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  1. [General] The Bridge: Black Thought or African Thought? -- by Darryl James
  2. [General] Bankole and Daniel Not On INEC's Ogun State PDP List
  3. [General] N25bn Fraud: Ex-Edo Gov, 6 Others Face Trial Today
  4. [Biafra] A Case For Reparation For Biafra-era Genocide
  5. [General] Mubarak is worth $70b...he is the world s richest dictator!
  6. [General] No surprises in inec s final list!
  7. [Boko Haram] Boko Haram gives condition for peace to reign
  8. [General] Nigerian Marriage Row Mum Faces Jail Over Missing Son
  9. [General] 2011 polls:fg doles out fifteen billion naira to the police!
  10. [General] SA Visa. An Expensive Shiit ?
  11. [General] Picture of Kano state registering babies for voting
  12. [General] Judge Accuses Chief Justice? Judicial Earthquake in Nigeria!
  13. [General] Reno Omokiri is fighting for his paycheck/payday from GEJ
  14. [General] Video Footage of Aguiyi-Ironsi, Nzeogwu, Sardauna's House, Katsina….
  15. [General] It is not easy...
  16. [General] State multiculturalism has failed, says David Cameron
  17. [General] 13 year old sexual slave rescued in Lagos
  18. [General] Introducing the 2011 Electoral Act
  19. [General] WikiLeaks cables: Nigeria pressured UK to drop charges against Ibori
  20. [General] BBC Documentary Ultra Zionists- Listen to the religious bigotry of psychopaths
  21. [General] Police arrest two young nija "mobile banks" in transit!
  22. [General] Couple electrocuted in niger state!
  23. [General] Is This News True? Oh Super Star Majek Fashek, Your Friends have abandoned you in pains . Life is full of fake love.
  24. [General] Ekiti First lady distributes free phones to expectant mothers
  25. [General] Nigeria To Commence Islamic Banking Soon – Sanusi
  26. [General] "leave the judiciary alone"....lawyers warn pdp
  27. [General] "now,i am ready for dialogue!"...atiku abubakar
  28. [General] "we demand our own radio/tv stations"...nass...."sorry,you cant have them!"...nbc
  29. [General] Man arrested in Nigeria for Facebook comment
  30. [General] Nigerians evacuated from Egypt
  31. [General] Tinubu is ACN, ACN is Tinubu - Who Says?
  32. [General] "Africa's Sit-Tight Leaders"
  33. [General] Pdp in trouble over rerun primaries
  34. [General] America Is Afraid Of True Democracy Hence The Moves Against One Person-One Vote In Iraq!
  35. [General] See Ewuro, Da Bishop and Igboamaeze discussing Naija politics
  36. [General] Iwu's INEC vs Jega's INEC: Has anything changed?
  37. [General] South Sudan Referendum, Egyptian Upheaval, Ivory Coast etc
  38. [General] Another thuggish Oba on the loose
  39. [General] Momodu picks Tanko as running mate
  40. [General] African viewpoint: Blood and borders
  41. [General] Kerosene scarcity is killing nigerians...gej help!
  42. [General] NASA love jails Akeem Adejumo
  43. [General] Free -For-All Fighting Over "Lack Of Change" -Naija way of replicating tunisian revolution
  44. [General] Tinubu threatens mimiko for supporting gej
  45. [General] Shekarau picks Odigie-Oyegun as his vice-presidential candidate
  46. [General] Disturbing Pictures: Man's inhumanity to Man
  47. [General] Trigger-happy cop starts a pandemonium/bank looting !
  49. [General] Badamasi, Yar'Adua's Son-In-Law Is 'Brain-Damaged'
  50. [General] Umuigbo and the level of social/communal Intelligence -Bush People! Abeg make una cry for dem!
  51. [General] How effective are our armed forces?
  52. [General] Re-evaluation is the key to solution In Cote D'Ivoire
  53. [General] "i will not contest in 2015"...gej
  54. [General] Only five nigerian varsities listed among the best 100 in africa!
  55. [General] Inec ends alao akala,olurin and iyabo obj s ambitions!
  56. [General] I Sent My Friends To Kill My US Based Mother To Get Her Dollars.Oh God Forgive Me. Oooo.
  57. [General] Legislative Rascality in the House of Reps
  58. [General] DDC machines found in Edwin Clark's home
  59. [General] Don't Blame Me For Losing Primaries, Bankole Chides Colleagues
  60. [General] Why ACN, Buhari Parted Ways
  61. [General] I Don't Need Your Votes, Akunyili Tells Fake Drug Dealers
  62. [General] "nigeria s economy is under stress,needs urgent help!"...soludo,ex cbn gov
  63. [General] Boko-haram engages the military in fight-to-finish in borno state!
  64. [General] N25b fraud:ex gov igbinedion absconds from nigeria...efcc to declare him wanted!
  65. [General] The Prison Notes of Lt. Col. (Dr.) Ibrahim Yakassai
  66. [General] Sunny Ade becomes ‘born again' Christian
  67. [General] The side effects of slaving for Uncle Sam. For the slave drivers too ?
  68. [General] Pastor in car-ownership impersonation trouble!
  69. [General] Mend threatens to level the oil industry!
  70. [General] 14 dead as Muslim youth attack Unijos students
  71. [General] Adebayo becomes Asiwaju of Yorubaland
  72. [General] The new media as an agent of political change
  73. [General] Tinubu s firm moves to local govts...workers protest!
  74. [General] Nigeria:opec nation that has no kerosine for its citizens!
  75. [General] Guber Candidate Shot Dead
  76. [General] "Orun O..."
  77. [General] Protests In Egypt
  78. [General] Customs seize N2.45b cocaine at Lagos Port
  79. [General] Dreams of the new monarchs
  80. [General] Gay Acceptance In Africa ; Ugandan Gay Rights Activist Murdered Weeks After Court Victory
  81. [General] Don't You Just Love Hugo Chávez!!! Tackles Housing Crisis By Urging Poor To Squat Wealthy Parts Of Caracas
  82. [General] "resign now!"......ribadu group asks gej
  83. [General] A Car Sale Gone Wrong, Then a Grim Discovery (A Nigerian in New York City)
  84. [News] Nigeria industrialist Rings the Toronto Stock Exchange Opening Bell
  85. [General] Money, wahala, Okechuku Don Die for 1000 Naira.
  86. [Press Release] The Next Four Years Of Yakowa May Heal Kaduna State
  87. [General] Mandela: Is The End Near?
  88. [General] Power Generation Hits 3,800mw: Election gimmick 2...
  89. [General] TOKTEN: Nigerian experts return to fix critical economic sectors
  90. [General] Nigeria's presidential primary - Another term beckons - The economist
  91. [General] Am I not a brother and a man ?
  92. [General] President Johnatan must see us, if he want to rule Nigeria.
  93. [General] Reps speaker bankole...going...going....!
  94. [General] Mrs. Bianca ojukwu appointed senior special assistant
  95. [General] Jonathan Sends Minimum Wage Bill to Senate
  96. [General] Sarah Jubril sues GEJ over one vote
  97. [General] Spirits To Vote in Next Elections - Registration Center Alloted To Them!!!
  98. [General] Creativity and Innovation in Business Seminar
  99. [General] INEC discovers four centres inside thick forest
  100. [General] Accept PDP or Nigeria is finished - Gbagi
  101. [General] Sarah Jibril : Did She Miss it Or Did Women Fail Her?
  102. [General] The Nigerian Video Film Industry: Challenges and Prospects
  103. [General] Oyibo remote control in wonders !
  104. [General] N800m Found in Worker's Account
  105. [General] Jega to Resign if Pressured
  106. [General] Bomb dropped by parachute in Enugu
  107. [General] Goodluck/Sambo sets up office in London..Why?
  108. [General] 46-yr-old arrested over mother's death
  109. [General] Nigerian footballer nabbed with heroine at MMA
  110. [General] Torture At voters Registration Center -nawah!
  111. [General] 1966 coup executed to make Awo PM – Okocha
  112. [General] Suicide bomber detonates at Moscow Airport
  113. [General] Palestinians Gave Israel So Much For PEACE! Still, Israel Yields Nothing!
  114. [General] Strange Faces Cause Scare In Abuja
  115. [General] Gani's Chambers, End Of An Era
  116. [General] Is God's time in Nigeria, ma loved People, rejoice and be happy, ya are not forsaken!
  117. [General] I have a vision to lead nigeria - saraki
  118. [General] "come over to macedonia"!...gej to atiku
  119. [General] Caught out!...gej s minister in bribe mess to be arraigned in court next monday!
  120. [General] Corruption: Nigeria is not alone!!
  121. [General] SA Police Kill Nigerian at Henry Okah's
  122. [General] The Boss is not meeting the in- laws
  123. [General] Dear Villagers, We have not yet found an answer. Who can tell us about Black History? Our Kids Must Know this.
  124. [General] Yar'Adua had kidney transplant – WikiLeaks
  125. [General] No Voter Card, No Salary, Says Fayemi
  126. [General] Pastor Bakare is Buhari's running mate!
  127. [General] 1966 coup executed to make Awo PM – Okocha ..finally na yoruba coup nobi igbo coup!
  128. [General] 10 reasons why inec s jega is failing
  129. [General] 2011 zoning;mark and bankole may lose out!
  130. [General] Conversation about the Nigerian Patriot: Definitions, Analysis and Conflict
  131. [General] Double Murders Over a Spilled Drink? US Arrests 127 in Organized Crime Mafia Sweeps
  132. [General] Now DEAD, A Dying Banker's Last Instructions
  133. [General] Woman solves her own kidnap mystery !
  134. [General] I dress like a lady to deceive men, says arrested teenager
  135. [General] The Nigeria Scientists who have made Global Impact
  136. [General] "your govt is too large and unwieldy,tighten up"!danjuma to gej
  137. [General] Nigeria issues Eurobond guidance of 7 pct: sources
  138. [General] Ask NOT, What NIGERIA can do for you! ASK what you CAN DO FOR NIGERIA!
  139. [General] Nigerian Need Presidential Debate, Is that Posible?
  140. [General] World's Largest Oil Reserves - Venezuela
  141. [General] (Warning! Graphic Picture) Jos: A human cemetry
  142. [Boko Haram] Boko Haram targets/kills Igbo People - Time to plan for real WAR!
  143. [General] Prejudice Against Muslims
  144. [General] Re :those calling for resumption of schools used for inec registration
  145. [General] Why ACN Imposes Candidates – Akande
  146. [General] "n13b scam....ex gov,others have case to answer"'says court
  147. [General] Do or die 2011 elections...thugs to earn a million each in bayelsa!!
  148. [General] Fundamentalists Murder Pastor
  149. [General] FOR SERIOUS OPPOSITION TO THE PDP; Who should step down for the other BUHARI or RIBADU
  150. [General] Atiku and the gang move to plan b!
  151. [General] New political dynasties emerge in South-West
  152. [Press Release] Stop The Pogrom In The North
  153. [General] Haiti returnee ruler arrested!
  154. [General] Electing the President of Nigeria...Constitutionally
  155. [General] Breaking News!
  156. [General] Pray, what sort of justice is this?
  157. [General] FBI + EFCC v. Akure Scammer ?
  158. [General] The Road Ahead
  159. [General] Site for election reports
  160. [General] Ex-Swiss Banker Gives Data to WikiLeaks
  161. [General] We'll welcome Atiku back – ACN
  162. [General] Egyptian Muslims volunteer as human shields to protect Christians
  163. [General] Inec machine frustrates obj....treats him as a ghost!!
  164. [General] INEC and 132000 DIRECT DATA CAPTURE MACHINES aka DDCM
  165. [General] Scrutinizing Ribadu: "ribadu is not fit even for governor!"....says richard akinjide
  166. [General] Nigeria's Promise, Africa's Hope
  167. [General] Enahoro: If the dead could talk... - Osundare
  168. [General] Archives--The Buhari we must not forget
  169. [General] Calling a Nigerian a full Fulani is like calling the Bruce brothers full white men
  170. [General] Land rights and "market forces"
  171. [General] The 16th Nigerian Economic Summit Group
  172. [General] Nzeogwu Coup: Letters Written by Major Anuforo
  173. [General] The Nigerian Economy...Savior of the Nigerian State?
  174. [General] Lagos Trains.
  175. [General] Who is the best candidate
  176. [General] Breaking news:peoples power sacks the president in tunisia,north africa!
  177. [General] Nigeria Youth Political Moment?
  178. [General] ACN Primaries LIVE
  179. [General] "Let the bones of cecil rhodes rot somewhere else"
  180. [General] Flu resistant chicken created. And what about consumer reactions and vulnerability to other diseases ?
  181. [General] Inec and the devil's salesman
  182. [General] Heineken Buys 5 Nigerian Breweries
  183. [General] PDP Primaries: Goodluck Jonathan Emerges Winner!!! By A Landslide
  184. [General] Can to politicians..."do not start a religious war".
  185. [General] "atiku not qualified to be nigeria s president"!
  186. [General] Nwodo PDP Chairman Resigns
  187. [General] Poor sense of judgement from an impaired mind ? who is to blame ?
  188. [General] NIGERIANS indicted for $32M FRAUD---possibly $100m
  189. [News] Gays pledge support for Atiku...
  190. [General] Ladies of ma Love -beloved sisters!
  191. [General] Lakwuli!!!! Yarima heads ANPP presidential screening panel
  192. [General] Presidential primary:gej/atiku camps fight dirty!
  194. [General] Senator Mamora's Sudden Exit
  195. [General] PDP Youth Leader Dead
  196. [General] 50 senators lose out in pdp!
  197. [General] Six pdp leaders want atiku disqualified!
  198. [General] PDP: The Final Call
  199. [General] Soyinka for Ogun Governor
  200. [General] SENTENCED: 3 Years for Tom DeLay
  201. [General] Imo deputy to resign on religious grounds
  202. [General] PDP female stripped naked in Zamfara
  203. [General] Sharp Oba escapes kidnap attempt
  204. [General] Tinubu says he is ready to die defending democracy!
  205. [General] Making Informed Choices in Ondo State.
  206. [General] Governorship primaries hold in nigeria...results trickle in.
  207. [Press Release] A RNC Statement On The Arrest And Proposed Interrogation Of Prof Okey Ndibe
  208. [General] Southern Sudan, The Clock Ticks Toward 'Liberation'
  209. [General] A Non-Story: Politicians Learn of the Existence of Bombs and Photoshop
  210. [General] Dr fatima atiku speaks on her daddy...his life,wealth and ambition.
  211. [General] Ndibe Detained In Lagos; Passports Seized
  212. [General] A crime of passion ? An age gap of 41 years ?
  213. [General] Breaking News: Another Bomb Blast In Jos
  214. [General] Congresswoman Shot; 5 others killed by gunman
  215. [General] Marwa dumps PDP
  216. [General] Six killed in bayelsa political clash!
  217. [General] "What I hate about other tribes"....must see clip
  218. [General] Nigerian association of witches warns Atiku
  219. [General] "why should fed govt change school calendar for inec?"parents kick.
  220. [General] United Nations Gender Equality & Empowerment of Women Campaign, What You Can Do
  221. [General] Nigerian "Prostitutes" Languish In Mali After Failed Rescue Mission
  222. [General] Like Father, Like Daughter? Iwu's Daughter In Certificate Forgery Scandal
  223. [General] Sanusi Named World's Best Central Bank Gov
  224. [General] Delta Reruns - Uduaghan leads
  225. [General] Obj protests over pdp primaries in party hq,abuja
  226. [General] Which way Nigeria?
  227. [General] Tinubu Endorses Fashola's 2nd Term
  228. [General] Oyakhilome's Church - N1000 Naira, some fee wey some of dey dem pay ??
  229. [General] Naijas: Again World's Happiest
  230. [General] Bomb rocks inec office!
  231. [General] Six governors donate n3bn to gej s presidential campaign kitty!!
  232. [General] Cops nab ekiti ex gov s pa for allegedly arming robbers!
  233. [General] One Shah, Two Suicides
  234. [General] To Beat Back Poverty, PAY THE POOR!
  235. [General] Darey: Doing a phenomenal job in Naija music
  236. [General] 100s of birds dropping dead out of sky around aMerica
  237. [General] CBN extends deadline on bank accounts data - If you live abroad, THEN READ THIS....
  238. [General] 2011:presidency s daily food budget is n1.5m!!
  239. [General] Bomb scare causes panic in lagos:cops say "no cause for alarm"!
  240. [General] Infant mortality rates, cancer in the Iraqi city from US bombing exceed those of the atomic bombs dropped by the US on the Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  241. [General] 22,400 Cops For Delta Gubers
  242. [General] A Nigerian man killed by the son of Nick "the Quick" Van Exel in Texas
  243. [General] Abia State: Where barbarism meets illogicality
  244. [General] Nigerian tribune says:"fg,states,lgs shared one billion dollars last december"!
  245. [General] "do not blackmail or link me to the bombings!"...ibb
  246. [General] Cajoling & Pressuring Demand & Supply Are The Real Market Forces!
  247. [General] Plan Africa: Topic #1: Democracy for the future of Africa or...?
  248. [General] Olusola Saraki leaves PDP
  249. [General] The Atiku Baggage
  250. [General] Brazil's First Woman President