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Dike, V.E. (2013, January). Can Nigeria Build Its Economic Fu

ture? A Critical Review of Issues Facing the Nation (January 2013). 

Saarbrucken, Germany: LAP- LAMBERT Academic Publishing.

Nigeria appears to be moving in a vicious circle, shoveling from one failed leader to another, from one failed program to another, and from one fraudulent election to another, and from one unproductive budget to another. Good ideas are often not utilized by the political leaders because they are preoccupied with ‘primitive accumulation of wealth.’ During elections, the ‘political merchants’ would be trumpeting their unrealistic agenda and vision on how to reform and restructure the society and to build a regenerative economy. But the gullible masses that could not control their enthusiasm seem to forget that all previous programs have always served only as conduits to transfer public funds into their private bank accounts. This paper posits that Nigeria cannot build a sustainable economic future without functional institutions and infrastructure and creative entrepreneurs and pragmatic leaders who are committed to replacing the present dysfunctional system with a viable one and utilize the abundant human and material resources in the society to build and maintain the infrastructure and institutions that drive the economy. The people need a new and more humane society for the benefit of the general population, and not for a tiny group at the top.

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