Those were the days … (The Ibadan Days)

On the very left is my later brother AKIN FATOYINBO, wehom I at first 'caught' for Deutsche Welle, before ne 'absconded' to the World Bank and founded WANAD: what a loss to Yorubaland, Naija and the world: such a fine character !!!

Boko Haram‘ – ‘Western education is evil, not halal, kosher’ ?

Man! My muslim co-students at U.I. , better known as the University of Ibadan, in the early sixties would’nt even have dreamt of voicing such a stupidity.

And together we celebrated Christmas, Id el Fidr, and all the Yoruba Gods (and those are quite numerous !!!

Some from the other side of the religious ‘divide’ – was there any such thing? – even endulged in a beer or two in the late evening at the Students’ Union bar.

And instead of religion we wildly discussed politics, and how Nigeria would soon send its own Gagarin into outer space …

Had we dreams !

And from time to time we also had a good laugh… like on that Christmas day when I was sitting in front of my friend Yemi’s house in Odogbolu un-far from Ibadan.

By came a young man who said he was ‘collecting funds for the building of a New Cathedral’. We obliged and donated, and when the young man walked away

I told my friend Yemi:

“Look at ‘im!”

Yemi looked and burst into a fit of laughter …

The man was wearing a danshiki with a picture of the Kaaba – that holy stone in Mecca – proudly depicted on the front and the back of his danshiki:

Living ecumenism in ‘my’ Yoruba village – then, now a sprawling town where the loudspeakers from the Minarets, churches and … cathedrals, the voices of the Malams and the born-again preachers compete loudly with each other.

I still hope peacefully !!!

So prays the Oyingbo peppe, Oniotcha, Nassara-Kaffir

From da BLACK foress in Djamani