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  1. [Article] A Word For Buhari, The Absentee President
  2. [Article] Ngiges Nkpara And The Nigerian Rock Of Unemployment
  3. [Article] The Search For Fuel, Water, Light And The Stories In Between
  4. [Article] The Strong-Man Syndrome!
  5. [Article] Wars that never end - Nigerian branch
  6. [Article] The Man Who Would Be Governor
  7. [Article] Audu Can Win Kogi Election Posthumously
  8. [Article] Kogi Election Conduct: A Big One For Change
  9. [Article] How Nigeria Kills You: The Example of Mowe, Ogun State
  10. [Article] From Neo-Colonialism to Neo-Oligarchism: The Quest of Yoruba Nation for Liberation
  11. [Article] Educating The Bottom Of The Pyramid
  12. [Article] A Peoples Aversion to the Truth is their Undoing
  13. [Article] Revisiting Mr. Stephen Davis Report
  14. [Article] Death, an inconclusive election and the law (Part II)
  15. [Article] The Biafran Truth and the Illegal Trial of Nnamdi Kanu
  16. [Article] Audus inconclusive death​,​ Mugabes wheelchair
  17. [Article] Go to CRS and Learn the Art of Bizarre Governance (2)
  18. [Article] The Prophet and the Grave Diggers
  19. [Article] We are Getting Closer and Closer to World War III
  20. [Article] Buhari and the Fuel Scarcity
  21. [Article] Anambra: The Strange Case Of 75 Billion Naira
  22. [Article] The Executive Secretary Of Tetfund,His Detractors In Bauchi State And APC
  23. [Article] Where The Heck Is The Money?
  24. [Article] When the Fulani Remembered Macina
  25. [Article] Arms and the Man (Who Advised President Jonathan on National Security)
  26. [Article] Arise o Corper shun
  27. [Article] Who really wants Biafra?
  28. [Article] Kudos to the Nigeria Police Force!
  29. [Article] Day the Fulani Remembered Macina
  30. [Article] Life, Still A Passage
  31. [Article] The Hadith on Women and Leadership in Islam: Integrity of Abubakrah - By Salihu Baban Takko
  32. [Article] The Death Of Prince Audu- Resolving The Legal Conundrum
  33. [Article] Death, An Inconclusive Election And The Law
  34. [Article] Why the Neo-Biafrans Are Screwed and How They Can Dig Themselves Out
  35. [Article] Odegbami, FIFA Presidency, and a toddling country
  36. [Article] Middle East and the Rest of the World, Any Hope?
  37. [Article] Easy, my brother, the Biafran
  39. [Article] ISIS: Satanic Is This 'Allah'!
  40. [Article] Op-Ed Article: The Buhari Cabinet
  41. [Article] Goodluck Jonathan @ 58: The Legacy Of Nigeria's First Democratic President
  42. [Article] Solving the Biafra Agitation Problem - A Rejoinder
  43. [Article] The Many Dangers of Tarry Awhile Stay of Criminal Proceedings in a Democratic Republic
  44. [Article] Ministerial Nominees And Sen. Philip Adudas Demand For Justice In FCT
  45. [Article] Push Only U.S Troops Into Syria & Nigeria Just To Be Faulted
  46. [Article] The Nigerian Treasury Single Account Reform
  47. [Article] Suu Kyi and the Burmese Spring
  48. [Article] Tales From The 'Broke' Country
  49. [Article] Tinubu, Fashola, Ambode and Nigeria
  50. [Article] Boko Haram amnesty?
  51. [Article] Go To CRS And Learn The Art Of Bizarre Governance (1)
  52. [Article] Illusions of Equality
  53. [Article] Magu, New EFCC Boss, Faces Tough Times
  54. [Article] Praying For Diezani And The Rest Of Us
  55. [Article] Kogi Governorship Election: Avoiding Nigerias Costly Mistake
  56. [Article] The Greatest Threat to World Peace and Stability is Democracy
  57. [Article] Buharis Slow Pace stifling Momentum and Breeding Rebellion!
  58. [Article] Gbajabiamilas Sense Of Entitlement
  59. [Article] Do not neglect the 'little' things
  60. [Article] Doing More with Less: Delivering Change in Straitened Economic Circumstances
  61. [Article] Musings On The State Of Biafra
  62. [Article] Musings On The State Of Biafra
  63. [Article] The Jets Club, We Were Members!
  64. [Article] Re: Oceans Of Blood And The Words Of Inuwa Wada [A Rejoinder]
  65. [Article] The Carnage In Paris
  66. [Article] Doing More with Less: Delivering Change in Straitened Economic Circumstances
  67. [Article] Boko-haram, Biafra, Fulani 'herdsmen' and Yoruba in a pre-referendum Nigeria
  68. [Article] Dasuki, DSS Rascality and our Journey Back to the Dark Ages
  69. [Article] Our Killer Cops
  70. [Article] Some Thoughts On Public Service
  72. [Article] Diversity 2015 Has Winners & Some Losers
  73. [Article] Ambode Needs His Own Oshodi
  74. [Article] The Igbo Problem in Nigeria
  75. [Article] Biafra; The Dream And The Dreamers!
  76. [Article] Super Ministers and other stories
  77. [Article] Boko Haram: Liberating The North
  78. [Article] Jonathan: PDP and Dokpesis Misplaced Apology
  79. [Article] Nigeria- Time To Renew These Vows
  80. [Article] The Man from Biafra
  81. [Article] Towards the rebirth of the PDP
  82. [Article] How Would President Buhari react to the new Biafran Movement? -II
  83. [Article] Buhari, Magu and the New EFCC
  84. [Article] Making Sense of the Judgment of the Taraba State Governorship Election Tribunal
  85. [Article] Our Killer Cops
  86. [Article] Chuma Nwokolos Great Game Against Corruption
  87. [Article] The little Biafran mosquito perched delicately on Nigerias scrotum
  88. [Article] A Word in Defense of Brother Jacob Zuma
  89. [Article] AppointmentsGate: The President of Northern Nigeria?
  90. [Article] Diezani Alison-Maduekes Arrested Development
  92. [Article] REST IN PEACE, MAMA AWO
  93. [Article] Is Kirikiri in Sarakis Future?
  95. [Article] To serve with heart and might
  98. [Article] Corruption War and the Old Soldier
  99. [Article] Customs Officers No Go Die Well
  100. [Article] On The Trail of Madame Diezani
  101. [Article] Role of Alumni Associations in the Revival of Public Education in Nigeria
  102. [Article] Is APC Ready for Leadership?
  104. [Article] The Republic Of Reprobates
  105. [Article] As President Buhari Takes Nigeria Through The Straight And Narrow Way
  107. [Article] Femi Fani-Kayode, Cambridge, Ugwu and a Dog that does not Hear its Masters Whistle
  108. [Article] Africa Rising: A Little Warning for Ethiopia and the Black Race
  109. [Article] President Muhammadu Buhari Must Demonstrate Boldness in His Ministerial appointments
  110. [Article] The Republic Of Reprobates
  111. [Article] Dark November Blues
  112. [Article] I Fear Going To Biafra
  113. [Article] Good Bye Nigeria, Hello Biafra?
  114. [Article] DSS/Buhari VS Nnamdi Kanu: The Ominous Return Of Extra Judicial Detentions
  115. [Article] November 8, 2015 Open Letter to President Muhammadu Buhari
  116. [Article] The Canonization Nnamdi Kanu
  117. [Article] Wither Nigeria? The Past, The Present and The Future
  118. [Article] Wole Soyinka: A Sojourner Among Liars
  119. [Article] Da bi Mo se Da!
  120. [Article] So Nigeria Is Broke Eh
  121. [Article] Another Look At Rotimi Amaechi
  122. [Article] Nigeria: A Nation of Great Fighters?
  123. [Article] Modest Proposals On Corruption
  124. [Article] Nigeria: In Search Of Credible Politicians
  125. [Article]  Till We Change, There Will Be No Change
  126. [Article] Boko Haram: Relief for Anambra communities?
  127. [Article] Dear President Buhari, You Do Not Have to Appoint Ministers Without Portfolios!
  128. [Article] Saraki: Loyalty On Trial
  129. [Article] Listen Up, Mr. President..
  130. [Article] Nigerians Stop Living A Lie!
  131. [Article] Rabiu Kwankwaso: Where Nigeria Ends And The North Begins
  132. [Article] Oceans Of Blood and the Power Of Truth
  133. [Article] Change and Buharis Endless Convoy of Stress
  134. [Article] 108 Modern Public Hospitals Now
  135. [Article] Africa Like Biafra Like South Sudan
  136. [Article] The Insolence Of Rabiu Kwakwanso and The Words Of Inua Wada
  137. [Article] The Insolence Of Rabiu Kwakwanso and The Words Of Inua Wada
  138. [Article] Apapa - A National Mirror Is Broken
  139. [Article] Femi Fani-Kayode, Tsetse Flies and an Element Called Ugwu
  140. [Article] 'Biafra' and 'One Nigeria' as Psychoses
  141. [Article] Biafra, Oodua And The Seventh Lesson
  142. [Article] Saraki: Could This Be The End Of A Political Career?
  143. [Article] Sanusi and The First Law of Holes
  144. [Article] Buhari And Other African Leaders In India
  145. [Article] Buhari And The Syndrome Of Sameness
  146. [Article] Re: Muhammadu Sanusi II: Between the Intellectual and the Scholar
  147. [Article] Different Strokes for Jonathan and Buhari?
  148. [Article] Brig Gen Enitan Ransome-Kuti
  149. [Article]  Lagos Groan Under 'Smash & Grab' Crime
  150. [Article] Sir Kesington Adebutu's Philanthropy at 80
  151. [Article] The Buhari Presidency: Why the Criticisms Must Be Brought On and Matters Miscellaneous
  152. [Article] Romantic Scam: Women Prosecute 419ners Some Men Kill
  153. [Article] Buhari Should Create a Ministry for Rural Development
  154. [Article]  The Impudence Of Rabiu Kwakwanso and His Fulani Brothers
  155. [Article] Ndigbo As Migrants In Nigeria?
  156. [Article] The Terrorist Of Trollhtttan
  157. [Article] The Arrest Of Nnamidi Kanu And Nigeria As A Repressive Colonial State
  158. [Article]  EZE NDIGBO OUTSIDE IGBOLAND: A Needless Distraction
  159. [Article] Mr President, The Wait Is Not Yet Over
  160. [Article] What is the Worth of Nigerian Degrees?
  161. [Article] Governor El-Rufai's First Quarter in Office: An Interim Assessment
  162. [Article] Where Is Nnamdi Kanu; Is he Eating Anything?
  163. [Article] Hate Crimes in Sweden: Why It May Get Worse
  164. [Article] Six lessons we have learnt
  165. [Article] Off El-Rufai's Free Education, UNICEF and Boko Haram
  166. [Article] Parents Redistribute Money From Children To Children
  167. [Article] Nigeria: Of Patriots, Activists And Citizens
  168. [Article] The Afenifere threat to secede from Nigeria: Open letter to the Sultan of Sokoto and the Caliphates MACBAN
  169. [Article] Misconceptions about Chinas Interest in Africa
  170. [Article] They Also Fight in Canada and America
  171. [Article] Will the Senate Fall for Wike's Propaganda War against Amaechi?
  172. [Article] Critics of Buharis cabinet nominees
  173. [Article] Aluu 4 and the Nigerians Search for Dignity and Progress
  174. [Article] El-Rufai's politics of revenge
  175. [Article] Critics of Buharis cabinet nominees
  177. [Article] El-Rufai's politics of revenge
  178. [Article] Aluu 4 and the Nigerians Search for Dignity and Progress
  179. [Article] Does Buhari No Longer Believe In Sharia Law?
  180. [Article] Will the Senate Fall for Wike's Propaganda War against Amaechi?
  181. [Article] Nigerias Independence, The Civil War And Corruption In Nigeria
  182. [Article] Ministerial List: Between A Government Of Technocrats And A Government Of Settlement
  183. [Article] Custodial Torture And State Murder Of Ambrose Alli: Why Buhari Should Apologize
  184. [Article] Femi Fani-Kayode at 55: Celebration of a Gentle Volcano
  185. [Article] Mr President, The Wait Is Not Yet Over
  186. [Article] Is Nigerias President Muhammadu Buhari Bumbling or Conniving?
  187. [Article] Do you know your Legislative Representative?
  188. [Article] Edwin Clark, Okonjo Iweala, Oduah, Akpabio And The Wailing Wailers
  189. [Article] Honeymoonization And The Death Of Expression
  190. [Article] The Enemies of Nigeria are the oppressed Nigerians!
  191. [Article] Adubas Response to Beyond Buharis Cabinet Lies a Silver Lining for the Igbos
  192. [Article]  Coup Dtat Guaranteed From IBB & Tinubu Without Survaillance
  193. [Article] Mr President, The Wait Is Not Yet Over
  194. [Article] Clark, The Father, Jonathan, The Son
  195. [Article] Teaching Computer on Chalkboard
  196. [Article] What Alamieyeseighas Death Means
  197. [Article] Do Bad Things Really Happen to Bad People?
  198. [Article] The Fight against Corruption
  199. [Article] 10 Good Things And 5 Bad Ones That Buhari Has Done
  200. [Article] Bow, Go, and Disrespect Not Nigeria
  201. [Article] Why Federal Govt Colleges Should Remain
  202. [Article] Putin's Bombs and A Call To Arms
  203. [Article] The Messenger Is Here But Where Is The Message?
  204. [Article] The New-Age Imperialism: Saving Africa from Extinction Part 1
  205. [Article] Ministers: Awaiting Buharis List
  206. [Article] Corruption: Unpacking Bishop Kukahs Logic On The Absence Of Collective Revulsion
  207. [Article] Nigeria: Marauding Cattlemen And The Burning Fuse
  208. [Article] Buhari's Zombie Followers!
  209. [Article] Who Says Buhari Is Not Smart
  210. [Article] Still on Afenifere, ACF and the Brigandage of Fulani Herdsmen
  211. [Article] If Not Sonala, Who: The Unmaking of a Progressive Mandate?
  212. [Article] Death in Saudi: Beyond Statistics
  213. [Article] Buhari And The Enemy Called Time
  214. [Article] Poor Children Love Their Parents More
  215. [Article] Our Ministers are here
  216. [Article] Moving Forward on Buhari's Appointments
  217. [Article] When Will this Independence Finish?
  218. [Article] The Ife Succession Crisis: Yoruba Ronu
  219. [Article] Abuja Blasts Signify Boko Haram's Last Gasps
  220. [Article] I Don't Envy President Buhari's Ministers
  221. [Article] Diezani In London
  222. [Article] Of Warriors and Heroes Past
  223. [Article] The Saints Will Go Matching in on October 6 2015
  224. [Article] Status Quo: The Way Things Were!
  225. [Article] Buharis Government and Kerosene Distribution
  226. [Article] The Carnage Of The Cattlerearers
  227. [Article] There Is More To Thank Africa For Than We Admit
  228. [Article] Boko Haram: Norths Inhumanity to North
  229. [Article] A Time To Laugh And A Time To Cry: Nigeria At 55
  230. [Article] If We Stay Here We Die!
  231. [Article] PMB: Need for Public Swagger
  232. [Article] President Muhammadu Buhari Must Cut Down on the number of Ministers and This is How
  233. [Article] Shall We Tell the President?
  234. [Article] My Wish For Nigeria At 55
  235. [Article] My Wish For Nigeria At 55
  236. [Article] Whoever Puts This Curse On The Arabs
  237. [Article] The Tragedy of President Buharis Foreign Trips
  238. [Article] Why I Am Against Anti-Corruption War
  239. [Article] Why I Am Against Anti-Corruption War
  240. [Article] National Census: Can We Get Accurate Data Next Year?
  241. [Article] Why I Will Not Write About Sarakis Trial
  242. [Article] Was God Angry the Day He Created the Nigerian?
  243. [Article] Saraki as Buharis Collateral Damage
  244. [Article] Pastors and Jets: A Predictable Evolution
  245. [Article] The Herdsmen From Hell
  246. [Article] The Talk We Should Talk About
  247. [Article] Reform the Civil Service or Forget this Change
  248. [Article] Our politicians and Sarakis have finished witch-hunting us
  249. [Article] CORRUPTION: Buhari's Ministerial List and Bola Tinubu Example
  250. [Article] At 55, Nigeria Still Crawls