Some few minutes ago, I logged on to my facebook account and saw a message from Mr. President on the homepage. It was one of his usual interactive comments he normally posts to Nigerians. He made a remark about the overthrow of Apple over ExxonMobil as a triumph of education over oil.

His comment read, "Last week, Apple, a knowledge based firm, overtook oil giant ExxonMobil as the world's most valuable company. This vindicates my decision to devote the lion's share of capital allocation to education as well as build more universities. Why? Because Nigeria has both knowledge and oil and now we see on the world stage that knowledge is more valuable than oil. It follows that if we must build value in Nigeria we must focus on building the knowledge capacity of Nigerians. GEJ."

I am an admirer of Mr. President in so many ways, one of them being his ability to interact with Nigerians on a social media network but then, I had a very terrible experience going down to Awka in Anambra State last week; I spent three hours on traffic trying to pass the Ore area of the Lagos-Benin expressway.

I would have nodded my head in agreement with what Mr. President posted but then I asked myself, how many times have we been fed words; made promises; told that tomorrow will be better when in fact it is getting out of hand.

I remembered so many things that were not right in this our dear country Nigeria. I remembered the hospitals that have inadequate equipments; the schools without classes; our dying industries without power; our graduates without jobs; our parents without the funds to train their kids and the mothers that cannot cook supper. I decided to tell the president my mind.

And I replied to his post, there were already 890 comments and 1005 likes (a facebook application) so I guessed mine may be within that region. I told Mr. President how I felt. I told him this,

"Mr. President, With all due respect, I would have been happy if you used what has been achieved by your administration over the other governments we have seen as your example here. We have passed the stage where we were fed with words; talk is cheap and Mr. President, we are seeing so much talk and less action. Travellers using Benin-Ore road now spend more hours on the road like never before, the state of insecurity in the nation has risen astronomically and we are witnessing mass failures in students examinations than ever. Mr. President, we do not need hope again, we need to see actions that will make us have faith that the hope we have in becoming realistic. Archimedes said, "Give me a lever long enough, and a prop strong enough, I can single-handed move the world." Nigerians have given you their votes, move them to a better place. It is achievable if you have the will. Remember that one day, you will look back and have something to say when this opportunity was at your doorstep. Whether what you will say will be said with pride or regret depends on your performance now. May God help you and Long Live Nigeria."

Mr. President does not need a six year single tenure to achieve what he wants if he has the lever and a prop Nigerians gave him with their votes, now he needs to move Nigeria forward.