A Dose Of My Own Medicine

I have for the second time read my brother; Hank Eso's piece titled Nuisance Value of the Nigerian Internet pundit. His, is a then and now analogy of the fine and noble art of writing, a brave, true and comprehensive article which in many years to come may still be referenced in mass communication departments of Nigerian universities. An outstanding masterpiece. I have never taken my self nor my writing seriously, a habit inspired and influenced by my writing idol, Ndaeyo Uko, whose satirical criticisms and writings on just about anything earned him a breakfast invitation and meeting with IBB at Dodan Barracks back in the days. By the way, Ndaeyo Uko now lives down under, in far away Australia where he teaches Journalism and English language.
(Upper Iweka road, Onitsha)
A long time ago, in journalism school, long before the desire for wealth captured me and made me to pursue other more fulfilling interests, I learnt that truth is sacred, I learnt that once the writer or journalist crosses that fine line between truth and fabrication, then the journalist would have compromised himself. Lawrence Akapa is a good case in point.

I have always tried, and will continue to maintain this core value in my writing. I thank God that I write for myself, to free my soul and to relax my mind. I do not have to conform to any style, neither do I have to please anybody or paymaster. I expect just like any other writer to be challenged on the facts I present, or the logic of my argument. I do not expect to be challenged when my writings hurt somebody's covet paymaster. Just like my fellow writer and self –righteous Nigerian, Mr. Paul Adujie.

I recently wrote an article titled: An Open Letter To Baroness Lynda Chalker . For obvious reasons Mr. Adujie feels irked by my article and have therefore written a half concealed rejoinder, questioning ‘me' and other Nigerians who he feels do not sing his master's praises, Those Comments On Nigeria By Baroness Chalker.
(Zik's Avenue, Onitsha)

I have come directly under Mr. Adujie's attack, a case of the critic critiquing the critic, something like a dose of my own medicine.

While I continue to watch Mr. Adujie's subtle attacks to decide on my next line of action, I am happy that he has at least exposed his true motives and intentions, and has therefore compromised himself in the process.

In journalism school, Dr. Essieobong Ikpeh taught me that a picture is worth a thousand words, I thank my brother Dr. Okenwa Nwosu for coming to my aid while I was writing this article, his unsolicited Onitsha pictures emailed to Igbo forum members did just fine for me.
I will copyright these lovely pictures he took a few weeks ago while visiting Nigeria to rest my case for now. Mr. Adujie was right; I was a fool and so naïve to have written in the Baroness Lynda Chalker article that things were not getting any better in Nigeria. These pictures prove him right. (Amuwo, Lagos)
Lest I forget, Uncle Sege has only 2 more years left to complete his tenure as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, those of us who badly need a government appointment in his administration had better hurry up.

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