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  1. [Article] When Babalawos Run Our Education
  2. [Article] Nigeria Should Prepare For 100 Years of War.
  3. [Article] Youth unemployment in a rebased economy
  4. [Article] The Responsibility of Nigerian Celebrities
  5. [Article] Starve Religion Of State-Fund Workplace & School Uniformity
  6. [Article] The legitimacy of being a Nigerian
  8. [Article] Higher education: How we got things wrong
  9. [Article] Okonjonomics or When a Finance Minister Turns Money-Doubler
  10. [Article] Brute Noice: Radio Biafra London
  11. [Article] Life's Worth & A Bomb Too Many
  12. [Article] Nigerian Rebasing And The Making Of A Phantom Economy
  13. [Article] Musiliu Obanikoro endangers the Nigerian Army
  14. [Article] Adopt Full Public Funding for Nigerian Elections
  15. [Article] More Pastors Might Die At Igbo Funerals
  16. [Article] The False Hyper-Propaganda by Jama’atu Nasir Islam (JNI)
  17. [Article] Islamophobia: Thriving at the National Orthopedic Hospital and LUTH
  18. [Article] There Is No More Boko Haram, It Is Military Task Force - Military Sources
  19. [Article] Colonel Kabiru Salisu--91 Days With Boko Haram
  20. [Article] Lagos Power Show: Fashola v. Obanikoro
  21. [Article] On Nigeria's Rebased Economy
  22. [Article] Brilliant verses for Nigeria’s centennial
  23. [Article] Nigeria, the giant disappointment of Africa (1)
  24. [Article] How do we make decisions in Nigeria?
  25. [Grammar] 12 Popular Misusages in Nigerian English (I)
  26. [Article] Beyond the Muslim/Muslim Ticket
  27. [Article] Govt shutdown: Blocking the budget to punish the people – By Reno Omokri
  28. The Boys from Festac
  29. [Article] No Choice
  30. [Article] Western hypcrisy and the Russia-Ukrainian crisis
  31. [Article] As the Igbo become a minority in Nigeria
  32. [Article] Nigeria’s critics in diaspora: A pretentious horde
  33. [Article] Married people don’t really have sex
  34. [Article] Fulani Herdsmen: Villains or Victims?
  35. [Article] The Nigerian Job-seeker Pays for Every Job Application
  37. [Article] Petitions, legal Actions, Strikes, Needed To Change Legislators Salaries
  39. [Article] What does the “North” want? (Part 2)
  40. [Article] There are Blacks, Blacks, and Blacks
  41. [Article] VP Succession, State of Origin, and Federal Character: Overcoming Some Fundamental Flaws in the 1999 Constitution
  42. [Article] Our Sexuality in God's Kingdom On Earth
  43. [Article] Oil companies, exploitation, and unemployment
  44. [Article] Violence in a Rebased Economy
  45. [Article] I have not left the APC - FFK
  46. [Article] Will North Vote For Jonathan?
  47. [Article] We Are Not Difficult, We Are Just Different
  48. [Article] Bigoted opposition to grazing reserves
  50. [Article] Akwa Ibom Must Produce The Next President Or Else
  51. [Article] Power, Uninterrupted
  52. [Article] But who is Afraid of the Janjanweed Muslim-Muslim Buhari/Tinubu for 2015?
  53. [Article] On Fashola’s Theory of Leadership and Church Attendance
  54. [Article] Where One Or Two Fulanis Are...?
  55. [Article] Denying Corruption To Boost Corruption
  56. [Article] Is there a conspiracy against Nigeria?
  57. [Article] An Evening With Senator (Mrs) Oluremi Tinubu
  58. [Article] Nasir El-Rufai, Femi Fani-Kayode, between Reality and Illusion
  59. If Biafra Had Won the War
  60. [Article] APC And The Strange Dream Of A Muslim/Muslim Ticket (2)
  61. [Article] The Stupid Jokes
  62. [Grammar] Q and A on Expressions, Usage and Pronunciation
  63. [Article] Why Are We So Difficult?
  64. [Article] Re: Malaysian airline tragedy and closing of the Nigerian mind
  65. [Article] The Strange Dream Of A Muslim/Muslim Ticket (Part 1)
  66. [Article] The Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB): Balancing Host Community Fund with Perverted Indignation.
  67. [Article] Surrendering Nigeria to USA Control
  68. [Article] Nigeria and the Crimean Conundrum
  69. [Article] Kiss-ing Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala
  70. [Article] Seeking Intervention Funds to Seal Lamido Sanusi’s Lips
  71. [Article] World Bank DID NOT Say Nigeria is an Extremely Poor Nation.
  72. [Article] Unemployment In Nigeria As A Ticking Time Bomb
  73. [Article] What does the “North” want? (1)
  74. [Article] Deodorant of Language
  75. [News] Garden City mission and national politics
  76. [Article] Message to the National Conference
  78. [Article] FULLY AT WAR - Pat Utomi
  79. [Article] Buhari/Tinubu Ticket, This APC's Suicide Mission
  80. [Article] FCT Minister and Integrated Parking Services Ltd
  81. [Article] Russia Vs. The West
  82. [Article] From Crimea, with Love
  83. [Article] Warming up to violence in 2015
  84. [Article] Africa Has Enough Of Crimea At Home
  85. [Article] Nigerians Should Talk About Israeli Racism
  86. [Article] Abba Moro and the War on the Poor
  87. [Article] Change Agents Must Study, Study, Study
  88. [Article] The Ides of March 2014 and Goodluck Jonathan’s Deathly Body Language of Indifference
  90. [Article] To be Evil is to be Nigerian?
  91. [Article] What Happened Sunday Morning in Abuja?
  92. [Article] National Confab or National Theatre?
  93. [Article] Why Amaechi Should Challenge Jonathan for President
  94. [Article] The Barbarians Of Africa
  95. [Grammar] 12 Most Popular Archaisms in Nigerian English
  96. [Article] Malaysian airline tragedy and closing of the Nigerian mind
  97. [Article] Of Girls and Choice Old Men
  98. [Article] Just Before Nigerians Join Cameroun...
  99. [Article] Open letter to President Goodluck Jonathan GCFR, on the escalating Fulani /Tiv crisis in the Benue valley
  100. [Article] Nigerians In South Africa, Victims Or Culprits?
  101. [Article] Let Odua Boko Haram Niger Delta & Biafra Go
  102. [Article] Of Distorted Federalism, Structural Problems, and Leadership Crisis in Nigeria: A Case for Decentralization, without Disintegration.
  103. [Article] By The Way, What Is SLS Doing About Reno Omokri?
  104. [Article] On Progressives and Pro-aggressives
  105. [Article] One Central Bank, Four Governors
  106. [Article] Tiv People Oppose Grazing Land For Fulani Herdsmen On Homeland
  107. [Article] Kidnapping: Can it be Eliminated in the Case of Nigeria?
  108. [Article] Still on Nigeria’s ‘Revolutionary’ Conference
  109. [Article] Jonathan: Playing with Boko Haram fire
  110. [Article] Praying for Nigeria: A Citizen's Secular Meditations
  111. [Article] BAT:The Paragon of Leadership Trudges On @ 62
  112. [Article] Roadmap to a New Nigeria – APC Draft Manifesto
  113. [Article] Before Nairaland Goes To The Dogs: An Open Letter To Seun Osewa
  114. [Article] Our Golden Girl
  115. [Article] APC Code of Ethics
  116. [Article] Thrill Seeking Death At Any Age Agony To Those Left Behind
  117. [Article] The 10 Real Secrets to Becoming a Billionaire like Dangote
  118. [Article] What Nigeria Must Do To Secure a Total Victory In The Current War Against Boko-Haram Terrorists
  119. [Article] Scamming The Oppressed
  120. [Article] The Jonathan doctrine of leadership – By Reno Omokri
  121. [Article] The Obsession with 2015
  122. [Article] Nigeria: Letter To My Northern Brothers, Both Mustapha And Christopher
  123. [Article] What Happened To A Pair Of Trousers At N52?
  124. [Article] The Unemployment Crisis
  125. [Grammar] Q and A idiomatic expressions, pronunciation, and West African English
  126. [Grammar] Q and A on Nigeria’s and Anglophone Africa’s strange political expressions
  127. [Article] A comparison of Nigerian and American University teachers (III)
  128. [Article] Nigeria’s curricular institutionalization of mass amnesia
  129. [Article] The Tragedy of Jonathan’s Pulpit Politics
  130. [Article] Nigeria is dying
  131. [Article] Before The Second Coming
  132. [Article] Caribbean Self, African Selfie
  133. [Article] Carnage at Giwa Barracks in Northern Nigeria
  134. [Article] 12 Years A Slave and The Case For Reparations
  135. [Article] Masses Senator Ojudu: A Lamb among Wolves
  136. [Article] Seeking Intervention Funds to Seal Sanusi Lamido Sanusi's Lips
  137. [Article] One week, one tragedy
  138. [Article] World Prices With Nigerian Salary Exempt Politicians
  139. [Article] A Society Governed By Rustlers
  140. [Article] Death of Immigration Job Seekers
  141. [Article] The Asymmetric Nigerian Society
  142. [Article] Immigration Recruitment Tragedy And A Crumbling Nation
  143. [Article] As Governor Peter Obi of Anambra Bows Out
  144. [Article] Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons in Northern Nigeria
  145. [Article] Alatenumo Talks To Pastor (Dr.) Ajibade Cole - Interview Transcripts
  146. [Article] Edwin Clark: Voice of the South-South, defender of Jonathan
  147. [Article] The Example of Lateef Jakande
  148. [Article] The Second Niger Bridge And Other Broken Promises
  149. [Article] Needed To Lead Africa To Dignity Land
  150. [Article] Looking For Jobs, Finding Death
  151. [Article] Things 'Ngozi Won't Understand About Nigeria
  152. [Article] God, give Nigeria not a Mourinho!
  153. [Article] 'The [Nigerian] Revolution Will Not Be Televised'
  154. [Article] Standoff Between Nigeria's New Defense Minister and the Chief of Defense Staff
  155. [Article] Tell me more about my people
  156. [Article] The Referendum In The Crimea and The Great Betrayal
  157. [Article] Dream Happily
  158. [Article] Each person and each race has a destiny
  159. [Article] Do we need belief in God to heal mental disorders?
  160. [Article] If one has no ego one would not feel anger or fear
  162. [Article] 50 Yards Of Death
  163. [Article] Now That Nigeria Is Ungovernable What Next?
  164. [Article] Perpetuation of Roguish and Erratic Electricity Services in Nigeria.
  165. [Article] Missing – Why Is Our Money Always Missing?
  166. [Article] Promoting Security Consciousness against Terrorism
  167. [Article] Will Nigeria disintegrate?
  168. [Article] A Response to Fulani Aggression in Tiv Land
  169. [Article] Nigeria and the Next 100 Years
  170. [Article] Dust Up Between Pretoria and Kigali
  172. [Article] In Nigeria Everything Is upside Down
  173. [Article] International Working women's day and the Nigeria women: the celebration of resilience at all odds
  174. [Article] Jonathan, Dame Patience, Wike and score keeping
  175. [Article] Endless Political Gimmicks On The Second Niger Bridge
  176. [Article] Sambo Dasuki on Security Media Relations
  177. [Article] Our Democracy is more important
  178. [Article] BIRTHING A NATION: Nigeria, A Century in the Making...
  179. [Article] BIRTHING A NATION: Nigeria, A Century in the Making...
  180. [Article] BIRTHING A NATION: Nigeria, A Century in the Making...
  181. [Article] Jonathan's attack on governors
  182. [Article] Against Dialogue with Boko Haram
  183. [Article] Dialogue Nigeriana
  184. [Article] Okay, Here Are Some Answers
  185. [Article] General Abacha: History Remains Our Witness By Joe Igbokwe
  186. [Article] Voodoo-mized Corruption: My Rogues Are More Noble Than Yours
  187. [Grammar] How can World Englishes benefit from crowdsourcing?
  188. [Article] Aliyu Mohammed Gusau Named Nigeria's Defense Minister
  189. [Article] INEC: Shame on the opposition
  190. [Article] Maybe Governor Kashim spoke for the army
  191. [Article] Chairman Dey Sleep In Nigeria
  192. [Article] An encounter with Oyo State's Ajimobi
  193. [Article] Changing the attacking and defending relationship of white and black folks
  194. [Article] The Centenary Awards and Other Annoyances
  195. [Article] Agenda for Delegates to National Conference
  196. [Article] The Evil That Men Do……Does Not Mean Anything in Nigeria
  197. [Article] My passion is to find partners for people living with HIV/AIDS –Michael Emmanuel
  198. [Article] My Nigerianness Has Expired
  199. [Article] How The US Can Help US
  200. [Article] Atiku and The Game of Destiny
  201. [Article] The Power Of Passion And The Spirit of the Warrior
  202. [Article] Re: A comparison of Nigerian and American University teachers
  203. [Article] Four Scores for 'Prince Noble': Bola Ajibola
  204. [Article] No One Stole ₦38.23billion At the CBN, But What Happened To Seyi Olu Awofeso?
  205. [Article] We Are Boko Haram
  206. [Article] Who stole ₦38.23billion at Nigeria's Central Bank?
  207. [Article] Between Joy and Despair - Pat Utomi
  208. [Article] Kaduna And Kano: Neighbours Far Apart
  209. [Article] Blame God, Nigeriana!
  210. [Article] Uganda: Miniskirt Ban
  211. [Article] A Season of Blood and Tears…
  212. [Article] A National Insult Rejected
  213. [Article] Boko Haram and a Nation Gripped By Fear
  214. [Article] Varnishing Lake Chad and Terrorism in the North East
  215. [Article] Igbo Re, Ona Re: The Nigerian Constitution and the Awo Road not Taken
  216. [Article] Why the West would not go to war with Russia
  217. [Article] The Barefoot President and aparthied
  218. [Article] Impact of Cultural Changes in Nigeria Politics
  219. [Article] The Fifth Columnists in Jonathan's Government
  220. [Article] Oscar Joy From The Pains Of The Present & Past Slaves
  221. [Article] Who will save Nigeria's telecoms industry?
  222. [Article] Sanusi V. Jonathan: A Case Of "You Push Me, I Push You" Or "Cunny Man Die, Cunny Man Bury Am"?
  223. [Article] Nigeria: Why are Boko Haram Fighters Successful?
  224. [Article] Understanding Jonathan
  225. [Article] Why white folks are now supporting the legalization of homosexuality
  226. [Article] Public square democracy
  227. [Article] Centenary: A Celebration Of Genocide, Corruption And Failure
  228. [Article] Coming To A Cinema Near You--'Yobe State'
  229. [Article] Tragedies of a Sub-Optimal Presidency
  230. [Article] Social Media in the Jonathanian Age – By Reno Omokri
  231. [Article] Sanusi Lamido: A Devil as a Saint?
  232. [Article] The Eleventh Commandment: "Thou Shalt Not Idolize Thy Pastor"
  233. [Article] Way to Success - Which way up
  234. [Article] A Clarion call to Northern leaders
  235. [Article] The Canonisation Of Terror
  236. [Article] Dear Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala (II)
  237. [Article] Homosexuality Campaign: A New Form of Western Imperialism
  238. [Article] There is no alternative to love
  239. [Article] My 20 Billion Dollar Advice to C-in-C
  240. [Grammar] Colloquial American English expressions I learned from Malcolm X
  241. [Article] This is not my country, damn it!
  242. [Article] African-American Names: Creativity or Madness?
  244. [Article] Defending the Humanity of Homosexuals in a World that makes Things Difficult for them
  245. [Article] Nigeria: The Rise Of Evil And Terrorism
  246. [Article] Boko Haram: We Do Not Have Time for Any Homegrown Counterterrorism Strategy
  247. [Article] Of Propaganda, Communication and Strategy
  248. [Article] Chutzpah
  249. [Article] President jonathan's imo house shaken by iwuanyanwu's oru-owerre politics
  250. [Article] Ozodi Osuji's public lecture on politics