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​Review of books that are related to Nigerians, Africans, and Africans in the Diaspora.

foreign gods

Foreign Gods Inc., Okey Ndibe’s second novel had its Nigerian release of sorts in December 2014, when its author had readings in Nigeria. The period coincided with a spike in the book’s ratings as it made many Best Books of 2014 lists. Now is therefore as germane a time as any other time to take a look at what the novel offers and l did that in the Christmas holiday ambience of Eastern Nigeria where much of the story is set.
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Africa in Fragments: Essays on Nigeria, Africa, and Global Africanity“In one powerful essay after another, ideas come as torrents of rainfall to expose the undercurrents of African politics, the surface of global geopolitics, the skyline of underdevelopment, and the clouds of hope and aspiration of the struggling African masses. The voice is neither that of radical right or left populism nor optimism, but of caution, balance, and excellence.”

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