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  1. Kaduna's '1st Xtian Governor'
  2. Turai begs Jonathan
  3. Shariah declares WAR on Nigeria
  4. FG to Prosecute Babangida?
  5. Okiro Report is out
  6. Patience Jonathsn jets out to Dubai Already?
  7. Malcolm and Martin, closer than we ever thought
  8. American Jailed 24 Years in Lagos
  9. Wayo Nigerian in America
  10. Job that requires the Sultan's holy attention
  11. Sultan Cautions CBN on Banking Reforms
  12. [NEWS]: Akunyili to be named INEC chairman
  13. VP Sambo Confirmed
  14. Yorubas are not One - Awujale
  15. Bizarre!!! Abia Grants Amnesty to Kidnappers
  16. Voodoo Children
  17. Opposition Parties are .....
  18. Shell halts Nigerian offshore drilling. New remediation plan.
  19. Politician caught with bellyful of Cocaine
  20. Next president must come from the north?
  21. DE JA VU: Plot to extend Jonathan's tenure emerges
  22. NNPC Boss Sacked - Again!
  23. Boyloaf 'Backs Jonathan'
  24. Was IBB a Drug Baron?
  25. I must rule Nigeria, Buhari says
  26. Black kid, Aaron Moore has highest/perfect score in US govt. Nationwide Finance quiz
  27. Excerpts of some speeches by the Rt Honourable Nnamdi Azikiwe
  28. "Were the Ancient Egyptians Black or White?"
  29. MARABOUT DEMOCRACY: Spiritualists hold 7-day marathon prayers in Aso Rock
  30. CBN Governor:qualifications, antecedents and comments-a must read
  31. [RIBAduN]: Jonathan subdues EFCC over Ribadu, el-Rufai
  32. Zik scuttled chance of ruling Nigeria
  33. Malawi Tobacco's Child Workers
  34. Wishful Thinking: Jonathan and Expectations
  35. Two Party System for Nigeria?
  36. Diezani Chronicles
  37. Ogbulafor Resigns as Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party
  38. Hurricane Jonathan: Ogbulafor Quits
  39. Jet Li Judge Axed By NJC
  40. Presidential Spokesman, Adeniyi Resigns, Heads to Harvard
  41. Breaking news: Ibori Arrested In Dubai
  42. Namadi Sambo likely to be Vice President
  43. Nigerian Rapist Strikes in London
  44. El-Rufai Arraigned on Corruption Charges
  45. CONFIRMED: Jonathan to run for President in 2011
  46. IBB poster
  47. A Northerner threatens and applies the usual divide & rule tactic on the South
  48. Inferiority-complexed Nigerians save offending foreigner, leaves compatriot to die + more
  49. Self-Hate
  50. Jonathan to run in 2011
  51. End game for a prodigal son?
  52. Islamic Senators reject probe of Yar'adua's death
  53. Sin-nator of Pedophilia, Mallam Yerima
  54. 100 things you never knew about Africa - When We Ruled!
  55. Nigeria Nukilar plans
  56. You can't impose VP on Jonathan - Ekwueme Tells PDP
  57. Son of Nigeria's Abacha challenges Swiss $350m order.
  58. How Islamic inventors changed the world - Independent.co.uk
  59. Patience, we are watching
  60. Couples to have cash reward for new babies...made in taiwan!
  61. Reinstate ribadu s rank now and retire him,gj directs igp
  62. Igbos are not appreciated by Nigeria – Uwechue
  63. BLASPHEMY: Holy Spirit removed her pants - Says Pastor accused of having sex with student inside the church
  64. Turai: Once Upon An Imperial First Lady
  65. Photospeak: What goes around....
  66. FG Orders probe of Yar'Adua's death - CSO Arested
  67. White South Africans arrested for terrorism plans...to bomb Black towns
  68. [Press Release] Index Of African Writing And Writers
  69. Your Facebook login data up for black market sale!!!
  70. Turai Yar’Adua and her TEN DAYS Surprise.
  71. [Unconfirmed] Yayale Ahmed is New VP
  72. [Press Release] "Images From Nigeria"(A Photo Blog) Debuts
  73. Key Political Risks to watch for post Yar A'Dua
  74. President Umaru Musa Yar’adua Is Dead
  75. Obasanjo again???!!!????
  76. Deepwater Horizon: A Firsthand Account
  77. How I survived Assasination.
  78. Donald DUKE's Resignation letter from PDP.
  79. A 52 yr old Nigerian and his 12 year old Ghanaian bride
  80. Fela!' and 'La Cage' Top Tony Award Nominations!!!!
  81. Meet the Adebanjo's. Brand New British sit-com on UK TV soon- Village Square Exclusive
  82. fire razes EFCC's Lagos office
  83. Why Nigeria Is Broke
  84. Oil Spills of Our Own In Nigeria
  85. News Report: Race For Nigeria's Number 2 Position In Top Gear
  86. Global Ariya : "Tonight we're gonna party like its 1884.."
  87. The nigeria super eagles anthem:world premier!!
  88. Don't Mess With A Nigerian (US Marine)
  89. Say WHAT? Ojukwu backs IBB for president in 2011
  90. FG to establish Industrial Property Commission
  91. Cheryl Cole is ‘World's Sexiest Woman'
  92. Selling scratch cards to jobseekers is exploitative
  93. [BREAKING NEWS] EFCC: El Rufai is too powerful for us to arrest!!!!
  94. World Expo 2010: Nigeria missing in Action
  95. Colonel Chris Ugokwe: 'I Have A Grudge With The Nigerian Army'
  96. Namibia, the German first Holocaust! Genocide and the Second Reich
  97. 10 New states to be created in Nigeria
  98. 2011 Elections: IBB Remains the Best Option How many Ibrahim Babangida Are there in Nigeria?
  99. Video clip of the Nigerian Mutallab in training.
  100. Is Oshiomhole IBB SS Campaign Manager?
  101. House Joins Senate To Okay Polls For January
  102. Iwu Sacked!!
  103. Naira Value As An Election Issue... Devaluation Is Useless to Nigerians And Nigeria!
  104. Sanusi attends Islamic financial services board meeting
  105. Jonathan looks good in African regalia
  106. Environmental Racism
  107. Nigerian in California charged with attempted murder of estranged wife
  108. "Na Democracy I go Chop"
  109. The threat of imported toxic waste
  110. Arrest Ogbulafor now, says Court
  111. Will Yerima's child bride land him in jail?
  112. Ibb bomb shell again.
  113. IBB: What I Forgot In Aso Rock
  114. Jimoh Ibrahim Acquires Virgin Nigeria
  115. Aganga Emerges World Bank Chairman
  116. [Biafra] A Major New Opus On Biafra From Achebe
  117. Election 2011: The shape of things to come(2)
  118. Duke offers himself... (USA Trip)
  119. Ndlea reveals secrets of cocaine family that used twins as mules!
  120. Plan to destroy Yoruba Nation at Hurrican Dimension!
  121. IBORI: Oghara calm, awaits EFCC's fresh move
  122. Fashola in Trouble as EFCC arrests Associate
  123. First British executive jailed for corrupting foreign officials
  124. Terrorism: U.S. detains Nigerian on ‘no-fly list'
  125. "Leave Me in Peace"
  126. Onwuka Iroabuchi for Governor of Abia State/2011/PDP
  127. Death of a Rapper
  128. How Wall Street is screwing you...
  129. Video: The phenominal George Galloway speech to British parliament
  130. British Election 2010: Its A Hung Parliament
  131. Opinion;diagnosed...the terminal illness that may kill nigeria!
  132. Stranded House Speaker, Bankole, faces impeachment
  133. The ibo's plight
  134. Honourable Minister Issues Warning to Former Zamfara Gov'nor
  135. Beyonce packing to attend Adenuga daughter wedding in Nigeria this weekend
  136. IBB-Babangida: Youth Groups, And Others Pooh-Pooh Babangida
  137. Election 2011: The shape of things to come
  138. Efcc scared off by nigeria police guarding ex. Gov.ibori
  139. Audio Analysis: Babangida Criminal Returns To Scene of Crime?
  140. Cnn celebrates a very successful nigerian
  141. The Odds Against Jonathan
  142. N7.4bn fraud rocks Zenith Bank
  143. "We can't forget slavery" - Fashola
  144. Stay out of Africa this time, Nelson Mandela's wife tells Britain Graça Machel condemns UK on its Zimbabwe policy, telling Westminster politicians to
  145. El-Rufai is Returning Home.............Again..
  146. SELF-PORTRAIT of an Angry Man
  147. Ibori alleges defamation!
  148. Nigerian stowaway dies in plane tire compartment in america!
  149. Thank god azu retires from punch
  150. I don't believe in Nigeria, says Pa Adeniran ...Backs Gaddafi on break-up
  151. Nailed at last? N27bn Halliburton scam IBB, Abdulsalami, Diya, 77 others indicted
  152. Toxic Nuclear Wastes Dumping in Lagos Nigeria!
  153. Babangida is the greatest evil ever to befall any country
  154. Shell apologises -courtesy of the Yes Men
  155. Never borrow from the future
  156. Fundamentalism: A refusal to deal realistically with a world of tradeoffs
  157. Allison-Madueke: Yes, She Can!
  158. IBB and the Forty Thieves on Halliburton's List of who is who
  159. See Goodluck for £250?
  160. "Yar'Adua Returned to Nigeria Because of George Bush"
  161. How did Ojukwu land this beauty from Enugu State?
  162. Nigerian Man, 40, in a love tango with 15yr-old boy
  163. Ibori declared wanted
  164. Nigerians demand fair elections
  165. Nigeria possesses enriched Uranium -could Islamic Terrorists steal it?
  166. Bagangida, CIA, USA Contra/laundering & the real story of the destruction of Nigeria
  167. History is made as Jonathan meets Obama
  168. A Woman Can Rule in Kumbwada, Nigeria
  169. Mallam Tanibaba, see what you have done -Amputees of Sharia
  170. Julius Malema.ANC Youth leader marching out BBC Reporter
  171. assasinaton plot againt Goodluck Jonathan uncovered!!!!
  172. Odudua Nation at its peak of technological invention
  173. News Report: IBB And Orji Kalu Candidacy Likely In 2011
  174. Mind Vs The Beastmasters
  175. First class yoruba obas hail speaker bankole in abuja!
  176. Is Belief in and Practice of Witchcraft Symtomatic of the Social Backwardness of African Peoples Caught in a Time Ward of Primitive Ways?
  177. EKO Black Festival: SOYINKA FAILED WOEFULLY!!!
  179. How James Ibori recruited Christian leaders to visit Yar'adua PDF | Print | E-mail Tuesday, 06 April 2010 21:32 James Ibori and Pastor Adeboye Auth
  180. Plane crash...polish president,wife,75 others die!
  181. Facts Are Not Sacred.
  182. UK VCs Earn More Than UK Prime Minister
  183. The Greatest Story Ever Told....
  184. Register-Select-Vote-Protect: A lesson in civic duties
  185. Nationalism
  186. SSS investigates Ruma, Aliero, Yakubu *Over contract awards, anti-government activities
  187. Jonathan to meet Obama on Sunday
  188. BBC 2 on Thursday 9pm 15th of April 2010 watch: WELCOME TO LAGOS
  189. Prof.wole soyinka for inec chair?discuss!
  190. Armed robbers invade labour ward
  191. Fayemi Dedicates Church
  192. Great Ala-Igbo UniJos Student wins International Essay Contest
  193. IBB should return
  194. DEAD on time in the UK
  195. Ex-Governors Mobilise Against Ribadu's Return
  196. New Ministers And Their Assigned Ministries
  197. Barkindo removed as NNPC's head
  198. Jonathan inaugurates new cabinet
  199. [Press Release] Indefinite Self-Suspension Of Association Of Nigerian Authors Membership
  200. Governor Ikedi Ohakim strikes again!
  201. [BREAKING NEWS]: President Yar'Adua Meets with Christian Leaders
  202. Oduduwa's scientists develop ‘fuelless' generator
  203. News Report: Chief Imam Of Abuja National Mosque Mobilizes Northern Nigerian Moslem For President
  204. Ribadu may face fresh corruption charge •Presidency receives indicting report on ex-EFCC boss
  205. Ex-Gov Rimi Dies after Armed Robbery Attack
  206. Hate Crime Law: Evidence, Trial and Jury
  207. Definition of hate crime & category
  208. I. Main body of hate crime law
  209. Is senator banti bello right to insult prof. Dora?
  210. No Jonathan No Nigeria!
  211. The "progressives", Soyinka, and Dr GoodLuck's Presidency.
  212. 'White' Supremacist leader killed in South Africa
  213. Africa's renaissance!!! Statue{of liberty} in Senegal
  214. Paedophilia on the Increase in Nigeria
  215. Emir blames poor WAEC results on the English league
  216. 2010: June 12 Won't Hurt IBB – Owie
  217. Peoples Screening of new ministers
  218. Yar'Adua May Resume Soon- Abuja Chief Imam
  219. U.S. moves to remove Nigeria from terror list
  220. Nigeria makes fresh $5m pledge to Haiti
  221. Am still consulting on 2011, says IBB
  222. He has risen....or has he not?
  223. Meet Goat-gerian aka Nigerian Greedy First Family -
  224. Rwanda unveils first bio-diesel bus
  225. 99 Year Old Graduate
  226. New type of Watch-list. Sigh relief, Nigeria?
  227. Waziri Under Pressure To Re-Arrest Ibori: Faces Sack From Presidency
  228. Welcome to Nigeria: Equal Opportunity Terrorist Nation
  229. Ghana & Mining Companies....
  230. 2011 PRESIDENCY: Britain, US conduct surveys on IBB
  231. Aganga: Nigeria Needs To Spend On Quality Projects
  232. [BREAKING NEWS]: FG Withdraws Case against Ribadu
  233. Comment;suicide bomber in calabar airport?
  234. Breaking News: Jonathan adds Turai's name to ministerial list
  235. Fulanis 10-point of superiority -lol!
  236. 2010 US Census
  237. Nigeria FRAUD Destination on Air France website
  238. Jonathan visits Yar'Adua
  239. Nigerian deportation halted over wheelchair blunder
  240. Ministers: Battle for Petroleum Portfolio Begins
  241. Emmanuel Nweke Okafor: (An Information for Nigerians Coming to Thailand as Students
  242. Former Zamfara governor weds a 13 year old
  243. For Nigerians Coming to Study in Thailand
  244. Nigerians win world science competition in Spain
  245. OBJ and adult education!!
  246. Massive capital flight hits Nigeria
  247. Akunyili: I'm Loyal to President Yar'Adua... I'm Loyal to Nigeria
  248. Yar'Adua: Military Coup Threat Was Real, Say House Members
  249. 9 Christian militants indicted for trying to kill cops in Michigan
  250. Showing now on BBC2 - Blood and oil -Niger delta Drama