With little to say about the activities of the outgoing administration, media aides of President Goodluck Jonathan may have started exploring other activities to maintain their presence on social media.

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Doyin Okupe, had tweeted a photograph, which he described as the wonder of the century.

In the photograph, Okupe is seen swimming in a pool of water.

“Another wonder of the 21st century, believe it or not, Doyin Okupe floats in water. No matter the circumstances, in the next four years, as the Lord lives, we shall remain afloat,” the photograph was captioned.

The post trended widely on Facebook, Twitter and blogs, generating critical comments from social media users.

Some analysts said Okupe might have chosen to carry on in self-denial if he hoped the Peoples Democratic Party would gain relevance in the next fear years.

One Johnson Ajibola, who joined hundreds of other Facebook users to analyse the remark, urged Okupe to leave God out of the situation he and his political associates are facing.

“Can you, at least, respect yourself by refraining from this sort of baseless statements?” he asked.

A tweeter, Mikaely, said Nigerians were more interested in knowing Okupe’s new name rather than the state he would be in the next four years.

Not too long ago, Okupe had promised to change his name if the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, won the presidential poll. When engaged on the issue after the election, he said he reserved the prerogative to choose whether to honour his words or not.

The social media backlash of what many people considered as a reckless statement on the part of Okupe continued for close to a week.

On Tuesday, the SA also re-tweeted a post, saying, “GEJ is still the President.” While the tweet was a quote extracted from a Twitter handle, Okupe added, “also, Doyin Okupe is still SA.”

Comments generated range from what he wanted to achieve reminding his fans that he is an SA

Apparently reacting to the post on Thursday, a social media activist, Tolu Ogunlesi, tweeted, “So , there are people on Twitter who consider SA one of the heights of earthly achievements.”

He said Jonathan’s aides had messed up the supposedly valuable office, reducing it to that of a “glorified house boy and political thug.”

Reno Omokri, on his part, has removed the cherished SA to the President on the New Media from his bio, leaving , among others, “lover of God and his son.” His posts now reflect his self-confessed character. He preaches about life after death while giving his fans tips on moral living.

He argued on Thursday that money could buy happiness but not joy.

“It is not true that money cannot buy happiness. Happiness depends on happenings and money can make things happen. It is joy that money cannot buy.

Happiness comes and goes with happenings. But joy comes from an awareness that everything, including bad happenings, pass away except God,” he tweeted.

On Tuesday, he raised a debate on the kind of country Nigerians want to build, saying, “God spoke, the heavens and the earth into existence as recorded in the Bible and Quran.”

Often, he quotes passages of religious books to buttress his views as he finds help in moral teaching.

To those who had followed Omokri before his appointment, he may have returned to his ‘first love’ on the networking sites. He came into public life with a huge profile in religious postings.