This is the second part of our foray into the contemporary Nigerian gospel music scene. If you missed it, you can find part 1 here.

Before I jump into introducing the artistes proper, I need to make a quick correction. I had said in the earlier posting that I was focusing on gospel music because I could not find any Christmas themed albums out of Nigeria. Well, as soon as that was published, I discovered that Mocheddah has a Christmas cd out, and it's even available for free - details here. To my surprise, homegirl can REALLY sing. NICE! In my defense, it's brand new, and it is her cover of western Christmas carol staples, sooo, perhaps it does not count? I also did mention this single by Kelly Hansome which is also available for free download.

Who are these people you may ask? Don't feel bad if you have no idea. Sometime next year, I shall be putting together a series designed to introduce y'all to Nigeria's up and coming music stars. You will be surprised by what is out there, let me tell you. For now though, here are more gospel musicians whose cds you should be running out to buy:

1) Midnight Crewalt

What can I say about this group that hit the gospel scene like a thunderbolt with their second cd? You can simply judge by the reaction: whenever I play that cd in my house, everybodi just dey shake bodi!! They seem to be one of the hottest groups in Nigerian gospel music at the moment. And when they hit London last year, and actually this fall as well, churches (at least the African ones) could not get enough of them. I hear a third album should be released sometime next year. I cannot wait!

  • Igwe {audio}{/audio}

2) Ty belloalt

The brilliant, quirky, beautiful TY Bello was a member of the now defunct gospel group KUSH. Her debut solo album, entitled Greenland was released in 2007 and the lead single by the same name won her several awards. In addition to being a brilliant singer, TY Bello is also a celebrated photographer. It was hard picking a song off that album. While I love Greenland and Ekundayo, you can find those videos here. But a totally underrated song, which I love to bits, is the absolutely genius "Funmise".

  • Funmise {audio}{/audio}

3) Samsong


I have no idea why Samsong has never blown up as a gospel artiste in Nigeria, considering the fact that he is a super talented and very creative singer. Samsong, as a solo artist, has released two albums. His debut album was titled 'Count Your Blessings' while his second album titled 'World of My Dreams' featured two wonderful songs that hit the spot for me: the hit single 'Bianule' and his remake of ÔÇśOne Love' with the legendary Onyeka Onwenu.

  • Bianule: {audio}{/audio}
  • One love: {audio}{/audio}

4) Sammie okposo


He is the undisputed king of gospel music in Nigeria ÔÇô no controversy! Labeled as one of the most electrifying and inspiring voices in Gospel Music, his music has won him not only a wide audience and critical acclaim, but also numerous Awards in appreciation of his work. I particularly enjoy the multicultural influences in his music ÔÇô he sings in the major Nigerian languages ÔÇôHausa, Igbo and Yoruba, but also never fails to represent for the minority groups too, as you can see strong Niger Delta influences in his music. I find his three albums an embarrassment of riches, but I chose this song because it always has me dancing:

  • Naija praise: {audio}{/audio}

5) Gbenga Owoeye-wise


Back when he released his first cd, African praise 1 in 2003, it was THE cd - very popular!! I still consider it the best praise compilation album I own. His second album colorful was released in 2004. Unfortunately though, Mr Wise does not seem to be as prolific as many of his colleagues in terms of output, because he has not released anything since colorful. However, while we await new music from this talented gospel artist, we can still enjoy what he has done so far. Please enjoy his version of ÔÇśJehovah you are the most high' from his first album.

  • Jehovah you are the most high: {audio}{/audio}

6) Sonnie Badu


Technically, Sonnie Badu is a Ghanaian, so he should not count. But his voice is so beautiful, his music is so rich and deep, that I just could not help but add him to the list. Also, and this is the clincher folks, he sings in Igbo and Yoruba in addition to his native Twi. Instead of choosing between the hauntingly beautiful ÔÇśBaba' and the very catchy ÔÇśAfrica medley', I decided to let you have both, and then you can tell me whether or not you will join me on team Sonnie!

  • Baba: {audio}{/audio}
  • Africa medley: {audio}{/audio}

Please note that clicking on the artist name will give you more information about them, and more important, where to get their music.

Alright, that's it for part 2. There are still so many great acts in the gospel scene that I still have not touched, that I know I will have to do a part 3. Stay tuned.


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Re: Nigerian Gospel Extravaganza (part 2).
Abiolla posted on 12-26-2009, 22:55:12 PM
God bless you for this again. Nice selection.
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