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  1. US citizen carries out deadly suicide terror plane attack on IRS building!!!!
  2. New US Visa Procedure for Nigerians
  3. ...............
  4. [News] Fresh plot to kill Jonathan uncovered *2 ministers, 2 ex-govs implicated
  5. [News] Coup underway in Niger ..I hope its not catching
  6. Danjuma Wants to Save Nigeria!
  7. Haiti;bbc traces scam computer to nigeria!
  8. [News] Poor-Rich Old Black Guy, A Painful Story
  9. Africa Abroad
  10. [News] Brand & Re-Brand The Israel & Nigerian Example
  11. Nigeria's Jonathan could win backing as candidate
  12. [News] Breaking News: FEC Declares YarAdua Incapacitated
  13. [News] Ohakim of Imo-State a BIG Disgrace to Great Ala-Igbo
  14. Pics of the hit-squad at Dubai!
  15. [News] Michael Aondoakaa Former AGF LIED, says USA
  16. [Biafra] The last campaign of the Biafran General
  17. Did Jonathan bribe the senate to be made Ag. President?
  18. [News] Nigerian President Yaradua suffers massive stroke
  19. [News] Mallam Yar'adua Killer-Squads on loose!
  20. [News] Ndiigbo don finish o -Chineke God, where u dey!
  21. [News] Petroleum Minister, Mr. Rilwan Lukman resigns
  22. Nigeria's New Leader Woos Oil Companies
  23. Nigerian man taking Rwanda Science and Tech to new heights
  24. Nigerian man who manages global fund for Agriculture
  25. [News] Haiti: The politics of rebuilding
  26. [News] Breaking News: Mallam Yar'adua latest!
  27. Mbazuluike (The Boy is Good) Amaechi On Nigeria
  28. [News] Cabinet Dissolution Imminent?
  29. [News] Lagos rated ‘fifth worst city'
  30. Nigeria's Total Debt Now $26bn
  31. Dina s death...two senators throw bombshell!
  32. [News] A reward for good job
  33. Wole Soyinka says the UK, not Nigeria, should be on the terrorism watch-list
  34. Has Mr. Aondoakaa taken accumulated leave to spend his loot?
  35. [News] Nigerian Bought London Gatwick Airport
  36. [News] Inspector General of Police orders criminal investigation of Senator Ikechukwu Obiorah over N80million in bounced checks & more
  37. Agenda-setting for our acting president
  38. [Opinion] Michael Aondoakaa Former AGF Should Be Investigated And Tried
  39. US Gives Conditions For Dropping Nigeria From Terror List
  40. Bill Clinton Hospitalized Following Chest Pain, Gets Stents
  41. [Opinion] New permutations on the presidency intrigues
  42. Editorial: The Dora Akunyili Hoopla
  43. The Goodluck Prayer
  44. The Wages of Free rides
  45. Court Stops Assembly From Probing Fashola
  46. [News] Man donates only house, land to motherless kids
  47. Yar'Adua's absence: Obama's envoy consults with IBB
  48. Borno's lifetime largesse for public officers
  49. [Press Release] AN Open letter to Attorney General of Nigeria - Michael Aondoka
  50. Breaking News Nigeria's minister of Justice Michael Aondoka sacked!
  51. We told you so!
  52. [News] NASS Sued for illegal actions
  53. [Press Release] Police kill Imo most wanted criminal
  54. [Press Release] Bunch of FOOLS who hijacked our government
  55. Jonathan Accepts Responsibility As Acting President
  56. [News] Dora aAkunyili and Aondoakaa fight to finish?
  57. Shocking video of extra-judicial killings.
  58. Anambra elections debrief
  59. Lawmakers Empower Goodluck Jonathan
  60. VP Locks Out Maduekwe, Babalola For Lateness To Meeting
  61. Close Shave With Death in the hands of a Son (CAUTION: SOME MAY FIND PICTURE DISTURBING)
  62. Ali Dizaei jailed for corruption.
  63. Autism in western world has increased 600% in past 2 decades!!!
  64. German locum GP Daniel Ubani killed patient on first UK shift
  65. Medical Doctor Turned Us Into Sex Machines, Impregnated Us and Sold Our Babies - Rescued Teenagers
  66. "Maga no need pay"
  67. Peter Obi Declared Winner In Anambra
  68. Atiku, Wife Laundered $40M -US Senate
  69. [News] Zuma in a new sex scandal
  70. Anambra elections live
  71. [Press Release] Sick Nigeria President Yar'Adua 'to hand over power'
  72. Yar'Adua 'll come back, but…–Primate Ayodele
  73. Exposed: reason why Bankole supports Yaradua
  74. [News] Of Crimes and Punishments
  75. Yar'Adua: 36 Govs Insist On Handover Of Power To Jonathan
  76. ThisGlobeAfrica.com real time webcast
  77. Yar'Adua to Handover Power: Breaking News
  78. AmazingG Interview with Yar'Adua
  79. Yar'Adua's supporters storm N' Assembly
  80. Invitation to Otunba Dipo Dina's Memorial Service, London
  81. Letter from God to Nigerians
  82. Negroes (black africans)
  83. [News] Homes Not Games in Canada Critique Winter Olympics
  84. [News] Anambra Falls Victim to Yar'Adua's Absence
  85. Ethno-Religious Crisis: OPC Advocates Secession By Yoruba
  86. [News] Atiku & Jennifer in US Money Laundering
  87. [Opinion] Nigerians In Diaspora Organization, As Nigeria Advance
  88. About Moremi
  89. FG may stop expansion of Badagry Expressway
  90. Yoruba were in Jos before Hausa - Kaze
  91. Dora Akunyili, A Hero, Woman of Courage
  92. Ill Nigeria President Yar'Adua Must Quit - Media Chiefs
  93. [Opinion] "England is a cesspit", breeding ground for racialized Islam - Wole Soyinka
  94. Mystery python killed inside Aba Market
  95. Open letter to the federal executive council
  96. [News] A.I.G. Plan for $100 Million Bonus Payout Draws Fire
  97. Immortalisation of Dead Senators in Nigeria
  98. Born to Rule
  99. [News] Judge beheaded in Kwara •For dissolving marriage, suspect flees
  100. OBJ betrayed me -Yar'Adua * Turai consults with spiritualists in Mecca
  101. Mother of Five Dies in Hotel After Sex Romp
  102. Yar'adua camp spends N20 billion to scuttle his removal
  103. Nigerians Wonder: Could A Military Coup Help Us?
  104. KATSINA in text
  105. Watch poor civilians killed by naija soldier in jos
  106. [News] Black History Month Begins: Progress Vs Regress
  107. [Press Release] Stop deportations to Nigeria now!
  108. What our ministers have been up to since the absence of Yar'Adua
  109. Shell Sells Nigerian Assets to Local Consortium
  110. [Opinion] Goodluck Jonathan killing Nigeria and Nigerians slowly..?
  111. [Article] Impeach President Umaru Yaradua Of Nigeria Now!
  112. Turai for Vice President
  113. Yaradua now has Cancer ?
  114. American Democracy and Policy Arguments
  115. At Last: The Sovereign National Conference!
  116. MEND Calls Off Cease Fire?
  117. dont beat women
  118. [Opinion] NBA (Nigerian Bar Association), Treason, Anarchy or Legal Nonsense
  119. [Opinion] Justice Tribunal on NVS
  120. Aftermath of Jos crisis: Lawmakers Want Plateau Indigenes To Leave Bauchi
  121. Chris Ngige must be the chosen one
  122. World Powers, Eminent Nigerians Back Jonathan As Acting President
  123. Terrorism: Farouk Abdulmutallab's Associates Arrested
  124. Immigration Phases Out Old Passport Dec 31
  125. [Opinion] Haiti A History Of Intervention Occupation And Resistance
  126. Turai Yar'adua lambasts VP Goodluck
  127. Saraki Dynasty, A Joke Taken Too Far –Princess Gambari, AC Chieftain
  128. Nigeria court backs ill president
  129. [Opinion] Why is Benue peaceful and Plateau is not?
  130. Haiti have larger oil reserves than Venezuela
  131. Lagos State under imminent WAR THREAT -run if you can!
  132. El-Rufai: I’ll return when V-P takes over
  134. Living In Nigeria
  135. Gloves Come Off After Obama Rips Supreme Court Ruling
  136. Gold Discovery in Western part of Nigeria
  137. Past presidents ask Yar'Adua to go*
  138. Kwara State 2011: Sharia Council rules out woman gov
  139. [News] FEC approves N1.6b for EFCC
  140. [News] JOS CRISIS: The Mallams Fight Back!!
  141. Hillary Clinton "levels 'astonishing' criticism" with bad logic and analogy.
  142. Mother Nigeria!!!!!!!!!!..........
  143. Judge awards ₦100m damages to Uzoma Okere
  144. A life changing business opportunity
  145. Soludo leads in NTA survey -hurrah!
  146. [News] President Must Transmit Letter To N/A - Senators
  147. [News] Don't Sit On Him, Don't Sit On it
  148. Yar'Adua: Defence Chiefs Warn Against Coup
  149. Redirect the rest to Haiti.
  150. News updates
  151. Could This Work in Naija?
  152. [Press Release] Doctors: No home coming for Yar’Adua
  153. [News] Mrs. Cecilia Ibru: Corruption Conglomerate Incorporated?
  154. [Opinion] Wole Soyinka Grandiose and Grumbled
  155. Breaking News: AC Ogun State 2007 Guber Candidate, Otunba Dipo Dina Assasinated
  156. Yar'Adua Loyalist holds counter rallies in 6 states
  157. Violence erupts in Sokoto
  158. Yar'Adua's mobile ambulance arrives
  159. US to review hasty inclusion of Nigeria to terror watch list
  160. Yar'Adua May Return Next Week
  161. ‘American Trip' Ends 10-Day-Old Marriage
  162. I wish Nzeogwu's Coup had Succeeded –Pastor Tunde Bakare
  163. Umy....once upon a pledge!
  164. Obasanjo's many games with Yar'Adua
  165. [Opinion] Human Rights Watch:World Report 2010 - Nigeria
  166. Nigeria on Brink of Imminent Collapse, says NBA
  167. The Stakes in the Edo State House of Assembly Re-run Election
  168. Profile of Mallam Umaru Musa Yar'Adua
  169. [Opinion] Nigerians Are Spineless
  170. Like Haiti like Nigeria: mixing christianity with voodooism
  171. [News] Oil Estimates in Venezuela Doubled
  172. North Should Forget Presidency –Major Umar
  173. FEC Gets 14 Day Ultimatum To Rule On Sick President Yaradua
  174. [Press Release] Is Ikenne Igboland or Yorubaland...?
  175. [Opinion] Abubakar Umar -a man of my heart!
  176. Top First Bank directors linked to N99bn loan
  177. Jonathan: Finally Found his Voice?
  178. Jos crisis: We lost all say Hausa-Fulani, Igbo, Yoruba
  180. BBC Hardtalk Interview with Foreign Minister Ojo Maduekwe
  181. Nigeria: Resign Now, Obasanjo Tells Yar`adua
  182. Terror Watch List: Nigerian lawmaker deported from Amsterdam Schiphol
  183. Nigeria accounts for 60% of Ghana’s foreign Investment
  184. Senate Confirms Adefuye As Nigeria's Ambassador To US
  185. [News] Education in Nigeria or Abroad, A Debate.. Ayim & Bankole
  186. National Assembly: Missing In Action
  187. IgweShip Madness in Great Ala-Igbo
  188. Brazilian diplomat blames juju and famed an African curse in Haiti's disaster
  189. Nigeria: A Failed State?
  190. Robbers snatch petrol tanker
  191. [News] Speculations in Minna over IBB
  192. Republicans Win Senate Seat in Mass!
  193. Fashola leads the way yet again
  194. Akingbola, The wanted Thief, loses bid to regain assets
  195. Rich Nations Call for Haiti Debt Relief
  196. The height of stupidity - only Naija
  197. If I were the president...
  198. [News] Nigerians spend over N137bn to study in UK, US varsities
  199. Suicide Bombers To Embark On Strike
  200. [Biafra] Haiti's Tragedy, Biafran Memories
  201. [Biafra] Haiti's Tragedy, Biafran Memories
  202. [Biafra] [for The Record] Statement By Dr. Francois Duvalier,on The Recognition Of Biafra
  203. [News] Bankruptcy for JAL, Japanese Airline
  204. [Biafra] Haiti's Tragedy, Biafran Memories
  205. [News] Nigerian embassies steal visa fees, says Auditor-General
  206. [News] Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, The Great Leader of Oodua writes Mallam Yar'adua
  207. Jackpot for Pirates
  208. Earthquake TEST Goes Horribly Wrong!
  209. Efcc seizes ibru s 103 properties!
  210. Staging Ballyhoos As Protests
  211. Another wave of violence erupts in Jos
  212. [Press Release] An open letter to haijya turai yar'adua
  213. Jonathan honours military in fear
  214. Yoruba Leaders Unite, Float Umbrella Body
  215. Nollywood Endorses Soludo -THE LIGHT!
  216. Plot, intrigues against VP thicken - Power, water supplies regularly interrupted in Aguda House - His correspondences under close monitoring - VP keep
  217. [News] 2011: I'll not hand over to rogues – Daniel
  218. [Opinion] Mutallab Terrorist Incident As A Teachable Moment Or Lesson To Nigerians
  219. Why the protest march over a sick president.
  220. Gunmen kidnap Federal Assistant Director in Abuja
  221. 8 truths I can give Our VP Mr Goodluck.
  222. PDP Fund Raiser Rakes in N2bn for Soludo
  223. Petition for Yar'Adua to put up or ship out
  224. [Biafra] Yar`adua And The Ghost Of Biafra
  225. [Biafra] Yar`adua And The Ghost Of Biafra
  226. [Opinion] Collective laziness under "prayer"
  227. Court Rules Vp Can Act For Ailing President
  228. New York City Sues Nigeria for Back Taxes
  229. Save Nigeria Proposal
  230. Senate drops Saudi trip
  232. [Biafra] Biafra's fresh wounds -The rising sun
  233. NYC Sues Nigeria Over Unpaid Taxes
  234. [News] Big Haiti quake topples buildings, many casualties
  235. [Press Release] Minority Health Input
  236. Nigeria Sends Controversial Moslem Cleric Back to Kenya
  237. [News] UBA Plc -419 Bank -Allah help us!
  238. Yar`adua Breaks Silence
  239. Anxiety as N'Assembly Decides on Yar'Adua
  240. African Race Riots Grip Italian Town, and Mafia Is Suspected
  241. Attack on Pipeline Further Strains Nigeria
  242. [Opinion] A Revealing Interview with Donald Duke
  243. On Tai Solarin
  244. Maryam Ibrahim Babangida
  245. British-Nigerian elected Igbo king
  246. [News] Civil Society March on Abuja
  247. 10 reasons why Yaradua should remain Nigeria's president
  248. [Press Release] Yar'adua: The unending diatribe
  249. [Press Release] Efforts Mohammed Mana to review constitution will succeed –Senate deputy leader
  250. [Opinion] Challenges facing nigerian universities