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I celebrate the increasing pride in, and beautification of, family homes. I salute the individual home builders all over Nigeria who take pride in turning their homes into works of art. By individual home builders, I mean builders of family homes and not office buildings, not government buildings. All over Nigeria, in small towns and villages, there are pockets of stylish homes built, not by politicians, not by the government, but by hardworking individuals who take steps to beautify their own small pieces of real estate.

These new home builders, for sometime now, have steadily been seducing and massaging our senses of aesthetics. Some do this by incorporating indigenous works of art on those walls and gates that our people normally install around their houses for security reasons. One of the driving tenets of my celebration of these artistic homeowners is the knowledge that theirs are not the extravagant and ostentatious buildings of the very wealthy. Theirs are the simple, modest, houses pushed to higher classes by structural styles as well as by decorative arts and lively colors.

The works of art are complemented by trendy roofs of lively colours: red roofs, blue roofs, green roofs, yellow, and even purple roofs. Because the beauty of these new age houses is extended to the outside areas of the houses, such as the walls and the roofs, they add sparkles, like fireworks, to entire neighborhoods. They force liveliness into otherwise drab communities. And because a beautiful thing feeds the eyes and the soul of everyone and not just their owners, I salute these builders and celebrate these structures.

Here are just a few of them in pictures, mostly from Owerri, Imo State:

Small but beautiful bungalow homes are proudly brightened with wraparound works of art, inviting and arresting the eyes of passersby and enriching their immediate neighborhoods. A green roof, an alternative to the trendy but common red roof, completes the seduction.

Those who can afford to make their homes big and bigger now add eye-pleasing style and rapture to architecture and structure. This is a contrast to the old, colorless, and rather drab, practice of merely piling bricks and cement on top of more bricks and cement.

Naturally, the brighter colors, such as this yellow on decorated walls, will accentuate the walls and complement the green roof in order to catch and hold your attention, bring joy to the occupants, as well as add a touch of liveliness to the community.

Ahh, a blue roof. Here, there is a tasteful coordination of every part of this home with the color blue. The owner is clearly a man who knows the attraction of everything blue. See the roof, the windows, the doors and ÔÇŽ you get the drift.

Real estate value is always improved by an appropriately designed wall

Look closely here. You will notice the nearly-three-dimensional quality of the sculptured images which are parts of the wall of this house. I went round the house riveted by the rich and deep burrows of the artworks. The professionalism of the artist is not disputable and the value the artworks add to the house and the neighborhood is equally not disputable.

Simply but surely cool, with a generous glimpse of the inside structure

Red roof with walls reminiscent of thousands of homes in Nigeria. Tasteful.

Arts of Numbers or number of Arts? Take your pick of a description. Good.

The Nigerian fever of home beautification was caught by this unlikely victim: Kentucky Fried Chicken (Yes, KFC of America) tucked away in Owerri is designed and built to fit into the neighborhood. Nowhere in America does a KFC building look as classy as this one. As for the chicken sold in this building, you will find far better delectable chicken at any "Food is Ready" outlet in Nigeria.
More Sweet Homes in Pictures:

Now gates are everywhere reminiscent of ancient gated structures held up by architectural roman columns and modern colors. This gate that adorns the entrance to a small house is all too common all over Nigeria. While the motive is often security, the addition of large, stylish, gates to the entrance of any house accentuates the majesty of the premises.

Yellow roof, another departure from the mundane silver corrugated roofs and the trendy, but now common, red roofs.

Here is the big Catholic Church in Owerri, a gigantic structure built with style. This building is so beautiful that I am willing to bet that if a pot-bellied man carrying a load on his head walks past the building, you will continue to admire the building and you will not even notice the man.

Beautiful to the senses, seductive to the senses, arresting to the senses. {cmp_end}

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Re: WayoGuy in Naija (Part 2) Homes, Sweet Homes, in Pictures
DaBishop posted on 10-03-2008, 13:50:57 PM
That pot-belied man, na WayoGuy after imbibing tombolico...

O what transformation
ina tribulation
ina dis iration

Ya Mon!
Re: WayoGuy in Naija (Part 2) Homes, Sweet Homes, in Pictures
Tengallons posted on 10-03-2008, 14:09:06 PM
Thanks WG. These pictures are testimonies to the fact that we are a people of great artistic skills and taste. That said, for me, the total aesthetic picture is marred by the presence of barbed wires, ungainly overhead tanks, and generators. Ugly neccessities in contemporary Nigeria...
Re: WayoGuy in Naija (Part 2) Homes, Sweet Homes, in Pictures
Oru-Ama posted on 10-03-2008, 14:48:54 PM
Make all this oyinbo people wey dey build house wey the size of the rooms be like goat house come see how to build house. We may be 3rd world country but we sure have taste.
Re: WayoGuy in Naija (Part 2) Homes, Sweet Homes, in Pictures
RAYNOSA posted on 10-03-2008, 15:02:42 PM
[B]WayoGuy you never still tell us which of these houses be your own.Anyway congratulations.
Nice photos.........According to Lucky Dube all them build is prison..prison.How fence go tall pass the house even storey buildng.
WayoGuy in Naija (Part 2) Homes, Sweet Homes, in Owerri
Robot posted on 10-03-2008, 15:21:19 PM
All over Nigeria, in small towns and villages, there are pockets of stylish homes built, not by politicians, not by the government, but by hardworking individuals who take steps to beautify their o...[URL=http://www.nigeriavillagesquare.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=10438]Read the full article.[/URL]
Re: WayoGuy in Naija (Part 2) Homes, Sweet Homes, in Owerri
Ttonjo posted on 10-03-2008, 15:34:57 PM
Thank you Wayo Guy, for giving us the other positive side of Nigeria, contrary to the negative views of some doom mongers who always want to portray the image of Nigeria as 'hell'...a no go area.

Who say good things cannot come out of our Nazaret, NIgeria? You really put smile in my face today.

Thank you very much my friend, you really make my day with these beautiful houses. Nigeria go better o.
Re: WayoGuy in Naija (Part 2) Homes, Sweet Homes, in Owerri
Gbolly posted on 10-03-2008, 17:08:15 PM
Thank you, WG. I have always believe that with money, on can enjoy Nigeria better than in anywhere.
Re: WayoGuy in Naija (Part 2) Homes, Sweet Homes, in Owerri
Toshmann posted on 10-03-2008, 18:55:09 PM
i grew up in owerri. hey, why all these gigantic gates and walls. one can hardly see the buildings. this is a sign of insecurity. even in america where guns are sold in the streets, houses dont have this kind of gates/walls. anyway, great houses.
Re: WayoGuy in Naija (Part 2) Homes, Sweet Homes, in Owerri
Ikechiji posted on 10-03-2008, 19:15:36 PM

Na only walls and gate man go see? Dem no let you enter those houses so we go see all the Italian marble and furniture wey Naija Delta money dey buy?

Re: WayoGuy in Naija (Part 2) Homes, Sweet Homes, in Owerri
Crownabbey posted on 10-03-2008, 19:29:40 PM
These are nothing but glorified prison homes! You also could see brush and overgrown weeds around most of these homes. The roads are untarred and environment looks rather shabby!

To me it's not the size, nor the colors nor how massive these houses are, the surroundings is the key along with open space and manicured lawn or at least clean space around. It's like all the contradictions in Nigeria with all fancy and no glory. As for me Mr. Wayo, I am not that impressed as you are. I will take a small house with clean environment over gargatuan prison fortress with dirty surroundings and potruding tanks.

Thank you.
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