The Escape of Ayo Fayose

I have asked myself alot of questions on the whereabout of the impeached Governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose, I have also asked myself if his disappearance has nothing to do with the powers that be. For the benefits of doubts, let's analyse a few pointers and come to a logical conclusion


 President Obasanjo paid a state visit to Ekiti State about two years ago and was aptly disappointed because the former Governor "imported" poultry birds from Ibadan to play tricks on him, the latter being a farmer himself rebuked the governor, the case denied a natural death. In less than six months later, the PDP leaders asked Governor Ayo Fayose to scout for the next president come 2007; this task obviously has the blessings of the president. So what went wrong? When the President went to Ekiti, he showcased the former Governor to the whole world singing this popular song "Omo ole jo baba, ka'ma binu omo/2x, Fayose yi jo babare to'po, omo ole jo baba ka'ma binu omo", (This particular child is indeed a chip off the old block, so don't get angry at his achievements)

President Olusegun Obasanjo never hid his political likeness for Ayo Fayose, when the issue of his educational qualifications was trumpeted by a popular weekly tabloid and questions raised on his HND certificate, President Obasanjo was quick to say  in pidgin English and I quote " Sebi he get school cert", so leave him alone jare. Ayo Fayose enjoyed so much undue presidential recognition that made other Governors jealous or how would one juxtapose the fact that he was the chosen one to scout for a presidential replacement? Ayo Fayose and his personal Assistant were about boarding a UK bound flight from Lagos when the latter was arrested and detained by the EFCC, the former was allowed to travel because he had immunity but Nuhu Ribadu came on air the next day to say the then Governor Ayo Fayose has a case to answer, Fayose returned back to the country in less than a week and boasted that he has no case whatsoever to answer, the battle line was drawn!

Ayo Fayose according to reports allegedly left the Governor's Lodge in Ado Ekiti on Sunday 15th October 2006 and has not been since then, atleast by EFCC and/or the police, he also shocked us all when he phoned into a live programme on Channel TV and told the anchor person that he was at that present time in Ibadan because he feared for his life as he was being threatened, we have not heard from him since then but unconfirmed reports has it presently that he now resides in Germany if only that is true!! If the latest news of his relocation to a European country is anything to go about, then we need ask many questions from relevant authorities.

Nuhu Ribadu led EFCC has corruption cases laid against the former Governor but he could not be arrested because he has immunity, I would have expected EFCC to pick him the very moment he was impeached but they still allowed him breathing space only for us to be told that he had escaped. They can't tell us that his whereabout is unknown, a whole Governor, a political cum public figure? So how did former Governor Ayo Fayose escape? How did he pass through the immigrations at the MMA? Why was he not promptly arrested by the EFCC once he lost the immunity? Even if he was impeached illegally as posited by some Nigerians, atleast he has lost the immunity and should have been picked up. He is the god-son of the President and he should have his contact numbers, why cant the President Gizim him on his GSM to know where he was, why can't the EFCC operatives comb the whole of Ekiti and Oyo States for him, is Ibadan that big that Ayo Fayose can not be fished out?

Lets temporarily forget about the fact they have only mentioned his PA's name in the murder of late Dr Daramola and as such could not be arrested on murder charges but the EFCC have concrete evidences against him on corruption charges but they still allowed him to go? I summit to all and sundry that the escape of Ayo Fayose has the backing of some strong elements within the PDP and/or EFCC, let them prove us all wrong.

 WaleAkin lives in Kent

Re: .The Escape of Ayo Fayose
Exxcuzme posted on 10-24-2006, 00:05:37 AM

You have a habit of giving us tired heads with some of your write up by regurgitating old news or the obvious. There is nothing new in what you've just is all over the news. You dont have to bore us just because your hand dey itch.

Whenever you're original, your articles are very interesting to read. You could have had this article as a comment on previous threads dealing with Fayose issue.

I remain your bro. Thanks
Re: .The Escape of Ayo Fayose
EyesWideOpen posted on 10-24-2006, 01:04:32 AM
can someone tell me what this wale akins guy is always thinking about?
Re: .The Escape of Ayo Fayose
Papino posted on 10-24-2006, 02:52:05 AM
Wale should be left alone please.
Homeboy has a right to display his fears or doubts about any issue.Much as the news about Ayo Fayose's impeachment is everywhere,no one has accurately stated how and where he-Fayose-is at present.
I am skeptical about the assertion that Fayose is now in Germany though i have heard about it before.My skeptism steems from the fact that EFCC is a part of EUROPOL where Germany is playing a leading role.The EU recently voted funds and training incentives to EFCC and pledged to expose corruption and work in close contact with Nuhu's commission.If Fayose is really in Germany,it would take the EFCC-if they really have something against him-to invoke the EU/EFCC cooperation agreement to deliver Fayose to EFCC.Note that BUNDESBANK in Frankfurt refused enormous cash from Alams before he went to London to meet his waterloo and one would expect that the same principle would be applied here.
In the event that Fayose walks freely in an EU country when EFCC is looking for him,then Wale's special treatment thesis is sustainable.It would then make the EU/EFCC working agreement suspect and part of a network of ugly twists that includes ofcourse the occupants of Aso rock.
Egbon Wale,we are all watching closely
Re: .The Escape of Ayo Fayose
Son of the Delta posted on 10-24-2006, 03:58:44 AM
Why cant Fayose be brought back.Where is Bayo Ojo(Injustice Minister) I think he ran to London to make sure Alams was punished.Why cant the tribal minister and his tribal boss do the same to their fellow Yoruba man Fayose.
Ethnic Goggles -
Auspicious posted on 10-24-2006, 08:31:30 AM
Why cant Fayose be brought back. Where is Bayo Ojo(Injustice Minister) I think he ran to London to make sure Alams was punished. Why cant the tribal minister and his tribal boss do the same to their fellow Yoruba man Fayose.

Another tribalist/ethnicist sentiment. As we love to say in Naija, "shine your eye" and desist from viewing everything you see from an ethnic point of view! The fact is that unlike Diepreye Alamiyesheigha, who was placed under arrest by the British government back then, Fayose is already on the run as a free man. You really need help badly in checking your emotional ethnicist purview.

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