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  1. [General] Ideas for President Jonathan
  2. [General] Ha! miss Student Temitope Adenugba....
  3. [General] Child marriage: No case against Sani - NAPTIP
  4. [General] Niger Delta Leaders 'Fight' Over Jonathan
  5. [General] What precisely is Nigerian Gov. Business with Hajj?
  6. [General] Striker Jonathan Scores an Own Goal!
  7. [General] Abused, humiliated and abandoned. What really happens when the UK deports failed asylum-seekers
  8. [General] Edwin Kiagbodo Clark, and the Bombshell, Stop Jonathan if you can –Clark dares North
  9. [General] Pedophile Mallam Sani Yerima's marriage to minor sets dangerous pattern
  10. [General] India commissions the world s biggest airport!
  11. [General] See Who Runs the show in Abuja
  12. [Article] The new world order.
  13. [General] Ribadu Rejected INEC Job Offer
  14. [General] Nigeria constitution permits lawmakers to pay themself millions of naira as salaries. Why?
  15. [General] Nigeria and it's Folly Constitution
  16. [General] Governor akala orders dele alake's detention
  17. [Boko Haram] 'Dead' Boko Haram leader issues fresh attack threat
  18. [General] 2011: North divided over Jonathan
  19. [General] SEC 'Iron Lady' Arunma Oteh
  20. [Boko Haram] Resurrected ‘Dead' Boko Haram leader re-emerges in new video
  21. [General] David-West rejects national honour award
  22. [General] Perversed Pride
  23. [General] Hands-Off INEC, Jega tells Jonathan
  24. [General] Chris Okotie makes fresh bid for Presidency
  25. [General] Nigerians Angry Over Pollution Double Standards
  26. [General] World bank rates business friendly states,jigawa first,ogun....
  27. [General] Does any one else have the feeling that there is nothing really new about the Jonathan administration?
  28. [General] Abia Governor Heads for APGA
  29. [General] Reward for corruption: Ettet bags national award
  30. [General] Dr. Bukola saraki - vision 2020 and the challenge of rebranding nigeria
  31. [General] Deposed Deji of Akure: Defense Closing Remarks
  32. [General] Goodluck Jonathan on Facebook - divid-nets of democrazy (:smug)
  33. [General] Babangida: Why zoning pact has to be kept
  34. [General] Are you thinking of coming to the United States?
  35. [General] Of Failed States and Tea-Bag Criticism
  36. [General] Bukola saraki - why he refuses to sign executive pension bill
  37. [General] [JAMBOREE]: Navy to buy N3.3bn presidential yatch for Jonathan
  38. [General] Nija holds 50th independence anniversary summit in uk!
  39. [General] Policeman shoots teacher over N20
  40. [General] Siasia to take over Super Eagles
  41. [General] EFCC is 'bigger' than Presidency ?
  42. [General] House Summons Defence Ministers, as 79 Military Officers Retire
  43. [General] Jonathan's record so far – 1
  44. [General] Central bank reprieve to sacked bank chiefs...seized properties released!
  46. [General] Black Men To Blame For Most Violent City Crime - Met Police
  47. [General] Jonathan: Nigeria Now Stable, Ready for the World
  48. [Article] Life, What's The Point?
  49. [General] Awujale: Ijebus are from Sudan
  50. [General] Abuse of Logic to camouflage Nigerian existential fallacies
  51. [General] Please Read This & Be Enriched, This is a must read
  52. [General] G8 Ssummit And Opportunism By Hangers-on President Goodluck Jonathan:
  53. [General] Bankole facing probe on 3 corruption cases -ICPC
  54. [General] Court reinstates impeached deputy governor in bauchi!
  55. [General] UK: dem wan 'arrest' una ambassador ?
  56. [General] New site application?
  57. [General] EFCC detains Ogun Land Bureau chief, investigates Daniel
  58. [General] Na Wa O!
  59. [General] Nigeria: "8 Million Kids Out of School" - Worst in the World
  60. [General] Jonathan: PDP scared by Jega's choice
  61. [General] Bank fraud:cbn wields the big stick on zenith bank!
  62. [General] On-Site Announcements in 2011 Polls
  63. [General] Man kills boy over affair with wife
  64. [General] Ayodele Awojobi Article On Wikipedia - It Reads Like A Charm!
  65. [General] Goodluck Jonathan 2011 goes live on Twitter ?
  66. [General] Underwear bomber pleads guilty
  67. [General] NEPA: Too many Captains...
  68. [General] Farewell to Welfarism Welcome to the New World
  69. [General] Wiseman speaker bankole may succeed in wiping out his enemies
  70. [General] Nigerian Lawmakers In Free For All Fight.
  71. [General] 10 Billion reasons to shoot Goodluck Jonathan and his brainless pack of ministers....
  72. [General] 2 women fight over seat at summit
  73. [General] Lafiaji, ex-NDLEA chair, bags 16 years imprisonment
  74. [General] Lafiagi, Ex-NDLEA Boss Jailed-PM News, Lagos
  75. [General] Fufu,eba:cause of eagles world cup problems!
  76. [General] Jonathan Press Availability
  77. [General] In Aba, Outdoors at night is synonymous with suicide
  78. [General] Messiah Jonathan pardons Vaswani Brothers
  79. [General] Revealed: Wife of ex- chief of Naval staff abducts mother & children
  80. [Article] Obasanjo's challenge of Jonathan
  81. [General] Pedophile Mallam Yerima is an Arab, not a Nigerian
  82. [General] Goodluck, Delta & Headache
  83. [General] Robbers take-over Akure....
  84. [General] Amazonians -making living in a hard way in Lagos
  85. [General] Man forced to marry cow
  87. [General] Oduduwa Nation under siege -Allah help us
  88. [Press Release] Nigeria-Liberia Business Council to Be Inaugurated
  89. [General] PDP conducts aptitude test for aspirants
  90. [Article] Towards Credible 2011 Elections - Another Try
  91. [General] US Firing Squad Execution
  92. [General] Deposed Deji drags Ondo Govt to court, asks for N10billion
  93. [General] Buhari, Soyinka Demand New Voters' Register
  94. [General] 300 Kidnappers Arrested in South East
  95. [General] FORGET 2011: Northern Leaders Tell Jonathan
  96. [General] Hitler Attraction in India
  97. [General] A MUST WATCH: Image of the Day!!!
  98. [General] BP Equals Big Polluter Equals British Pensioners = Big Problem=Bankruptcy Probability
  99. [General] When Ijebu-Igbo Stood Still For Denker
  100. [General] Nigeria National Team Players, The Young Big men.
  101. [General] Disgusting: Jonathan walks a familiar path
  102. [General] News Report: Nigerian Radicals Regret Nominating Election Commission Chairman-Designate
  103. [General] Human nature?
  104. [General] Apo 6 killings: Witness says police statement doctored
  105. [General] The Other Oil Spill! Oil Gushing! 50 Years of Pollution
  106. [General] Israelis suspected in 'Nigerian scam' can be extradited to U.S.
  107. [General] MTN Treats Senators, Minister
  108. [General] Lagos bans okada from carrying pregnant women
  109. [General] Soyinka as a hard headed public Intellectual
  110. [General] News Report: Politicians From South Eastern Nigeria Under Pressure To Contest For President In 2011
  111. [General] Nija suffers dented image at world cup!
  112. [General] Halliburton: Obasanjo Writes Jonathan
  113. [General] Continental To Launch Houston-Lagos Flights
  114. [General] America finds a reason to stay-put in Afghanistan
  115. [General] Ekiti uncovers 2,242 workers with forged certificates
  116. [General] Domestic Violence went up 320% since oil spill!
  117. [General] Orji Uzo Kalu's brothers to rule Abia State
  118. [General] NORTHERN Nigeria Army: Ohaneze Protests Recruitment
  119. [General] Sanusi's current love for the Chinese currency
  120. [General] NIGERIA: A Basket Case? - World Bank
  121. [General] Assuming we are saddled with a northern presidency in 2011, whom will you vote for and why?
  122. [General] Church Shells Out N17m To Rent Hall
  123. [General] Arab Slave Trade - A Synopsis
  124. [General] Islamists Kill Two For Watching Nigeria vs Argentina
  125. [General] Bukola Saraki Might Just Be PDP's Best Hope
  126. [General] Govt Bans Prostitution In Abuja
  127. [General] Ex-militants demand pay rise
  128. [General] 2011: 'IBB dares Jonathan'
  129. [Article] A World Cup Experience
  130. [Article] The Yar'adua We Knew
  131. [Article] Nigeria Vs Argentina: A Perspective
  132. [General] Speaker Bankole invokes religious sentiments
  133. [General] Struck by poverty, this married woman chose to end it all but...
  134. [General] Pakistani ISI Aid Taliban
  135. [General] June 12 MKO'S Brother visits IBB.
  136. [General] Nigeria has risen to the top tier of the world's worst violators of religious freedom - washingtontimes
  137. [General] Pedophile Mallam Yerima must quit the Senate or Nigeria burns
  138. [General] Ghana is World's 9th worst economy
  139. [General] So Nigeria is bad?
  140. [General] Imo indigenes, is this eye witness story true? - DP
  141. [General] Femi Kuti Rocks Afrobeat Live on PrimeTime TV.
  142. [General] 109 Escape Death In Plane's Emergency Landing In Lagos
  143. [General] Imo indigenes, is this eye witness story true?
  144. [General] Fulanis Go Berserk, Behead Many, Shoot Imam Dead
  145. [General] Finland sentences Rwanda preacher to life for orchestrating Tutsi genocide
  146. [General] My Eyewitness Reports from South Africa
  147. [General] Haiti- Second second oldest independent nation in the Western Hemisphere after America
  148. [General] Court ejects Rep from Abuja home
  149. [General] Congo Wahala like Andy Uba and Yuguda
  150. [Article] How Jonathan got his GCFR
  151. [General] We were fortunate to have yaradua - saraki
  152. [General] Anti-Semitic Reporter Forced to Resign Over anti- Israel Comments
  153. [General] Man impregnates daughter
  154. [General] Covering Up In Darfur
  155. [General] 2011: IBB Campaign Starts in Enugu
  156. [General] Taliban Hangs 7-Year Old Boy!
  157. [General] 45-year-old man defiles 7-year-old
  158. [General] ENUGU/ Pit Of Death Claims Three
  159. [General] Wias Da Money? Show Me The Money?
  160. [General] Obasanjo backs Jonathan for 2011
  161. [General] The Travails of an Incorruptible Police Officer
  162. [General] Chevron staff ,others nabbed for kidnapping
  163. [General] Breaking News-Ibori bail revoked
  164. [General] Stowaway survives in jet undercarriage
  165. [General] Nigerian airlines to get bail-out
  166. [General] Man arraigned for having sex with 11 males
  167. [General] Fuel Subsidy & the CBN Governor
  168. [General] Ribadu: The Vanguard Interview
  169. [General] Erelu Agbaye flees on sighting Ayefele in church
  170. [General] IBB wants me dead because of his dirty secrets -Babangida's former secretary
  171. [Article] The Normalization Of Impunity
  172. [General] Kidnapping: Oba of Benin [to] place curses on culprits
  173. [Article] How Ogun State Feeds Fat On Lagos
  174. [General] [BREAKING NEWS] Jega named as INEC Chair
  175. [Article] Ibb Wants Me Dead Because Of His Dirty Secrets –Former Secretary - Major Debo Bashorun
  176. [Article] Ribadu, Again....
  177. [General] Bankole and Ogunewe: more troubles ahead for Bankole
  178. [General] General Paul Okuntimo, arrester of Saro Wiwa, speaks on Nigeria
  179. [General] INEC Chief: Attahiru Jega?
  180. [General] UK Court Climax: James Ibori's Sister, Mistress, Get Five Years In Prison!
  181. [General] Human Parts Dealer Nabbed
  182. [Article] Oil And The People - The Obama Example
  183. [General] Why 2011 poll will not hold - INEC
  184. [General] Obasanjo's Country Of Anything Goes
  185. [General] Nigeria's Police Commissioners - How Fit ?
  186. [General] Aondoakaa Banned From Public Office
  187. [General] OBJ: Jonathan Must Run
  188. [Article] What "Slave Trade"? (Toward An Afrocentric Rectification Of Terms)
  189. [General] Bereavement
  190. [General] Chinweizu: Partial understanding of how we got here.
  191. [General] OMG-2011: IBB gets coordinator in Ekiti
  192. [Article] President Jonathan: One Month Later; When?
  193. [General] Try, Jail Obasanjo now-Kukah
  194. [Article] NFF's Incompetence And John Obi Mikel's Intransigence
  195. [General] Reviving Igbo language and culture
  196. [General] [Bizarre]Zuma's bodyguard impregnates wife, commits suicide
  197. [General] Jonathan: A Style, An Agenda
  198. [General] 2011: The Shape of Things to Come
  199. [General] Chevron is CHEVWRONG! Bars Nigerians
  200. [General] Adeniyi: The Essential Yar'Adua
  201. [Article] Watchdogs, Lapdogs, Us dogs
  202. [General] Chimamanda Adichie listed in the New Yorker ‘20 under 40′ young writers list
  203. [General] Saudis play Ping-Pong with G.O.A.T.G.E.R.I.A.N President
  204. [General] Towards 2011,inec,what s gwan?
  205. [General] Sultan of Sokoto's silence over Pedophile Yerima
  206. [General] Ribadu Returns Home
  207. [General] [SHOCKING]: The Company that Jonathan Keeps
  208. [Article] The wife-batterer of Akure, the G.O. and the Super Eagles
  209. [General] The Late Gani Fawehinmi's Will
  210. [General] Congo Rhumba Again!
  211. [General] Pb poison takes a toll in Nigeria
  212. [General] Justice Mary Odili Lambasts Obasanjo
  213. [General] Report: WHO overstated H1N1 threat; Big drug company payroll
  214. [General] Nigerian National Dance Troupe, An Epitome, Exemplar!
  215. [General] Why I didn't sack service chiefs –Jonathan
  216. [General] BBC: Nuhu Ribadu on Hardtalk
  217. [General] 2003 Election:Obasanjo is a conman-Bisi Akande
  218. [General] Nigerian health ministers are hopeless.
  219. [General] Head of Civil Service of the Federation and Minister of Transport Stormed ICPC Office, Freed OBJ' Inlaw.
  220. [General] Remaking Gombe: The Story Of Danjuma Goje
  221. [General] Thief Speaker Bankole turns fighter
  222. [General] Dangote faces fierce competition as Reagan Ufomba revs up the tempo
  223. [General] Defence Minister, Army, Navy Chiefs in Power Tussle
  224. [General] www.iborifacts.com - Ibori Launches Interactive "portal"
  225. [General] Another Disbeliever terrorist shoots up England! 12 killed in spree
  226. [General] Haggard announces new church, invites members to his home
  227. [General] Nigerian Priest scandal unfolds
  228. [General] Libya Executes Nigerians, Other Nationals
  229. [General] INEC Chief: Bukhari Bello?
  230. [General] Adeboye bans wigs,weave etc at Redeem Church?
  231. [Article] Chief Obafemi Awolowo
  232. [General] Irish Bishop and Archbishop of Benin City resigns over sexual abuse
  233. [Biafra] Mallam Ojukwu opens up on Biafra
  234. [General] School expels Pakistani boy, 13, for getting married
  235. [General] Father, Look into my congo .......
  236. [General] Oba Beats Wife in Public!
  237. [General] IBB: Immortalize Abiola
  238. [General] 2011: Aondoakaa Backs Jonathan
  239. [General] German President Koehler resigns
  240. [General] How France maintains its grip on Africa
  241. [General] France-Africa summit in Nice seeks business boost
  242. [Article] Lagerback Releases Final World Cup List
  243. [General] A Case for an Entrepreneurial Revolution in Nigeria
  244. [General] Advice for Muslims from the Prophet at these end times of war and terror
  245. [General] "The New Kings of Nigeria" - BBC
  246. [General] Election 2011: Shape of things to come (5)
  247. [General] Nigerian Oil Spills, Inc.
  248. [General] [Breaking News!] 16 killed, 30+ injured in Israeli attack on aid flotilla bound for Gaza
  249. [General] Homosexuality established, now Zoosexuality is on course for civil rights
  250. [Article] Graft Fatigue