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  1. [Article] Buhari Does Not Need More Than Four Years
  2. [Article] Obasanjo's 'NASSty' Missive
  3. [Article] A Realistic Case for Electricity Tariff Increase
  4. [Article] Loan Shark 20% Interest Kills Local Businesses & Jobs
  5. [Article] Supreme Court Of Injustice
  6. [Article]  Danger As Corruption Creeps Into The Supreme Court Of Nigeria
  7. [Article] Mbaka: Priest, Politician Or Renegade?
  8. [Article] Tyranny in Nigeria: Supreme Court to the Rescue
  9. [Article] Tyranny in Nigeria: Supreme Court to the Rescue
  10. [Article] Concussion (2015 film) is a Nigerian
  11. [Article] Rochas Okorocha Should Do Justice To Imo State
  12. [Article] Borrowing From Peter to Pay Paul: Our National Assembly and Buhari's $3.5 billion Loan
  13. [Article] Borrowing From Peter to Pay Paul: Our National Assembly and Buhari's $3.5 billion Loan
  14. [Article] Fashola, Pencom And The Nigerian Debate Pt. 2
  15. [Article] Anambras Latest Gift To Nigerias Fledging Democracy
  16. [Article] Uche Ekwunife: As Ugly As It Gets
  17. [Article] Buhari: The Scarecrow Must Become The Pathfinder
  18. [Article] To Devalue, Or Not To Devalue?
  19. [Article] The Distance Between Nigeria And Catalonia Is Justice
  20. [Article] Four Kilometres from Maiduguri
  21. [Article] They Say We Should Stop Talking About Corruption
  22. [Article] Debating the Rule of Law: Why I Stand With President Buhari
  23. [Article] Nigeria Has Palpable Concussion
  24. [Article] Federal Character And Its Discontents
  25. [Article] Mixed Metaphors: Half The Story
  26. [Article] We Cant Go On Like This
  27. [Article] Bridging The Financing Gap And Optimal Tax Rate
  28. [Article] Buhari And The Vanishing Miracles
  29. [Article] Olisa Metuh And The British: Between The Colonized And The Postcolonized
  30. [Article] Olisa Metuh And The British: Between The Colonized And The Postcolonized
  31. [Article] President Muhammadu Buhari Has Found a Judge That He likes
  32. [Article] Love To Spend Dollars & Pounds But Hate Buru Job
  33. [Article] From Kampala To Abuja
  34. [Article] The Online Warriors
  35. [Article] President Buhari and the Dubai of the Belly
  36. [Article] President Buhari and the Dubai of the Belly
  37. [Article] Obasanjo, Dino Melaye, and the Impossibility of Nigerias Progress
  38. [Article] Why Buhari should not move against Jonathan
  39. [Article] Fashola, PenCom And The Nigerian Debate Pt. 1
  40. [Article] Slogeneering And Numerology: Failed Talismans Of A Failed Nation
  41. [Article] Electricity Crisis And The Illusion Of Body Language
  42. [Article] My Landlord Just Returned to America From Nigeria
  43. [Article] What time is it, Nigeria?
  44. [Article] The Nigerian Dream
  45. [Article] Goodluck Jonathans (Un)dignified Silence
  46. [Article] Okonjo-Iweala: A Strong Transparency Advocate And Anti-Corruption Fighter
  47. [Article] Can We Allow The Travesty In Kogi State To Stand In A Democracy?
  48. [Article] A Night Of Darkness and the Law Of Karma
  49. [Article] The Defeat of Boko Haram Is now an Accomplished Fact. It is a Miracle
  50. [Article] Nigerias Poor Economy Blame Ibrahim Babangida!
  51. [Article] Be Very Nervous (BVN), Nigeria Banking Population
  52. [Article] What About Us?
  53. [Article] Budget 2016: Buharinomic Boom or Doom?
  54. [Article] Where Are The Public Intellectuals?
  55. [Article] How The January 1966 Coup Stopped Nigeria From Becoming A Corrupt One Party State
  56. [Article] A Nation Challenged By Enemies Within
  57. [Article] Jonathan, Soludo and the Real Idi Amin that Ran the CBN
  58. [Article] Udom Emmanuel: As Akwa Ibom Awaits Justice at the Supreme Court
  59. [Article] The Ghost Of Sankara And June 12
  60. [Article] Throwing Fire Cocktails To Burn Down Family House
  61. [Article] Inside Dambazaus Shoes
  62. [Article] Obasanjo's Hypocrisy in the Era of Change
  63. [Article] Extradition Treaty With United Arab Emirates: Kudos, President Buhari!
  64. [Article] When Naira Catches Lassa Fever
  65. [Article] A Passionate Appeal to Buhari: Go Back to Your First Love
  66. [Article] Shine A Light On The Gaps
  67. [Article] Buharis Unsexy Task
  68. [Article] Dambazzau:The Big Man
  69. [Article] Activating The Koboko Revolution
  70. [Article] What Is Happening To El-Rufai?
  71. [Article] Between Jonathans Ebola Fever and Buharis Lassa Fever
  72. [Article] Thieves don spoil my calculator for Nigeria
  73. [Article] Divided Biafra Cannot Stand
  74. [Article] Op-Ed Article: President Buharis Minister of Health
  75. [Article] Jan. 15th 1966: A Night of Blood and Slaughter
  76. [Article] The Thing at Dambazaus Feet is You!
  77. [Article] Nigeria On A Knife-Edge
  78. [Article] Nigeria: A Change to Disbelieve In
  79. [Article] Multiple Charades
  80. [Article] A Visit To FRSC
  81. [Article] NzeogwuJanuary 66 Coup, Corruption And The Price Of Tribalism
  82. [Article] Jan. 15: Where we came from
  83. [Article] The Parable Of The Unforgiving Servant And What Igbos Have Been Compelled To Become
  84. [Article] And The Pastor Said Unto The Journalist
  85. [Article] Random Thoughts: Fighting Corruption with Corruption
  86. [Article] Buhari: Biting The Bullet!
  87. [Article] Different Profiles of Nigerian Internet Warriors
  88. [Article] A Moratorium on Nigerian Statehood
  89. [Article] Crime and Punishment in Nigeria2
  90. [Article] Return Of Tyranny: Buhari's Coup Against The Nigerian Constitution
  91. [Article] Rule of Law as the Refuge of Scoundrels
  92. [Article] How To Escape Buharis Anti-corruption Strokes
  93. [Article] The War Begging Buharis Attention
  94. [Article] Cash and Carry Bureaucrats Guzzled Foreign Income Dry
  95. [Article] Sorry, But Buhari Is Not Fighting Corruption
  96. [Article] So What is Nigeria worth?
  97. [Article] You Should Never, Never Stand With Tyranny
  98. [Article] Do You Speak French?
  99. [Article] Omoluabi
  100. [Article] The Yam Eaters Frantically Search For Company For Their Exclusive Crimes
  101. [Article] BIAFRA and 2016 Nigerias Budget
  102. [Article] 2015: The 'Person' Of The Year!
  103. [Article] Reinventing Nigeria
  104. [Article] Davido, Baby Mamas and Other Stories
  105. [Article] Bayelsa: Seriake Dicksons Shoes too Big for Timipre Sylva
  106. [Article] Creativity And The Power To Teach, Orient And Inspire
  107. [Article] Wheels Fall Off Nigerias Oil Wagons
  108. [Article] The Corruption and Evil of Employment Scams in Nigeria
  109. [Article] 2016 : Buhari And The Anxious Expectations of Nigerians
  110. [Article] Bayelsas Life-and-Death Election
  111. [Article] Buhari And The Principal Of My School (2)
  112. [Article] A Word For Olisa Metu, The Dasuki For President Campaigner
  113. [Article] Rejigging the Nigerian Educational System and Agriculture as Panacea to Unemployment
  114. [Article] The Year 2015: Our Year of Calamitous Disasters
  115. [Article] Statement On The Allegation By Sahara Reporters And The So-Called Investigation By The EFCC
  116. [Article] Emperor Buhari, Or Plain Poor Communicator?
  117. [Article] Does Nigeria Concern You?
  118. [Article] 2016: Nigerias Year of Living Nervously
  119. [Article] Buhari: Not Much Has Changed
  120. [Article] Bill Cosby Has Already Lost Without Proof Of Criminal Guilt
  121. [Article] The Broken And The Unbroken
  122. [Article] President Buhari's Media Chat And The Words Of A Tyrant
  123. [Article] Happy New Year, And So Long!
  124. [Article] Bisi Olateru-Olagbegi (1953-2015)
  125. [Article] Femi Fani-Kayode: Confirmation of Rotimi Fashakin as a Medieval-Era Ignoramus
  126. [Article] #BuhariGate: Jonathan, PDP and Lessons from Garba Shehus Treatise
  127. [Article] 2016: Nigerias Year of Living Nervously
  128. [Article] Trump Is Right, Ban The Muzzies
  129. [Article] Parable Of The Talents And What Igbos Want
  130. [Article] Fayose: The Audacity Of Impunity!
  131. [Article] Buhari's 25 Million Naira Liability
  132. [Article] Eko, Yoruba, and Nnamdi Azikiwe's Dream
  133. [Article] BUHARI'S 2016 BUDGET: A Consolidation of Corruption
  134. [Article] President Muhammadu Buharis First Press Conference - Side Matters
  135. [Article] 2015: The Year Of Democracy
  136. [Article] President Muhammadu Buharis Most Convoluted Explanations
  137. [Article] What is Presidential about that Media Chat?
  138. [Article] Budgeting with a Bunch of Zeroes: A Budget of Change that need Changes
  139. [Article] Entering 2016 with Trepidations
  140. [Article] The Folly and Vanity of Social Media Friendship.
  141. [Article] The Military, Zaria Massacre And A Defective Federation
  142. [Article] Forget Dasukigate: Its Us-gate
  143. [Article] Buhari And The Principal Of My School
  144. [Article] Agenda Setting For President Buhari's Ministers
  145. [Article] Still Not Another Great Year
  146. [Article] Our ATM Cards Have Died Abroad; Letter to CBN Governor
  147. [Article] Parallel & Black Markets Compete With Central Bank
  148. [Article] And Now We are Paying to Pray to the God of Corruption!
  149. [Article] Has Buhari Banished Budgets of Recurrent Corruption?
  150. [Article] Is Ibe Kachikwu This Governments New Year Sacrifice?
  151. [Article] Buharigate As Limit Of Obstructionist Politics
  152. [Article] The good side of Nigeria
  153. [Article] Corruption, Biafra And The Untrue Claim Of Igbo Marginalisation
  154. [Article] Ten Notes On Respecting Nigerians After A Bomb Blast
  155. [Article] The Hypocritical King
  156. [Article] An Open Letter To President Muhammadu Buhari
  157. [Article] Igwe Osita Agwuna 111: Time We Honored Greatness
  158. [Article] Remembering Christmas
  159. [Article] Corruption, Biafra And The Untrue Claim Of Igbo Marginalisation (Part 2 of 3)
  160. [Article] MTN and the Audacity of Impunity
  161. [Article] War On Corruption, Biafra And The Untrue Claim Of Igbo Marginalisation (Part 1 of 3)
  162. [Article] Self Determination and "Thirty Pieces of Silver"
  163. [Article] My Year Resolution: Not to be surprised
  164. [Article] Buhari; The Man And The Mandate
  165. [Article] El Zakzaky Goons and Suicide Manoeuvres
  166. [Article] Goodluck, Jonathan!
  167. [Article] Nnamdi Kanu, A case of Subversion of the Judiciary by Buharis Administration
  168. [Article] The Nigerian Army, Buhari And Human Rights Violations
  169. [Article] Governor Okorocha's Christmas Tree and Political Vanity
  170. [Article] INEC, Inconclusive Elections and Conspiracy Theory
  171. [Article] Goodluck Jonathan On My Mind
  172. [Article] Get Foreign Loans From African Looters Not IMF
  173. [Article] Kudos for President Buharis 2016 Budget
  174. [Article] My People Of The Year
  175. [Article] Full Text Of President Buhari's 2016 Budget Address
  176. [Article] In My North, Poverty Is Neither Shi'ites Nor Sunni
  177. [Article] Our TSARs are Here!
  178. [Article] So, Where Are The Re-Recovered Loots? Lets TAG them..!
  179. [Article] Self-Determination and The Biafran, Nigeria's Problem Child
  180. [Article] Lampedusa: The Exodus
  181. [Article] There Was Nigerian Philanthropist Ugorji Eke Before CNN Ted Turner And American Bill Gates.
  182. [Article] El-Zakzaky, Religion And The Nigerian State
  183. [Article] Olusegun Mimikos Ondo State as Africas Model of Development
  184. [Article] Why History Should Be Taught
  185. [Article] Of The Tanzanian Change And Our Own Change
  186. [Article] Africans Cannot But Our Land Grabbers Can Feed The World
  187. [Article] Buhari vs Bakare: Time to Touch the "Anointed"
  188. [Article] Pastor Enoch Adeboye vs Peter Tosh
  189. [Article] Inside Nigerias Prisons
  190. [Article] It is Not Too Late Yet
  191. [Article] The Tragic Carnage in Zaria
  192. [Article] The Revelations of the Damned and Nigerians' Attitude To Corruption!
  193. [Article] Why (Not) Biafra
  194. [Article] What Adamu Adamu should do for Nigeria
  195. [Article] Biafra II: Putting the Cart before the Horse
  196. [Article] In Dasukigate Stealing is not Corruption.
  197. [Article] When Religious Houses Pose Public Health Hazard
  198. [Article] Nigeria: Our Ministers no get time for book o!
  199. [Article] Nigerias Future, a Few Indecent Proposals.
  200. [Article] Understanding President Buharis System Thinking Approach
  201. [Article] Great Ife And The Failure Of The Gown
  202. [Article] How To Spend It
  203. [Article] When Lawyers Put Themis to Shame
  204. [Article] Between Dasuki And Diezani
  205. [Article] I May Renounce My Canadian Citizenship
  206. [Article] Nnamdi Kanu, Biafra Agitation and Government Buffoonery
  207. [Article] As the Headlines Grow Bigger
  208. [Article] President Buharis Dwindling Stature
  209. [Article] I Didnt Know Donald Trump Was A Real Person
  210. [Article] Biafra: The Voyage of Memory vs. Custodians of Stolen Legacy
  211. [Article] Who Released, Killed And Ate Our Lion?
  212. [Article] A letter to President Buhari on the MTN fine and much more for Nigerians
  213. [Article] When A Lizard Falls Off The Wall
  214. [Article] Lord, Heal Our President Of Jetphilia
  215. [Article] Biafra from a Yoruba Perspective
  216. [Article] Terrorism Fight: The Potential Negative Impact Of Policy Somersault On Pro-Active Policing
  217. [Article] A letter to President Buhari on the MTN fine and much more for Nigerians
  218. [Article] The Nigerian Senate & Our Freedom
  219. [Article] The Biafran Spring: A Struggle For Justice And Equality On Behalf Of All Oppressed Peoples
  220. [Article] This Social Media Deserves To Be Banned
  221. [Article] Biafra As Nightmare And Fantasy
  222. [Article] Minimum Wage Monkey Business, Maximum Outrage
  223. [Article] The New Nigeria(n)!
  224. [Article] My Goddess and Nigeria's Macabre Dance
  225. [Article] A Cagey Igala Mans Fears; A Happy-Go-Lucky Igbo Mans Opportunity
  226. [Article] The Need for Holistic and Altruistic Approaches to IGR and Taxation in Nigeria
  227. [Article] My Goddess and Nigeria's Macabre Dance
  228. [Article] The New Nigeria(n)!
  229. [Article] We Are All Biafrans!
  230. [Article] Paying It Forward: The Way I want To Live
  231. [Article] Check, You Need Smart Drugs
  232. [Article] A Reading List For Ministers
  233. [Article] Internal Conflict and the Nation's Progress
  234. [Article] The Deathly Silence of Nigerians - Do Nigerian Lives Matter?
  235. [Article] The Social Media Line In The Sand
  236. [Article] Killed on a Wednesday
  237. [Article] The Celebration Of Helplessness
  238. [Article] $2BN Arms Deal: Loot Recovery or Brute Gunnery
  239. [Article] We Are All Otukpo!
  240. [Article] The Biafra Of Our Dream, Any Change In Tactics Or Strategy???
  241. [Article] President Muhammadu Buhari is Getting Closer to Accomplishing his Biafran Goals.
  242. [Article] Like Play Like Fire Too Many Dead Bodies
  243. [Article] Should APC Be Taken Seriously?
  244. [Article] Buhari and the Old Woman in Katsina
  245. [Article] Abubakar Audus Death: A Spiritual Interpretation
  246. [Article] Eating Our Ponmo Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
  247. [Article] NIPOST, Stamp Duty, Employment Generation And The Communication Minister.
  248. [Article] At War With Ourselves
  249. [Article] Middle Sea of African Blood
  250. [Article] The New-Age Imperialism: Saving Africa from Extinction Part 2