Tunde Bakare: Another lost hope?

Coming from the pulpit, this man is acknowledge nationwide as a preacher of the gospels and a champion of the masses. He was seen as a reminisce of Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, the Anglican Bishop that stood against apartheid and help to liberate the black in South Africa. Pastor Tunde Bakare started well, it's unfortunate to see him derailing.

Politics and love for power will continue to be our albatross in this country until we all learn to understand that because you have been the arrowhead of a struggle do not necessary make you a leader that have the virtue of ideal leadership.

The real reason Africa failed to develop is because those who struggle to gain independence for their respective countries, only succeeded in sharing power amongst themselves, regardless of their abilities to provide qualitative leadership. A lot of them who masqueraded as leaders after independence were mere opportunists. They chased the ÔÇśwhites' from power, only to replace them and continue with the lack of foresightedness the colonial rulers bequeathed to them. Most of them were mere political orators with alias such as man with the golden voice, man of timber and calibres, the lion of the desert, man of iron etc. Just like the semi-illiterate colonial rulers they drove away, they were also egocentric and have nothing to offer their new independent nations.

Decades after, we are still living with the tragedy of the greed of some of our founding fathers. Everywhere in Africa are the sad stories and realities of their involvements in power. Even the highly reverence Nelson Mandela, only quicken his steps out of power but he also suffer from the same hedonism nature of the others, who after gaining independence for their countries and seek to rule over their people.

Our leaders refused to learn from Mahatma Ghandi, who free his people from the clutches of colonialism under Britain, yet refuse to seek elective position. He knew too well what his divine gifts are. He was not ready to upset his Maker, he did what is expected of him and left power for those who had the gift for leadership. Today he is reverence not only in India but everywhere true and compassionate leadership is spoken about.

Why this rigmarole, you may ask; this is to provide a clear picture on the current misadventure of Pastor Tunde Bakare. A man ordained to serve God in the field of soul winning, now wants to join the business of power indulgence. Shockingly, he admitted he was acting this script alone. He was not asked by God to throw himself in politics, he told Nigerians during a recent interview. I thought as a Christian one must first seek the guidance of God before embarking on any project or mission. I wonder what dear pastor Bakare preaches to his followers.

When men and women who are supposedly anointed for the mission of winning souls for the kingdom of God abandoned such divine roles and embrace politics, despite God's desires to get more workers to work in the ministry for HIM. Then we are truly in the end time.

Is Pastor Bakare just realising his true calling? Or he is not satisfy with the little he makes from his ministry and needed to explore other viable alternatives. Is he thinking he will be more potent as a vice president than the spiritual leader of his congregation? What is really luring him away from the pulpit? Nigerians need to know.

I have nothing against the Congress for Progressive Change presidential candidate, General Mohammadu Buhari; but if the truth is told, a man who is 68 years, and having tasted power for eighteen months in his primes and had to be edge out of power by his close allies; and have flagrantly refused to honour any probe concerning his actions and inactions while in power, cannot be said to be a man that is humble. Buhari's trademark is Mr. Clean, but nobody is asking what are these retinue of ex- this, ex- that, who have corruption cases and are known to have amass wealth through dubious means doing his party?

Pastor Bakare is disappointing his admirers and those who believe he is the new voice in the wilderness telling our leaders what God is desirous from them. He should take his clue from prophets in the Bible who never seek political relevance, but were only committed to checkmating Kings when they go contrary to the wishes of God.

Late Gani Fawehinme of blessed memory got his hands burnt when he entered the murky water of politics. He was a man who was passionate about the welfare of the people. Gani will go to any length to fight for the oppressed, even at personal cost and risk to life. But honestly does not have the capacity and sagacity to led a people. He neither had the patience nor the tolerant spirit for mediocrity. Unfortunately our world is filled with different species of humans, and a leader must learn to accommodate all and create the bridge to move everyone along. That was why Gani wouldn't have been a great president, but he will always remain in the hearts of the oppressed and the just, because he fought their battles till the very end. So is Pastor Bakare, a man that do not condone injustice and a fighter for the truth; but he is certainly a poor administrator of men and will be a disaster as vice president.

Christianity is being ridicule; first it was Pastor Chris Okotie that got a funny divine mandate to rule Nigeria, now we have another man from the pulpit acting on his own, without a clear instruction from God, seeking to be our vice president.

We must not forget, when God wants to pick leaders who will do His will, HE does not pick them from houses of Prophets. God in His wisdom, only go for those who have peasant backgrounds; Moses and King David are perfect examples.

Pastor Bakare must be begged to return back to his mission on earth, which is winning souls for God's kingdom. From the pulpit, he has been a shinning hope for the downtrodden and the voice for the voiceless; he cannot close that chapter now. Nigeria and the rest of humanity cannot afford another lost hope.

By Olurotimi Adeola

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