My Christmas Clothes

Bring back joy to my heart this Christmas

Just like the days of old



Where are my Bata shoes

My Christmas clothes


And knockout bangers

Has Ariaria market closed

Let not the flicker of light wither

Shield please the candle light

Pain and despair engulf the season

Downed are the birds

Near misses and close shaves surround me


And anger consume me.

Indeed a season of death

Give me back my season of joy

Play my Christmas carols

Where are my Christmas Clothes

Make me ready

The masquerades are at the market square

Make ready the Christmas goat

Throw not away the head of the chicken

The Christmas rice is cooked

This season

Celebrate life



And mercy

To God be the glory

And His Son Jesus Christ

The reason for the season

Commiserating with Ossy and Ngozi Nnaji (nee Ogbu) in loving memory of their daughter Chidera Alexandria Nnaji (16/04/93 ├óÔéČ" 10/12/05) and the families of the victims of the Sosoliso crash.