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  1. [Article] Existential imperative for af and credible Nigerian opposition party
  2. [Article] the physics of discipline: Is buhari, nigeria's theodore roosevelt?
  3. [Article] I Weep From The Depths of Heart For President Buhari
  4. [Article] Success In Failure: Jonathan And God's mysterious way
  5. [Article] President Buhari: Dead end or the rebirth of a nation?
  6. [Article] The Buhari Presidency -Part 1
  7. [Article] If Buhari does not probe
  8. [Article] The State of the Nation Inherited by Buhari
  9. [Article] Xenophobia and the enemy within
  10. [Article] President Jonathan Should Hold His Head High
  11. [Article] Nigeria’s Debt APC-PDP Who Is Telling The Truth?
  12. [Article] Buhari Hikers and Premature Elation
  13. [Article] Obtaining E-Passport: Too Much Stress for Nigerians Abroad
  14. [Article] Ask Google when Nigerians will get constant energy.
  15. [Article] Mrs Dolapo Osinbajo, you must reject this Official Portrait
  16. [Article] Buhari Hikers and Premature Elation
  17. [Article] New Technologies in Developing Societies: From Theory to Practice, by Dr Levi Obijiofor
  19. [Article] Buruji Kashamu: Dont extraditeLet the rule of law prevail
  20. [Article] The Truth Will Set Buhari Free
  21. [Article] House Report and Buharis First Major Call
  22. [Article] What Change Should Mean: A Letter To Muhammadu Buhari
  23. [Article] How will they be deciding for us
  24. [Article] Re: 6 Reasons why incoming Buhari government fills me with hope
  25. [Article] 6 reasons why incoming Buhari government fills me with hope
  26. [Article] Niyi Osundare to Nigeria: Never Again!
  27. [Article] The Concept of Zoning is a Bye Product of Onye gburu Achara Onye Gburu
  28. [Article] Mr President Elect, Think of the Common Man
  29. [Article] Buhari's Handshake With Female Folks: Taking on the Debaters - By Ibraheem A. Waziri
  30. [Article] Buhari Beware Of Our Pharisees & Sadducees
  31. [Article] Further Thoughts On Buhari And A Corruption Strategy
  32. [Article] Lagos Goes Pro Unitate to Elect Ambode Governor of Nigeria
  33. [Article] Last Rites For The PDP
  34. [Article] Soldier Go Soldier Come, Barrack . . .
  35. [Article] Corruption, the fight no be today
  36. [Article] Of Forbidden Handshakes and Buharis Religious Claimants
  37. [Article] Partisanship: A threat to Nation-building
  38. [Article] Atiku and Buhari Presidency
  39. [Article] 25 English words that are their own opposites
  40. [Article] Q and A on Nigerian English Usage and Gendered Language
  41. [Article] Hear Word!
  42. [Article] Hear Word!
  43. [Article] Hear Word!
  44. [Article] As Friends Desert Jonathan
  45. [Article] I Have Not Recovered From PDP's Defeat - Babatope
  46. [Article] Nigeria, At The Intersection Of Global Respectability And Continental Leadership
  47. [Article] Goodbye and Goodluck Jonathan
  48. [Article] Death In The Mediterranean And A Conspiracy Of Silence By African Leaders
  49. [Article] Migrants Flee After Democracy Created Chaos In Their Countries
  51. [Article] What Buhari Should Do On Corruption
  52. [Article] And Dr. Chinwoke Mbadinuju Laughs Last.
  53. [Article] And Dr. Chinwoke Mbadinuju Laughs Last.
  54. [Article] Olusegun Adeniyi's Trip to Babel [Rejoinder by Reuben Abati]
  55. [News] Jonathan Betrayed The Trust Of Nigerians - Odimegwu (2)
  56. [News] Jonathan Betrayed The Trust Of Nigerians - Odimegwu (1)
  57. [Article] The Ruins Of Aba And The Task Ahead For Dr Okezie Ikpeazu
  58. [Article] Still On The 2015 Elections
  59. [Article] Goodbye Scavengers? (Part 1)
  60. [Article] Goodbye Scavengers? (Part 1)
  61. [Article] Jonathan: A Man For A Time Like This
  62. [Article] Unethical Journalism And The Power To Ban Media
  63. [Article] Corruption And Buharis Perfect Storm
  64. [Article] Empty Treasury Awaits General Buhari
  65. [Article] APC Should Face The Real Issues
  66. [Article] Celebration Of Life To Console Our Grief: Rinde Da Silva
  67. [Article] Governor Sule Lamido as a Role-Model for New Governors
  68. [Article] Reminding us that politicians have our number
  69. [Article] Looking for a Quick Fix? We must be kidding!
  70. [Article] The myth of "moderate" Muslims
  71. [Article] The curious case of Ben Murray-Bruce
  72. [Article] Re-Engineering Nigerias Education Sector (Part 2)
  73. [Article] Re-Engineering Nigerias Education Sector (Part 1)
  74. [Article] Why I Pity The Vice President-elect, Prof Yemi Osinbajo
  76. [Article] Xenophobia; Terrorism In Disguise
  77. [Article] What the North East Dearly Needs From Buhari
  78. [Article] The Corruption Ring
  79. [Article] Mixed Metaphors: Hypertension in High Places
  80. [Article] Re: AIT, Buhari and journalistic objectivity
  81. [Article] MMA2 and the spirit of innovation
  82. [Article] THIS TIME NEXT WEEK
  83. [Article] Inside the PDP Tower of Babel
  84. [Article] Inside the PDP Tower of Babel
  85. [Article] Buhari And The Oil Sector Rot
  86. [Article] Change as an ideological parapoism or as an amala coinage
  87. [Article] Change as an ideological parapoism or as an amala coinage
  88. [Article] Waiting For IGP Solomon Arase
  89. [Article] Where Has Nigerias Money Gone?
  90. [Article] Tamas Aczel: A Writer Who Inspired Me
  91. [Article] Buhari: An Encouraging Sign
  92. [Article] So Now What Becomes of the Niger Delta?
  93. [Article] Three Baltimore Women Shocked Status Quo On Police Brutality
  94. [Article] Memos to GMB: No 3 Education
  96. [Article] Ezekwesilis Disappointing Outing on Obasanjo and Corruption
  97. [Article] Those Buhari needs in his team
  98. [Article] Those Buhari needs in his team
  99. [Article] NNPC, Buhari & the Missing Trillions
  100. [Article] Buhari: Facing the Mountain
  101. [Grammar] From Febuhari to General March for Buhari: Buharis Linguistic March to Aso Rock
  102. [Grammar] Q and A on English usage in politics, elections, ethnic descriptions, and dialectal variation
  103. [Article] AIT, Buhari, and journalistic objectivity
  104. [Article] The Changing Lanes of Mikel and Fabregas
  105. [Article] Goodluck Jonathans Transformational Patriotism
  106. [Article] IN Defence of Hadiza Bala Usman By Bashir Ibrahim Dabo
  107. [Article] Transition Team,AIT Ban: As Muhammadu Buhari's Change Begins To Upload With Exclusion And Dictatorship
  108. [Article] Let's Honour Our Heroes
  109. [Article] Hier stehe ich. How About You?
  110. [Article] Buharis Government will fail without its Wife
  111. [Article] Mr. Buhari must look for outsiders or else
  112. [Article] My OFFICIAL CAR: The Corruption of Vehicle Privileges in Nigeria
  113. [Article] On President Buhari And Corruption in Nigerias Education Sector
  114. [Article] Mandelas People Who Kill Black Africans
  115. [Article] Is Africa Fated To Be A Metaphor Of Disaster?
  116. [Article] Senate Presidency: A Vote for George Akume
  117. [Article] Memos to GMB: No 2 - Revenue
  118. [Article] On University, Employment and Entrepreneurship (Research Paper)
  119. [Article] The incorrigible Ms Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  120. [Article] One year after--Chibok girls, one of many big tests for Buhari
  121. [Article] As Buhari settles down to business
  122. [Article] Plain Truths from Renewal
  123. [Article] Living Dangerously and Looking At the Bigger Picture
  124. [Article] Buhari - The Difference Between Governing And Opposing
  125. [Article] Here's Why Nuhu Ribadu Lost The Adamawa Governorship Race
  126. [Article] There May Never Be Girls To Be Brought Back
  127. [Article] Nigeria: Enough of Premature Jubilation
  128. [Article] "We"By Pius Adesanmi
  129. [Article] Buhari and the task ahead (I)
  130. [Article] Racism vs. Tribalism
  131. [Article] On The Suspended Victory Dance In Imo State
  132. [Grammar] Common election-related grammatical errors Nigerian journalists and politicians make
  133. [Article] Chibok: There May never be Girls to be brought back
  134. [Article] Now that Buhari is born again...
  135. [Article] Nigeria and the fate of the PDP
  138. [Article] South Africa: Barking Up the Wrong Tree
  139. [Article] 2015 Elections: PDP, APC And The Social Contract With The Nigerian People
  140. [Article] APC, Let Fayose Be
  141. [Article] Buhari: Alternate Power Generation For Homes And Industries
  142. [Article] Where Cancer Feasts: Lamentation for Oronto Natei Douglas
  143. [Article] Realpolitik, Game of The Defector
  144. [Grammar] Popular expressions English borrowed from other languages
  145. [Article] Lagos: Peace In The Land Of Accommodation
  146. [Article] Four Nigerians Among Time Magazine 2015 Top 100
  147. [Article] Oba Akiolu: The limits of partisanship
  148. [Article] Tribute To Oronto Douglas
  149. [Article] A Mothers Thinking is the Childs Thinking
  150. [Article] WHO IS WIKE?
  151. [Article] Governor Bindawa, The Nyako Man?
  152. [Article] Xenophobia And Why South Africa Have Failed The Rest of Africa
  153. [Article] The Coming War Against Corruption In Nigeria
  154. [Article] Jonathans Veto, Buharis Lesson
  155. [Article] Training to overcome the fear that binds Africans to oppressive rulers
  156. [Article] Buruji Kashamu: Buhari's First Litmus Test
  157. [Article] 2015 Earth Day in Nigeria: What General Muhammadu Buhari Should Do
  158. [Article] Let My People Go! Ending the Impunities of the PDP Era
  159. [Article] Dying For Nothing In Nigeria
  160. [Article] Ten Reasons why Diezani Alison-Madueke MUST go to Prison
  161. [Article] President Buhari Cyber Showdown Vs Jonathan's Final Delusion
  162. [Article] Uche Chukwumerije (1939 to 2015)
  163. [Article] How the Igbo lost the Presidency for Jonathan (2)
  164. [Article] Exposing The Cogs In Buharis Anti-Corruption Wheel
  165. [Article] Politics Of Fuel Stares At Buhari
  166. [Article] On the doctor Adeniran Abraham Ariyo Saga
  167. [Article] Igbos and the parable of the old and young monk
  168. [Article] Let Us Weep For The Black Man
  169. [Article] King Of Zulu & Oba Eko: Salvation Begins At Home
  170. [Article] Rotational Governorship And Political Xenophobia in Abia State: Matters Arising
  172. [Article] How the Igbo lost the Presidency for Jonathan
  173. [Article] What We All Owe Buhari
  174. [Article] Buhari: How to Empty Aggressive Into Progressive
  175. [Article] How the Igbo lost the Presidency for Jonathan (3)
  176. [Article] Xenophobia In South Africa, Tribalism In Nigeria: The African Dilemma Of Hate
  177. [Article] Nigerias Curious Security Services
  178. [Article] Pastor Tunde Bakare: Nigerias Counterweight To Jagaban Bola Tinubu
  179. [Article] To pretend to be a very important person is to live in fear and hell
  180. [Article] Buharism
  181. [Article] President Jonathan and the Burden of Legitimacy
  182. [Article] Jonathan, Buhari and May 28
  183. [Article] Not New but it's Now News: Black South Africans Attack African Foreigners
  184. [Article] Pat Utomi and Igbo Nationalism
  185. [Article] Buhari Should Not Bother Prosecuting Every Criminal
  186. [Article] Unreason in A Season Of Emotion
  188. [Article] South Africa: From Apartheid to Slavery?
  189. [Article] Xenophobia Or Afrophobia
  190. [Article] South African Violence: Africans Persecuting Africans
  191. [Article] The Fall of PDP And The Lessons
  192. [Article] People President Buhari must fire to show he means business
  193. [Article] Igbos are a wicked people and must change their ways
  194. [Article] Re: People President Buhari Must Fire to Show he Means Business
  195. [Article] You either agree with Igbos or they see you as perecuting them!
  196. [Article] Buhari and the task ahead (II)
  197. [Article] From Achebe to Adichie- The Baton Has Been Passed
  199. [Article] Democracy Means Gently Having To Say Youre Sorry
  200. [Article] Conversations with Buhari
  201. [Article] Re: After the euphoria, what President-elect Buhari needs to know
  202. [Article] Re: After the euphoria, what President-elect Buhari needs to know
  203. [Article] Buhari Is the Man to Defeat Boko Haram
  204. [Article] Buhari: In search of Masters of Propaganda or Public Communicators?
  205. [Article] What You Must Do For Nigeria and Team Buhari-Osinbajo
  206. [Article]  The Founding Of Oguta and the Founding Of Ikwerre (Port Harcourt)
  207. [Article] The Killing Fields of Rivers State
  208. [Article] Lai is Lying As Usual On Jonathan's Visit - Abati
  209. [Article] I Do Not Worry For PDP; It IS APC That I Am Worried About
  210. [Article] As Lagos Awaits The Consolidator In Ambode
  211. [Article] Goodluck's Notes To Buhari
  212. [Article] Threats, Violence, Abuse: The Undemocratic Credentials Of The APC
  213. [Article] Why Lagos must remain with APC
  214. [Article] Kaduna: Between El-Rufa'i and Yero
  215. [Article] Oba Akiolu: A king or A Jester?
  216. [Article] A Vote For Jimi Agbaje, A Vote For Asari-Dokubo, OPC
  217. [Article] Kaduna: Praying for an El-Rufai triumph
  218. [Article] Implications of Emerging Voting Clusters in Nigeria
  219. [Article] Lessons Of March 28
  220. [Article] Jonathan, A Man And His Legacy
  221. [Article] Obasanjo's Belated Distaste For Corruption
  222. [Article] Of Lagos Governorship Elections and Oba Akiolu's Statements
  223. [Article] Buhari: The man on whom the nations hopes rest
  224. [Article] The Imperialism of Western Rights Movements
  225. [Article] A Welcome Letter to General Muhammadu Buhari.
  226. [Article] On our on-going national discourse
  227. [Article] Buhari's Presidency Without el-Rufai as Governor: A Gamble Kaduna State Cannot Afford
  228. [Article] Oba Of Lagos: Ambode Is Not From Ondo
  229. [Article] With APC win, South East shuts self from Senate President, Speaker slots
  230. [Article] Nothing Holds Women At Ransom Like Religion
  231. [Article] Buhari: First things First.
  232. [Article] Re: The Canonization Of Jonathan...
  233. [Article] To Buhari, and the "Change Agents" -The many things in front
  234. [Article] Buhari Presidency A golden opportunity to prove his critics wrong
  235. [Article] Can Igbos survive the murky waters of Nigerian politics?
  236. [Article] The Second Coming: Buhari and the Nation
  237. [Article] Nemesis of Northern Nigeria
  238. [Article] #BringBackOurGirls!
  239. [Article] Nigeria: Cataclysm averted
  240. [Grammar] Curious British Parliamentary vocabularies in Nigerias American-style democracy
  241. [Article] The Sheriff of No-Nonsense
  242. [Article] After the euphoria, what President-elect Buhari needs to know
  244. [Article] Goodluck Jonathan and the Dangers of Outsourcing Leadership
  245. [Article] The APC Mandate 2015 - ?
  246. [Article] Nuhu Ribadu, Adamawa Governorship and Rice and Beans
  247. [Article] Memos to GMB: No 1 - Corruption
  248. [Article] The Igbo As Winners In The 2015 Elections
  249. [Article] The Canonization of Jonathan And Five Other Matters
  250. [Article] Jonathan's Legacy of Change