Nigeria indeed is a country where anything and everything happens. Three and half years after one man and the gang of riggers in his political party (PDP) held the state of Ekiti hostage, justice finally came the way of Dr. Fayemi at the Appeals Court last week.

This indeed was one justice delayed. During the entire drama that lasted almost the span of a legal term, an illegal government held sway in Ado-Ekiti directing the affairs of the poor people of Ekiti state. They feasted large on government largesse, awarding contracts to their buddies, awarding political functionaries in their party allowances, security votes and salaries. Now what becomes of those monies? Would the same judicial system that lack the balls to speedy justice to the good people of my state, send these impostors to jail?

The situation where nothing happens to criminals, usurpers that election riggers are; where they walk free out of court feeling like a clear judicial indictment of perpetuating crime is just a slap in the hand need to stop. Riggers are criminals; removing them from office is not enough. They deserve lifetime ban from public office, and the party machinery that supports their criminal acts deserve serious reprimand ranging from outright ban from participating in future election in those constituencies where they are found guilty, to loss of registration for such parties.

Of course the type of radical amendment to the constitution which this situation deserves is not what our august National Assembly, themselves an assembly of usurpers, riggers and criminals wants to enact. Rather, unheard of amendments (in the civilized world that is) that will grant legislators the right of first refusal to party nomination is what is getting discussed. In fact, this joker of a legislature has taken political prostitution to the highest order with the sort of funny amendments come from their "house of shame".

The most recent amendment supposedly catching their fancy is one that will decree that presidential and national assembly elections be conducted first. Of course, this is the same legislature that is seeking to delete progressive amendments that calls for early elections which would provide for ample time to dispose off election disputes like that of Ekiti. Clearly lacking in this legislature is not an ability to be creative with law making but rather the integrity to good laws without seeking to benefit their own selfish end.

This of course is not the first time members of the National Assembly will engage in this high-level game of political selfishness; the self award of big furniture allowances, salaries, all were along these lines of selfish politics. Add this to the series of selfish and nameless so called "first amendments" to the constitution, which they are now seeking to further so quickly, and you get a legislature that truly is best conscripted to the dustbins of history. Clearly, the national assembly under David Mark is the worst legislature Nigeria has ever had; am only surprised this is not general public opinion!

Of course not to be undone, we are already hearing the Presidency is introducing its own "paddy paddy" amendments; all on the back of giving Professor Jega more room to do a shoddy job! Yes, Mr. President now wants his ministers, and appointees to be eligible to vote for him during PDP primaries. What a joker! By the way, when did we become a nation that amends laws to suit the policy desire or incompetence of one man or an agency? I guess what is good for Jega is good for Jonathan! Good luck with that.

If the INEC chair is incapable of conducting the elections per the current timetable, he should resign honorably rather than seek to roll back amendments which clearly were necessary and should never be rolled back! Even if any amendments are now necessary, it must be crafted narrowly so as to only exclude the 2011 elections from the scanty progressive provisions (pertaining to early elections) contained in the first amendments (otherwise filled with paddy-paddy amendments that will make sane legislators weep) not used as a vehicle to sneak in pet political projects on Nigeria!

The need for ample time to resolve election disputes has never been in question. Clearly, while not all cases may be disposed of, more than seventy percent of election petitions are resolved in the first four months. This will remove the confusion states like Bayelsa, Adamawa and Kogi are now contending with, as to the exact tenure of usurper governors who being left unbanned after being removed for rigging returned to the state house anyway on the back of their gangster parties (doing the rigging all over again, in the rerun). Of course, the ill fated ex-governor of Ekiti also sought the favorable interpretation of five years tenure- a sad case of a thief claiming privilege.

It appears clearly to me that the opposition parties in Nigeria have lost their voice. Or else, why else are the voices of the opposition not heard since last week when political fifth columnists have been trying to hijack the tiny amendment of election timetable to sneak horrendous laws on the nation? Only Governor Oshiomole found his voice, where are yours? How else will the opposition sit by and let usurper governors continue to keep their loot and walk the street free after being dislodged from our government houses? Where is the voice of reason in our land?

I only hope the newly minted Governor Fayemi will go after this Engineer Oni of a usurper and claim back for Ekiti every single penny he and his party have stolen in their three and half years of criminal rule. This of course should include illegal remuneration, salaries and payments which clearly were made to usurpers. Prosecution of the man and his cohorts by the state ministry of justice for election fraud will be appropriate. Let us begin testing the waters of fairness now. Failure to jail Oni or at least try to, will be a triumph of riggers in Ekiti state.

Defending freedom is not free; Nigerians must stand up against the cabal that is seeking to hijack our nation and roll back our rights to elect our leaders without their interference. Failure to do so will not only mean mortgaging the future of children, but the welfare of our great-grand children. Enough is enough.


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