Nigerians are always looking for unseen powers that torment them in their daily lives. By far, the most vibrant sector of our economy is the spiritual industry (or the anti-witchcraft sector). The CEOs of these companies (Pastors and Imams alike) don’t miss earnings estimate. Their profit seems to be on a perpetual upswing. One of them was even recently featured in a London newspaper, for his reputed love for aircrafts of different tastes and sizes.


Speaking about aircrafts, our “sympathies” goes to the Taraba state governor. We heard he crashed one of the three aircrafts he bought with public money for his personal enjoyment.

A state that can barely afford a General Hospital has 5 billion naira sunk into an abandoned airport project by his predecessor, another 10 billion naira planed for a another such feckless project in the capital, billions others sunk already in the Governor’s own personal air strip at his village, and three aircrafts purchased at the cost of millions to the state treasury! And we are looking for witches? Heck, Mr. Governor is a wizard, an accounting wizard for that matter!

If this form of witchcraft does not get you going, why don’t you try this? An ex-president seizes ten buses meant for transporting the masses because one of his thousands of vehicles was seized by law enforcement when his driver broke the law. Yes, this is the same president whose party and who personally could not wait to raise fuel prices on Nigerians; now the meager bus facility meant to convey the poor is now held to the hostage of his overinflated ego. How about that for wizardry?

Perhaps if this second case of “voodoolization” of your government is not scary enough, try this. Right in the middle of a monumental flood disaster in his state, the Governor of River State thought it fit to purchase a $50million aircraft for his personal use. Oh yes, don’t confuse aircraft with witchcraft but you get my drift? They both fly, and in this case are definitely witches!

Nigeria is a funny country my friends. It is a country of the absurd, where the monumentally disturbing is funny and comedy makes one cry. It is a country of disturbed minds where all these incidences of modern witchcraft and kleptomaniac wizardry is accepted as par of the course while people focus on finding vague signs of witchcrafts among their rivals, relatives and envious colleagues. It is a country where the imagination is fired up by the absurd, while that which is staring us in the face is ignored!

Is there a connection between luxury planes purchased and airport projects abandoned at the expense of hospitals and roads to be built and deaths of the citizens? You bet! Is there any connection between lack of proper sanitation and transportation in our inner cities, and the rise of communicable and chronic diseases as well as the resulting collapse in life expectancy? You bet!

See, life is about choices, and in Nigeria we’ve chosen witches and wizards, bloodsuckers and killers, destroyers and practitioners of voodoo as our leaders. Ours is a country dominated by wicked people, literally in high places!

Witches and wizards are supposedly responsible for deaths and untoward incidents in our lives, but so are Nigeria’s vast majority of government officials. Whenever they abdicate their responsibility to serve and revert to steal, they deny the public much needed scarce resources to combat insecurity, ill health, poverty, diseases and economic retardation. To this end, I dare say more than ninety percent of our pubic officers are practitioners of sorcery.

This way, our government officials are the witches and wizards we should be looking out for; perhaps this realization will relieve our Imams and Pastors of their witchcraft expedition initiatives. Now we can focus on getting rid of the spirits!


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