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  1. [General] Disappearance of Janjaweed leader (who helped direct Darfur genocide) raises questions in Sudan
  2. [General] [BREAKING NEWS]: Gen. Andrew Azazi is New National Security Adviser
  3. [General] Even common fifa treats nigeria like a house boy!!!
  4. [General] 2011: 375 groups unite for Jonathan
  5. [General] Hypocrisy of consensus presidential candidacy
  6. [General] Fallouts from Independence Day Bombings
  7. [General] IBB's vision for the Niger Delta
  8. [General] The stabilizing power of rotational presidency in Nigeria
  9. [General] Two Bombers Wanted
  10. [General] Jonathan's Golden Jubilee List
  11. [General] MEND Said It Did It, So MEND Did It
  12. [Article] Did Jonathan Really Say 'Bomb Blast ... Not MEND, Responsible'
  13. [General] Professor Chinua Achebe on Nigeria's first 50 years
  14. [General] Behold your rulers.
  15. [General] OBJ VS IBB:THE (verbal)PUNCHES FLY!
  16. [General] Towards Getting an Igbo President in 2015
  17. [General] As expected Oji (Iroko) Achebe shuns, GEJ's flimsy Golden Independence Award.
  18. [General] Nigerian (Okeke ) gets autonomous artificial heart implant
  19. [General] REJECT IBB: Says Rights activists, Others urge Nigerians to reject IBB
  20. [General] Oyedepo predicts end of corrupt leaders
  21. [General] Sudanese Presidential adviser says Sudanese must prepare for war when the south secedes
  22. [General] Will Miss U Jean..GG
  23. [General] National Assembly Website Hacked...
  24. [General] Edo PDP Asks Court To Stop N30b Bond For Oshiomhole
  25. [General] How Dangote Seized His Uncle's Tin Can Island Port
  26. [General] U.S. apologizes to Guatemala for deliberately infecting them with STDs
  27. [General] Happy 50th Independence anniversary, Nigeria!!! To greater heights!
  28. [General] Cameroon Blacklists Nigerian ''Prophet'', T. B. Joshua
  29. [General] 65-year-old vicar about to "marry" a Nigerian man half his age
  30. [General] Independence Celebrations Marred By Bomb Blasts
  31. [General] Emir of Lafia's daughter kidnapped
  32. [General] Can we trust Jonathan?
  33. [General] Patience Jonathan locks out another Igbo group
  34. [General] 'Superhero Prince Naija'
  35. [General] Nigeria and Federal Character
  36. [General] Interesting: A history of Nigeria from 1000 to 19999
  37. [General] How Community Police & Civil Defense Can Reduce Crime
  38. [General] Emir of Lafia's daughter kidnapped
  39. [General] IBB And Buhari Think Blackberry is A Fruit - El Rufai
  40. [General] A distant Earth-like exoplanet 'could have life'
  41. [General] Nigerian Sex Slaves In Mali
  42. [General] Mass Condemnation Greets Lock-Out Of Ekwueme, Nnamani, Others
  43. [General] Riding a tiger to 2011
  44. [General] Patience rice causes katakata in abuja!
  45. [General] White America Has Lost Its Mind
  46. [General] Jonathan in Uniform
  47. [General] Obama Sends Presidential Delegation to Nigeria's 50th Anniversary Celebration
  48. [General] Patience Nor Dey 'Carey Last'
  49. [General] Atiku's university in Yola wins (won) McArthur Grant
  50. [General] As Nigeria turns 50...
  51. [General] Nigeria@50: FG to honour Awolowo, Azikiwe, Soyinka, others
  52. [General] Racist, Sexist, Creep, Msogynist As Governor?
  53. [General] Onovo out, Ringim in, Kidnapping and other vices still around and kicking
  54. [General] GEJ doing paddy paddy with Abacha (what happens to a looing family?)
  55. [General] 50 Years of Nigerian Memories - Unmissable Video
  56. [General] 2011 permutations: GEJ bribes Igbo with another appointment
  57. [General] Jonathan submits nomination form, says PDP didn't zone presidency
  58. [General] A picture is indeed worth quite a lot...
  59. [General] Nigerain Scientist receives 500,000 Dollar McArthur Grant
  60. [General] Ohakim, Jonathan's henchman, locks his fathers out of Igbo summit
  61. [General] IBB and the 36 Thiefs
  62. [General] PDP Zoning is after election not before: GEJ
  63. [General] Nigeria On The Brink? - Hear it From Howard Jeter.
  64. [General] Abubakar Tafawa Balewa in London after Nigeria declares its independence -video
  65. [General] 15 Pupils Kidnapped in Aba
  66. [General] Armageddon! Igbo leaders locked out in Igboland
  67. [General] IBB Policy and 2011 Action Agenda for Scourge of Insecurity and Conflicts, Poverty
  68. [General] GEJ holds Interactive Session with Women, Children, the Elderly, and Persons with Disabilities
  69. [General] 2011: IBB Boys' want him to withdraw • It's campaign of calumny -IBB • As YCE bans him from campaigning in Yoruba-speaking states
  70. [General] GEJ, IBB: Unknown Igbo group blows hot
  71. [General] Jonathan dissembles on zoning
  72. [General] Sudan reaches historic crossroads
  73. [General] Increased Aggression and Violence in Lagos Neighborhoods
  74. [General] Jewish aid ship with Jew activists from US, israel and Europe sails for Gaza
  75. [General] Dame Patience Jonathan's gravy train docks in NY!
  76. [General] 2011: Yoruba elders may bar IBB from S'West
  77. [General] Abuja Declaration: PDP govs sold dummy to Jonathan
  78. [General] Shadow Parliament Holds Third Session In New York
  79. [General] 2011: S/East govs endorse Jonathan - FSU, the epicenter of wisdom, what sayeth thee?
  80. [General] Excellent Robbers In Power: Akinola
  81. [General] Damn! Flood displaces 2M in Gwobezentashiland-BBC
  82. [News] Job shortage affects house of God!
  83. [General] 2011: S'East govs back Jonathan
  84. [General] How I Almost Committed Suicide – Pastor Ituah Ighodalo
  85. [General] Nigeria & Indonesia - Similar Nations, Different Outcomes
  86. [General] My German Embassy lover impregnated me and fled
  87. [General] No Tithe, No Wedding..........So Says Adeboye of RCCG.
  88. [General] Strict Confidential: How Babangida, Mike Adenuga and Bukola Saraki looted nigerian OIL MONEY
  89. [General] Stakeholders protest 40b naira airport project cost
  90. [General] PDP'll pay for dumping zoning - Adamu Ciroma
  91. [General] Why Jonathan can't resist temptation to run
  92. [General] 1966 Coup: Olusegun Osoba speaking at last?
  93. [General] 1000+ Architects & Engineers officially demand new 9/11 investigation
  94. [General] ‘Jonathan banking on rigging'
  95. [General] I owe no apologies to anyone – Dokpesi
  96. [General] The Igbo should think properly before casting their votes this time -Nzeribe
  97. [General] Presidency Mounts Security Surveillance On Kaduna, Jos
  98. [General] Odili's wife moved from Abuja to Kaduna
  99. [General] Chinua Achebe To Receive One Of The Largest Awards In The Arts
  100. [General] Jonathan Sacks Gocs, Reshuffles Army Command Positions
  101. [General] Govt. Is Broke, No Money For 2011 Election
  102. [General] Okiro for Senate
  103. [General] 12 nigerians may face death penalty for armed robbery in cotonou!
  104. [General] EFCC, ICPC May Go After Soludo
  105. [General] Jonathan Storms New York With 120-Man Delegation To The UN
  106. [General] PDP's concentric circles of intrigues
  107. [General] Jonathan's Aide, Senator Nwite, Is Dead
  108. [General] How Nigeria can rule the world in another 50 years - British H C
  109. [General] Obasanjo Barred From UN Building
  110. [General] US Government Behind 9/11 Bombing: Iranian President
  111. [General] Breaking story--IBB on CNN, shameless
  112. [General] GEJ approves 1billion naira to buy dustbins
  113. [General] Why Gov Saraki, Sanusi hijacked Intercontinental Bank - Akingbola
  114. [General] Nigeria Is In A Mess
  115. [General] Jonathan Won't Win In 2011
  116. [General] Prof wole soyinka comments on act of treason in his home state,ogun
  117. [General] Atiku: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
  118. [General] CIA Again. NPR Confirms 3,000 Man CIA Army Conducts Operations In Pakistan
  119. [General] For Friends of Pen-Robbers, Saraki & Sanusi Shenanigans.
  120. [General] Pidgin to Become a Formal Language
  121. [General] Dakingari declares Holy war for second term -Allah have mercy!
  122. [General] Bobshell! Jonathan's advised to deal with IBB, Saraki others before primary election day
  123. [General] Orji Kalu joins FSU, Nnamani and Ojukwu on Future Igbo presidency Vanguard
  124. [General] Nigeria buys $7.5bn goods from and sells $702m to China in 6 months
  125. [General] CHINA, As Fact of Life! And Why Not?
  126. [General] [HEARSAY] Igbos to officially become a minority group in 2011
  127. [General] Who said Tinubu is a past tense in Lagos?
  128. [General] 17 ‘Wise Men' to Choose North's Consensus Candidate
  129. [General] A vote for GEJ is a vote for OBJ
  130. [General] NECO: 79% Failure in English
  131. [General] Now Showing at MMIA: Nude Images of Passengers
  132. [General] Jonathan May Be Killed In Plane Crash – Cleric
  133. [General] Nigerians In Diaspora Remitted $7bn In 2009
  134. [General] A New Nigeria, Our Time Is Now
  135. [General] Uduaghan love Jonathan pass E.K Clark !?!? Omo Agege too!
  136. [General] Dr. Bukola Saraki - Declaration Speech
  137. [General] Ribadu to run for presidency on ACN's platform
  138. [General] How Community Police & Civil Defense Can Reduce Crime
  139. [General] IBB forever - Dim
  140. [General] 6 MTN Workers Killed in Aba: Aba is a very sad story.
  141. [General] Jega wants more time for elections
  142. [General] How I'll create jobs, jumpstart economy, by Atiku
  143. [General] Haitians Cry in Letters Please - Do Something!
  144. [General] "Nzeogwu's Mentor" Spills the Beans (Col Conrad Nwawo)
  145. [General] Nigeria's ex-president Babangida, CIA, ruthless murder, loot and more
  146. [General] Arrived: Jonathan Campaign Videos!
  147. [General] Audio Analysis: Forthcoming General Elections in Nigeria
  148. [General] Introducing the PseudoNazi Democratic party of Nigerian :Adolf Hitler is your friend
  149. [General] Babangida's Achievements; Chronicles of an Over Achiever
  150. [General] Balewa Killed FIVE DAYS AFTER Jan 66 Coup - The Nation
  151. [General] My People, What a good time to die -bloody revolution imminent in Nigeria
  152. [General] Ogd loses n30m to executive driver!
  153. [General] 65th UN General assembly NYC- it's tha time of the year again!!!
  154. [General] Nigeria No More Major Druggie
  155. [General] 2011:I Will Take Corrupt Politicians Money For My Campaign
  156. [General] Answers to Questions You Have Always Wanted to Ask IBB
  157. [General] Gej-sambo declaration live!
  158. [General] Ediot US GOP strategist swipes at Nigeria
  159. [General] On the way to the Presidency 2: Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for president, invites IBB, Atiku & Saraki...!!??
  160. [General] IBB Visits Ojukwu In Enugu to discuss Igbo presidency in 2015
  161. [General] 2011: North Issues Jonathan Yellow Card!
  162. [General] Atiku to Step for IBB
  163. [General] Bashir Tofa for president????
  164. [General] 2011: What about Buhari??
  165. [General] A Foretaste of what is to come?
  166. [General] NYSC members kidnapped in Rivers State
  167. [General] Acute Nerve Damage: Babangida Has One Leg Left, And Daughter Slumps At Declaration
  168. [General] FBI urges U.S. Mohammed cartoonist to go into hiding
  169. [General] IBB: ‘Hired' Supporters Protest Non-payment of Allowance
  170. [General] I decide who is corrupt and who's not: RIBADU
  171. [General] Deaf molestation victim sues Vatican -CNN
  172. [General] Ribadu Reveals Presidential Ambition
  173. [General] Egypt's Newspaper (Al-Ahram)
  174. [General] N30 (no, not millions ) Cure for Cholera, Typhoid, Food Poisoning, Parasites?
  175. [General] JTF Dislodges Protesting Women At SPDC Flow Station
  176. [General] Doyin Okupe: ''I respect IBB, would have voted for him if South South was not contesting''
  177. [General] Why I Want To Be President Again - Ibb
  178. [General] Et Tu Kenechukwu Nnamani???
  179. [General] Shock, disbelief herald IBB's presidential declaration
  180. [General] Throw away the Broom, Pick the Umbrella
  181. [General] Nigeria 2011: Credibility Issue-Another 'vague', simple yet realistic assertion on Buhari v Ribadu presidency 2011.
  182. [General] Gunmen kill head of EFCC's forensic unit
  183. [General] The Economy Is Going Down, Soludo Warns
  184. [General] The plight of our children abroad
  185. [General] Koran Burner Derek Fenton Booted from his job at NJ Transit
  186. [General] Oba rejects Alao Akala's Sallah gift
  187. [General] French senate approves burqa ban
  188. [General] Jonathan paddy and the N1.3bn Abuja House, Gas supply scandal etc
  189. [General] Greatest Nigerian of the Past 50 Years
  190. [General] SSS director, wife, 3 children murdered in KANO!
  191. [General] IBB picks Odili as running mate!
  192. [Biafra] Salt Unto Injury: Northerner Uses Jonathan To Spite Biafran Cause
  193. [General] Igbos give up the presidency in the next 16 years
  194. [Article] 1 Ringim. 5 Points Agenda
  195. [General] Gingrich: President Exhibits ‘Kenyan, Anticolonial Behavior'
  196. [General] Denker for President -Excerpt
  197. [General] Nigeria, Britain Sign MoU To Allow Diplomats' Spouses Work
  198. [General] .......
  199. [General] 2011 Elections: Let The Real Debate Begin
  200. [General] 50 Years After Colonial Illegal Regimes Left the African Continent
  201. [General] Afghanistan, American Contract Corruption, Undermine Military Mission
  202. [General] 9/11 anniversary still marked with Quran burning and desecration in US
  203. [General] Duped man attempts four unsuccessful suicides!
  204. [General] 2011: Ndigbo in the North to organise political summit
  205. [General] Dokpesi: Presidency, Clark, Others Plotting to Kill Me: Lies, Says Presidential Spokesman
  206. [General] Park 51 (Cordoba House) - WORLD PEACE
  207. [General] Diasporans threathen to sue Jonathan
  208. [General] Gov. Akpabio Orders Arrest Of NGO Officials
  209. [General] Catholics Protest Against kidnappers, Criminals In Owerri
  210. [General] Nigeria on the Brink What Happens If the 2011 Elections Fail?
  211. [General] Soldier's Father Says Army was warned of murder plot
  212. [General] After 9/11, They Still Allowed Islam.
  213. [General] Adeolu Alabi, 28, Yahoo Plus superstar: The New Face Of 419
  214. [General] FACTS OR FICTION: Alao Akala is the best ever from Oyo state
  215. [General] Too much self-independence in Igboland: Ogbulafor family in political disarray
  216. [General] Notting Hill Carnival
  217. [General] Questions for Lagosians
  218. [General] Dangote donates $2m to Pakistan floods victims
  219. [General] Dora Akunyili's Niece Arrested For Cocaine Smuggling
  220. [General] Gusau for President!
  221. [General] Dele Momodu: Don't Run Jonathan!
  222. [General] Ojo Maduekwe, a cat with nine lives, bounces back?
  223. [General] Ademola Babalola Blackmails Ndigbo
  224. [General] Oh dora!!!! You again!!!
  225. [General] Koran Burning Epitomizes Islamophobia In America?
  226. [General] US soldiers killed Afghans for sport and collected fingers as trophies
  227. [General] Travel-Ban-Obasanjo-IBB-Atiku-Others
  228. [General] Jonathan fires service Chiefs
  229. [General] NSE Suspends AP, Conoil, 53 Others From Market
  230. [Boko Haram] Many Feared Dead as Boko Haram Storms Bauchi Prisons
  231. [General] Not a Living Wage
  232. [General] Gunmen Attack Nigerian Prison Holding Extremists
  233. [General] Pastor Wants To Burn Koran
  234. [General] How I was Humiliated In Canada: Obasanjo
  235. [General] The Imperial Anatomy of Al-Qaeda. The CIA's Drug-Running Terrorists and the "Arc of Crisis" - Global Research
  236. [News] And the men left town!!
  237. [General] 400 Miles in One Month- State of African Roads
  238. [General] Pastor's 'Jesus Had HIV' Sermon Angers SA Christians
  239. [General] Homosexuality And The Battle For Africa's Soul
  240. [General] The Israelis and the Palestinians - Again
  241. [General] Black farmers Boost Agriculture Recovery In Zimbabwe
  242. [General] OBAHIAGBON 's Greatest Hits: BIG GRAMMAR, BIG PANTS!
  243. [General] Nigerians Have Met Enemies of Nigeria, Enemies Of Nigeria Are Nigerians!
  244. [General] Gani Fawehinmi: A Year On....
  245. [General] Mbu waited for 42 years to tell us how Tafawa Balewa died
  246. [General] The lamentation of Ex-Gov Nnamani: welcome, Nnamani, to the world of ordinary Nigerians
  247. [General] Islam is world's greatest threat - Tony Blair
  248. [General] Third Term Agenda Is Alive
  249. [General] News from Great Ala-Igbo
  250. [General] Atiku for 2015 Igbo Presidency