Africa in Fragments: Essays on Nigeria, Africa, and Global Africanity

Africa in Fragments is one of a few texts to tackle many topics on the position and challenges of Africa, its peoples, and its diaspora in the world today. It is part of a new genre that makes old and new academic debates on the problems and predicaments of Africanness accessible â€¨to a broad spectrum of audiences while outlining and defending the author's own compelling arguments. This book is also one of a few texts breaking new ground by bringing nation, continent, and diaspora into conversation. It weaves together analyses of Nigerian, African, and global African topics in an informed but polemical style, challenges readers to rethink their preconceptions on the topics, and offers profoundly new insights into these issues.

“In one powerful essay after another, ideas come as torrents of rainfall to expose the undercurrents of African politics, the surface of global geopolitics, the skyline of underdevelopment, and the clouds of hope and aspiration of the struggling African masses. The voice is neither that of radical right or left populism nor optimism, but of caution, balance, and excellence.”

—Toyin Falola, Jacob and Frances Sanger Mossiker Chair in the Humanities and University Distinguished Teaching Professor, University of Texas at Austin

The book, Africa in Fragments: Essays on Nigeria, Africa, and Global Africanity, has just been published by Diasporic Africa PressIt is available for purchase in both paperback and e-book on Barnes and Noble and Amazon and will be on the shelves of bookstores worldwide shortly. It will also be available on the website of the publishers.

The book is a collection of analytical essays on a wide range of Nigerian, African, and diasporic African topics. Topics covered in the essays include Afro-Arab relations; the fraught nexus of corruption and poverty; the impact of foreign aid on Africa; post-colonial nation building; the structure of the Nigerian and African postcolonial state; the debate on African participation and possible complicity in the Atlantic slave trade; the challenges of democracy in Africa; postcolonial African migration to the West; relations between African Americans and African immigrants in the United States; Boko Haram and Islamist extremism in Africa; Blackness in Britain and America; Nollywood, and more.