The Enemy Within and the Cold-Blooded Threat from Arewa /

On March 28th a hitherto unknown northern group known as the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, through its spokesman, one Yerima Shetima, had the nerve and effontry to accuse Afenifere and the Yoruba  nation of a "subtle campaign of ethnic cleansing" and went on to threaten us with what they decribed as "reprisals against the millions of Yoruba living in the north" if we did not stop complaining about the fact that our people were slaughtered in Ile-Ife and that the police were handling the whole matter in a selective, inappropiate and unjust manner.

It is clear that this is not an empty threat because for the last two weeks fake and horrendous videos and graphic pictures of what purport to be the killings of Hausa Fulanis by the Yoruba and the people of Ile-Ife are being circulated all over the internet and social media by those that seek to promote anarchy, violence and carnage and those that are set to kill.

This is not the time to escalate the tension and we must do all we can to exercise restraint and keep the peace but clearly the stage is being set by some in the north for ethnic pogroms and reprisals against the Yoruba.

Yet we are not in the least bit perturbed and someone should advise the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum and those that they represent that pulling the tail of the tiger can be a very dangerous thing indeed.

Like Shakespeare's King Henry V once said they must "wake not our sleeping sword lightly."

They and whoever sent them can be rest assured that the Yoruba are not intimidated or deterred by their boastful threats and that we will lose no sleep over their irresponsible and reckless words.

Whether they and their sponsors like it or not we shall continue to complain and to protest and we eagerly await the full manifestation and execution of their cold-blooded and unwarranted threat.

Yesterday evening the Arewa Consultative Forum itself, the body of elders and leaders that speaks for the north, chose to stop hiding behind their youths and waded into the ring.

They issued a formal statement, through one Muhammadu Ibrahim, who is apparantly their spokesman, cautioning Yoruba elders and leaders not to "give ethnic coloration to the Ile-Ife crises" and that if they continued to do so they should be mindful of and ready for what he described as "reprisal consequences".

This is yet another not so well-couched warning and veiled threat. They have made their point and we have taken our stand. The next move is theirs.

Meanwhile I find it curious that not one prominent voice from outside Yorubaland, except for a handful of notable, insightful and deeply courageous essayists and political commentators like Reno Omokri and Jude Ndukwe, has spoken out against the evil and injustice that the people of Ile-Ife have been subjected to by both the Hausa Fulani community and the Nigerian  Police Force.

It appears that the Yoruba have been left to carry their cross on their own even though when the Fulani militants and herdsmen, or indeed anyone else, commit genocide and mass murder against innocent people in other parts of the country the Yoruba are always at the forefront of speaking up for the victims.

Yet despite this wonderful quality of more often than not being our brothers keeper, the people of the south west still harbour a number of so-called leaders within their ranks who are more comfortable with sleeping with the enemy than in defending or speaking up for their own.


Permit me to give just one example. A few renegades from the south-west, whom I regard as the enemy within and the sons of perfidy, have complained that my two part essay on the Hausa Fulani and Yoruba clash in Ile Ife (tltled "The Hausa Fulani, The Yoruba and The Slaughter In Ile-Ife") was "too harsh" and that it may even have "compounded the problem".

They also complained about the follow-up that I wrote to that article titled "The Sons and Daughters Of Ile-Ife: Butchered, Paraded and Now Prisoners Of War" which came out last week.

Frankly I am at a loss to comprehend their baseless concerns and criticisms or appreciate their warped logic.

How can one "compound the problem" by speaking the bitter truth?

How can one "compound the problem" by resisting evil and standing up for ones own?

How can one "compound the problem" by standing against tyranny and ethnic domination?

How can one "compound the problem" by objecting to mass murder, genocide, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity?

How can one "compund the problem" by pointing out that the Hausa Fulani must stop killing other Nigerians wherever they go?

How can one can one "compound the problem" by saying that we refuse to be sacrificial lambs or second class citizens in our own land?

How can one "compound the problem" by asserting that it is ungodly and unacceptable for others to storm our territory, rape our women, burn our homes, occupy our land, steal our farms, desecrate our places of worship, kill our children and terrorise our people?

How can one "compound the problem" by contending that it is not only a grave insult but also an affront to decency and justice that only the Yoruba were arrested by the police after the carnage at Ile Ife even though people from both sides were killed?

How can one "compound the problem" by rejecting the conspiracy of silence, refusing to be a coward and saying "enough is enough?"

How can one "compound the problem" by saying that if the brutal killings of our people does not stop that we will have no choice but to reconsider being part of Nigeria and no qualms about exercising our right of self-determination and thereby light the glorious flame of the sovereign state and independent nation of Oduduwa?

Needless to say I offer no apology and neither do I have any regrets for any of the things that I have said or written even if the primitive and barely educated in our midst see things differently.

Some of the things they wrote, particularly in the pro-Government newspapers and websites, were brought to my attention and frankly I saw nothing but unadulterated rubbish.

I have never read so much puerile nonsense, infantile balderdash and disjointed verbiage before in my entire life.

The traitors that joined hands with our collective enemies and led our people into the jaws of death and the poisonous fangs of the ravenous and insatiable Fulani monster still dont know who and what they are up against or who and what they are dealing with.

They are slaves and cowards in body, spirit and soul. I have always known that but what I didn't know is that they would also go as far as to cast aspertions on the character and noble efforts of those of us that are risking our lives and liberty by confronting the beast.

Instead of applauding us for doing what THEY ought to be doing they are denigrating us and belittling our efforts.

They believe that if they say and do the right things the Hausa Fulani will leave them alone and allow our people to live in peace. Little do they know the monster.

They have also said that the area known as "Sabo" where the Hausa Fulani live was the only place that their APC got votes in Ile-Ife during the governorship and presidential elections.

Consequently they believe that they must protect the Hausa Fulanis that live there and sacrifice the Yoruba.

People that reason, think and talk like that are evil. They are nothing but vermin. They are scum and so are ALL those that share their views.

They are traitors, cowards and cockroaches and they have sold the Ifes and the Yoruba down the river.

They are playing politics with this grave and very serious issue whilst the blood of their people is being shed and their traditional rulers and sons and daughters are being falsely accused, detained and locked up in distant and dingy underground cells.

They helped President Muhammadu Buhari to win power in 2015 yet they have remained silent as his Hausa Fulani kinsmen have slaughtered people ALL over the country in the last two years.

Not one word of objection or protest did they offer when confronted with this monstrous outrage.

They even applauded and encouraged the killings and patted the genocidal maniacs on the back.

When the beasts were done with the people of Southern Kaduna, Benue, Enugu, Abia, Taraba, Delta, Plateau, Kogi, Kwara, Anambra, Imo, Edo, Ebonyi and elsewhere and the same thing was done to their own Yoruba kith and kin in Ile-Ife they were shocked beyond belief but they did nothing except beg their Hausa Fulani friends.

They crawled and bowed before Rabiu Kwankwaso when he came to Ile Ife to insult our people asking for compensation after the massacre.

They shivered and went on their knees before Abdulrahman Dambazau when he came to Ile Ife to intimidate our people saying the Ifes must behave themselves after the carnage.

They trembled and bowed before the Nigerian police when they paraded our sons and daughters and a reverred traditional ruler before the television cameras, labelled them as murderers and common criminals and said they would prosecute them.

They clapped with joy and shouted "bravo" when the security and intelligence agencies refused to arrest even ONE Hausa Fulani person after they slaughtered and beheaded our people in the sanctity of their own homes.

They sang and danced with joy and servile adoration when the northern Inspector General of Police labelled the Yoruba as "criminals" and attempted to justify the fact that no Hausa Fulani person was arrested after the conflict.

Now they have been commissioned by the same Hausa Fulani-led govermment to denigrate and insult those of us that have courageously stood up, resisted the evil, exposed the truth, called the murderers to order and encouraged our people to stand firm and stand tall.

What a useless heap of dung these cowardly animals are. It is no wonder that so many people in our country WRONGLY label the Yoruba as cowards that cannot be trusted in a fight.

They do not know that these cowardly dogs do not represent the Yoruba but only their own stomachs.

The only thing that is worse than the evil agenda of those that slaughter others at will in Nigeria are the slaves that are prepared to work for them and destroy the destiny of millions of Yoruba for a pittance.

Yet they can be rest assured of one thing: their plan to dampen our enthusiasm, break our resolve and destroy our efforts will not work.

Whatever they do or say we shall continue to sensitise our people about the great evil that confronts them today and we shall strengthen our resolve to resist the Buhari administration's scurillous attempt to break our will, intimidate our people and destroy our future

Apart from Afenifere, the OPC and a number of noble and courageous elders and leaders  hardly anyone else from the south west has spoken up publicly for the Ifes and the Yoruba in this matter and that is a crying shame.

What happened to the voices of the APC Governors in Yorubaland? What happened to the voice of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo?

What happened to the voices of the respected Pa Bisi Akande and the great Jagaban of Borgu, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu?

We need to hear from all of these distintinguished personalities now more than ever before.

The celebrated American spy and defector Mr. Edward Snowdon urged public figures and leaders throughout the world to

"speak NOT because it is SAFE but because it is RIGHT".

How right he is!

The black American civil rights leader,

Dr. Martin Luther King jnr. took it a step further by saying,

"in the end we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends".

Finally, in his famous poem titled 'The Inferno", the great poet and immortal writer Dante Alighieri wrote

"the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of moral crisis preserve their neutrality".

Those who remain silent as their compatriots and kith and kin are butchered have much to learn from the words of these three great and deeply profound men.

When faced with the level of orchestrated carnage and the magnitude of pure malvolence and evil that was unleashed on the local indegenous population by the Hausa Fulani in Ile-Ife every single Yoruba leader worth his salt has a solemn duty and obligation before God  to condemn it and speak out against it.

Honor and decency demands that much from each and every one of us and, more importantly, we owe it to the dead and to those that were cruelly butchered and cut short in their prime.

We can appreciate the fact that the Presidency and the Federal Government will not commiserate with us for those that we lost in the conflict given their rabid pro-Hausa Fulani disposition but we cannot comprehend the devastating and incomprehensible silence that comes from our fellow Yorubas who happen to be leaders, members and supporters of the ruling Hausa Fulani-led APC.

Instead of standing in solidarity with us and publicly condemning those that drew first blood in the carnage, a few identifiable individuals within their ranks who have clearly lost their way and who ought to know better, are talking rubbish, running for cover and exhibiting nothing but good old fashioned trepidation and fear.

Worse still they hate those of us that have the courage of our convictions and that are prepared to stand up, pick up the gauntlet and face the challenge.

One wonders why this is so? Could it be because, as is being speculated, they had assured their hegemonist masters that they had Yorubaland under lock and key and that they could go ahead and kill as many of our people as they pleased?

Could it be because they assured them that no-one would challenge them or complain when they did so?

Is it possible, as many believe, that things have got that bad and that those from the south west that suffer from this slavish disposition have degenerated to this level?

If so then what a tragedy this is! What a shame! What cowardice! What treachery! And all in return for a few measly crumbs from their master's table.

It is not enough that even their leader Bola Tinubu is being systematically squeezed and stylishly humiliated by the Hausa Fulani government that he helped put in power. It is not enough that they have cheated and humiliated him on numerous occassions.

It is not enough that they have taken the lion out of the Lion of Bourdiĺlon. It is not enough that his Yoruba supporters and followers in the APC have been reduced to the demeaning status of colourless collaborators and lily-livered vassals.

Worse still they have decided that no matter what they will continue to beg and play the role of "Uncle Tom's" and  "house niggers" till the very end.

They have sold their souls to the devil for thirty pieces of silver and they have traded in their heritage for a mess of pottage.

Yet the truth is that whether they like it or not we will continue to speak out loudly and clearly against the atrocities that their paymasters are unleashing on Nigerians.

Even though these very same traitors and cowards have displayed their greed and ignorance by openly opposing the restructuring agenda and have consistently opposed those of us that believe in the right of self-determination, we will not relent.

We will continue to speak out and oppose the Hausa Fulani agenda for our nation. We will continue to oppose the hideous crimes against humanity and the genocide that the Fulani herdsmen are subjecting so many people to ALL over the country.

We will continue to take the risks to life and liberty and face the persecution that comes with it.

We will also continue to take their dirty insults and bear the inglorious display of their shameless ingratitude.

We will pay whatever price that we must pay to be counted amongst those that defended, protected and ultimately liberated the great people of the south and the Middle Belt from the hegemony and subjugation of the scions of Usman Dan Fodio, the Sons of Futa Jalon and the shameless and gutless slaves that support and encourage them.

We will do this for three reasons: firstly because we are led by the Holy Spirit to do so, secondly because we despise the brazen attempt to humiliate and enslave our people and thirdly because we abhor violence, genocide, ethnic cleansing and the shedding of innocent human blood.

The Bible says we should "resist evil". And what we are facing in the hands of the Fulani militias and herdsmen and the wider Hausa Fulani agenda in Nigeria today is the greatest evil that the African continent has ever seen or known.

It takes an educated mind to appreciate that. Sadly most of those that are their slaves are barely educated. They lack confidence and suffer from low self-esteem.

Instead of rising up to the occassion, trusting in the Lord and being strong and confident in the power of His might, they are feeble-minded, faithless, treacherous, cowardly and ignorant.

It is in that context that I see the actions (or inactions) and hear the malicious words and insidious and insulting rantings of the grass hoppers and lilliputians that are lamenting about my contributions on the Hausa Fulani/ Yoruba conflict.

Whatever they say or do we shall not be deterred. The struggle continues and victory is assured.

Yet instead of getting any better things appear to be getting worse. For example such was the brutality and barbarity that the Fulani militias and herdsmen visited on the people of Benue state just last week that Samuel Ortom, the Governor and Chief Security Officer of that state, told the world that he would "ban the Fulani herdsmen" from coming to his state.

As if things were not bad enough two days later yet another threat of mass murder was issued by the Fulani militias. This time it was in Kwara state, under the auspices of their umbrella organisation called Miyetti Allah. They said that they would kill anyone in Kwara state that challenged or confronted their people. That is how badly things have degenerated.

Yet the nightmare goes on unabated.

Four days ago yet another person was hacked into pieces by the Fulani militias.

This time it was a staff of Delta State University in Abraka. When I called these barbarians  bloodsucking tsetse flies in 2015 many complained about my use of words. Are those people still complaining now?

It is this type of murderous instinct, homicidal inclination, cold-blooded callousness, brazen impunity, reckless lawlessness and baseless arrogance that allowed a well-known Fulani Prince (as he then was) with Islamic fundamentalist tendencies, a salafist soul and a wahabbi spirit to publicly behead Gideon Akaluka in Kano in the mid-1990's and yet  escape prosecution and evade justice simply because of who and what he is and where he comes from.

From the foregoing it is clear that in Nigeria some are more equal than others before the law and some can literally get away with murder.

The truth is that we are really in trouble.

The cow-lovers have charmed us with their suya and barbecued cow meat. We are under a terrible spell.

We are bound in awe and fear of them and we have been turned into their perpetual slaves.

Thousands have been slaughtered all over the country by these killer herdsmen in the last two years. Are they not worse than vampires from the pit of hell?

They feed on the blood of the innocent: it  strengthens the demons that drive them, it fuels their confidence and it gives them satanic power. The more people they kill, the more power the devil gives them and the more violence, arrogance and impunity they display.

Yet, as with all things that comes from satan, that power is always short-lived and it comes at a terrible price.

These are just some of the things that the enemy within and those that have sold their souls to our collective oppressors would do well to consider.

Meanwhile those of us that yearn for freedom and that have dedicated our lives to the liberation of our people shall continue to commit our noble cause into the hands of the Living God.

He is faithful and true and, in the end, He will not only break our yoke of servitude but He will also grant us glorious victory and bring us to an expected end.

He is ever faithful and ever sure: that is why they call Him the Lord of Hosts and the Ancient of Days.

That is why no matter what they say or do, we simply smile and count it all as joy. Why? Because we know that with our God ALL things are possible and though the night may be dark, joy comes in the morning. Blessed be His name.


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