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  1. [Article] A Senate Of Fools, Blockheads, Ignoramuses And Idiots
  2. [Article] Nigeria's under the mango tree generals
  3. [Article] Ministries rationalisation: Ilesanmis caveat
  4. [Article] A dying breed: Tribute to Emma Ezeazu
  5. [Article] Buhari, Still A Scalar Quantity
  6. [Article] Politics of the $2.1bn World Bank loan to rebuild the Northeast
  7. [Article] Goodnight Professor Adetayo Foluso Fagbenro-Beyioku
  8. [Article] Why President Buhari is the Obstacle to War On Corruption
  9. [Article] Urgent need for braintashi in the National Assembly
  10. [Article] Urgent need for braintashi in the National Assembly
  11. [Article] As the Ooni Retires to the Penthouse
  12. [Article] As the Ooni Retires to the Penthouse
  13. [Article] Letter to President Muhammadu Buhari
  14. [Article] Letter to President Muhammadu Buhari
  15. [Article] Only Enenmies Of Africa Can Justify Biusiness As Usual
  16. [Article] Wanted, a strategic and constructive competition or cooperation between Ndigbo and Yorubas necessary to build a prosperous Southeast and a prosperous Southwest
  17. [Article] In Defense Of Nigeria
  18. [Article] Crime and Punishment in Nigeria
  19. [Article] Time for referendum on NASS
  20. [Article] Miracle Led Faith; Threat To Christians of Nowadays
  21. [Article] Obama: After The Preachment
  22. [Article] Fixing The President's Inconsistencies
  23. [Article] Fixing The President's Inconsistencies
  24. [Article] Whispers Of Our President In Washington
  25. [Article] The Buhari Lacuna
  27. [Article] For PDP Lagos: Actions Carry Consequences
  28. [Article] Today's America And A Few More Questions For U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy
  29. [Article] President Buhari's Bailout
  30. [Article] Amaechi's Role To Free Nigeria Of The Polio Scourge
  31. [Article] The Beginning Of The End Of Saraki Corruption Dynasty
  32. [Article] The Beginning Of The End Of Saraki Corruption Dynasty
  33. [Article] Thanking God When Investments Go Wrong
  34. [Article] Buhari vs Halliburton Crooks: A Call for Courage
  35. [Article] With ''Friends'' Like This
  36. [Article] Nigeria Oil And Gas Industry To Play A Major Role In Worlds Energy Need.
  37. [Article] Halliburton Bribery: The Trajectory of a Scandal
  38. [Article] President Buharis Grand Moments in America
  39. [Article] Memo to Ambode (and 35 Others) No 2: Avoiding An IGR Decimation
  40. [Article] Senator Patrick Leahy: With Friends Like This
  41. [Article] Radio Biafra, The One Nigeria Scam And The Absence Of Nation Building
  42. [Article] President Buhari and our looted patrimony
  43. [Article] Time for referendum on NASS
  44. [Article]  The phones no longer ring - Reuben Abati
  45. [Article] Clerk, Tompolo and the economic terrorism in South-East and South-South
  46. [Article] Nothing Serious Just Fifteen Reflections
  47. [Article] Now That Baba is Back Home
  48. [Article] Buhari The Democrat Or The Dictator
  49. [Article] Cognitive Therapy for Buharis Traducers
  50. [Article] Cognitive Therapy for Buharis Traducers
  51. [Article] Of cows, farmers and the Chibok girls
  52. [Article] Of cows, farmers and the Chibok girls
  53. [Article] President Buhari's Great Diplomatic Feat For A Change
  54. [Article] Fuel Subsidy Strategies and Tactics of the Cabal
  55. [Article] Sambo Dasuki: An Encounter with the Spymaster
  56. [Article] How to Disburse Buharis N5000 Social Security Money
  57. [Article] The Multi-billion Naira Fuel Bazaar
  58. [Article] Our Central Bankers Have Gone Mad
  59. [Article] The Northern Domination Brouhaha
  60. [Article] The Northern Domination Brouhaha
  62. [Article] Broke States, Broken Federation: Will Buhari Restructure Nigeria?
  63. [Article] Deformities in Nigerias Allocation Formula
  64. [Article] Anambra Teachers: Computer Ownership Or Skills Acquisition?
  65. [Article] The Sins Of The Governors
  66. [Article] President Buhari On Trial
  67. [Article] EITI was the Wrong Focus and other Highlights of the Natural Resource Governance Conference
  68. [Article] Buhari should Phase-Out, Not Remove Petroleum Subsidy
  69. [Article] My Job Application To President Buhari
  70. [Article] Stoking The Embers Of Division? Pointers That Its Foolhardy
  71. [Article] Governor Wike and his Wiles?
  72. [Article] My Journey To The Land Of The Dead And Back; How I Survived Six-Hour Surgery
  73. [Article] Still On The Matter-The APC Mandate
  74. [Article] Nigeria: need for integration amidst self-perpetuating chaos
  75. [Article] Radio Biafra: The Government is Right to Listen?
  76. [Article] My Journey To The Land Of The Dead And Back; How I Survived Six-Hour Surgery
  77. [Article] Radio Biafra: The Government is Right to Listen?
  78. [Article] Institutionalized Disadvantagement Not Poverty Is Reason For Boko Haram, #RadioBiafra, Terror in Nigeria
  80. [Article] National Assembly: The Only Remaining Nuisance AndObstacleTo Change InNigeria
  81. [Article] My Conversation With Nnamdi Kanu, Radio Biafra January Last Year
  82. [Article] Obama Reluctant To Help Nigeria Against Boko Haram: Could It Be Homosexual Privileges?
  83. [Grammar] Response to the Critique of my Critique of Buhari's Inaugural Speech
  84. [Article] Would Nigeria ever catch up?
  85. [Article] As Buhari Arrives Washington, DC
  86. [Article] Femi Fani-Kayode Has Justice Been Done
  87. [Article] Why Buhari should leave Radio Biafra alone
  88. [Article] Why Buhari should leave Radio Biafra alone
  89. [Article] Kebbis Rice and a Nations Tragedy
  90. [Article] An Afternoon with President Buhari
  91. [Article] Before Buhari Goes To America
  92. [Article] Gods Ways and the Massacre of the Innocents
  93. [Article] APC: When Self Interest And Buhari's Northern Agenda Masquerades As Change
  94. [Article] Kebbis Rice and a Nations Tragedy
  95. [Article] Boko Haram Puts Buhari In A Tight Spot
  96. [Article] Lets Have Part Time Legislators
  97. [Article] Lets Have Part Time Legislators
  98. [Article] Who Says That President Buhari Does Not Recognize SE as A Zone?
  99. [Article] Compelling Reasons Why Nnamdi Kanu's Biafra Project Must Be Stopped Now
  100. [Article] Bailout: Is Buhari Rewarding Profligacy?
  103. [Article] Of Buhari's Friends and Fiends
  104. [Article] Abuja Legislators: Profiteers Of Miseries Of Poor Nigerians... Leaving Victims On The Shelves
  105. [Article] Nigeria and the Oil fortune
  106. [Article] Joe Igbokwe on Femi Fani-Kayode: One Misfire too Many
  107. [Article] Nigeria has no army only soldiers
  108. [Article] Femi Fani Kayode: Atulu mulu Ebunu Gba aka Nwa
  109. [Article] More on the shameful fact that a small group, Fulanis rule Nigeria!
  110. [Article] Mixed Metaphors: Fascinating Money Narratives
  111. [Article] Why Barack Obama supports Mohammadu Buhari
  112. [Article] Five million Fulanis rule 25 million Hausas, 19 million Yorubas and 18 million Igbos!
  113. [Article] Amina Zakari and her "Uncle" Buhari: A rejoinder.
  114. [Article] My Book on Nigerian English is Finally Out!
  115. [Article] My Random Reflections @ 43
  116. [Article] Going To America
  117. [Article] Before APC Falls Apart - A Rejoinder
  118. [Article] Nigerias Central Bank Institutes Criminal Withdrawal Fines On Deposits Across The Nation
  119. [Article] Buhari must not negotiate with Boko Haram
  120. [Article] Before APC Falls Apart
  121. [Article] Abuja Environmental: WHEN ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS.
  122. [Article] A Nation Without A Government As Buhari Retires In Aso Rock
  123. [Article] Does PMB/GMB have an IGBO Problem?
  124. [Article] Establishment of a National Student Loan Trust Fund: Towards an Affordable, Sustainable and Inclusive Higher Education Funding Policy
  125. [Article] Buhari Says Visit To Washington Will Strengthen Nigeria, U.S. Relations
  126. [Article] Buhari And The Hurting Scoffers
  127. [Article] Sectionalism: As Buhari Constitutes Federal Government Of The North
  128. [Article] Boko Haram Isnt Waiting; Why Should Our Government?
  129. [Article] Waiting for Buhari's Cabinet and Change
  130. [Article] Genocide-for-oil, not Boko Haram is Buharis priority. Why?
  131. [Article] Before the Export Compulsory Homosexuality to Us
  132. [Article] Anambra State 'rewarded' with Boko Haram Prisoners
  133. [Article] Buharis Change Mission (2) and hidden Caliphate Agenda
  134. [Article] Exploitation of Internally Displaced Persons in Nigeria
  135. [Article] Nigeria Fragile Healthcare System: Are We Prepared For the Challenge ? (I)
  136. [Article] Before Saraki Screens Ministerial Nominees Let's Purge The Political Eunuch From Senate Presidency
  137. [Article] LONG BEFORE SODOM
  138. [Article] Delineating the duties of VIO and FRSC, and repositioning their capacity for self-stainability
  139. [Article] National Assembly Crisis And The Real Issues
  140. [Article] We Are At the Verge of a Quick Slide Into Dictatorship
  141. [Article] Greece will survive.
  142. [Article] Who Is Nigerias Conscience?
  143. [Article] June And It's Disappointing Tales
  144. [Article] Assembly Of Boxers And Wrestlers
  145. [Article]  Assembly Of Boxers And Wrestlers
  146. [Article] ICC: Al Bashir's Escape Is An Indictment Of Jacob Zuma And Africa's Bankrupt Leadership
  147. [Article] The Political Crimes Of APC Leadership & Way Forward At NASS
  148. [Article] When A Naked Man Offers You His Shirt
  149. [Article] Nigerians are Nigeria's worst enemy
  150. [Article] Nigerian Pentecostal Christian English Expressions in Popular Nigerian English
  151. [Article] Nigeria As A Horror Show
  152. [Article] The Travails of Governor Aregbesola
  153. [Article] In America, Skin Color Determines Whether You Live or Die
  154. [Article] Cementing Dangote's Oligopoly And Nigerians In Poverty, CBN Bans Importation Of Cement
  155. [Article] The Effect of Greek Economic Woes on Africa
  156. [Article] Tools of Uthman Dan Fodio's Estate (Part 2)
  157. [Article] The Fury Against Buhari (and Saraki)
  158. [Article] Change is never a Creation or Monopoly of any Party!
  159. [Article] Of Tambuwalism and Buhari's Headaches
  160. [Article] 4 Surprising Facts About Nigeria
  161. [Article] This is turning into Dictatorship by Stealth
  162. [Article] A Political Stillbirth
  163. [Article] APC, Start Governing, Not Whining
  164. [Article] Boko Haram: Nigeria's Military Goes Deadly Silent Again
  165. [Article] A day in the life of Nigeria's President, By Tolu Ogunlesi
  166. [Article] If Buhari Does Not Kill Corruption It Will Kill Buhari
  167. [Article] Party Supremacy and Elected Officials
  168. [Article] Audu Ogbeh and truth-telling in the APC
  169. [Article] Cautious President, Transgressing Congress and Citizens on Steroids
  170. [Article] The Challenge of Change
  171. [Article] How To Oust Generic Bukola Saraki By The Nuclear Option
  172. [Article] How To Oust Generic Bukola Saraki By The Nuclear Option
  173. [Article] National Assembly: A House Divided Against Itself
  174. [Article] Tribute to Ex Lagos Governor at 52
  175. [Article] Is APC Unravelling?
  176. [Article] Media In Nigeria And The Needs For Decree 4
  177. [Article] The morning after March 28
  178. [Article] Notes for the Lagos Governor-elect
  179. [Article] Letter to Muhammadu Buhari and Yemi Osinbajo
  180. [Article] Half-time, and a quick-win mentality
  181. [Article] Public Declaration of Assets and Liabilities: Nigerians Wait for Buhari
  182. [Article] Is Buhari The Lion, Or The Meat?
  183. [Article] Sad Sam, our Uncle, @ 80
  184. [Article] Legislators, President Buhari's Cabinet, and Their Complacencies.
  185. [Article] Wake Me up When this Nightmare is over
  186. [Article] Obama and Buhari: Comparing their senior moments'
  187. [Article] Obama and Buhari: Comparing their senior moments'
  188. [Article] Redeeming the Sub-Nationals
  189. [Article] Redeeming the Sub-Nationals
  190. [Article] Progress Report on Nigeria June 25, 2015
  192. [Article] Nigeria's APC Party Selects Boko Haram Courier' Ndume As Majority Leader
  193. [Article] To Buhari's propaganda minister
  194. [Article] Tasks for a new AU Secretariat
  195. [Article] Ndi-Igbo, Buhari and Ekweremadu's Re-Emergence
  196. [Article] Law of Karma and Kwankwaso's fear of Tambuwalization
  197. [Article] Is Buhari Confused while Saraki rampages and Jonathan Boys go insane?
  198. [Article] I Love (virtually) "Empty Treasuries" but ONLY if ...
  199. [Article] Okey Ndibe and His Fantasy
  200. [Article] Before Bola Tinubu is Crucified
  201. [Article] The Entrepreneur (1): Vodi's Big Dream
  202. [Article] The States of Emergency Pt. 2
  203. [Article] Contraband lawmakers and N84.64 Billion counterfeit wardrobes
  204. [Article] The International Criminal Court And Africa
  205. [Article] Buhari's Disappearing Presidency
  206. [Article] Propagated States Ethnic Champions & Ministers Empty Treasury
  207. [Article] APC Leaders need to apologise to their Voters
  208. [Article] Amnesty Report: How Yakubu Gowon Institutionalized Human Rights Violations In The Nigerian Army
  209. [Article] APC: Fighting For Booty Or Fighting To Deliver?
  210. [Article] Who Will Save Us From Internet Plagiarists?
  211. [Article] Ọnwubiko! Mourning Cry at Emman Ezeazu's Untimely Death
  212. [Article] ABC Of Recalling A Law-Maker In Nigeria
  213. [Article] Why We'll Scrap The Senate: Saraki Sets Up Committee To Find How Much Senators Earn?
  214. [News] Buhari should appoint 'Chief Worrier of the Federation'
  215. [Article] Nigeria's 1999 Constitution's Demand for Unity Is In conflict With Good Governance
  216. [Article] El - Rufai: An Example of Courageous Leadership
  217. [Article] Charleston: So the Flag Came Down
  218. [Article] Charleston: So the Flag Came Down
  219. [Article] Issues in Assets Declarations by Public Officers
  220. [Article] Musings On The State Of Biafra
  221. [Article] Please talk about it or else
  222. [Article] Lost in America: At the bookstore
  223. [Article] Ikhide loves Pablo Neruda
  224. [Article] This American life: Coming of (old) age
  225. [Article] For "Allah Dey" Odunewu: Ikhide, Meet Chekhov
  226. [Article] Yesterday's tales: Everything is as it should be
  227. [Article] The Blind Side Of The Amnesty Report
  228. [Article] Above The Law
  229. [Article] The Ijaw of Bayelsa State: 2016 And Beyond
  230. [Article] Whether Saraki goes to Obasanjo's Ota or Ouagadougou
  231. [Article] The Victory of Corruption over Buhari's Presidency
  232. [Article] Yesterday's tales: Of coaches and fathers
  233. [Article] Change is Necessary
  234. [Article] We Demand A 90% Reduction In The National Assembly Budget And 100% Transparency
  235. [Article] Buhari and the Oronsaye Report: Tough Choices
  236. [Article] Ngozi's Double-faced Theory of Management
  237. [Article] Oyocracy- Nigeria's New Order
  238. [Article] Buhari, 'legislooters' and the change agenda
  239. [Article] Mishandling of asset declaration may doom Buhari's presidency
  240. [Grammar] How the language you speak changes your view of the world
  241. [Article] Buhari's New Friends
  242. [Article] Again, Buhari's Hard Choice
  243. [Article] Criticising Buhari over "President Michelle of West Germany" gaffe is ignorant
  244. [Article] Buhari Backsliders, Cool Temper
  245. [Article] Charleston, South Carolina and The Tragedy of a People
  247. [Article] Should we forgive Dylann Roof?
  248. [Article] Skin Color Culture As A Caste System
  249. [Article] Refineries: My Buhari Delivers Death To The Cabal, Change To Nigeria
  250. [Article] Sai Baba And The 40 Thieves.