The Young Soldier Who Rescued Nigeria Collapsing

By Sunday Njokede

God has chosen him to become the youngest president of Nigeria at the age of nineteen. The young soldiers' name is Okemute AbgorEdo. He is a destiny's child. The present politicians had received the news of regime change with shock and awe. They've deluded themselves for too long. Thinking military would no longer take over government in Nigeria: even as politicians continued to misbehave carelessly corruptly. The ousted rulers didn't learn any lessons. Past army takeovers have been hinged on the excesses of politicians and superabundant of corruption in the polity.

Okemute, in Urhobo language means: there's time for everything. And Okemute time did come when God lost hope on present Nigerian politicians – and raised the teenager soldier from Delta State to sanitise Nigeria.

His mother is from Warri and father is a native of Agbor in Delta state. The Agbor people are a minority in Delta state. They have been complaining all along because. People from Delta North have not had a shot at the governorship seat since the state was formed. It was like double blessing when. On that fateful day, it was announced that their son president Okemute AgborEdo has become the military leader of Nigeria to the glory of man and God.

In fact, the whole country was seriously relieved of the news of military takeover of government from corrupt and morally bankrupt politicians.

Before Okemute and his young comrade-in-arms struck, Nigeria was hanging on the brink of collapse. The ousted president and the political class had treated the citizens as slaves. The foreign reserve has all been spent or better said, stolen. It became so difficult for the past president to pay the military and government workers their wages plus minimum wages. The norm as at then was to pay workers their monthly salaries as carryover to the next month. These are some of the reasons the young soldiers gave for coming to power. They just could no longer stay by the side and watch politicians suffer the rest of society for no reason. Salaries and minimum wages should be paid as when due. Anything short of that is disregard for the oath of office and injury to the citizens and constitution of Nigerian. The military leaders opine.

Besides those, President Okemute AgborEdo and his charismatic young saviours were angry that the Nigerian senate at that time in point, earned more salary than the president of the United States. Their major irritant was that senators and politicians got their salaries promptly whilst the military and other segments of society will have to wait till every next month to receive last month's salary. Before the ousted ruler president Merchant Sleepman came to power via rigged election, his predecessor had paid government workers thereabout on the 20th of every month promptly.

President Okemute AgborEdo and his young army clique had taken time to planning how to remove the former president and his rogue political class. Every single detail of their putsch was hidden from higher and older military superiors. Those in the top echelon of the military have become one and the same as corrupt politicians. The higher-ranking officers involve in oil bunkering and other notorious activities which brought Nigeria to its dire straits needing salvation.

The young patriotic military entrepreneurs capitalised on the erstwhile president's excessive travel abroad. And as fate would have it on that fateful day. The president was visiting the United States when he heard of the army takeover ousting him from power.

One month before his ouster, former president Mr Merchant Sleepman had visited France to seek for investors. Okemute had earned a degree in international relations and economics at the age of seventeen. He knew that no investor would come to Nigeria where there is no electricity. Just some time ago, Michelin tyre factory and other companies have left Nigeria for Ghana and other places to open shops due to insecurity and corruption in Nigeria. The youthful soldier knew that Nigeria can longer be run as personal fiefdom for long before she implodes to tartars. It was on this ground amid others which. Led the courageous President Okemute AgborEdo and his men come in to save Nigeria from disintegration. They've sworn that on no ground would youths in the military stay aloof as politicians make mess out of Nigeria. "We've taken too long to act" said President Okemute AgborEdo while addressing the International Community in Abuja recently.

To entice investors back to Nigeria, they've planned to provide electricity to the fullest. Solar energy is one thing they're going to promote with all vigour. Insecurity and corruption must be defeated as well. All former politicians who took part in the last dispensation have been banned from public offices henceforward as gazetted by the new law.

The new military leaders are grappling on what to do with former civilian president Merchant Sleepman and his then political cohorts. Meanwhile, President Okemute AgborEdo has set up a roadmap of how to hand over power to new crop of politicians in the next one year to come.

New and young generation of politicians have started setting up political parties. In other to take opportunity of the new leadership's promise to right all past wrongs of last failed dispensations. The new political consciousness is how never to rock the boat of future political administrations. Only so, can one stop the military from usurping civilian administration. Nigerians living abroad are most enthusiastic of the new breath of fresh air. Most of them have started rounding up and packing their loads to come home and participate in politics and change things for better.

This correspondent will continue to update you about the progress of President Okemute AbgorEdo's new military government as they occur. Good luck!

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