi
  124. [General] [Holy] Vatican Says Islamic Finance May Help Western Banks in Crisis
  125. [General] Edo Plans Return Of schools To Missions
  126. [Boko Haram] Keep away from Christians and govt buildings warns Boko Haram
  127. [General] Gej appoints abati,others as special advisers
  128. [General] Police Take Bribes To Divulge Secrets, In Breach of Privacy? Scandaloous & Corrupt!
  129. [General] I was a motor park tout- :Ministerial nominee
  130. [Article] Deleted Post(s)
  131. [General] Wobbly President Jonathan Wobbles Again And Again
  132. [Boko Haram] Boko haram strikes again in borno state!
  133. [General] Doing Business in Nigeria 2010
  134. [General] How many states did gubernatorial election take place?
  135. [General] Health Minister of a largest Nation in the World(India) calls Male-Anal-penetrative activity (Homosexuality) an unnatural disease from the West!
  136. [General] Get JTF Out Of Here, Borno Citizens Urge FG, As Maiduguri Residents Flee In Droves
  137. [General] Venezuela Hugo Chavez Dies from Cancer
  138. [General] Professor Dickson Ozokwelu -Energy Expert
  139. [General] Pecfecting Thought Process
  140. [General] [ABOMINATION]: South East PDP Recommends Ohakim for PDP Chair!!!
  141. [Boko Haram] Boko haram: The real issues
  142. [General] Abuja repatriates beggars to their states
  143. [General] Fox News hacker tweets Obama dead
  144. [General] Ex-Muslims targeted in Britain
  145. [General] Sharia: Yobe, consume alcohol you die -be careful when in Yobe State!
  146. [General] Fashola Enrols Son as Carpenter Apprentice
  147. [General] Colonel William Walbe Has Died
  148. [General] Dangote Crashes Cement Price
  149. [General] IG Plans Mass Transfer Of Southern Officers To Northern States
  150. [General] Sanusi Warns Muslims Against Joining Issues With Christians
  151. [General] IBB Lectures Jonathan On Governance
  152. [General] Al-Queada Wants Nigerian HQ
  153. [General] No Engineer In Gej Cabinet, Yet Nigeria Want Technological Development.
  154. [Boko Haram] More Boko Haram killings as apologies pour in
  155. [General] MSNB Suspends Mark Halperin For Off-color, On-air Characterization of Obama
  156. [General] AGF: EFCC & ICPC See No Evil- Do No Evil- Loot No Evil
  157. [General] CNN(Morgan Stanely report): Nigeria Economy to Overtake South Africa
  158. [General] JuJu Scares in Aso Rock. Is that Possible?
  159. [General] SSS Arrests Nasir El-Rufai
  160. [General] Poor start to a transformation agenda
  161. [Boko Haram] "i will deal with boko haram"...gej
  162. [General] Fola Adeola: My Friend, Tayo Aderinokun (1955 - 2011)
  163. [General] Was President Obama Pushed in a "Jobless Economy to Lose Reelection?"
  164. [Boko Haram] Army declares war on Boko Haram: Boko Haramites are cowards says Army Chief, Ihejirika
  165. [General] CPC Kkicks As UK Denies Its National Chairman, Momoh Entry Visa
  166. [General] Britain's Rrichest Man Sued Over Oil Deal With Obasanjo
  167. [General] Corps Members Besiege NYSC Over Posting To Borno, others
  168. [General] "no proof,no trial for ex leaders"...adoke
  169. [General] [CIRCLE OF SAINTS]: AGF Clears Ribadu & Co.
  170. [General] Christy Essien Igbokwe Dead at age 51
  171. [General] News Scoop: Reuben Abati on Board?
  172. [General] Talibans attack ribadu s hotel in afghanistan!
  173. [General] FIFA criticises Nigeria coach Uche for anti-homosexual remarks - FIFA is wrong.
  174. [General] WALMART in Nigeria
  175. [General] Collapsed Abuja Building Kills 4
  176. [General] IBB Moves Mother Of 3 Love Kids, Ilebijo, Into Minna Mansion
  177. [General] UNICEF:1.7M tons of environmental poo poo annually in Nigeria
  178. [General] Fashola Birthday With Challenged Kids
  179. [General] Curfew Imposed on FCT
  180. [General] Legislative Agenda For House Of Representatives
  181. [General] The ceding of the oil-rich Nigeria peninsula to Cameroon by Ex President Obasenjo is unaccepted by the Lawmakers.
  182. [General] 'Don't Fly' Warning As Strike Threatens Airport Chaos In Britain
  183. [General] Controversy Over Segregation In Julius Berger, Ekpan
  184. [General] Senegalese Muslims raze down Nigerian Church
  185. [General] PHCN workers say no to BART NNAJI
  186. [General] Reflections On Nigeria's 2011 Elections: Maj Gen Buhari And Pastor Bakare At Chatham House
  187. [General] Libyan rebels behead gadhaffi's soldier
  188. [General] ‘N7bn malaria, HIV funds frittered'
  189. [General] Bankole's brother in court for visa scam
  190. [General] Slavery Report Names Culprit Nations
  191. [General] The Abuja suicide bomber revealed
  192. [General] Saraki reconciles with son, returns to PDP
  193. [General] BREAKING: International Court Warrant for Gadhafi
  194. [General] Lagos state cabinet:things fall apart in acn!
  195. [General] African Urged To Harness Over US$53 billion Diaspora's Resources To Boost Development.
  196. [General] [Breaking News] Deadly bombing in north Nigeria kills 25 people
  197. [General] For God or For Country?
  198. [General] Erection-boosting condom gets EU backing
  199. [General] Are we having 44 ministers from tuesday?check these names out
  200. [General] Saudi Arabia launches war against Iran
  201. [General] Nigerians Control $3.2b Drug Market In Africa, Says UN Report
  202. [General] Jumbo Salaries: Reps Ready For Reduction
  203. [General] Confessions of shina rambo,the notorious armed robber!
  204. [General] Icpc exposes multi-billiob frauds in ministries,customs,phcn,etc
  205. [General] "expect more bombs"...rev thompson
  206. [General] Minimum Wage Controversy : Govt, Labour Heads For A face-off.
  207. [General] North Carolina Considers Paying Forced Sterilization Victims by Julie Rose
  208. [General] Gadaffi Seeks Nigeria's Intervention Over NATO's Air Raids
  209. [General] New york gov signs same sex marriage law
  210. [Boko Haram] 7 cops charged with murder of boko haram leader
  211. [General] From The Press: Fashola charges public servants on dynamism in service
  212. [General] Governors want petrol sold at n120 per litre!
  213. [General] N35 m Fraud: Court Remands MKO's Son In EFCC Custody
  214. [General] Govt Recalls IG From U.S. Over Insecurity
  215. [News] Politicians laud Tinubu over ACN's feats
  216. [Article] Obama Pushed Into Jobless Economy To Lose Election
  217. [Boko Haram] "Boko Haram: a blessing for Nigeria?"
  218. [Boko Haram] Boko Haram:Using religion as weapon of terror
  219. [General] Enugu City -Thank you Maazi SULLIVAN CHIME
  220. [Boko Haram] We will spill our blood to kill Petroleum Industry Bill -nawa for dis Boko Haram people!
  221. [Boko Haram] If sharia'll stop Boko Haram, let's do it – Goni, Borno Speaker
  223. [General] Michele Bachman's Holy War
  224. [General] Arik Air Sinks With Lies, Slavery And Debt Running Into Billions
  225. [General] BUSTED - Nigerian led Costa del crime' gang convicted
  226. [General] El-Rufai, Iroh, Kyari, Uwais Join THISDAY Editorial Board
  227. [Boko Haram] 10 APCs for Lagos against Boko Haram
  228. [General] Governor Ajimobi Accused Of Stealing N15 million From Access Bank
  229. [General] [DaBishop's Village under Attack]: Fulani vs Tiv War rages on
  230. [General] Obj plans pdp bounce back in southwest for 2015
  232. [General] 2011 Budget Benchmark Of $75 Unrealistic – Sanusi
  233. [General] World's Top 20 Banana Republics
  234. [General] New Graphic Cigarette Labels
  235. [General] Did Gideon Akaluka Really Desecrate The Holy Qur'an? A Contrarian Muslim Review
  236. [General] Letter to Nigerian Parents by Annonymous
  237. [General] "you cant negotiate with terrorists"...can cautions fg
  238. [General] Narrow escape for 100 arikair passengers as plane makes emergency landing
  239. [General] The Return of Keith Olbermann!
  240. [General] Legislators' Pay As Burden On Economy. 469 Federal Lawmakers Gulp N339bn In 4 Years.
  241. [General] Ambassador Wigwe RETIRED over Wife-beating Scandal
  242. [General] NIgerian running for a NY council seat
  243. [General] Is This Corruption? Or Just The Way The World Works?
  244. [General] Fuel subsidy to go!!
  245. [General] "n50m voted by enemies of progress to destabilize new ogun govt"...gov amosun
  246. [General] Nigeria Recalls Ambassador to the US Over Bribery Allegation (Say WHAT)?
  247. [General] Tinubu For Leadership Award
  248. [General] $550k theft...nija pharmacist sent to jail in america
  249. [General] Cabinet: Jonathan Bows To Obasanjo
  250. [General] Former Zambian President Frederick Chiluba Dies