Tinubu: This too will pass away Dissipating energy on an issue that originally should be non-issue is not my passion. Unfortunately this lie is getting the toga of reality by the day, with the way and manner the media nationwide are colouring Alhaji Ahmed Tinubu as the new or emerging political leader of the Yorubas. The media is giving Tinubu a borrow and undeserving cloth to wear, and in doing that they are insulting the collective intelligence of Yorubas. As a well trained omo odua, I have respect for age. But permit me the freedom to lay bare this Tinubu's hypocrisy and why the world must stop seeing the Action Congress of Nigeria victory in the just concluded election as the acceptance of Bola Tinubu and his associates as new leaders of south-west Nigeria. First, the impression that ACN won massively in the south-west is nauseating; how can hard fought victory in the western states except Lagos be acknowledge as massive victory for the ACN? Did political analysts really look at the differences in percentage between the two leading parties in the south-west at the April polls? Have we bother to take a close look at the results in Oyo and Ogun states were gubernatorial elections took place in the April polls? In Oyo state for instance the combine votes given to PDP and Accord party (a party made of aggrieved PDP members) is far more than the one that gave Governor Ajimobi victory. The same apply in Ogun state; in this case the votes of PPN and PDP. So where is the Tinubu political tsunami, that is being forced down our throats? Comparing Tinubu to the legendary Awo is a disservice to generations of knowledgeable Nigerians in particular Yorubas. There is a clear difference in value and worth between diamond and an ordinary metal scrap. The comparison itself is insulting. Awo even in death lives in our hearts and minds as grateful sons and daughters of Yoruba land. For a man who was unrivalled in charismatic leadership and administrative mien; a man who pursue service for the common good of all; an embodiment of emancipation for the downtrodden; cannot and should not be compare to one whose only claim to leadership is by using the popularity of others for his personal ambition and interest. The claims that Tinubu have eyes for good administrators is a fluke. He never envisaged Governor Fashola performing the wonders he presently doing in Lagos state. Tinubu only picked Fashola, thinking he got someone he could manipulate; and who will rule under his shadow. Fortunately for Lagosians, Fashola became an astute and articulate administrator. That's why Tinubu henchmen in the state legislative chamber were making things difficult for him (Fashola) during his first tenure. The return of the Lagos speaker to office is an indication that Tinubu intends disgracing Fashola from office before 2015. He needs to destroy the rising profile of Fashola before 2015, because the latter have overshadowed him politically. I only hope Lagosians and indeed Nigerians would be wary if any fabricate story is created in an attempt to impeaching Fashola before 2015. Lets open our minds to some truth; would ACN have won Ogun state without luring Amosu to their camp? Would the party have won Oyo state without the Ajimobi factor? Coming to Lagos state, can any candidate with Tinubu's supports beat Fashola in any election in Lagos state? So where is the political sagacity and the invincibility that seems to be Tinubu's new accolade? ACN today might be the party of choice to most of the south-west states, but the feat is certainly not because of any man's ingenuity. Those who won elections on that party will surely see the heavy baggage most of their national leaders are, before the turn of next election. A party that is surrounded by national leaders that failed woefully as elected governors under Alliance for Democracy (AD)is surely not the kind of party that should be describe as a credible national opposition party. Awo never betrayed his own; but here we have a man, who for political survival assisted in humiliating his own people at the national level. The defeat of the south-west during the speakership election would surely be Tinubu's political burden. Sadly, because of his deficiency in political wisdom, he did not recognise the fact that no one trust a politician who betray his own people. The alliance he intends to have with the Hausa/Fulani section of the north in 2015, that would make him a running mate to one of them, is a political calculation that only a neophyte will make. I guess his advisers forgot to tell him, he is a Muslim and cannot run in a Muslim/Muslim ticket with a northerner. Our polarised religious sentiment will surely work against that. Also the height of his betray against his own people during the speakership election and General Buhari's presidential ambition, is enough to make northerners suspicious of his personality. Those who see Tinubu as the new political leader of Yorubas are either compromised in order to give a larger than life image of him before the rest of the country or they are just plain brainless. People won and are winning elections by using Awo's name or claiming association to his ideology. Unlike Ahmed Tinubu who uses credible people to win election in their domain and go behind them, personifying these victories. Go and shout Tinubu and Oshiomhole's names in Edo states, and see who the people know. Do the same in Oyo, Ogun, Osun, Ekiti and Ondo states. Even Lagos state where he governed for eight years, Governor Raji Fashola is millions of miles ahead of him in popularity rating. Those who genuinely love Tinubu should bring him down from his high horse, by telling him, the truth. ACN's victory does not signal any general acceptance of him by Yorubas. In case he had forgotten, I will remind him of the words of marble left by our late sage Pa. Awo; "He who knows not and claim that he knows, he is a fool, shun him; he who knows and knew not that he knows, is a child, teach him; but he who knows and know that he knows, is a wise man, follow him." I wish Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his associates would come to the realization that Yorubas will only follow those ÔÇśwho know and know that they know'. Presently among outstanding Yorubas showing these traits are Governors Raji Fashola and Segun Mimiko; these men have shown exceptional class in leadership and are well read, they meet the criteria in our search for a new Yoruba political leader; if there is any need for one. Olurotimi Adeola This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.