Segun Adeniyi's Claptrap/

I believe that Segun Adeniyi's book titled "Against The Run Of Play" is good for one thing and one thing alone: the dustbin.

It is a collection of jaundiced opinions and subjective submissions made by a collection of self-seeking clowns.

It sounds more like a script for a second rate and comic soap opera than a historical account.

It is nothing more than a cheap and feeble exercise in historical revisionism and the target of the collective effort is President Goodluck Jonathan.

As far as the author is concerned he is the villain whilst others are the heroes.

Reuben Abati has far more gravitas than Segun Adeniyi. He was an insider in the Jonathan administration and he will not rely on self-serving historical revisionism, unsubstantiated hearsay and childish gossip in his account.

We await his book. That would make far more gratifying and informed reading than Segun Adeniyi's clap-trap.


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