I watched in horror last night as the mother of the latest victim of youthful violent deaths cried her eyes out on SKY news. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us16 years old Kodjo Yenga was walking home with his female friend and Bull terrier dog after an evening out when he was attacked by no less than 10 youths with the youngest amongst them a 12 years old boy, he died as a result of a fatal knife wound to the heart. Paramedics arrived at the scene but was pronounced dead an hour later at the Charing Cross Hospital in London city. His maternal Uncle who read out a family statement as they all paid visit to the site where he slumped could not control his emotions, he therefore asked that the government crank up its motion in bringing to a good close these unnecessary violent deaths that has rocked our London city in the last 2 months.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usMicheal Dosunmu, a 15 years old Nigerian youth resident in the UK with his parents was murdered at his own residence on Diamond street, Peckham, London in the early hours of a dark Tuesday morning by unknown gun men, witnesses said these gun men are youths who were seen running as they made a get away, he was shot at point blank range. Michael as described by neighbors was a lovely young boy with good behavioral attitudes and attended church regularly, his elder Sister named Shakira Dosunmu held on to him as he battled with death. He was pronounced death few minutes later paramedics arrived on the scene; the assailants are yet to be caught.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usBilly Cox, 15 arrived from school as usual and reports said as he took an evening nap, he was shot dead at his home in North Clapham, London by unknown gun men, he was later discovered by his 12 year old Sister as she returned from school, Police officers at the scene said there was no forced entry as the back door was opened. Billy Cox was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics as they tried saving his life. His lifeless body in a body bag was seen all over Britain being carried into a black hearse, a picture that would remain with many of us for a long time. Billy was described by friends and neighbours as a good boy who loved football and music.

Just a week earlier before Billy Cox death, a 16 year old boy named James Andre Smartt-Ford was shot death at the popular Streatham Ice Arena in full glare of other ice skaters; pandemonium broke out as everyone made for the door, James' body laid lifeless on the ice rink as his killers mingled with the crowd and escaped unto Streatham High street. Many of the youths present spoke of Image Hosted by ImageShack.usthe horror. Also a yet to be identified  15 year old boy bled to death last night after being stabbed by two youths who were seen running away from the crime scene on Boundary Road, Plaistow, East London, he later at the hospital, as I write this article, SKY news is presently showing it as breaking news!! He was later identified as Adam Regis.

What is really happening in London ? I am not a crime detective neither am I lawyer but I can see a particular trend in all these gruesome murders, firstly, the age bracket of the victims is14-16, so who would want such lads dead? Secondly, witnesses always report about sighting youths' running away from the crime scene all the time just as it was reported when Adam Regis was stabbed. Billy Cox and James Andre Smartt-Ford were gunned down on a weekday evening, were they followed from school? Was there a gang fight at school that triggered the deaths? All these and many more are questions that need answers.

The government needs to tackle this very volatile issue of street gangs, we see many of them daily in hooded tops with base ball bats and skate boards, they cause trouble on public buses, they inscribe graffiti on our public buses and train stations, they mug commuters and cause grievous bodily harms, they gang rape young girls, they ride motor-bikes at top speed on residential streets, they upload crime videos on the internet glorifying street crimes, they smoke cannabis et al. it's a big shame that these dangerous youths are not caught and slammed behind bar for life and I mean life imprisonment. Do we then blame the parents?

Parents need to be highly responsible and up to the task in the daily upbringing of the children, we need to closely monitor their daily activities and the kids that are presently causing problems on the streets, we can only pray that God will touch their hearts and change them for the better.

Wale Akin lives in Kent, UK


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Re: Youths' Knife and Gun culture in the UK
Olusola posted on 03-18-2007, 23:01:35 PM
The British government of Tony Blair has to accept what David Cameron said that the society is broken. There is need for tougher penalties for such violent crimes.
Re: Youths' Knife and Gun culture in the UK
Pappilo posted on 03-19-2007, 07:59:47 AM
One thing you fail to mention is that all the victims are black. There is something wrong with the black youth of today. I believe they have been greatly influenced by the glamourised gang culture from America. I listened to rap music and watched gang movies when I was younger but I knew where to draw the line between fiction and reality through proper home training be it with the help of the 'koboko' (horse whip) . Most of these kids of today have everything so easy and their parents are irresponsible. I believe their brains are not well developed to know where to draw the line that is why they let things they see on TV in the rap videos and gang movies translate to real life actions. The black parent needs to go back to the way of our forefathers and spoil the cane and save the child. Finally I beleive that it is a case of personal choice as to what you do with your life regardless of circumsatnaces i.e single parent household or poor background. Majority of children from such backgrounds end up becoming responsible people in society so it is probably an evil gene in the system of the children who carry out this despicable acts.
Re: Youths' Knife and Gun culture in the UK
Mikky jaga posted on 03-19-2007, 08:04:07 AM
I thought it is only in Naija that gunmen kill with impunity and disappear without trace. I used to blame our police for inefficiency in bringing these killers to book, but now I know better.

Come to think of it, if the famed Scotland Yard could not find these murderers, why did we waste hard earned Nigerian money to import their so called experts to help unravel Funso Williams' murder mystery? Nigeria with its colonial mentality at work there.
Re: Youths' Knife and Gun culture in the UK
Eunique posted on 03-19-2007, 13:57:13 PM
Its quite sad and I feel for the families of these young guys.

The fear of God and the need to know God has been taken away from this society. People are irritated when issues to do with God, church etc are mentioned. When a foundation has been removed, can a building stand? Of course not.

These brutal killers have no conscience (at their young age) at all, because they dont have the fear of God instilled in them. When their parents cant be bothered about their moral behaviours, what do you expect? Complete devilish acts!
Re: Youths' Knife and Gun culture in the UK
Akuluouno posted on 03-19-2007, 16:18:36 PM

I completely agree with you on this point. How did the UK suddenly become the most anti-Christian nation in the world in spite of its rich history of xtianity. Why are schools not compelled to teach xtian morals to these young ones therby leaving then open to the wiles of the devil.
We were all young once like someone earlier pointed out, but we always knew where to draw the line in our juvenile delinqencies so that we do not spill blood or commit grevious bodily harm not to talk of murder.
I have kids their age and I do not know what to do should such a gory fate befall anyone of them. May the good Lord comfort their parents and turn the hearts of these kids from kill kill to play play.
Re: Youths' Knife and Gun culture in the UK
Chubrock posted on 03-22-2007, 23:08:43 PM
blackman wahala, xtianity has nothing to do with it. The safest countries are not necessarily xtian. And the most xtianised countries like nigeria are not the safest. challenge me. This is a breakdown of the social system, but like i said black people have their own wahala.
Re: Youths' Knife and Gun culture in the UK
Eunique posted on 03-22-2007, 23:31:32 PM
blackman wahala, xtianity has nothing to do with it. The safest countries are not necessarily xtian. And the most xtianised countries like nigeria are not the safest. challenge me. This is a breakdown of the social system, but like i said black people have their own wahala.

What do u mean by 'xtianised countries like Nigeria'? Tell me which countries are 'safe' these days. I still maintain that the fear of God changes a lot of things in people-for the better.
Re: Youths' Knife and Gun culture in the UK
Ozoodoo posted on 04-01-2007, 22:15:35 PM
So is this the country our people accept all sorts of indignities at their embassy in lagos to be allowed into? I think we need to wise up. London and New York are not better than Lagos. Even if they are the gap is minute. Let us expose the hype about life abroad for what it is. A big big lie.
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