A few months before the presidential elections, every conversation about the family of then presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, peaked on the issues relating to his beautiful daughter, Zahra Buhari.

However, in the past 24 hours, social media users and bloggers have shifted attention from Zahra to her brother, the handsome and unassuming Yusuf Buhari.

From the early hours of Thursday till late afternoon, Nigerian bloggers had ignored virtually all other issues, including the speculative ministerial list, and concentrated on talks about Buhari’s son.

Photographs of his arrival from the United Kingdom with his father and sister in the early hours of Thursday had gone viral online before many people woke up. Perhaps, it was payback time for Nigerian guys, as the majority of the comments were by young ladies. They protested what they called “the late unveiling of Yusuf,” wondering why he did not join his father during the presidential campaign.

They said that if Yusuf had been made a part of his dad’s presidential campaign as Zahra had been, Buhari’s rating would have soared higher among the female folk especially.

Tweeting on @africanceleb, one Chioma Ogwuegbu said she was not happy seeing Yusuf’s photographs when he could have helped his father to win the March presidential poll by a wider margin.

“I am pissed off that we are just seeing photographs of Yusuf now. Baba could have gotten million more votes just because of him,” Ogwuegbu tweeted.

“Knock, knock, knock! Who is there? Yu… Don’t even complete it. Yusuf Buhari, I know it is you. Come in please,” said another tweeter.

Yet, another lady posted, “I dated a Hausa boy named Yusuf in my final year in the university. This is a sign that Yusuf Buhari is the man for me.”

With many young people engaging in different adventures for politicians, especially Buhari, Tolu Ogunlesi, a social media influencer, claimed he would have flown to Nigeria to vote for Buhari if he had had any idea about Yusuf’s existence.

“If they had brought forward Yusuf Buhari before elections, I would have taken a flight to Nigeria just to vote for my future father-in-law,” said his hilarious tweet.

While ladies continued what could, at best, be described as wishful blogging, guys who joined the online discussion appeared to be envious of Yusuf, even though he might be oblivious of the Internet “war” caused by his photographs.

“Yusuf emerged on Twitter today and he is getting all the love, while I have been on the streets for five years and eight months without a notice from any lady,” Sa’ad Balarabe tweeted.

Some, perhaps to console themselves, argued that Yusuf was not as handsome as the ladies painted him. The photographs the ladies admired on the Internet, they argued, were a product of Adobe Photoshop.

His stunning look and the comments it attracted made hilarious headlines for several bloggers and online media. “Buhari’s son, Yusuf, breaks the Internet;” “Twitter goes gaga over Buhari’s children;” “Buhari’s son shuts down the Internet;” and “Buhari’s son appears in public for the first time,” were some of the headlines that highlighted the euphoria that welcomed Yusuf to the country ahead of today’s inauguration.

By Thursday evening, Yusuf was the second top trending name on Twitter. On Twitter alone, according to data sourced from Topsy.com, a social media analytical tool, Yusuf was mentioned in more than 2,500 tweets by 5pm.

Zahra had similarly broken the Internet during Buhari’s campaign. Several guys, on seeing her photograph, showered compliments upon her. In fact, some said they decided to vote for her father just because of their ‘love’ for her.

Her Twitter handle recorded huge following before it was taken down in a controversial move.

She had blamed the Peoples Democratic Party for hacking into the page to post an embarrassing remark. She made the claim shortly before the account was taken down.

Since then, Zahra has not operated any variable social media platform. She may have heeded a caution from concerned individuals that her spontaneous celebrity status might be negative for her father and the entire family.

Yusuf, also, does not appear to be active on the social media. From Twitter to Facebook and LinkedIn to Instagram, no page has the identities of the President’s son.